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HP stories following Canon after Deathly Hallows >> Chapter 3: Triwizard Gathering by hgpforever

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Chapter Three – Triwizard Gathering
The first week of school had passed and everyone was quickly settling into the patterns of their timetables. Harry and Ginny, who were taking the same classes, as well as being Head Boy and Girl, were never seen to be apart, and there were many rumours that they were never apart. Everything was back to normal, but with Harry’s luck, how long could it last?

Before breakfast on the second Monday of term, Headmistress McGonagall stood to address the students. ‘Well everyone, before we tuck into this morning’s breakfast, I have a rather important announcement. As many of you may remember, it has been four years since the most recent attempt at reviving the Triwizard Tournament, which once again failed due to deaths and injuries. In honour of this, the three Triwizard schools for a special gathering, prior to the Easter holidays. Rather than the dangerous tasks, the schools will participate in a gala ball, and a once off Quidditch tournament for the first time in history.’ At this last comment, many, including Ginny and Harry, suddenly looked excited about this gathering. McGonagall cleared her throat, then continued, ‘For this tournament, the members of staff voted on the team, and I signed off on it, so there will be no complaints! This team will commence training together after the regular Quidditch season and will take on the teams from Beauxbatons and Durmstrang. I would now like to call on Madam Hooch to announce the team.’

The Hall was on tenterhooks as Madam Hooch stepped up to the podium to announce the team. ‘The team chosen to represent Hogwarts in this tournament are: Chasers Ally Wright (Ravenclaw), Ginny Weasley (Gryffindor) and Demelza Robins (Gryffindor), Beaters James Hart (Slytherin) and Charles Johns (Hufflepuff), Keeper Virginia Jenkins (Ravenclaw), and the Hogwarts Quidditch Captain, the greatest Seeker to play at Hogwarts, even better than Charlie Weasley, from Gryffindor, Harry Potter. Could the team step forward to collect their badges please?’ The seven players all moved to the front of the Hall to accept their badges, which said Hogwarts Quidditch Team, except for Harry’s which said Hogwarts Quidditch Captain. As they took their seats, the Hall stood to applaud the team that would hopefully win the tournament.

For the rest of that day, everyone was buzzing about the gathering of Hogwarts, Beauxbatons and Durmstrang. Harry and Ginny were among those who were most excited and were immensely looking forward to both the ball and the Quidditch tournament.

* * *

Sunlight filtered into the Head’s dormitory as Harry and Ginny lay naked in one bed, once again having enjoyed a night of pleasure. It was Halloween, which for obvious reasons is not Harry’s favourite holiday. He lay there realising that it had been eighteen years since Lord Voldemort had murdered his parents. It was a sombre occasion, but Harry intended on trying to enjoy the Halloween feast that evening. This also marked the first Halloween he would spend with Ginny as his girlfriend. With no classes because of the holiday, students were allowed to go down to Hogsmeade to celebrate. Harry, Ginny and Hermione walked down the main street of Hogsmeade and then Hermione squealed excitedly, as Ron turned the corner just in time for Hermione to throw herself into his arms, and plant a passionate kiss upon his lips. Harry and Ginny playfully made gagging noises, causing Hermione and Ron to break up, muttering about stupid brothers and sisters interrupting precious moments.

The quartet made their way into the Three Broomsticks, ordering four Butterbeers, before launching into a companionable silence in which the two couples revelled in being together, and with their friends, the team which had vanquished the Dark Lord and saved wizard and Muggle alike from what Voldemort could have brought. Harry was in a sombre mood, and everyone, especially Ginny, noticed. She started to ask him what was wrong, and then she realised the date, October 31st, how could she have been so thick? She pulled Harry to her helping him through what would be a hard day for him. The Butterbeer arrived and Ginny called for a toast, ‘to the Golden Trio for ending the war, and to James and Lily Potter, who gave birth to my boyfriend here and gave their lives that he may live.’ Ron and Hermione responded, as Harry tried to through his tears. He managed to say a broken thank you, for Ginny’s kind words.

That night after the Halloween feast, reflected on all the things that had happened to him on Halloween since he was a child. The first flashback was of his screaming mother as Voldemort murdered her in cold blood, this then moved on to first year when he and Ron had saved Hermione from a troll, second year and the first attack of the basilisk, fourth year and the Triwizard Tournament, then the previous year holed up in a tent hidden in the countryside. He realised that he had really bad luck when it came to Halloween, well, at least when Voldemort had been alive. Now ‘Old Voldie’ was dead, Harry felt liberated and he realised that it was ok to be sad about the past, without dwelling too much on it. He and Ginny spoke long into the night about their pasts, present and future.

* * *

Midway through November, and Harry, Hermione and Ginny were enjoying the first extremely light snowfall of the year, as they made their way down to visit Hagrid, who had remained friends with them all since they first met seven or eight years ago. They found their friend sitting in his hut, enjoying a large brandy. ‘’Ello there, ‘Arry, Ginny and ‘Ermione’ greeted Hagrid in his usual thick accent. ‘How are things going for yer N.E.W.Ts?’ he asked. ‘Oh, everythings fine, Hagrid. Study has been hard, but it’s overall pretty good’ Harry began. ‘It’s a lot better than when the Carrows were around’ continued Ginny. ‘But, it’s not the same without Ron here’ finished Hermione. ‘Yer know, I remember the firs’ time I met all of yer. ‘Arry, I met yer when yer were a little baby, then again when yer turned eleven. ‘Ermione was in ‘er firs’ year and was friends with ‘Arry and Ron, and you, Ginny, were ‘ere at my hut, “explorin’ the school”, though I think you mighta bin wanting to meet our young Mr. Potter ‘ere, eh?’ Ginny blushed at Hagrid’s words and said she might have been.

After meeting with Hagrid, the three of them trudged back up to the castle, and headed to the Great Hall for dinner.

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