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HP stories following Canon after Deathly Hallows >> A New World Begun by JustaFan

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A New World Begun
Chapter 1
A Well Deserved Rest
As the trio left Dumbledore’s office, they knew that the work was not over, and that the path before them was one of rebuilding a world that had been torn apart. As the three of them walked, they ran into more people who wanted to congratulate them, who wanted to talk to the three who had finally vanquished Voldemort. The three of them had not slept for some time, and it was starting to take an effect on them, especially Harry who hadn’t slept properly in almost a year. His lack of sleep finally caught up with him while he was talking to a wizard, and he collapsed right there, in the middle of the corridor.
Fear had gripped Ron and Hermione along with all the others who had been there. Hermione quickly dropped down to Harry, and Ron followed her. Hermione put her ear to Harry’s chest. She rose up and said,” I can hear his heart, he is ok. Don’t be alarmed, Harry Potter is still alive.” She added that last part because she could hear people in the crowd that was becoming louder and louder saying that all the curses that he had been hit with had gotten to him. Hermione at first thought that the second Killing Curse had finally taken him.
Mrs. Weasley could be heard from the back of the crowd. “What is wrong with Harry!! Get out of my way, or I’ll hex the lot of you, don’t think that I won’t!!!” As she approached Harry, her face dropped as the thought of “No, not another one of my boys” crossed her mind. Hermione, who clearly recognized this, told her that he had just passed out from exhaustion. The strongest men in the crowd in closest proximity who heard this quickly stepped forward and started to grab Harry. Mrs. Weasley started to yell, “You let go of him! He is not dead!” The group looked at her. One of them stood up to the mighty Mrs. Weasley death stare and said to her, “We are not trying to harm him, we owe him so much. We just wanted to take him to a more suitable place to sleep.” Mrs. Weasley, seeing that they just wanted to help, stepped back and allowed the men to form a circle around Harry and lift him up. The crowd, seeing what was happening, quickly parted in two allowing them to pass through them.
Apparently the whole group knew that they all knew that the place that would bring Harry the most comfort would be a bed back into the Gryffindor common room. As they walked they all started to notice that the stairs were all aligning to make the most direct path back to the common room, almost as if Hogwarts itself was thanking Harry in its own special way. As they approached the portrait of the Fat Lady, Ron started to think, “Ron started to think that they didn’t know password to get them into the Gryffindor tower, having not been there the past year” He looked around trying to find someone who would know the password when he noticed that the Portrait had swung open to let them all in. Ron looked around to thank someone for opening the portrait, but when he heard the Fat Lady he stopped. “Harry Potter the savior of Hogwarts, you are always welcome inside this tower, for you are a true patriot of Hogwarts and what it means to be a Gryffindor.” Ron could swear that he could hear her softly cry as she spoke.
The group brought Harry up to where he and Ron would have slept during his seventh year and laid him down in one of the beds. As the all turned and left Ron could hear them say, “We will make sure that he gets the rest he deserves.” The last one looked to Ron and said, “You two as well should get some sleep, you three have fought so hard to make our world safe, don’t worry now, no one will disturb you.” As he left he closed the door with click.
Hermione and Ron both got ready for bed and cleaned their battle wounds. They turned to Harry, who looked for once like he was at peace, that he was finally able to let go of his anxiety and just rest. They decided that his wounds needed to be cleaned and that the filth of the robe he had on needed to be changed. As they started to get him out of his robes they noticed that even though they were moving him around he did not stir but lay perfectly limp like a rag-doll. Then as they revealed parts of his skin they saw how much he had been hurt over the past year, the scars on his body that he had not told them about, how many times had he gotten hurt and hadn’t told them so they would not worry. At that moment they had more respect for him than ever before. When they got to his chest Hermione let out a yelp. There was hole down to the bone where he had been hit by the killing curse. Hermione knew that this was well beyond what she was capable of. She got up and went to the door and opened it to find a man sitting in a chair outside the door. He quickly stood and asked, “What can I get for you?” Hermione, though wondering who the man was, decided to tell him that they need Madam Pomfrey for Harry and went back inside. Ron looked at her strangely but he too decided that right now wasn’t the time to discuss it and went back to looking at Harry and cleaning up some of his more minor wounds.
Minutes later there was a knock at the door, and Hermione went to answer it to find Madam Pomfrey, who came bustling in looking worried. She quickly went over to Harry and asked what the matter was. Ron just pointed to the hole and told her he had been hit by a killing curse, but didn’t go into detail. Madam Pomfrey looked up when Ron told her but then quickly back down, starting to mutter spells while waving her wand over Harry’s chest. They could see some skin, though not level with the rest, come in and cover up the bone. She looked up at Ron and Hermione and told them, “That is the best that I can do. The skin above has been cursed too badly to be repaired, but that should do to protect the bone beneath it,” then in more of an aside to herself, “Mr. Potter, what you must have been through. Well, what about you two? Do you need anything looked at?” Even though Ron and Hermione insisted that they were ok, Madam Pomfrey insisted that she at least give them a once over, clearing up some of their wounds a little better than they could have. Then she helped get Harry into some clean clothes for bed.
Madam Pomfrey left, and they heard the door lock with a click. The silence was beautiful to Ron and Hermione: peacefulness after there had been so much destruction and pain. Ron headed to the bed next to Harry, and Hermione seemed to be heading towards the door. Ron grabbed her wrist and led her to bed next to Harry. He lay down, pulling her down with him. He whispered into to her ear, “I never want to sleep unless you are at my side.” Hermione, blushing, whispered back to him, “I’ll always be there.” She then laid a gentle kiss on his lips as she lay down. Ron pulled her closer to him and wrapped a hand around her waist. Both of them drifted off to sleep without a care to be had.

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