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HP stories following Canon but PRE-OotP >> Naturally Harry by JessPotter

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Jessie Keiser walked nervously to the Sorting Hat, holding her breath. Her face was turning a blue color, but she didn't care. Her whole future at Hogwarts depended on the Sorting Hat's decision, porand little else struck as important. Everyone was looking at her, all expectant and hopeful, wanting her to be a part of their house. Her one hope was that it was Gryffindor.
She was a brave soul that stood up for herself. She never avoided problems that could be solved with a good argument or some serious talk. It was her thing to speak her mind and have it done, to flare up and cool down. So, if the Gryffindors needed bravery, she was perfect for that. Breathing, finally, she sat on the cold stool, shuddering as Professor McGonagall put the Hat on her. She pushed her glasses higher up on her nose, breathing faster than she would be if zombie monkeys were attacking her in a jungle.......she kept thinking "Gryffindor, Gryffindor, Gryffindor." She waited, and waited....and waited. The Sorting Hat began to talk to her. "You have a brave soul, I see, and a witty mind to match. Godric Gryffindor would be proud. All right then. GRYFFINDOR!!!"
Jessie screamed with delight. Forgetting that she was in a robe, she ran off, nearly falling onto a bench at the Gryffindor table. She began to look at the beaming faces around her. There was this red-headed, long haired girl, and actually several other red-heads too,and one guy who had glasses like her, and a scar on his head. "Wait a minute!! Scar in his head?" She thought But even though she was amazed at seeing the BOY WHO LIVED, she pretended not to notice. She just enjoyed her stuffed turkey, broiled ham, and seven desserts and left Potter in peace. In fact, she only said a couple words at that meal. "Yes, I am from the Ireland, and yeah, I'm 11. Saying, this, she would stuff a cream puff into her mouth, for she couldn't resist cream puffs. She soon learned everyone's names.
Cassie, Jessie's twin sister, was next to be sorted. She didn't hold her breath, as Jesse did, so she looked much more relaxed and composed coming down the walkway. She sat on the stool, and, sure enough, the Sorting Hat put her in--"HUFFLEPUFF!" Jessie was taken aback. She had hung her hopes on Cassie and her being in the same house. They wouldn't be sharing common rooms, and they would have to hang out in the hall ways or outside. "Good God," Jessie thought, "That sorting hat must be broken. My sister belongs in Gryffindor, damn it!!!" Looking up, she realized that she said that aloud. Everyone was gaping at her.
The four boys with the red hair were Fred, George, Percy, and Ron Weasley, while the red-haired girl with the snappy green eyes was there little sister, Ginny. A round-faced boy to the left of her was Neville Longbottom (Jessie snorted when she heard that, and quickly belched to cover it up, yes, she did have the special talent of burping on command) and also a black boy called Dean Thomas, a blond-haired 12-year-old named Lee Jordan, and some other girls that said they were on the Quidditch team. Jessie had learned about Quidditch before, and had even gone to some of the games in Ireland.
In the common room, Jessie just sat by the fire, staring into it thinking. "Hey," a female voice spoke behind her. Jesse spun around. "What?"
"I-I'm sorry about your sister." Ginny looked sympathetic. "If you like, you and I can be friends, good friends."
Jessie brightened up. "I'd like that very much."
"All right, well, I'll show you where you'll be sleeping. The first year dorms are up the stairs, first door on the left."
"Are you a first year?"
Ron was sitting in the common room at that time, watching the scene between Jessie and Ginny. "Yes!" he thought. "Ginny has a friend!" And, sitting there, squirming in his seat, he didn't notice Hermione walk up to him. "Gotta go to the john?"
Ron smirked. "No! I was just happy that Ginny met a friend, is all."
"Oh, a guy friend?"
"No, a girl named Jessie. Didn't you see her blue face at the sorting? It was a riot."

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