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HP stories following Canon but PRE-OotP >> When 2 Shooting Stars Meet (a Draco Malfoy love story) Part 1 Meeting Draco by dracosgirl17

Simple Text - To view MORE chapters use the chapter jump box to the right.
On with the story!


Evies POV

You ran out the door and turned with Dad. You passed my appiration test last year so I could. You thought of kings cross-platform 9 and 3/4. You felt the familiar compressing sensation and appeared at platform 9 and 3/4. You hugged Dad, who was in a cloak with the hood on, and pecked him on the cheek. Everyone would panic if they saw Voldemort strolling along with a girl on platform 9 and 3/4. You raced to the scarlet train engine and lugged your trunk on board. It rolled so it wasn't hard. You walked along the row, stopping to peer in the compartments, only to be disapointed to find they were full. Soon, you came along a compartment that only had a platinum blond and a brown haired boy sitting in it. You opened the compartment and asked kindly, "Can I sit here?"
"The brown haired boy looked up and smirked.
"Why yes you may." He replied, still smirking. The blond was busy looking through his trunk to notice you walked in and levitated your trunk up to the railing. You sat down beside the brown haired and looked at the blond.
"Blaise, are you sure I packed it. I can't find it."
The blond asked while looking up. He looked over to you and gaped. You were wearing a green stomach showing halter top with white ripped really short shorts. He looked at Blaise while smirking and asked again, "Are you sure, I can't find it?"
"Sorry dude, I forgot it was in my bag."
"It's ok."
You looked at Blaise and said, "So I know your first name, whats your last?"
You looked at the blond. "What's your name?"
"Draco Malfoy."
"Whats yours." They both asked at the same time.
"My whole name?"
"Birth name?"
"K My name is Eveila Daeferie Ophelie Carello Angoria Potter."
Only Blaise gasped at the name Potter but Draco had a wild look in his eye.
"You dance beautifully." Draco whispered.
"You saw me?"
"I danced with you."
"You dance great too."
"Why are you being nice to her when she's a Potter? I thought Potter was an only child."
"My full name now is Evelia Daeferie Ophelie Carello Angoria Riddle. Or as you would say it either Evelia Daeferie Ophelie Carello Angoria Voldemort or the Dark Lords daughter." You whispered
"I uh um er, didn't know."
"I want you to know, I hate my brother and I wish Dad was my biological dad."
"I forgive you. now what do you want to do?"
No one could figure it out so you sat back and tried to got to sleep. It didn't help when Blaise put his arm around you. You jumped up and ran to sit beside Draco. This time, he tried to put his arm around you and you let him. You snuggled up close to him.
Since you couldn't fall asleep, you decided to play. You raised your wand.
"Expecto Patronum." You said. You were a very powerful and happy witch so you didn't have to do much. You stroked the silvery snake as it soared around the room, warming everyone up at once. The boys were dozing off so the immediate change of warmth roused them. Draco glanced out the window, his arm still around you. We better change into school robes. Evie, you din't have to because you're going to get sorted. He grabbed green and silver robes and Blaise copied him. He lagged behind. "Do you want to help me get dressed?"
"NOOOOOO." YOu tugged his brown hair and shoved him out towards the boys bathrooms. You shut the compartment door.

Fast forward to sorting:

You stood in front of the double doors that led to the great hall. You weren't nervous at all. Draco and Blaise told you everything of how you got sorted on the train. You towered above the first years. You watched as the doors swung open. You could easily tell you were the most developed in the hall and you were in the back of the line, a lot of people pinched or slapped your ass. You got to the front and waited. To pass the time, you looked at everyone. All eyes were on you. You performed legilimency on a couple and found out the girls were jealous of your body and the boys wanted you BADLY!
McGonagall(sp?) called out "Evelia Daeferie Ophelie Carello Angoria"...
Her eyes widened at the sight of your 2 last names and she glanced at Dumbledore and looked back at the list. "Potter." Everyone gasped ant=dglanced over at Hary Potter and at you, expacting you to go forwards. Whispers broke out among the hall.
Mcgonagall took a deep rattling breath and said,"Riddle." The whispers became more intense as you walked up to the stool and sat down. You could catch what some people were saying. "You-know-who's daughter?"
The hat was placed on your head.
"A Potter eh? well mabye I should put you in Gryffindor with your brother but then again, you are You-know who's daughter and have a deep hate for your brother so I better put you in SLYTHERIN!" The hat only called out the last word and you hopped up and skipped to the Slytherin table. You sat down beside Draco and he snaked his arm around your waist.
"Hey," he whispered sexily. "Wanna become my girlfriend?" He asked in the same tone while kissing your neck. You glanced over at your brother and smirked when you saw he had his mouth dropped still from the beginning of the sorting when he found out you were his sister and the dark lords daughter. He had his mouth opened further (if that is even possible) and had his eyes wide at what Draco was doing now.
"Sure," you whispered back seductively. You pressed your lips against his. He immediatly licked your bottom lip and you let him in. After about 2 seconds of snogging, You heard a screech and felt a tug on your stomach showing shirt. You turned aroung ti find yourself looking into the eyes of a pug-faced girl.
"Who do you think you are snogging my boyfriend, someone you have never met before?"
"I am not your boyfriend." Draco spat the last word.
"Oh I know him. I met him at a death eater meeting and I tangoed with him at the after party."
"I have never been to an after party. And I am a death eater."
"You have never been invited."
She looked bewildered.
"How do you know all this stuff?"
"You must have missed the sorting." You replied simply and turned to eat when she grabbed you shoulder.
"Screw that question, I want to know since when has the Dark Lord ever had after parties?" She demanded.
You smirked. "You didn't know? Since I became hi daughter and he, my Dad!

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