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HP stories following Canon but PRE-OotP >> Hide and Seek by lilyameliablack

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A/N: Hey im so sorry for the weird spacing, I've written about five more chapters, please review because thats the only way that I know if I should publish more, thankyou so much for reading! Also, if you want to talk to me about the story or have any suggestions, twitter me @lilyameliax thankyou!

The door to Obsurus’ Bookstore opened, and I lifted my head in surprise. There had seemed to be very few customers recently, even this close to term because of what had happened at the World Cup. This year, had been the Quidditch world cup, and I'd gone with my family, only to have the night destroyed by a Death Eaters raid. There was no serious damage, but what was left was a fear amongst the magical community and a sense of loss, as people remembered what had happened last time the Death Eaters had been in power.

The Death Eaters were the followers of Lord Voldermort, or He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Almost fifteen years ago, he'd been defeated but prior to that he'd caused terror and uproar to anyone who wasn't a Pureblood. Pureblood, being someone from an all wizarding family. For years, magic folk and even muggles lived in fear, as terrible things kept happening around the world, and only once he was defeated did people start to feel safe to go outside again. Harry Potter, was the wizard responsible for stopping Lord Voldermort, and was a hero amongst the wizarding community, having been the only person in history to survive the Killing Curse, he was responsible for the downturn of Voldermort's power, and the restoration of happiness amongst the wizarding community. He was also my brother, Ron's best friend, so I knew him reasonably well.

Losing my train of thought, I looked up at the boy who'd stepped into the store. He looked about my age, rather tall, and with broad shoulders. His hair was brown and hung over his eyes, which were a deep blue. He had quite high cheekbones, and stepped into the store, with a smile that showed teeth the colour of ivory. His cheeks, were dappled lightly with freckles, and his skin was almost as white as snow.

He looked friendly, but as I had only gotten the best of three hours sleep last night I was not feeling particularly warm myself, and decided it a better idea, to resume my attempt of shut eye rather than attempt small talk

As a result of my silence, and he being the only other person in Obscurus’ there was a rather eerie and awkward silence, so reluctantly I made conversation. "Can I help you?" I said, voice cracking, as I spoke for which felt like the first time in years. "I'm just taking a look, need something to help me wile away the rest of the holidays", he said with a smirk as he edged towards the music section.

I collapsed again on the counter, and shut my eyes, as he tossed up between two books. "Hey, just this one thanks" He said, turning towards the counter, with a book in his hand, and a crooked smile on his face. I attempted a smile as I scanned the copy of "Good Vibrations - A collection of stories by various musicians". "Good book," I murmured, more to myself. "Thanks, seeya" He said as he a flashed a grin and turned to leave the store, "By the way, I know it's a good book, read it ten times, but I'm told it's better the eleventh time" He said with a wink as the door shut behind him. I watched him as he left, he was rather attractive I had to admit, but not my type at all. Plus, I had a boyfriend. I'd been seeing Adrien Leverton from the year above in Ravenclaw since end of term, and it was going pretty well I was proud to say. I hadn't seen him in a few weeks, but he'd sent me letters over the summer , and it was only a few days until school started so I'd see him then. I smiled to myself, as I recollected my reading of "Good Vibrations" and was left lost in thought until my shift was over.

"GINERVA MOLLY WEASLEY! I'VE BEEN CALLING YOUR NAME FOR ATLEAST AN HOUR, IF YOU DONT GET UP RIGHT THIS INSTANT, YOU WILL MISS THE TRAIN AND YOU'LL BE STUCK HERE TIL CHRISTMAS!" I heard Mum screaming, as I attempted to open my eyes, "IM UP MUM JUST GIVE ME A SECOND!" I yelled back. "What did you say Miss?" She said, standing at my door with a look you'd expect from Lord Voldermort himself. "I said I'm getting up now,” and I relectantly got dressed and headed downstairs.

As usual the breakfast table was buzzing and the house was full, with Fred and George sending the butter flying, and Mum doing her best to attempt to control it. Ron was sitting with his head in his cereal, and Harry was next to him with hair sticking out at all ends, which to be honest wasn't really odd for Harry.

Dad was sitting next to Harry, reading and swearing at the Daily Prophet, and I decided to sit next to him to try and catch a glimpse of the latest ramblings of Rita Skeeter.

We arrived on Platform 9 3/4 with only four minutes until the Hogwarts Express was set to leave, I kissed Mum and Dad goodbye, and rushed onto the train just in time. I looked dismally around and realised I was in the Slytherin compartments. I walked past about 10 compartments filled with death stares, before finally reaching my friends.

I had to laugh at the sight I saw. Sitting in front of me were my two best friends, Emilie and Grace. Emilie, was champagne blonde, and golden skinned and was sitting in the corner, snogging who I thought was Jason Sydlemn from Hufflepuff 5th year. Typical, Emilie was already snogging a boy on the first day of school.

Grace, on the otherhand, was doing a very good job distracting herself from the two next to her, and was immersed in another book. Grace had chestnut brown hair, that hung down her shoulders in ringlets and onto her olive skin. She had big brown eyes, and was quite tall for a third year. I opened the door to the compartment and was attacked by Grace and even Emilie who wrenched Jason off her, to give me a huge hug.

I sat down next to the girls, and as we discussed our holidays, Jason left after another snog with Emilie. As soon as he was out of ear shot, I pounced "So, Em, who is he?"

Emilie, laughed and tossed her blonde hair behind her shoulder. Emilie had moved to Hogwarts in her second year, and had instantly clicked with Grace and I. She had lived in the French countryside and attended Beauxbaxtons, until her dad took a job at the Ministry of Magic, which meant her family was relocated to England. When she'd moved to Hogwarts, Grace and I had been surprised to see just how much she liked locking tongues with boys, but loved her nonetheless for her gutsy and fiery personality.

"Oh, he's just some Ravenclaw. I bumped into him about an hour ago, and decided to invite him into our compartm-” "And ever since they've been snogging like maniacs!" Laughed Grace, as Emilie playfully hit her. "Well, I'm sorry" she said glaring at Grace, "But he was nice". "How would you know, you didn't exactly talk" Grace said, as we all fell to the floor laughing. We talked for the rest of the trip, so by the time we had arrived and were dressed in our robes, we were all re-aquainted and it felt like we hadn't gone a day without seeing each other.

As usual, after the first years had been sorted into houses, and we'd all been welcomed. Dumbledore made the usual announcements, reminding us not to go in the Abandoned Forest, and so forth, he also introduced the new Defence teacher, all heads turned towards the great wooden doors, as infamous auror Alistair "Mad-Eye" Moody, trudged into the great hall, with nonetheless than a wooden leg, and his mad eye.

After everyone had settled down from Mad-Eye's entrance, Dumbledore made an announcement that caused a surge of excitement throughout the hall. "For centuries, the Triwizard Tournament has brought witches and wizards from all around the world together, and this year, Hogwarts is proud to host this wonderful tournament. Could everyone please put their hands together, and raise their butterbeers to the lovely girl of Beauxbaxtons, and the boys of Durmstrang who will be staying with us during the course of the tournament."

Everyone's head turned towards the doors of the great hall, as in flooded around a hundred girls dressed in blue. They danced towards the front of the hall like butterflies, and every boy in the room watched them like tigers in prey. They were lead by a woman who made a hipogriff look petite and as she came forward to greet Dumbledore, Emilie confirmed my suspicions and told me that she was indeed part giant.

After the girls had sat down, and the boys had settled down, every head turned once again to the great doors, as none other than famous quidditch player, Viktor Krum, lead which seemed like a hundred clones of himself, through the doors.

The boys from Durmstrang entered, with Krum at the front, followed by Durmstrang headmaster Igor Karkaraff. Karkaraff, was wearing a white fur coat, and had long ruelly black hair, which framed his pale skin, and cold black eyes. The boys flooded through the hall, and this time it was the girls who couldn't keep their eyes off them, though the boys were also in a frenzy as Krum marched past them.

As the Durmstrang boys walked past me, I was surprised to see the boy I'd met in the bookstore, he smiled at me, and whispered in my ear as he walked past, "By the way, Good Vibes, was better the eleventh time, but maybe that was just because you sold it to me" He winked, and walked away.

I laughed to myself, as Emilie gave him a double take, and Grace looked at me with awe, "And who is HE?" Emilie said, still looking in his direction, "Ugh, you can have him, Em. Just some guy who came to the store during the holidays. Totally arrogant, whatever.”

Emilie turned to face me, "Totally gorgeous! Well if you're sure, I'll just have to get my kicks in before every other girl in the school" She laughed, as she looked around at every other Gryffindor girl seemed to death stare me. I guess he was attractive, but he was too much of a charmer, and probably just thought of me as another nobody, plus he seemed extremely arrogant, as he strutted off and smiled at just about every girl in the room.

The next day, the buzz still hadn’t died down from the new students, and every time a Beauxbaxtons girl or a Durmstrang’s boy walked past, every head seemed to turn. The new students were also rather interested in us, and it was all very exciting.
Emilie of course, couldn’t keep her eyes of the boys, and they couldn’t keep their eyes off of her. By second period she’d already been asked by two Durmstrang boys to go to the Yule Ball with her. Emilie declined, and was instead waiting for someone ‘gorgeous and a total sexgod’ she later confined to me.
The Yule Ball was also the cause for a surge of excitement, every female in the perimeter of my herbology class seemed to be discussing it. Only being in third year this year, this was my first Yule Ball, so I was incredibly excited. Although before us they hadn’t had one for quite some time, so everyone seemed to be just as excited as I was.
We spent most of herbology talking about dresses, boys and dancing, but as I already knew I’d be going with Adrien and didn’t have much interest in the other two, decided to attempt the spreading of Mooncalf dung as was Professor Sprout’s instructions.
Another source of discussion was the selection of the Triwizard champions. Many of the younger students were incredibly disappointed to find out that you could only enter if you over seventeen.
For the tournament, each school was to enter the names of students into the Goblet of Fire and then one from each school would be selected to take part in the tournament. The Goblet was in the great hall, and you could often see students placing their name in the cup, which would cause the hall to erupt in applause.
On one occasion, none other than Viktor Krum decided it was his time to enter the cup, this caused the loudest uproar yet, and I could hear the applause from my transfiguration classroom. The class automatically became very rowdy as we all tried to get glance of the hall. Though, we all settled down as soon as Proffessor McGonogall pursed her lips and glared at us. With her hair in a tight bun, and her eyes steely, she was probably the scariest teacher at school. She was also Head of Gryffindor and she was not afraid to take points off her own house, as we all knew. `
As the bell for lunch went, I headed towards the Great Hall when I ran into Adrien. I leant up and gave him a kiss, he then walked me to the Great Hall. Adrien was a bit taller than me, and had blondish brown hair, and small brown eyes. He had a nice smile, and was my first boyfriend. If that’s what you’d call him, we’d only been seeing each other for the best part of two months, but it was still nice.
I sat down at Gryffindor Table, and he gave me a quick hug before going off to the Ravenclaw table. “So, has he asked you yet?” Said Grace, as she sat down next to me. “Asked me what?” I said as I piled potatoes onto my plate. “Asked you to the ball of course”, she said turning to Emilie as she sat down, “Yeah has he asked you yet. Oh! Speaking of the ball, they’ve announced the first Hogsmeade visit for the last week of October, so maybe we can have a look then for dresses” Squealed Em, as she started rambling about different dresses. “Nah he hasn’t asked me, I guess he’s waiting for the perfect time”.
As the desserts were placed on the table, I caught eyes with the bookstore boy, he smiled and winked at me. I rolled my eyes and turned around. I noticed out of the corner of my eye, that Emilie was suppressing a laugh.

That night after another lesson with Mad-Eye, I decided to clear my head and got my drawing pad and went for a walk. I found my favourite tree near the Greenhouses, and started to sketch. I often came here after a particularly gruesome Defence lesson. This year, with Mad-Eye teaching, I seemed to find myself here more often. It was hard to sit through lessons where you heard of the horrible things people had to go through, and not be affected.
I found that drawing made me feel better instantly, and the cool breezes outside were hard not to love after being clamped up inside.
After a while, it started to get dark, so I packed up my things and returned to the common room. I headed upstairs, and collapsed on my bed, not realising how tired I was, I went to sleep, with my mind buzzing with thoughts of what tomorrow would bring.

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