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Non-HP related Fanfics >> Bridgewater Academy by MissWeasley08

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“Please no!!! Please stop!! NO!! Not again; i am begging you!” she screamed as the pain seared through her body once more.
“I don’t care. Shut-up child. You will do as you are told Robyn!” he shouted down at her.
“No, please. It hurts, no more.” She whimpered, as she trembled beneath. He grabbed her wrists and slammed them down to the floor either side of her next, the slowly leant forward so his head was by hers.
“Don’t you ever disobey me.” He said. With that he stood up and released her from the cage that he created with his body. “You will learn that you can’t escape me Robyn. And i know that no one will learn of this. Because i know you know what the consequences will be” He looked at her and nodded twice, turned and walked out.
He left her lying there; lifeless, alone, helpless. He abused her, then left her to suffer on the cold hard wooden floor boards once more. Once more he left her there. Not a care in the world, if she lived or died.
She felt disgusting, violated and repulsive. She was violated. She was beaten. She was raped.
GASP! Robyn was pulled back to reality to find herself lying on her bed; tangled in the bed linen like the tangled lives and lies in the web that he spun. She was dripping with sweat, from the memory she relived in her sleep tonight, like many other nights.
She sat up in her bed and looked around the room. It was dark, but a single shimmer of light fell through a crack in the curtains. She tried to slow down her racing heart, Just breath Rob, Breath she thought. She kept repeating those words in her head; over the echoing of those dreaded words of her step-fathers in her head. Eventually, her heartbeat began to slow down and the words faded away, back to the same excruciating dream that she knows will return to haunt her again; and soon.
Screw this she thought, and she scrambled to get out of bed. She switched on the light to cover the room with a golden glow and walked to her wardrobe at the foot of her bed. She slipped out of her jogging bottoms and cami to reveal the scars of her past. She kicked her clothes to the side and swung the doors open. The mirror on the right door unveiled her secrets to her but she was to ashamed. She couldn’t even look at herself for longing than a few seconds in the mirror if it showed her too much. Taking a bath to her, was reliving the past; she remembers every scratch, every bruise, every cut, every penetration. It’s still too much, even though it’s a lot better than what it used to be. Living at home was a nightmare every single day.
She turned her head away from the mirror and pulled out some jeans and a t-shirt. She put them on quickly then grabbed the first pair of shoes her hand touched at the bottom of the wardrobe then shut the doors. She grabbed her phone from the bedside table and walked to the door. She turned off the light as she left and entered the deserted corridor. She looked around the corridor, searching for any forms of life. Hearing footstep she twirled around to see who was approaching her from behind.

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