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HP after Hogwarts >> Muddled Life by panda_pawzXD

Simple Text - To view MORE chapters use the chapter jump box to the right.
Note: I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING OF HARRY POTTER-they all belong to J.K. Rowling. XD

Harry woke up, blinking in the strong sunlight filtering in Ron's bedroom window. He just had a bizarre dream...but he couldn't remember it. He sat up, stretching his limbs, and glanced amusedly at Ron, who was snoring loudly in the bed next to his. Staring out the window, he tried to remember his dream; it had deeply jarred him, and now he felt awkward and empty. Sighing, he got up, and went to the washroom to wash up, careful not to wake Ron.

He splashed some cold water onto his face, and when he looked at himself in the mirror, he saw his own, bright green eyes staring back at him through old round glasses. But in that instant-a fiery slash of pain flashed through his lightning-bolt scar. Harry let out a gasp and clutched his forehead. Leaning on the closed door, his brain whirred.

The battle is over, Voldemort is gone, Harry thought. He's dead. What made my scar hurt? Then suddenly, he remembered his dream. A dark voice, deeper and stronger than Voldemort's cold rasp, was booming angrily. But it had been dark, so dark. Harry couldn't see anything in the dream, but the voice was so loud, it couldn't have been human. Well, not fully human, Harry thought.

Now, the pain subsided,and Harry told himself firmly to forget it-it would just be an aftermath of Voldemort messing around with his mind. Shaking his head to clear it, he opened the door, and crashed into Ginny. They tumbled onto the ground, and both of them blushed, because Harry was lying on top of Ginny. "Er, sorry," Harry mumbled, picking Ginny up off the floor. "Never mind," Ginny replied cheerfully. "Hopefully, we didn't wake Ron up," she continued, a mischevious glint in her eyes. Harry grinned back, and Ginny's heart melted at the sight of his bright green eyes lighting up like that. She quickly looked away so Harry couldn't notice anything strange.

"Er, I'm going out for a walk," Harry broke the silence awkwardly. "Wanna come?" he rushed on. Ginny turned towards him and flashed a smile. "Sure." They went out to the Weasely's garden, and the sun was about to rise over the horizon. Harry suddenly realized that it was really early in the morning.

"Hey, uh, Ginny," Harry blurted out. "Hm?" Ginny's voice sounded faraway as she gazed across the garden. "Why were you up so early?" "Oh, I just had a bad dream," she replied sheepishly, her brown eyes looking down, embarrased. "Oh, don't feel bad," Harry quickly said. "I woke up for the same reason." Ginny looked surprised. "Really? That's weird," She murmured absentmindedly. They started walking towards a small wood, and the sun made rosy shadows dance on the ground. "Yeah," Harry admitted, as they sat down at the base of a large tree. He suddenly realized that he was still in his dark green pajama bottoms and a black t-shirt. Glancing swiftly at Ginny, he saw that she was still in purple pajamas as well. They'd both walked out wearing their slippers, too.

They sat in silenece for a while, until another spasm of pain erupted in Harry's scar, and he gave a cry of pain, doubling up, clutching his head. Ginny whirled around, her brown eyes full of fear. Harry continued to gasp and moan, and she cried, "Harry!" There was nothin she could do, and she whipped out her wand, in case any enemies approached, even though Voldemort was defeated. Then he fell limp, and Ginny rushed to him,and rolled him over. "Are you all right?" she demanded. His eyes were still closed, and his breaths were quick and shallow. Finally, his breathing slowed down, and his colour wasn't bright red anymore. He blinked open his eyes, and gazed into Ginny's wide, fearful eyes.

Harry felt terrible-no one was supposed to know that his scar was hurting, even more than when Voldemort was still alive. But now Ginny just saw proof that the connection was still alive.

"What happened?" she demanded. Harry sat up, avoiding her question. He leaned back on the tree again, and pulled up his knees to hug them. "Your scar still hurts," Ginny answered her own question accusingly, glaring at Harry. Harry sighed, and relaxed his legs and arms. There was no point in hiding something that just happened. "Yeah," he admitted. Ginny's eyes widened. "And you're still having bad dreams. That's what woke you up." Harry turned on her. "How do you know all that? I thought only Ron and Hermione knew," he questioned. Ginny flushed, a rosy colour creeping up her neck and tinging her ears. "Uh, I had a few spare Extendable Ears...and I was bored.." "And how long did you know this for?" "Not long, I overheard you talking to Ron about how glad you were that your nightmares and pains were over, so Hermione would stop nagging." Harry grimaced, and Ginny was flushing madly in shame. "Oh, well," Harry murmured after a while. "Just don't tell anyone, 'kay? Everyone will be frantic that the war isn't over." He gestured for her to join him. "I promise," she whispered back, but she remembered the look of pain on Harry's face when his scar had burned; she didn't want him to feel any pain like that again. She sat down next to Harry, their shoulders pressed against eachother for warmth, because the early morning air was chilly, even in the summer.

Just then, the sun burst over the horizon, letting forth golden beams of light that dappled the forest ground. "I wish I could help," Ginny whispered quietly. Harry thought how relieving it felt to let someone know what happened. "You already are," he replied, leaning towards her. Ginny's heart thudded as their lips touched. She suddenly realized how much she missed having Harry as a friend; he'd kept his distance after the war. But now...problems caused by the war seemed to linger.

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