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Harry Potter Alternate Universe >> Life is a Roller Coaster by heartablazed

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Chapter 1: Preparation, Questions about High School

It is the first day of school in London and for Ginny this day is not just an ordinary school day because it is her first day in high school in London coz she used to live and study her few years in high school abroad. She find it hard to sleep last night because of her excitement. Ginny got up from bed earlier than her usual time of getting up from bed. Since she's now awake and cannot go back to sleep, Ginny decided to go to the kitchen and prepare for their breakfast as she pass the door of Ron's bedroom she heard her brother snore like a pig and she has the assurance that she's in their home. Ron is now senior in high school. Being the two youngest in the family Ron and Ginny were the only ones who were left in their home in London while their other brothers were now living in their home abroad to study in college, and because Ginny and Ron were he only ones who were left at home living with their parents, this get the two closer than ever.

Ginny headed down to the kitchen to prepare for their breakfast and for their packed lunch. She fried some sausages, bacons and eggs enough for breakfast and for school.

Ginny being the youngest in their family lived like a princess, not because of her parents but because of her brothers who gave everything that she wanted and because of this her brothers called her "Princess".

"Ginny, get up now dear, this is your first day in your high school remember? It will not be good if you come to school late, get up and follow me at the kitchen I'm going to prepare for your breakfast" said Mrs. Weasley as she knocked on Ginny's room

"Ron, you too get up now you're going to be late if you don't get up this is your first day as a senior so get up" Mrs. weasley said as she knocked on Ron's room harder than she did on Ginny's

Mrs. Weasley headed down the kitchen but to her surprise Ginny was already there busy preparing their breakfast that she didn't notice her mother's arrival.

"Wow, princess, I thought you're still in bed" Mrs. Weasley said causing Ginny to jump

"Mum, stop doing that, you scared me" Ginny told her mom while she took a bite of her sausage.

"Uhm, sorry dear, but what have did you ate that you get up early today and not just that you also prepare our breakfast" Mrs. Weasley asked

"I can't sleep last night I'm excited to go to school and I think it will not be good if I come to school late at the first day"

"I think I have no business here anymore dear, I'll go back to bed and get Ron and your dad down here"

"Ok mum, I'll take a bath later and I still have to iron my clothes" said Ginny

"No don't worry princess; I'm going to iron your uniform"

"Thanks mum" Ginny said as she hugs her mum

(After few minutes)

Ron get to the kitchen and grab bacons, eggs, sausages and some bread and eat it with the same gusto.

"Ron, aren't you excited for the first day of class" ask Ginny

"Not so Ginny, I'm getting tired of my high school life" said Ron

"Uhm that's alright I think and this will be your last year in high school isn't it?"

"Yes Gin, I'm excited to leave that school and to start my college abroad with hour brothers" said Ron in a dreamy voice

"And you will stay in that school for three years" he added

"Tell me Ron, what's so excited in that high school? I remember you when you're about to start in high school you're very excited" said Ginny in an excited voice

"That time Ginny, I was excited because it is my first time, just like you. I found my first year very good because I met Hermione there, you know her right?" Ginny saw Ron's cheeks turned red when he mentioned Hermione's name.

"So you're saying that your first year in that high school became so exciting and special for you because you met this girl named Hermione, who is now your girlfriend?" Ginny said in a teasing voice

"Shut it Ginny, she's just my best friend not girlfriend" said Ron in a more harsh way while his blood rush to his neck up to his face and now he's red as crimson

Ginny laughed "So when can I meet this girl of yours Ron?"

"Never Gin, and I repeat she's not my girl friend and I don't feel anything special toward her, how many times do I have to said that Gin?" Ron said as she get up from the table and went to the bath room to take a bath and prepare for school.

"I still want to meet her Ron, of course I want to meet your best friend and who knows that she and I will be best friends too" Ginny said as she gathered their dishes and placed them in the sink.

"Ok I'll introduce her to you if you behave well" Ron said

"Hey Ron I'm serious what is so excited in high school and what will I enjoy there" Ginny asked Ron desperately

"Ginny, honestly I cannot answer your question, I myself expect nothing when I entered that high school I think enjoyment and what to expect in high school depends on you I'm serious" said Ron seriously

Mr. and Mrs. Weasley just watch their two youngest teasing each other with a smile on their lips.

"Dear I think our Ron is not just a boy anymore, he's a real man now" said Arthur to Molly

"Yeah, and in no time my baby Ginny will be a young lady and will fall in love" said Molly to Arthur with an excited but sad look...

"Don't worry love, I think I have to take a bath too, so I'll be able to accompany Ginny in school before I got to work" Arthur said as she kissed her wife on her head and hug her with assurance.

(Moments later)

Ginny, Ron and Mr. Weasley are ready to live their house.

Ginny and Ron were in their uniforms while their dad, Arthur of course is in his office attire.

It's six o'clock in the morning and Ron and Ginny's class will start in 7:30 A.M.

"Bye Mum" Ron said as he hugged her Mum

"Are you sure you bring all your needs Ron?" said Mrs. Weasley

"I'll go and check it mum" said Ron while he check on his bag

"Mum, everything is here" Ron said as he gave his mum one final hug and headed on their car and waited for their

"Ginny, are you ok? You look like a hen that is about to lay eggs" asked her mum

"Uhm I'm nervous mum" Ginny said

"Just relax dear everything will be alright" said her mum while trying to calm her.

"What if they don't like me?" ask Ginny

"And why wouldn't they dear? Check your things you'll be late dear, make sure that all of your books are in your bag and don't worry they will like you" her mum said

"Ok mum, I have to go" Ginny said in a sad and nervous tone as she kissed and hugged her mum and headed to their car and sat beside Ron.

"Bye dear" said Mr. Weasely as he kiss her wife and headed to their car.

(On their way to school)

Ginny cannot stay on her seat she does everything that she thinks that can make her comfortable, and because of this Ron got irritated.

"Ginny, can't you stay in your seat? And please get your feet off the window you're not a kid now" said Ron in an irritated voice

Ginny sigh and get her feet off the window and stuck her tongue to Ron and realized that Ron's right even she don't want to admit it she's not a kid anymore she's a high school student now not elementary.

"What's bothering you dear?" asked his dad

"Uhm dad I'm really nervous" Ginny said

"That's normal dear everyone got nervous in first day of school, especially you're a transferee all of your brothers got through this" Mr. Weasley said as he smile on the memory of Bill when he was about to start in high school

"Ok" Ginny said

"Gin, relax just enjoy your high school life I'm sure you're going to enjoy it, and I think that there is no way that they wouldn't like you, I mean you're beautiful Gin, you're alluring" Ron said as he but his arms on Ginny's shoulder and squeeze it lightly and gave Ginny an assuring smile.

"Thanks Ron" Ginny said but you can still that she's nervous

"That's not all Gin, I'm not yet finished, I know that you'll be famous in school" said Ron with a grin

"Why Ron? How can I be famous?" Ginny asked with a questioning look

"Of course you're famous in elementary"

"I mean you're beautiful, you're intelligent, you have good grades, you are a valedictorian, you're the champion in quiz bee, you became the home coming queen in your school, they're stupid if they don't like you Gin and when you're in school you'll find out more why are you famous I'm sure you will have many friends" said Ron with assuring, comforting proud voice

"That's right princess" said their dad

"You know what guys?" said Ginny this made the heads of two boys turn to her direction "I don't want to be famous anymore, I want to live in school in normal way I don't want special attention because of my achievements, I don't wanna be the school braniac again, I mean being famous when I was in elementary sometimes made my life miserable, because everyone wants to be my friend, if you know what I mean Dad, Ron I just want to be Ginny Weasley a simple girl"

"Princess, just be normal, be natural and just be Ginny" said her dad

"That's right Gin be natural" said Ron

"Ok dad, thanks Ron" Ginny smiled but still nervous

"Everything will be alright" she murmured to herself.

"Hey Ron, I want to know your girl Ok? can you introduce me to her? What's her name again? Uhm Hermione?" said Ginny she saw Ron blush

"Sure if she's there,, I think you're back to yourself now Gin, you're teasing me again" said Ron and all of them laugh

"Yeah right I'm trying to relax and you're blushing Ron" Ginny said

They continue to tease each other that they didn't notice that they're already infront of the school.

"Ok kids were here" said Mr. Weasley

Ginny stayed on her seat and she was frozen there "Hey Ginny, come on you'll be late" said her dad

"Ok dad" she said as she step down from the car

She hugged her dad and say goodbye then she walk to the school with Ron by her side. Everyone in the school turned their heads towards them and this made Ginny wonder.

"Ron, why are they staring at us?" asked Ginny curiously

"You'll soon find out Ginny you'll soon find out" he answered with a smile

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