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HP stories following Canon but PRE-OotP >> When 2 Shooting Stars Meet(a Draco Malfoy love story)INFO by dracosgirl17

Simple Text - To view MORE chapters use the chapter jump box to the right.
By the way, an essence is a person that is in charge of all magic.If that person dies without passing his or her powers to a descendent, chaos will happen in the magical world. Soon all magic will dissapear. So... On with the story!....

Name: Evelia Daeferie Ophelie Angoria Carello Potter
Age: 17(same as Draco)
Nickname: Evie
Background Info: You are Harry Potter's sister. a Death Eater captures you right after Voldemort tries to kill Harry. He saves you because #1 He thinks you are to beautiful to die #2 He used legilimency on your mom before she died and heard her saying you were the most powerful person on earth and you were the essence #3 the prophecy said only Harry was a danger so he saved you. You transfered to Hogwarts from from a school in America called Daeferie. You were named after it. You were raised calling Voldemort, Dad. When he and his death eaters changed headquarters, you transfered to Hogwarts. You became soooo attached to "Dad". You were the only person he truly loved. You always begged him to change his ways but he got mad. You were the only person he never harmed. You wanted to become a death eater so he let you. You start off at the meeting to get your Dark Mark.

[Start Preview]
Your stomach churned with a lot of excitment and a bit of nervousness. You heard the screams and thuds of people passing out when they got the dark mark. But you were always upstairs.
"Evelia Daeferie Ophelie Carello Angoria Potter... (everyone shuddered when Dad said the name Potter but he only flinched) please come up to get your dark mark. You walked up to Dad's throne and got on your knees. He was just about to touch your arm when a alarming thought crossed your mind.
"Wait" you said. He stopped and said
"I wear a lot of sleeveless shirts and it would be a little alarming for someone to see a dark mark on me so can I get it on my lower back?
Everyone gasped. No one had ever objected to getting a dark mark. They held their breath and let it out when they saw he wouldn't punish you in some way. You were the only one he wouldn't even think of hurting, emotionally or physically. He smiled, kindly, and replied...
"yes, you may." You turned over and took your death eater robes off. You were wearing a stomach showing halter top so you didn't have to do much. You glanced around when everyone wolf-whistled. You looked back at 'Dad'. He shot a protective death glare towards the death eaters that whistled then resumed to his work. He touched his hand to your lower back and you gasped. Unbearable pain went through your body. You cringed and kept whispering "ow." You could feel a tingling on your back where the mark was. Then, it stopped. You groaned and tried to walk. As soon as you took your first step, your knees buckled. A death eater rushed forward and grabbed your arm. A kind male voice drifted from his mouth.
"You need to sit down." He lead you to a couch that was right beside 'Dad'. You limped over to it and sat down gingerly, after he went bach to the crowd of death eaters, you lay down on your side. But you made sure you could still hear 'Dad'.
"Did you guys see that? You should feel ashamed. Every single one of you screamed and passed out! My daughter(he called you that) only whispered ow! You guys passed out for hours! Now I want you to be as strong as Evie! She is only 17! You are full-grown! OK, Resume to what you were doing while I talk to my daughter. You watched as he stood up and walked briskly over to you. He Sat down and looked softly at you.
"Did it hurt a lot?"
"Yeah, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be."
"You were so far the strongest one to get the dark mark."
"I heard. Is that true?"
He gazed at me with adoration. You flinched when your back throbbed. He frowned and opened his arms. You cuddled close to him while he embraced you.
"Dad, I miss America."
"I know, I do too. But we won't be going back."
You nodded and stood up. He did too. He pulled a beautiful silver mask out from the inside pocket of his robes. It was breathtaking. It had beautiful, curved engravings. The only thing different about it from the others was it was silver with gold engravings. It also had gold vines and flowers circling the curves. It also had your initials engraved in gold along the side. You gasped when he passed it to you. He smiled and you slipped your death eater robe on. But he stopped you.
"Don't, go to your room and change into a formal gown. We will be having a party, wear a formal mask too. You beamed and raced upstairs. You loved parties. You always begged Dad to have formal or just plain old parties. He always let you pick the music, even if it was muggle. You skipped up the stairs, 2 at a time. You burst in your room. It was the second biggest room in the house. You had green walls and silver carpeting. The bed was a gold framed king sized with silver and gold sheets. You had green vines curling up your bedposts. You sprinted to your huge closet. It was so big, you couldn't see to the end at the door. You ,again, sprinted to the very end, where your most beautiful formal dresses were hanging. You flipped through them and picked a very short black dress that you never wore. You picked it up and carried it to your bed. After laying it down, you admired it.
It was a thick, stretchy, black dress that had the sides split up to your mid stomach. It had pieces of string that criss-crossed on the splits and on your bare-back. It had green and silver jewels that ran along the sides of the splits and on the low neckline. You stripped and slipped it on. You ran to your long, wall sized mirror. You gasped.
It looked absolutely perfect. It was made tight, so it brought out your curves perfectly.

The song "Replay" was playing so you headed out to the dancefloor and started dancing. After the song, you headed out to look for Dad.
When you found him, you hugged him and said,
"Why did you do this?"
"To celebrate you becoming a Death Eater."
You emphasized the word and he smiled. You skipped off to wait for someone to ask you to dance. You were always the best eye-turner at the party. Since you were in the vip room, you skipped out to the main room. As soon as you opened the door, every single head turned toward you. You gave everyone a smirk and strutted in. You walked over to a pillar and leaned against it. Since it was a masked party, you didn't know who everyone was. Soon, a tall, platinum blond came over and asked, "Let me have this dance?"
You gasped. That was the same kind voice that helped you to the couch earlier at the meeting. You smirked and replied "Yes, You may."
He smirked too and grabbed your hand. At the dance floor, a slow song started. He wrapped an arm around your waist and lifted your joined hands. You put your free arm around his neck and he started to lead. You followed. Soon, the dance floor was cleared so only you 2 were dancing. Jealous eyes followed both of you. Not only were they jealous of your dancing, but the boys were jealous of him and the girls were jealous of you. soon, the song shifted in to a tango and you guys did too. You shook your hips while he guided you in small circles. He twirled you and when you stopped, he dipped you back. You lifted your leg up while he ran his soft hand up your leg, holding it there. You bent it down and wrapped your leg backwards around his waist. You did the same to the other and he put both of his hands on your waist. He bent you back so your back was against his toned, 8 pack. He spun you around and picked you up off him. He lifted you above his head and you curled your foot to touch it to the top of your knee. He set you down and spun you to face him right when the music ended so you guys stopped panting with his hand resting on your waist. He leaned down while everyone was clapping and pressed his lips to yours. You deepened the kiss and he licked your bottom lip. You let him in and everyone started wolf-whistling.
You looked up and blushed when you saw Dad looking down at you.
"Hi Dad?."
"Hey Evie."
The boy gasped when he heard you say 'Dad' and when Dad said 'Evie'. He stammered "Uh er um erm, bye". He raced away out the doors.
You glared at Dad.
"Thanks for scaring him away. What do you need anyway?" You snapped.
You heard a lot of gasps and looked around to find that everyone was glancing from you to Dad. He sighed and said, "I didn't want to scare him away. I just wanted to tell you you dance good. You gaped at him and mumbled, "Sorry Dad."
"Its okay. Now, the party is over so please help me evacuate people so we can go to bed.
You guided people to the main entrance of your house and thanked everyone for coming to the party. After, you headed up to bed and slipped into your flannel pjs. You jumped into bed and thought about tomorrow. You would be getting on a train and heading to your new school, Hogwarts.

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