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HP stories following Canon after HBP >> The Year Alone by DragoonHP

Simple Text - To view MORE chapters use the chapter jump box to the right.

INSPIRATION: This story is here because of the fabulous work of
Kezzabear in the story 'Rebuilding Life' and blacktag189 in
the story 'Ghost of You' in which they both have shown the state of
Hogwarts in flashes. It inspired me to write about the condition of Hogwarts and
Ginny Weasley, when Harry, Ron and Hermione had gone on an adventure to save the
wizarding world. I may not be the best choice, but I would keep trying till the

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Harry Potter or any character or any
places or objects made by J.K. Rowling.

REQUEST: I'm trying to keep the story canon. So,
if you found something un-canon, please tell me.




Everyone was alarmed by the sudden appearance of the silver lynx. Heads
turned in the direction of the fading silver lynx. Somebody screamed, looking at
a distant road outside the Burrow. Every head turned in a swift motion to the
road. A panic arose as people saw dark hooded figures, moving towards them,
their wands at the ready. Guests were panic-stricken and they started running in
every direction. They started Disapparating and it became clear that every
single protecting enchantment was lifted.

"Ron!" Hermione cried. "Ron, where are you?"

The hooded figures started firing curses and jinxes at the crowd. Lupin and
Tonks shouted, "Protego!"

The dozen guests who were still there and hadn't Disapparated until yet,
ceased at the sound of spell fire. Harry, Hermione and Ron were nowhere to be
seen. Nor were Doge, Lupin and Tonks. A hooded figure came forward from the
group of around a dozen, and shouted, his voice cold and full with contempt,
"Handover Potter, or regret it."

No one answered. Weasley's were huddled in a corner. Ginny looked horrified,
and on both her shoulders were the protective arm of Bill and Charlie. Her eyes
were searching the garden. Fred and George were standing next to them, their
hands tightly clutching their wands and in front of them was Arthur, his hand
inside his robe also clutching his wand. The Delacour family looked aghast and
was also huddled in a corner. The hooded man moved forward and asked a terrified
guest, pointing his wand at his throat, "Tell me where's Potter."

"I – um... he," the man stammered, "I... haven't – seen him."

"Don't lie, Crucio!"

The man whimpered in pain. He was twitching and screaming in agony. After
some moments, the pain stopped and the man laid there on the ground, panting and
horrified. The hooded man strode towards Arthur Weasley and looked at his
family. The other hooded figures strode in the house and some stood guards at
the boundaries.

"Where's Potter, tell me?" The hooded man asked Arthur.

"He's not here," said Arthur firmly, gazing in the man face.

"Don't lie," the hooded man said, "you are risking yours and your family
neck, you filthy blood traitor."

Arthur face became red with anger. Molly opened her mouth to say something,
but he shut her up with a wave of hand. He again looked at the hooded man and
said in a very controlled voice, "If you like search the house as much as you
want. But, Harry is not here."

The hooded figures started to inquire the guests and smash the decoration as
Harry was hidden there. The others were searching the house. After a couple of
hours, when they had searched the Burrow and inquired guests, the same hooded
man said to Arthur, "You are lucky. But don't think you are safe." He spat at
Arthur, and with a swish of cloak, they were gone.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief and started Disapparating. Molly eyes were
frantically roaming around the garden as guests started to depart. The garden
was destroyed because of the massive spell-firing. Molly eyes searched the
garden three or four times and she let out a wail. Arthur supported Molly and
led her in the house. They both were closely followed by all the other members
of his family, the Delacour and Luna and his father. The house was smashed and
everything was out of place. It looked as a group of wild Hippogriffs have been
unleashed in the house. Tables and chair were turned upside-down, the pictures
were broken and smashed and every other furniture was thrashed in every corner.
Arthur waved his wand and the rubble around him vanished. He forced Molly in a
sitting position. Tears were still streaming down her face. He glanced at her
face and asked with a worried expression, "What happened, dear?"

"They... are not... here – gone." Molly answered, between sobs.

"Who?" Arthur asked, sounding confused. She didn't answered but let out
another wail.

Luna walked dreamily towards her, and said, "I saw them Disapparating,
Hermione, Ron and Harry."

Everyone was amazed seeing the expression of Luna. She didn't looked as she
had been subjected to a life threatening assault. It seemed to give some hope to
Molly, who stopped crying.

"Would they be alright? I told them not to go." Molly said in a voice barely
more than a whisper to Arthur.

"They were assigned a mission, dear. And they have gone to complete it."
Arthur said.

"But they are young and inexperienced... they could – um – die." Molly
squealed and started crying.

There were sounds of footsteps, and they saw Ginny running up the stairs.
Luna followed her. Molly got up to follow her, but Arthur put a hand on her
shoulder to stop her. He turned her around, her eyes full with tears, and he
said in a firm voice, "We have to trust them. And secondly, Dumbledore had
always showed a great deal of trust in Harry. That's why he had assigned him the
mission and we could only hope for the best."

Delacour family sat in a corner. Monsieur Delacour usual Charmante!
self was clouded by the fear of what he had seen. He was blanched and his eyes
were dilated with fear. Apolline Delacour face was deprived on any colour, her
beautiful blonde hair were drenched with sweat. She looked as she was still
processing what had happened here just some moments ago. Fleur was trying to
calm his sister, who was weeping. Bill was slumped in a corner with Charlie. The
twins looked gloomy and Luna father was horror-struck.

Molly stood and moved to the staircase when a firm hand grasped her shoulder.
She turned around and saw Charlie. He said, "Mum, you sit here. I will go and
look after Ginny."

He didn't wait for a response. He ran to the stairs, taking two at a time and
reached Ginny room in no time. The door was unlocked and when he pushed it open,
there was no one there. He grew worried and took the stairs to the fourth
landing in haste. He saw Luna walking dreamily towards the stairs of the fifth

"Hey! WAIT." Charlie bellowed.

Luna spun around. Her expression was dreamy. Charlie stopped in front of her,

"Where's Ginny?" asked Charlie.

"I think she's in Harry room. And we should hurry before nargals get to her,"
said Luna.

"What nargals?" asked Charlie.

Then, suddenly Charlie remembered Ginny telling him about the odd behavior of
Luna and quickly said, "Oh yes! I remembered what they are. So, can we go and
find her."

"Okay!" said Luna in the same dreamy tone. Charlie ran through the stairs;
while Luna followed him slowly. By the time she reached, Charlie was banging on
the gate of Ron room. Any sound on the floor was lost in the loud moans of the
ghoul. But still muffled cries were heard from inside the room.

"Open up, Ginny." Charlie said.

"What happened?" asked Luna.

"Ginny had locked herself in the room," said Charlie, his voice clearly
showing his tension.

"I think you should leave. It would be better if I talk to her," said

"You?" asked Charlie sounding confused.

He backed away a little, when Luna strode to the door. She knocked softly and
said, "Ginny, it's me."

There was no sound from the opposite end of the gate for some time. Then,
there was a clicking sound and the door creaked open a crack, her brown eyes
peering at Luna. Ginny eyes were puffy and red rimmed. She glanced around and
pulled Luna inside. Before, Charlie could grab the door, she closed it


The room was most disheveled than the full house. Their wasn't much in the
room as it appeared that someone had taken half the things of the room, but
still the remaining things were thrown everywhere. Ginny sat on Harry's camp bed
and dropped her head in her hands. Like all the room, it was disheveled and the
bed sheet was muffled and damped with tears. Luna put a supporting hand on Ginny
shoulder and asked, "What happened, Ginny?"

She didn't answered immediately. She was staring at the wall, with full
intensity and then spoke suddenly, "What if they die – Harry die?"

The voicing of her fears made it harder to bear them. Her heart was aching
for them, for Harry. Her mind was swarming with the flashes of Department of
Mysteries, Ron lying on the floor, locked in the deadly grasp of the brain like
creatures, Hermione on the floor unconscious and Harry horribly wracked and Luna
slammed on the floor. She shook her head apparently trying to clear her head
from those disdainful thoughts. But more flashes danced across her eyes of their
last year. Harry crying, Bill face horrible scarred, the limp body of

She shook her head vigorously and forced her mind in listening to Luna, who
was staring out of the window and talking.

"…he won't die, Ginny," Luna said in calm voice, "Nor will Ron and Hermione.
They had faced much harder tasks..."

"You know who they are going to face," Ginny interjected furiously,
"You-Know-Who. He would kill them. I thought you of all people would
understand." Fresh tears started rolling down her cheeks.

"I know, and that's why I am saying this," piped Luna, "he would come all
right. We all just need to keep faith in him."

Ginny wanted to believe what Luna was saying. She wanted to… but the dancing
flashes of a broken-up Harry, beaten-up Ron and terrified Hermione were dancing
in front of her eyes making it impossible for her to believe her. She glanced a
quick look at Luna face. It was serene, her eyes taking in Ron and Harry room.
But she knew, Luna was trying her best to block the uneasy feelings. Luna turned
to her, her eyes flashing with a little fear and said, "We have to have faith in
them. They had left us for something important, I know."

"Oh Luna!" was all Ginny could say. She had never imagined her friend like
this. She had always been dreamy; but now she looked resolute and confident and
every single piece of her old dreaminess was gone. She launched herself at
Luna's shoulder and hugged her tightly, like she was her only lifeline left.
They sat there like that for a while, Luna hand running in her long hairs while
she silently cried on her shoulders. Luna presence somehow was diluting his fear
and she never wanted to leave her hold… not until Harry returned.

"Let's go. Everyone will be worried," Luna said. It broke-loose the havoc of
the three not returning again in her mind and her heart once again was flooded
with worries. She looked up from her shoulders, and saw the worries in Luna

"Okay," said Ginny, and stood up from Harry bed controlling the tears which
threatened to come. Luna followed her out of the room. Her eyes became the size
of a saucer, when she saw half his family standing around the room, their ears
glued to the wall. Her worries and despair vanished in a snap and was replaced
by white hot anger. But she didn't unleash them on it dreading if her mood
changed again, she would not be able to control and contain the fear… the

"What you lot are doing here?" asked Ginny in a stern voice instead, her
expressions matching her Mum's; which caused Fred and George to recoil

Ginny glared at Charlie, who raised his hand in air in mock surrender and
quickly said, "Mum, send me to look after you."

Ginny turned her Mrs. Weasley-ish glare to the twins, who had now slipped out
of her reach. She gritted her teeth and stomp down the stairs. Luna dreamily
looked at Charlie, before following her friend down the stairs.

Everyone gave a sigh of relief when Ginny descended down the stairs. She
looked around the room. Before, her mind was clouded with the thoughts of the
three of them. It was still, but her mind was now clearer than before. Everyone
was still sitting on the floor, and the room was dishelved. Shiver ran down her
spine as she saw the looks on the occupants of the room. Monsieur Delacour head
was bent down a little, his face expression gloomy, Apolline Delacour beautiful
face was looking dreadful and Gabrielle was looking like she had seen a massacre
of her family. She snapped shut her eyes, not wanting to see more of this
dreadful atmosphere. Her Mum came running toward her and engulfed her in one of
her rib-cracking hugs. Ginny awkwardly patted her Mum's back. She reluctantly
pulled away from her and gave her an assuring smile.

Everyone was quiet and just staring at her. She felt their gazes burning
holes in her body. She wanted to run away, away from all of them and as near as
she could to Harry. The mere thought of Harry made a bubble of grief explode in
her chest. But she couldn't show it in here. Not with the others going through
so much. She rummaged through her mind, trying to find the perfect excuse, but
she came empty handed. She tried to sneak back, when her Mum said, "I am going
to make dinner, you lot look hungry."

Nobody said anything. They all just stared at her, as expecting a breakdown.
Her Dad broke the tension, "I also need to do something."

And saying that he moved out of the room, his eyes darting around the room
and out of the windows frequently.

"I would also go, I had some work to finish." Mr. Lovegood said, "Come Luna,
let's go."

"Bye, Ginny," said Luna and walked out of the room. There was a loud POP
confirming their departure. There was a streak of silver light like a small
ghostly mammal, which was only visible for a fraction of second before it
disappeared. Everyone looked confused except her Mum who had an understanding
look on her face. When her Dad walked in, she asked him roughly, not even
bothering to keep her voice down, "Whom do you send it to?"

He was prepared for this question and answered in a calm and low voice,

Ginny had to strain her ears to listen. Harry. It caused goose bumps
erupt under her skin. Her heart thumped violently against her ribcage
threatening to rip her chest and come out. She felt her air tube compress and
her lungs felt like someone was filling them with water. This all were not good
signs. She quickly needed to divert her mind or the tears she had held back
would come back.

"Mum's let go and cook," said Ginny. She didn't even realise what to say,
until it just came out and she was happy that she hadn't said something

"You are right, dear," her Mum said in a controlled voice and continued,
"both of you" – pointing at the twins – "go and tend the garden and you" –
pointing at Charlie and Bill – "tidy up the house and you Arthur can lead them"
– tilting her head to the Delacour family – "to a clean room and…"

She suddenly stopped. Everyone understood the graveness of the situation. The
deadly silence was not helping the situation.

"Why are you standing there? Go and do the chores, NOW," barked her Mum.

"Our old Mum," said Fred and both the twins Disapparated at the spot with a
loud POP.

"Can't they once in a while walk," her Mum sighed.

Charlie and Bill started moving there wand in similar movement and the broken
furniture started to mend itself. Her Dad led the Delacour upstairs and Ginny
followed her Mum in the kitchen.

The silence around the house was awkward. Ginny quietly started chopping
vegetables. She didn't realise that tears were falling down her eyes, which she
had been controlling for so long. Her mind was again and again drifting towards
the thought of Harry, his blazing green eyes that always seemed to taunt her.
She shook her head, trying to shake away the thoughts but it was to no

"Ginny," her Mum suddenly spoke, her voice heavy with emotions, "do you think
they come back?"

"They have to, Mum, they have to," was all she could manage to say. And
before any of them knew, they were hugging and crying on the other's shoulder.
They slumped to the floor and sat their crying for a long time.

"The food wouldn't cook itself," someone said from the door.

Both of them snapped their head in the direction. They saw Fred leaned
against the doorframe. He looked a little gloomy. Before any of them could say
anything, he Disapparated.

"Git!" Ginny swore and her Mum gave her a threatening look.

The rest of the cooking passed silently. None of them spoke; dreading that if
any of them spoke, they would have a break-down. The dinner was a low affair
too. They dined in the house, as no one wanted to go outside and re-live the
horrible experience. So, they all cramped in the small kitchen and ate quietly.
Her Dad and Bill talked about where Harry, Hermione and Ron had gone and what
could be the mission that they were completing.

After dinner, Ginny quickly retreated to her bedroom and locked the door. She
rummaged through her trunk and shelves and after one hour of disastrous
searching, she founded what she was looking for. Her heart thumped madly against
her ribcage at the sight of the photograph, securely placed in a book. She
turned it slowly and deliberately, as afraid she will damage it if she did it
hastily. Her mind went black and the room dissolved in wisps. She could only see
the moving photograph of Harry and herself sitting under his favourite tree near
the lake, arms locked, and her head on his shoulder. There was not much
movement, only his radiant smile and his green eyes focusing at her. He looked
truly happy and it was the last time she had seen him that happy, as at that
night Dumbledore was murdered and Harry's world fell in front of her. She
couldn't help herself thank Colin in her mind to capture that glorious moment.
She was mad at him at that time, for breaking their personnel moment, but now
she was thanking her lucky stars for knowing Colin. He had given her a copy of
it as compensation and it was the only one she had of them, together. She
pressed the photograph to her heart and allowed the tears to fall down. She
didn't know when he or her brother or her best friend would come back. Or,
whether, they would come back or not. She tried not to think about the last
thought, but it seemed the most appealing one to her.

Someone knocked on her door. She didn't want to answer and face the person on
the door. So, she feign sleep, all the time the photograph clutched near her
heart. Then she heard clicks and the door open revealing her Mum.

Ginny didn't dare move a single bit afraid she will be caught, but she wasn't
able to move the picture from the spot. It was like it was giving her strength.
Her mother silently moved and sat on her bed and started patting her forehead.
She couldn't feign sleep anymore. She shifted herself and rested her head in her
mothers lap. None of them said anything. Her mother ran a soothing hand in her
hair. It calmed her mind a bit, slowly and steadily taking her mind away from
the worries and into a calm euphoria. Her grip on the photograph loosened and it
fell. Before, she could catch it, her Mum took it and tears started rolling down
her eyes, when she saw the photograph. She gave the picture back and pulled her
into a hug and said, "Don't worry, they will be back. They have to."

She didn't remember for how much time she had been hugged her Mum. A warm
feeling had enclosed her in her Mum's embrace. She was lost in the euphoric
feeling and thought about the golden moments she had spent with Harry in his
last year at Hogwarts.

* * *

She woke up and looked around the room. It was dawn and the sunlight was
illuminating her room and painting her room walls with beautiful streaks of
golden yellow and burning red. Her mother was not sitting on her bedside and her
head was resting on her pillow. Then, all the memories came back, flooding her
mind and she didn't want to believe that they were true. She shook her head and
then something fell on the floor. It was a photograph, the same one which she
has been clutching near her heart before she fell asleep. And then she couldn't
deny it. Harry, Ron and Hermione were gone. And maybe for never coming back. She
shook her head. No. They have to come back. They can't leave her like
this. She got up from the bed and put the picture in her pocket and moved out of
the room. She descended downstairs and her mother greeted her. She sat on the
table and at the precise moments Bill and Charlie came down, covered in dirt and

"Where you two have been? Date with the ghoul," jested Ginny.

"You can say that," Bill said seriously, "we have just put the ghoul in Ron
room. So, avoid it or it will arouse suspicion."

"And why had you do that?" shrieked Ginny, her light mood becoming dark
instantly, "It was the only thing I could have associated with Ron… with

Bill and Charlie looked confused. They didn't know about Harry and Ginny
relationship. They looked at her Mum for an explanation, who just gave them a
look. Charlie took the lead and said in a whisper, "We thought you knew. Fred,
George and Dad transfigured it to make look like Ron suffering from
spattergroit. So, when the officials come we can pass it on showing him
suffering from spattergroit and get-out without much trouble on the family." He
finished with a sigh.

Ginny anger flare in her chest and she shouted, "What more have be…"

Her voice was lost in her throat. She tried her best to have some voice come
out, but her mouth opened and closed like a fish. She searched around and saw
her Mum, her wand pointed at her. She gave her Mum a dirty look. Her Mum ignored
her and said, her voice barely more than a whisper, "You need to understand the
complexity of the situation, Ginny."

She paused and moved to sat beside her. Bill and Charlie were looking at the
windows, their hands in their robes, probably clutching their wands. Her Mum
continued, "We are been tracked every second. So, no one of us can be allowed to
yell something that important, as it could easily be overheard and it will only
poise problems for us. And secondly, you haven't been told this because even I
wasn't sure on this piece of information until last night. They are on a mission
and we have to do everything we could to help them."

During the full conversation, or accurately when her Mum was speaking Ginny
listened, her mouth agape. She couldn't believe that even her Mum was kept in
dark until last night. She had always been the well informed one. Her Mum got up
and flicked her wand. Ginny voice came back but now she didn't want to speak.
She was digesting the piece of information. It had been all planned and set. She
was wondering what Hermione had done to safe guard her family. She felt
betrayed. Neither her brother nor her best friend nor her boy… She stalled her
thoughts at this point. She felt her stomach churn in worry. She had to snap out
of it. It was not as Harry had some choice. He had to do, what he was destined
for and he was doing it. She should be proud of him. She was pulled back in
reality when someone playfully hit her arm.

"Already lost in thoughts of Harry?" sneered Fred.

"Or, dreaming of something concerning…" George halted, a maniac gleam in his

"Stop taunting Ginny," warned her Mum, serving Ginny her breakfast.

Ginny stuck out her tongue and started assaulting her breakfast with her
spoon. Her hunger had died and all she felt was for Harry to sat beside her and
hug her, kiss her. But one look from her mother, and she disappeared all the
food in an alarming speed without tasting it and causing Fred to choke on his
food and spray it all over the table. Ginny laughed and Fred looked at her
scandalized and said, "At this rate you can give Ron run for his money."

"A new tactic learned from let's see… um… Harry." George continued.

Ginny spluttered her tea over the table. Damn, do they need to remind me he's
not here at every single opportunity they got? She wanted to curse the hell out
of them but thought better and retorted, "Don't you have to go and open your fu…
— umm… — shop."

"Language Ginny," said George in a poor imitation of her Mum.

"What's the matter with Ginny and Harry, anyway?" asked Bill, before any of
the two parties could explode in the conversation of which he wasn't catching a
head or tail.

"Yes, fill us up," added Charlie.

"You don't know," asked Fred incredulously.

"Nope," said Charlie.

"Of all the news of the world, you don't know whose the girlfriend of The
Chosen One," said Fred.

"Or the Boy-Who-Lived," added George.


Bill gave a dangerous look to Ginny and ushered them to continue. Charlie was
bent at the table, straining his ears to catch every part of the

"So, we will tell you, how Ginny started dating the most famous teenager,"
said George, a mischievous gleam in his eyes.

"Or the two famous teenagers and fulfill her childhood dream," completed

"Would you like to know the beginning of our little sister date adventures,"
said Fred.

"Or, the very beginning." George finished.

"The very beginning," said Charlie with a scowl on his face.

Ginny felt herself go red with embarrassment and her ears started throbbing
by the excessive amount of blood rushing in them. She didn't dare look at Bill
or Charlie. She made a mental note to herself that she was going to strangle
Ron, if he somehow escapes his death. No, he can't be allowed death by anyone
else than her. This pleasure was going to be hers and only hers. Without
realising a smile formed on her lips.

"See, how happy she has gotten when we are reliving her dating experiences,"
commented George and Ginny felt her heart started thumping wildly against her
chest. Her face grew a delicate shade of red. She drew a deep breath and changed
her expressions to the best scowl she could muster at that time. Her gaze was
met by Bill surprised and disapproving gaze and she sank herself in her chair as
low as she could. She threw a dirty look at George and Fred who sneered in
response. She felt her embarrassment being overcome by her anger and she hissed
pointing a threatening finger at both of them, "Stop it now. Or you both are
going to regret it all your life as your specific part will be unable to
corporate with you."

She twirled her wand in her fingers and Fred and George seemed to recoil a
bit at that mere thought but than recovered from the shock and Fred sneered,
"What are you going to do, curse us into Snape laundry room?"

A smile formed on her face. George shook his head disapprovingly and sighed,
"I can see why you too have a better chance to get along. Girlfriend and
boyfriend alike. Both threaten us when they are not so much as allowed to rub
their rear-ends with their wands."

Bill despite his serious face gave a snort of laughter and Charlie

"He is — allowed… now," Charlie choked-out between laughs.

"It doesn't matter; he did threaten us, when he was not allowed." George

"Wait until I turn of age. So, I advice you to book a room in St. Mungos in
advanced." Ginny hissed at the twins.

"I would have thought that you would say something better. It is bad to
threaten your brother's like that. We have to now use the secret weapon." Fred
sneered, a mischievous smile spread across his face.

"So, let's bring it on." George supported.

Ginny started frantically searching her mind. What was the thing they could
threaten her with? She came out blank and came to a stop that they had nothing.
It was just a mock threat.

"Yeah, bring it on," said Ginny confidently and slapped her hands over the
table to show her confidence.

"If you want," said George, flicking his wand and a paper materlised in front
of him.

"This is your secret weapon." Ginny started laughing.

"Don't come to a conclusion. Wait and watch or better, listen." Fred
said and flicked his wand. Then three more paper materlised in front of him,
Bill and Charlie and he said, "Let's sing in chorus."

"Where's mine?" Ginny whined.

"You don't need one," Fred sneered, his eyes gleaming with mischief.

Even her Mum stood in the doorframe leaning against it and Fleur came

"Good morning," Fleur said, "Sorry to be late. Vat is going on?" She added
looking at the look of mischief on the face of the twins.

Fred jumped from his chair and dragged her to a seat next to Bill and said,
"My dear sister-in-law, I am sure you won't have any qualms listening to our
little brotherly chorus."

Fleur couldn't understand, but nodded her head.

Fred said, "On the count of three, One, Two and Three…"

His eyes are as green as a fresh pickled
His hair is as dark as a blackboard.
I wish he was mine, he's
really divine,
The hero who conquered the Dark Lord.

They all sang in chorus and Ginny felt herself burning red in embarrassment.
Her heart was beating at a alarming rate and she tried to sneak out before the
twins could do any worse. How the hell did they have it until know? It had been
more than 4 years. Everyone looked confused but she knew it was until they make
the announcement. She felt weary at the mention of Harry, but her embarrassment
had been covering it for her. But, it was at a stretching point. She got up, but
was hoisted down by a grinning Fred.

"Sit, my lovely sister. We won't let you miss the climax," sneered Fred.
Ginny felt like greeting him with some heavy swearing that she knew; thanks to
Ron for that, but she saw her mother standing there and chose to keep quiet.

"I need to use the washroom," Ginny said and she was now aware of everyone
watching her blush, which had crept to her hair lines.

"Just a moment," George said, "Does anyone know who this poem is dedicated

Everyone shook their heads. George stared at them incredulously and Fred took
the lead, "No worry. We are here to enlighten your dark paths."

Ginny sunk in her chair as deep as she could. She had only two way of
escaping, she could feign fainting or she could feign crying. The latter one was
next to impossible for her, thanks to her brothers and the last one would be
caught easily by her mother and it would only increase her embarrassment. She
sighed and started thinking of every horrible thing that had ever happened to
her to vanish the blush. But nothing helped. She was dreading what the twins had
in the devil of their mind. She could only pray for the best.

"Now, the lead will be taken by our lovely sister, Ginny." Fred announced and
George was the only one who clapped. Others looked at them in confusion and Bill
asked, "What is going on?"

"Patience is the virtue of success, my dear brother, so have a little
patience and I guarantee it will be once in a life time opportunity. Am I right,
Ginny?" said Fred.

"Please," Ginny pleaded to them, but there grins grew wider and they
shook their heads.

"Oh, it seems as our lovely sister had gotten cold feet," George grinned, "so
it now bestows upon us to have the cart moving."

"Okay, now reveal the bloody climax," Charlie snarled and Ginny got an urge
to punch him for pushing them to make her more embarrass and at the same time
she wanted to pat him because he was shortening her misery.

"So, if you haven't guessed, the little poem was dedicated to the
Boy-Who-Lived," said George.

"Or The Chosen One," said Fred.

"Or our very own Harry Potter," said George, "then, you all should stick your
head in a toilet and flush it."

"Merlin, how anyone can be so dumb," said Fred shaking his head.

"And please don't tell me you hadn't guessed who the said person is." George
grinned, his face radiating mischief.

Everyone seemed to think for a moment and then their head turned towards
Ginny in a swift motion. She tried to disappear in the chair and wished more
than ever that she had Harry's invisibility cloak. She looked like a child
caught stealing candy. They started laughing at her expression. All dignity
forgotten, she lunged at Fred, who levitated her just a fraction of second
before her fist made contact with his face. She started shaking herself
vigorously in air, trying to reach for Fred or George, but was unsuccessful.

"Let her down," her Mum ordered to the twins, who had to comply her. But as
soon as her feet touched the ground there were two loud POP and they were
gone. Ginny furiously stomped her feet and let out a string of swearing. Her Mum
warned, "Stop that now young lady or I will not hesitate to jinx your

"But you didn't say anything to them," whined Ginny.

Before any of them could say anything Charlie asked, a grin playing on his
face, "When did you wrote that masterpiece, Ginny?"

Fred popped in again and said, "In her first year on Valentine day and it was
apparently a dwarf who sang it for her."

And with a loud POP, he vanished before Ginny could get to him. But
she was now more uncomfortable and she knew that she had started blushing again.
She wanted to bury herself alive in a tomb and she wished more than any time
that Harry was here. He would have taken her side and surely would have
something up her sleeve to threaten them. He always had something, which he
could use against them. Her heart felt sickened over the crude realization that
Harry is not here. Her mind had accepted the fact but her heart; it didn't seem
to believe her. She shoved her hand in her pocket and felt edge of the
photograph brushing against her hand. A warm feeling engulfed her and she could
feel Harry picture form smile against her hand. Her embarrassment dissolved and
a feeling of longing took over her. The longing of Harry.

The little joke played on her by the twins had surely helped her to
momentarily forget about Harry, but now her longing for Harry had increased very
much than before.

She started absently moving towards the stairs, oblivious to all the fuss
going behind her back. What she couldn't have done to get a glimpse of Harry? To
touch him, to feel him, to talk to him. But no, he had gone for the greater good
and had abounded her. He had ditched her. But the thought only increased her
longing for Harry. He cared for her and he didn't want her to be hurt and that's
why he had to ditch her. Her brother had created a fuss, but Hermione was the
one, who had truly understood the graveness of the situation. She had understood
that it was the only possible choice Harry had. He wanted her to be safe. But,
her tactless brother like always, misinterpreted him.

Hermione had told her that he had cried half the night. Over the remorse of
the death of his hero and guider and the cruel fact that he couldn't be with
Ginny anymore. He was always the sentimental and emotional kind, caring for
anyone more than himself, who had even just told him the time.

She bumped into someone. Her mind snapped in reality and she saw Gabrielle
standing in front of her, giving her a disgusting and disgruntled look. Ginny
didn't understand what the reason of the look was. She just stared at her and
then asked anxiously, "What?"

"Nothing. I just 'eard 'our brother telling zat you are 'Arry's g… girl…
girlfriend. Eez eet true?" Gabrielle asked trying to look normal but failing
miserably at it.

Ginny stared at her for a fleeting moment, deciding whether to tell the truth
that Harry had ditched her or to tell her the lie. She tilted her head and saw
Fred peeping at her and she said to Gabrielle, "Let's go in my room and

Before Gabrielle could answer, Ginny pulled her in her room. Her room was
illuminated by the light of the morning sun. She sat on her bed and patted the
space next to her. Gabrielle sat there. Ginny mind was squirming with happiness.
Finally someone to talk about Harry and freely. Gabrielle asked again, dreading
the answer Ginny was going to give, "Eez it true?"

Ginny thought for a moment and said, "It is and it's not."

"Vat do you mean by 'Eet is and eet's not'?" asked Gabrielle irritated.

Ginny suspected that there is something fishy in this whole conversation. It
was not out of plain curiosity that Gabrielle is asking her. There had to be
something more than anxiety. She glanced a quick look at Gabrielle face. It
showed anxiety and fear. It was than she understood what the real matter is.

"Yes and no," said Ginny plainly.

Gabrielle became furious and said her eyes blazing with contained anger,
"Give me a damn straight answer."

Ginny mind squirmed with happiness. She was right. But it just increases
competition for her. One more wannabe Harry girlfriend. But she played the
innocent girl and asked in a plain voice, "Why do you want to know?"

It made her even more furious. She clenched her teeth, thought for a moment
and then relieved her features and said pleasantly, "'Arry 'ad dumped you,

Ginny inside revolted. She knew he had left her, but listening that from some
other person, made it sound more oppressing and painful. Her heart felt like it
has been slashed in little pieces. She had an urge to grab Gabrielle hair and
pull them out of her head. How dare she say that? Harry loved her and had left
her because he wanted nothing to happen to her. She knew that her furiousness
had confirmed Gabrielle statement. She had a smile playing on her face. Ginny
tried to calm herself and said, "No, that's not true."

"Yes, and I am Merlin," retorted Gabrielle.

The great Weasley temper started to come into play. Ginny face grew a
dangerous shade of red and her ears became red and started throbbing because of
the excessive amount of blood pumping through them. She tried to contain her
anger and said in the best calm voice she could muster at that moment, "Okay, he
left me. But he didn't want to. He had some strong reasons."

"Yes, yes," Gabrielle scrutinized Ginny for a moment and then said, "You
don't 'ave to be a genius to know zat."

There was deadly silence. Ginny palms clenched into fists and she started
taking deep breaths. Control. She thought of Harry to contain her
building anger. But unable to control her anger, she hissed at Gabrielle, "And
why does you think that?"

Gabrielle thought for a moment and answered, "Don't zink I am being rude or
somezing,"—an evil smile formed on her lips—"but you are, you know, ze average
type of girl zat is only suitable for ze average kind of boys. Not for ze likes
of 'Arry. So, 'e probably gave you a lame excuse and whisked-off."

There was a snort of laughter, which Ginny ignored or didn't listen. She
clenched her bed sheets into her fists, to stop herself from planting a punch on
Gabrielle face. After a short pause Gabrielle continued, "'e deserves someone
more beautiful. Someone like me."

Ginny gulped her anger and critically examined her. A perfect copy of Fleur.
Same silver-blonde hair, very white complexion and deep blue eyes. Ginny didn't
dare look down to what she was wearing or how well built her body is. It will
only oppress her more. But, she couldn't deny that she looked beautiful. But,
Harry loved her. And that was the reality. She should stop getting high every
time someone starts to have a dig on Harry and her relationship.

Ginny took a calm breath, much to the disapproval of Gabrielle and said; a
smile tugging on her lips, "You know, day dreaming will not take you anywhere.
Just build up your fantasy dream around Harry and I will surely remember
to call you in our wedding."

Oh no! What had she said? Her marriage with Harry. She knew it was a
temptation she had, somewhere deep in the core of her heart, but she had never
voiced it before; not even to herself. She could remember their first kiss now,
as it was happening in front of her eyes. After Gryffindor had won the Quidditch
cup, she ran toward Harry hoping for a long and warm hug; but instead finding
herself locked in an embrace with him. She didn't complain. She was finally
getting what she wanted most badly. Harry. Her childhood crush. And then
she remembered, when for one fleeting moment she thought that it was the altar
and they were kissing to be one. For always, until their death. From the day
onwards she had hoped that someday she will become Mrs. Potter. How lovely it

Ginny inside squirmed, when she remembered the moment Harry lips met her
lips. It was refreshing. A kind of white hot lust rolled inside her, licking
every emotion out of her and keeping her mind blank to feel the touch of Harry.
His gentle touch. His tongue slipped deliberately into her mouth, exploring it
and caressing her tongue. She had felt the world froze around her and had become
oblivious to every thing around her. It was plain euphoria. When he pulled back
it made her stomach twist in concern and her heart to explode in her chest. Many
questions exploded in her mind at that point. Wasn't she good enough? Or, was
it out of plain co-incidence. Or, was it just a dream, a beautiful

Her line of thoughts was distracted by a yell from Gabrielle, who had found
that Ginny was lost in another world.

"Vat ze 'ell are you zinking?" barked Gabrielle.

Without even realising, she said, "Of Harry and my marriage."

A blush crept on her face when she realised what she had said. She was
dreading herself for speaking. No, she wasn't afraid of what she had just said,
she wanted it to come true; but dreaded what damage it would do in the wrong
hands if Gabrielle let it slip. And instantly two grinning identical red-headed
face came in her imagination. The twins. She gave a visible shudder at
the thought of Fred and George having a go at her and Ron laughing maniacally.
She quickly snapped out of it and got up from her bed.

Something fell on the floor. Before she could reach and grab it, Gabrielle
grabbed it, and continued to stare at with fearful eyes. It didn't take a second
for her to realise that it was most definitely Harry and her picture. Her mind
lurched with happiness. It was a solid proof that Harry was his. Only
. She saw Gabrielle left hand lifting from her bed and she instantly
understood what was going to happen.

"Don't even think about it," yelled Ginny, halting Gabrielle.

White hot fury, evolved from Ginny stomach traveling instantly in her whole
body. Her hands started shaking with destructive anger and her face became a
dark shade of red. Excess of blood started throbbing in her brain and she
snatched the picture out of her hand. Gabrielle froze at the spot. Ginny
advanced at her, her eyes showing her contempt and anger. And on the other side,
Gabrielle face was drained of colour and her eyes were now a very dull shade of
blue. She was trembling with unmistakable fear. Ginny drew herself at her full
height and hissed vehemently, "How dare you try to destroy the only memory I had
of me and Harry together."

She took one more step toward Gabrielle, who seemed to shrink at the sight of
her. Ginny balled her fist, ready to strike her, when her gate burst open. They
both froze and snapped their head. Gabrielle looked relieved, but Ginny looked
furious. When her eyes focused she saw a slightly trembling George and just
behind him Fred, who had put an assuring hand at George shoulder.

"What in the name of Merlin shaggy pants both of you are doing here?" hissed

Both of them seemed to recoil a bit. George straightened himself and said,
slightly stuttering, "…umm…Mrs. D… Delacour is asking for Gab… Gabrielle."

Fred nodded vigorously. Before Ginny could answer, George skived off
Gabrielle out of the room and closed the room behind them as slowly as he can.
When they left, Ginny crashed on the floor. When she thought about the past
minute and what she was going to do if George and Fred hadn't came, twisted her
gut in worry. She would probably have beaten the pulp out of her. And then she
remembered what she had promised herself just a few moments ago that she
wouldn't get high every time someone took a dig on her and Harry relationship.
She sighed. But, Gabrielle had gotten very far. How could she have the guts to
try and destroy her more precious possession?

She looked at the picture Harry. He looked so happy and at peace. Quite
opposite of what he looked after that day. She gave a quick kiss to the picture
Harry and made a mental note to herself that she was going to ask her mother to
put some charms over it for it's protection from vultures. She leapt to her bed
and laid on her stomach. Her head was hoisted up on her palms, and she placed
the picture on her pillow in front of her eyes. She glanced at the picture for
sometime, like Harry used to do when they were alone and fell asleep.


Ginny was overwhelmed with the turn out of events. Her cheeks were heavily
blushed and so was her whole body. She was not oblivious to the fact that she
was being watched by every occupant of the common room. She saw an awestruck
Hermione and a bewildered and dazzled Ron as he nodded his head a little. Harry
let out a breath of relief on the slight nod from Ron .Harry looked down at her,
grinning and gestured wordlessly out of the portrait hole. She nodded and Harry
loosened his grip on her and they walked out of the portrait hall, arms entwined
and her head resting on Harry's shoulder. The Fat lady eyed them with great
interest, but didn't say anything.

The corridor walls were shining with the afternoon sunlight. They
descended downstairs slowly, very slowly as they had time of the world. Students
started pointing and whispering at the sight of two lovers, but they didn't pay
attention. She seemed to be over the moon.

They walked silently. Ginny didn't dare speak, dreading that if she spoke,
the spell would break. They were out in the grounds, in the same embrace that
they were in, when they had left the Gryffindor common room. Harry led her to
his favourite tree. There were two second years sitting under the tree, who
instantly leapt-off as they saw Harry. Harry motioned her to sit, and sat beside

"How are you feeling, Ginny?" asked Harry, a concern evident in his

"Is it a dream, Harry?" asked Ginny, hastily.

A smile formed on Harry's lips. He pinched his arm, shook his head and
sighed, "I don't think so. Do you?"

Ginny felt herself blushing furiously. What a damn good question to ask on
your first date? Harry read it in her eyes and said grinning, "No, it's fine. I
didn't believe it myself until you know, I pinched myself."

Ginny looked everywhere but dreaded meeting Harry eyes. She looked around
her, spotted the two second years, standing at a distance, constantly gawking at

"I see, you have a bit of an intimidating persona here," commented

When no answer came she looked at him. His eyes were purring all over her,
taking every bit of her. She instantly grew redder, if it was possible and gave
his hand a light tug. He snapped back into reality, "What?"

"You were purring at me," whispered Ginny, embarrassed.

"Sorry," was all that Harry could muster.

Silence surrounded them. They both gazed in each other eyes, neither of
them looking away. Harry face started moving closer and closer by every second.
Their lips were now few millimeters apart, when someone screamed. Harry and
Ginny instantly snapped their heads in the direction of the voice and saw a
grinning Romilda. Ginny let out a series of cuss words. Harry grinned and put a
hand on her shoulder. It slipped and brushed against her breast before falling
on the ground. Ginny dark mood instantly vanished and her heart starting beating
rapidly. Blush crept all over her body. Her breath was now coming in fast and
ragged gasps and she had to put a hand on the grass to steady herself. Harry was
staring at her; unaware of what had caused this reaction out of her.

"You have a bit of an intimidating persona here," repeated Ginny in a
whispering tone in an attempt to get his eyes off her.

"I didn't know that," said Harry looking confused and amazed at the same
time. He started rubbing his neck, looked over her shoulder and asked slyly,
"How can you say that?"

When Ginny didn't reply, he looked down at her. She was looking intently
at the grass beneath her. She didn't heard him. She was still in a shock on what
had happened just moments ago. Her mind was over-working. What would she had
done if he was someone other than Harry? She would probably had slapped him or
better hexed him and ended their relationship there. But it was Harry and
secondly, she knew he didn't do that on purpose.

Harry waited for an answer. When none came, he didn't force her. He slowly
and deliberately pulled her head in his lap and started stroking her hairs. She
now felt more able to talk and relieved, as she was not supposed to look at him.
But, the realization that her head was in his laps, made her mind swell with
excitement, and caused her heart to start thumping against her ribcage

"Harry," said Ginny.


But she didn't say anything more for some moments. She just wanted to
listen to his voice and confirm herself that he was there and it was not a

"Don't wake me up if it's a dream."

"I won't." Harry replied softly.


Ginny woke up because of a sudden weight on her stomach, making her gasps for
breaths. She saw crookshanks, curled over her stomach. She cursed him for waking
her up. What a wonderful dream. The best memory she needed to lift her mood
after that fight with Gabrielle. She stood up, which frightened crookshanks, who
leapt to his feet and walked out haughtily. She saw the picture, creased and
strained because of the weight of her head. She shot her arm to retrieve it, but
it fell from her grasps and on the floor before she could catch it. Damn, I
am getting slower
, she thought. First Mum, then that Gabrielle and now

She sighed, straightened the picture and put it into her pocket and descended
down the stairs. She nearly collapsed with her Mum, who said, "I was going to
come and wake you up. Mr. and Mrs. Delacour and her daughter are ready to go.
Bid them farewell."

"Do I need to?" Ginny said in an undertone, which her Mum heard and gave her
a blazing look.

"Okay. I'm going."

She walked out into the garden and saw the Delacours standing there. Monsieur
Delacour still looked horrified, his kind and happy face screwed in worries.
Apolline Delacour looked shaken, her beautiful hair, curled in a hazardous bun
and was shaking her head on something that Fleur said. Gabrielle and Ginny eyes
made contact for a moment and it was impossible to say whose face showed more
contempt. Ginny stood in one of the corner and glanced over the garden.
Everything was tended and back to normal. She heard a loud POP. She
stalled for sometime more in the garden and then went inside. Fred and George
were telling something to Fleur. She sat beside them and listened to their

"… she nurses a crush over 'Arry," Fleur was saying.

"If we hadn't gotten there on time she would have been nursing more than a
crush." Fred said.

"Vat do you mean by eet?" Fleur asked haughtily.

"We mean a few broken limbs and a badly scratched face," answered George.

"And why would Ginny do that. She's such a sweat little girl," said

Fred and George started sniggering and Ginny inside exploded. Little.
How dare she call me little? She huffed, but none of them seemed to
notice her and they continued their conversation.

"Because they were fighting over Ginny's dear Harry," piped

Before Fleur could say anything, Ginny blasted over the twins, "You both were

They both nodded. And Ginny felt it quite strange. Commonly they would recoil
a bit or shudder but now they were holding their front.

"We couldn't help." Fred said.

"Zis is bad to listen to someone private conversation." Fleur scolded.

For once, Ginny nodded her head for a statement said by Fleur.

"You are going to pay for it. Really going to pay for it." Ginny hissed.

"We are scared," said Fred.

"You should be," responded Ginny darkly.

"But, I think we still have the trump card," said Fred with a maniac gleam in
his eyes.

"Remember, your little conversation and the what, I am sure I don't need to
mention." George warned, smiling.

Shit. She wished Ron was here or even that git Percy. Then their leg
would have been pulled, not her. Now, she was at a cross word. Chuck Fred and
George some good kicks and face more embarrassment or simply keep quiet. The
latter seemed better. So, she gave a dirty look to the twins and moved up the
stairs to her room.

She shoved her hand in her pockets and felt the picture brush against her
hand. She stopped, trying to remember something. Something concerning the
picture. And then she remembered. She sprinted down the stairs and entered the
kitchen, panting.

"What happened, dear?" her Mum asked softly, without turning from whatever
work she was doing.

"Nothing, I just wanted to ask if you can — um… — perform some quick charms
over something." Ginny said slightly embarrassed.

"On what dear?" asked her Mum, turning from her work and looking at her with
anxious eyes.

Ginny didn't say anything. She plunged her hands into her pocket and took out
the photograph. She put it in her Mum's hand and said, "Just some simple charms
which will preserve it from light and water. And yes, also from getting torn
apart too." She added remembering Gabrielle attempt to tear it apart.

Ginny could have sworn she saw tears brimming in the corner of her Mum eyes.
Her Mum didn't say anything. She placed the picture on the shelf and muttered
some incantations. The picture glowed for a fraction of second and then returned
to normal. She gave it back to her and said, "It would do."

Ginny took it and murmured a quick thanks to her Mum. She was too embarrassed
to say it aloud. She looked at the picture and asked her Mum, slowly, "Can't you
like um… make copies of it."

Her Mum looked at her affectionately and said, "I am not very good at those.
I can damage it. But if you want, dear, I can try"

"No," said Ginny quickly and her Mum laughed affectionately.

Feeling embarrassed and at the same time feeling her mood a little lifted,
she retreated to her room slowly. She placed the photograph on her pillow and
leapt on her bed. She heard squeaking from under her bed. She looked under it
and found her purple pigmy-puff Arnold in his cage. She pulled the cage out and
took Arnold in her hands and cupped her hand around him affectionately. He gave
a squeak and brushed himself against her palm. His soft, fluffy fur felt like
velvet against her skin. She stroked her fur with a finger and said slowly, "You
know Arnold, you are very lucky for me —"

She halted. Arnold was refusing to meet her eyes. Ginny realised that she
hadn't let him out for almost a week now.

"I'm sorry," she said slowly still stroking her fur lightly. Arnold little
beady eyes turned to look at her and he started rolling on her palm. Ginny let
out a giggle because of the tickling Arnold fur caused and continued, "The year
I petted you, the following year I got what I wanted the most."

And then a dark thought crossed her mind; and lost him in the same
year too. No, she hadn't lost him. She quickly diverted her thoughts to Arnold,
before the grounds even started forming in her mind. She glanced a quick look at
the photograph and took a calm breath. She left Arnold on her bed, who
immediately started rolling over her bed, took the photograph and placed it on
her table and took out her clothes.

After bathing, Ginny moved downstairs for lunch. Lunch was quiet and Fred and
George didn't felt the need to crack jokes at every moment they get. Ginny
didn't complain, but had a weak suspicion that it must be the work of her Mum as
they both were giving her annoyed looks. Bill had gone to Gringotts for some

After they ate lunch, her Mum asked, "Do you need to go… tomorrow?"

To this, Fleur replied, rather fiercely, "Yes. Ve are married and ve have a
right to go to honeymoon."

Fred and George faces instantly lit up and they looked up at the cooking
fight. Charlie also was watching them with a smile and Ginny was hoping that her
Mum would thrash her; she hadn't forgotten that little comment.

"Show some respect," her Mum snapped, "And I am going to talk to Bill about

"You can," Fleur snapped back, "But, ve are going."

"You are not in your mind," her Mum retorted, "These are very dark times and
all you think about is of your honeymoon."

"Yes, because I'm a newlywed," Fleur said, flashing her wedding ring to her

Her Mum couldn't think of a suitable retort to this statement of her. Ginny
was disappointed. But, a new anxious feeling was bubbling in her chest. She
asked Fleur, "Where are you both going, Fleur?"

"You don't know," said Charlie incredulously.

"No." Ginny replied plainly.

"My dear brother, our dear sister here, was lost in thoughts of somebody,"
commented Fred.

"Somebody special," finished George grinning.

Ginny started cursing herself as a brush crept over her face. A new chance
for the twins to pull her leg. Passing over the embarrassment, she haughtily
retorted, "He would have said it when I wasn't here."

"Doesn't matter," Fred said, a evil smile on his lips, "it doesn't change the
fact that you —"

Fred abruptly stopped. Ginny looked around and saw her Mum glaring at Fred
bowed head.

Fleur took lead and said, "Bill and I 'ad purchased a house. Eet's very
beautiful. Eet is on a cliff overlooking ze sea and eet is a little cottage vith
a small garden." Fleur finished with a radiant glow on her face. The description
of the cottage sound real good.

"When did you purchased it? I never saw you two going out." Ginny asked.

"Ve purchased eet five month's before," replied Fleur smiling.

"What's the name?" Ginny asked, now very anxious about the cottage.

"Ve 'adn't thought about it. But, Bill and I theenk, ve should call eet
sometheeng related to the sea," said Fleur.

There was a knock on the door and everyone on the table stiffened. Their
hands instantly found their wand pockets and they drew out their wands.

"Declare yourself." Her Mum demanded, her wand pointed at the gate.

"It is I, William Weasley, also called Bill," replied the person on the door,
"married to Fleur Isabella Delacour and had gone to Gringotts to withdraw money
about a couple of hours ago."

Fleur leapt out of her chair and opened the door. As soon as Bill entered,
she started snogging him; much to the disapproval of others. Ginny felt
nauseous. Fred and George cleared their throats loudly, "Hem Hem." When
they didn't break apart, Fred yelled, "Oi!"

Bill and Fleur broke apart. Fleur glared daggers at Fred and started to march
out of the room, clutching Bill's hand, who gave a helpless look to others. Fred
quickly whispered something to her Mum ; whose expression changed from
disgusting to furious at lightning bolt speed. She said, stretching her palm,
"Stop, Bill. We need to discuss something."

Fred and Gorge sniggered. Fleur looked disgruntled. Bill slowly yanked his
hand out of her grasp and sat on the nearby chair. Fleur reluctantly followed.
When they sat, her Mum said, "Bill, do you really need to go out for your
honeymoon? You know times are dark and I want to have my family around me."

Fleur snarled. Bill gulped, looking mortified. Fred and George were shaking
with silent laughter. After a moment, under her Mum glaring eyes, Bill replied,
"Mum, um… ye…"

Bill halted. Her Mum was staring at him, wide eyed and wearing a scowl at her
face. Fleur answered for Bill, "Yes, ve need to."

"What's wrong here?" her Mum said darkly, "Arthur and I also spend our
honeymoon here. Why can't you both?"

"Because, at zat time you were alone in the house and there was no one to
disturb you." Fleur finished sending a dirty look to her Mum.

"And who do you think are the so called 'disturbing'?" her Mum hissed

Fleur didn't speak, she tilted her head to the twins, who were clutching
their stomachs and shaking violently with silent laughter. Her Mum cleared her
throat loudly, "Hem Hem." Fred and George looked upwards, and recoiled
the moment they made eye contact with their mother. She was looking like a
hungry tigress ready to strike upon it's prey. Ginny felt her inside squirming
with pleasure. She had been disappointed in the fight between Fleur and her Mum
but it had been balanced by the thrashing of the twins.

Fleur sensing victory, stood up, a victory smile on her face and looked at
Fred and George as it had been all their help she had won; who scowled in return
and said, "Ve vill go tomorrow." And bounced out of the kitchen, tossing her
hair now and then.

Her Mum turned to Bill and said exasperated, "This is utter madness. You
can't go. I will talk to Arthur about it."

"Mum," said Bill mortified, "you know how stubborn she is. She will go and
make me too. All I can do is halt it for one or two days and comeback in a week
or two."

Bill looked at her Mum slightly horrified. She let out a grunting voice of
displeasure, but didn't say anything else. Bill sighed. Her Mum stood up, waved
her wands at the empty dishes, which instantly started to follow her.

Ginny slipped out of the kitchen and up in her room. Arnold was still rolling
on her bed. She took out the peas from her pocket and gave them to Arnold. She
sat on her bed, bored. She had never spent the Hogwarts holidays alone. When Ron
was gone to Hogwarts and she was alone, her Mum would play with her. But now,
even her mother was busy and she still had to wait twenty eight days, before
boarding the Hogwarts Express. She closed her eyes. The scarlet steam engine
came in her vision, and then she saw herself standing alone. She instantly
snapped open her eyes. She didn't want to go there alone. She lifted Arnold,
dropped him in his cage and laid on her back on the bed, staring at the ceiling.
She had never thought that she would miss Ron. Missing Hermione and Harry could
be understandable, but missing her git of a brother. But, he surely entertained
her with his gibbering and jokes on Harry. Even trying to sleep was looking
impossible. She got up and slouched off to the kitchen. No one was there. She
crashed on the couch and found Daily Prophet. Having nothing good to do,
she started reading the newspaper. On the front page in bold letter was

by Rita Skeeter

Tomorrow was a very eventful day in the history of Ministry of Magic.
Yesterday many amendments took place after the Minister of Magic Rufus
Scrimgeour resigned. For saving the Ministry from falling down, Pius Thicknesse,
former Head of the Department Magical Law Enforcement stepped forward and
accepted the position of Minister of Magic. His appointment was enthusiastically
supported by the full Ministry. Dolores Umbridge, Senior Undersecretary to the
Minister, said, "Minister Thicknesse is the best thing that happened to the
Ministry in a very long time. Scrimgeour was not a man of actions."

Indeed our internal sources and some not wanting to be named Ministry
officials told that the work load of being the Minister of Magic have been
getting to Scrimgeour. He was the Head of the Auror office in the Department of
Magical Law Enforcement and so was considered the best option for the post of
Minister of Magic in these dark times. But, it seems that he got cold feet and
tried to ensure his safety first before the safety of wizarding and muggle
population. When Thicknesse confronted him, Scrimgeour threatened him to take
away his post. But, when Thicknesse was shown support by the full Ministry,
Scrimgeour tried to worm out and resigned. Minister Thicknesse was unavailable
for comment and sources report that Scrimegour has left the country. For more
inside details on Ministry, turn to Page 4.

Ginny quickly read and stared at the paper incredulously and dumb-struck. She
couldn't believe that anyone would believe this piece of crap and how the hell
Prophet got the guts to write so much muck. She stared at the name of the
writer and her face screwed in a disgusting look. Her Mum and Dad had always
said that Rita was a lot of trouble. She had also heard Hermione saying that she
was a bitch and something more that she couldn't remember. It was a surprise for
Ginny as Hermione commonly never insulted anybody. And her doubt were confirmed
when she saw the article about Rita Skeeter new book 'The Life and Lies Of
'. She had lied beyond prospective, up to she had read and heard
from people.

She sighed and tossed the Prophet back. The evening passed without
anything interesting happening. Her Mum, Fred and George were glaring daggers at
Fleur whenever she crossed their paths; but Fleur looked like she had won the
Tri-Wizard Tournament and was oblivious to the looks given in her direction or
chose to ignore it.

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