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HP stories following Canon but PRE-OotP >> Chapter 2 by JessPotter

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Cassie stumbled along the hallways, utterly lost. She had no sense of direction, and her nervousness didn't help. She had tried to find Jessie after the meal, but the prefects from Hufflepuff didn't let her. Being a defiant little girl, she had strayed from the group. Now, she was wishing that she hadn't.
Up ahead, she saw a Slytherin. Running up to him, she asked him for help to get back to Hufflepuff house. He sneered at her.
"I know what you're doing--trying to spy on my house. Get out of here, now!"
"Listen, asshole, all I want is for you to tell me where my fucking house is! Tell me or I'll hex you!"
Now, wait a sec. We're both first-years, so we both don't really know any spells."
"We'll fist-fight then."
Wade laughed. "Yeah, right."
"Try me. If I cream you, you'll have to tell me where my house is. If you win, I'll never bother you again. Deal?"
"Allright." Cassie dropped her wand and sprinted to the Slytherin. She started punching him wherever she could. Taken by surprise, Wade (the Slytherin) tried to break free from her, but she followed him, grabbing his shoulders and pushing him down. He wouldn't give up that easily. Grabbing her arms, he twisted them, forcing her to let go. He then began to kick her multiple times. She grabbed one of his legs and tripped him. However, he grabbed her and she fell down with him. He secured his elbow against her collarbone, counted to three, and then let her up. He grinned. "I win.
"Fine," Cassie grunted.
Suddenly, they heard footsteps. A blonde boy with a butt-ugly face was strutting towards them, followed by two guys who probably weighed 200 pounds each.
"Oy! What is a Hufflepuff doing here, Wade?"
"We were just talking." Wade was a good liar.
Malfoy walked up to Wade until he was about an inch from his face. Wade smiled. "I'm sorry, Draco, I'm not into guys, nor am I ready to experiment--
"Shut up!" Crabbe growled menacingly.
"We don't talk to Hufflepuffs, normally, Wade." Draco glared at Cassie, who was listening to this whole dialogue. Now, she blew.
"What are you going to do about that, huh? It just so happens that I am lost...all I need is a little help."
Draco smiled at her. "I'll help you, allright." He drew his wand.
Cassie automatically picked her wand up from the floor, knowing that it wouldn't help anything. Draco laughed. "Petrificus Totalus!"
All Cassie could do was dodge the spell. She leapt out of the way, then started running as fast as she could in the opposite direction. She collided into a huge man with a beard the size of a bush. "Help me, please!" She panted. Hagrid saw Malfoy and his cronies, and immediately strode over to them, dragging them by the ears to Dumbledore's office.
Wade and Cassie told the whole story, not leaving anything out. Dumbledore listened intently, then gave Draco detention with him for using a spell in the halls. Wade smiled at Draco as he went out.
Dumbledore addressed Cassie.
"Miss Keiser."
"Yes, sir?"
"It has come to my attention that the sorting hat was faulty in yours and Wade's placement of houses. You are now both in Gryffindor, because not only did you show cool-headedness in sticky situations, but also true bravery. Here are your new robes."
Cassie could hardly believe her ears. Jessie would be so happy!

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