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GP Contest Stories >> Chapter 1 - Seeing Hannah Abbott by hp4gw

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Just a little something before we begin. I loved reading lilylove’s from ending to epilogue and I hope that it’s ok with the writer that I start off with a different couple but from where lilylove finished.

Incase you haven’t read from ending to epilogue this is what has happened so far: Harry and Ginny are engaged. Ron and Hermoine have now had two weddings, muggle and magical, and have had their magical one at Hogwarts, with the ministry paying. Harry and Ron are both in Auror training, Hermoine has also been accepted into the ministry. Harry and Ginny gave Grimauld Place to Ron and Hermoine to live in as a wedding present. All who fought in the battle against Tom Riddle have been rewarded by the new minister for magic, Kingsley Shacklebolt. And finally, Neville is falling for a girl called Serna, his new girlfriend.

Neville Longbottom had no idea, when watching Hannah Abbott, breaking down before her OWLs, that the two would be happily married and living above the Leaky Cauldron, in years to come.
I should probably pick up the story from the first time Neville realised he had feelings for her. But that’s a while ago and this story begins after Ron and Hermoine’s wedding.
“Congratulations!” Neville pushed through the throng of witches and wizards, to shake Ron’s hand and give Hermoine a small well-wishing kiss on her rosy cheek, before they left for their honeymoon. Serna, his current girlfriend, followed him and gave them both a smile.
“Thanks mate!” Ron clapped him on the back.
“Thank you, Neville.” Hermoine said, a few tears escaped from her puffy eyes.
“Have fun! I’ll see you two when you get back!” Neville kept it quite short before leaving them to be enveloped by those struggling to shake Ron’s hand or give Hermoine a kiss before they left.
The wedding went well. It was held in the Great Hall at Hogwarts and the reception was held outside around the lake. It was a beautiful day, the birds chirping and a small and gentle, warm breeze blew out from the Forbidden Forest. It was dusk and the sun was setting. Everyone had gathered around the couple.
“Excuse me?” Harry’s voice sounded over the crowd, everyone began to settle as they realised what was happening. “Thank You! As we all know Ron and Hermoine are desperate to be on their Honeymoon!” Everyone laughed; the loudest was the Weasley bunch. “If you’d all join me in -” Harry was cut off. There was a bit of a shuffle and then a ladies voice sounded.
“Hi, sorry.” Ginny had taken over. “Hermoine, coming from a Non Magic background, would like to carry out a simple tradition. I’ll explain, it’s just for the girls though, so can the men please stand back, it may get pushy!” George and Charlie laughed as everyone else looked a bit scared. “Hermoine will through her bouquet of flowers over her shoulder and the female that catches it, it’s said, will be the next to get married.” The women, including Serna, ran into the middle of the floor, placing themselves where they thought the bouquet would land.
“No magic!” Hermoine’s voice was just audible over the women fighting for room to catch.
All the male’s counted down for her to through the flowers. Neville stood still, watching Serna, secretly hoping she wouldn’t catch it. Although he was very much head-over-heels for her, he didn’t think he was quite ready for her to expect anything too much from him.
The bouquet flew into the air and landed in the middle of the crowd of women. Neville reached up on tip toes to see who caught it. Looking around at all the other men there, he knew they were all anxious as to which un-lucky bugger was going to have to propose soon.
The crowd dispersed, the ladies returning to their men, or to a table. Serna approached him and grabbed his hand, intertwining her fingers with his.
“So who caught it?” Neville asked, trying not to sound too interested.
“I don’t know her name -” Serna began as Harry’s voice interjected.
“Hannah, congratulations!” Hannah looked around at all the envious women. “And now, will everyone join me in saying good luck, good bye, and congratulations to our best friends, and our family, Ron and Hermoine.” Everyone yelled different things in the direction they thought Ron and Hermoine were. There was a small pop and the two had gone.
“Hannah!” Neville spotted her sitting down at a table by herself. Serna was being swirled around the dance floor by Dean Thomas, he was more capable to swing her around and stay standing, then Neville.
“Oh, Hi Neville.” Hannah stood up and gave him a one-armed, awkward hug. They both sat down at the table. “Who’s she?” Hannah nodded towards Serna who was twirling around on the end of Dean’s arm, laughing and looking like she was at an amusement park.
Neville smiled, and then turned back to Hannah. “Serna, she’s a friend. She helps me look for new and rare plants in the Amazon. Well that was where we last travelled!” He realised Hannah was looking down at the table. She had her wand in her left hand, making the flowers from the bouquet close up like buds and open like they would in spring. She kept her eyes low. “So Hannah... What’s been happening with you lately? You going to sit seventh year again?” He immediately regretted asking her this. In their sixth year together her mother was killed by Death Eaters, so she left. He could only think of two other times he’d seen her since she left. “I’m sorry...I...uh...” He stuttered his way into silence. Music was playing in the background, Neville hadn’t realised it was now a slow song. The silence between them was loud enough to drown out the background.
“Neville, I can’t say that what I went through is anything like what you go through each time you visit St Mungo’s, but if you’re living your life and moving on with everything, I guess I’ll learn to do the same.” Neville had only ever once felt like someone people could look up to, and that was directly after the Battle. But Hannah had just filled him with that same foreign feeling. A different feeling slowly took over him as he saw Hannah blush.
“Hannah. Would you like to dance?” The words simply spilled from his mouth, and when he realised what he’d asked her to do, he didn’t mind, Hannah made him feel like he could do anything. He stood and took her hand and led her to the dance floor. Serna and Dean were still attached to each other, Neville hadn’t even noticed.
Neville and Hannah were still swaying; Hannah’s head rested on his chest and he rested his shin on her head. They were still swaying when there were only half the people left, standing around them and dancing. They were still swaying when Harry came over to them, “Neville, Hannah, sorry I haven’t been able to come over and say ‘hi’ tonight.” Harry kept talking, oblivious to the air of emotion between them. “It’s been hectic, what with all the Weasley’s and the congratulations!” Hannah looked at Neville with a questioning glance.
“Oh yeah, Harry! Congratulations. When’s the big day?” Neville shot a smile at Hannah. Harry turned around looking for Ginny, Neville took his chance and twisted towards Hannah, he whispered to her.
“Harry and Ginny are engaged. Harry proposed after the award ceremony.” Neville turned back to face Harry, he stood closer to Hannah this time. A slim and elegant looking Ginny walked over to them, she was wearing a beautiful red and gold, floor length dress, like the other bridesmaids but she looked different to the others, there was an air to her that none of the others had. Harry took her hand and pulled her into a hug, he kissed her cheek and turned back to Neville and Hannah.
“Hannah, how are you? Haven’t seen you in a while!” Ginny said, greeting her with a hug. Harry kept his hand placed on Ginny’s waist. They looked like an old couple who had practised this move a thousand times.
“Well thank you Ginny. How are you? Heard you and Harry are engaged! Congratulations!” Hannah gave them a quick kiss on the cheek.
“Thanks. Yes, we’re very happy!” Ginny replied, but she was distracted, looking into Harry’s eyes. Hannah broke their loving silence. “Everything seems to be going for you, I heard you are now the seeker for the Harpies, congratulations for that as well!”
Neville laughed, “Is there anything else we should be applauding you for, Ginny?”
Ginny looked at the two of them, standing close together. She could sense that they wanted to get back to dancing. “Thanks guys. It means a lot to know that my friends are behind me.” She elbowed Harry in the ribs; he didn’t need any more than that to tell him to move on. The couple left Hannah and Neville to continue dancing. Serna spun over to them.
“Oh Neville,” Serna crooned as she leant against him. Hannah stepped back. “I’m having such a wonderful time. I hope you don’t think I’ve forgotten about you!” Neville looked at Hannah, he hadn’t even noticed that it was now dark outside and only the students who knew Ron and Hermoine well, and Weasley’s remained, with the exception of Hermoine’s parents. He hadn’t even noticed Serna was slowly slipping away from him.

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