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HP stories following Canon after Deathly Hallows >> Aurora Belle Lovegood by kittyluna

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Chapter 1
As I packed my trunk, I threw in my stuffed bunny that Mr. Longbottom sent to my mum when he heard I was born. He is one of my mum’s closest friends from England along with a few others she had pictures of in her room. She said after Dad left there was no point staying in New Zealand much longer. She has corresponded with Mr. Longbottom as long as I have memories of Owls and posts.
Now we are packing up our life to visit England and start anew. This would be the fourth time in my life that my mum has done this to me. I don’t remember the first two times since I was a newborn and later, only a mere six year old. When my mum met my Dad, I was eleven and we moved to New Zealand to be closer to his family. They were muggles, so mum and I had to be careful around them but I became close to a few of my cousins. Many of them were much older than me. Johan, my dad, was the youngest of seven children. The closest one in age with me was five years older than me. I grew up fast having them as my cousins and my closest friends. They showed me a few muggle things such as musicians and icons. I fell in love with an actress from the 1950s named Marilyn Monroe. She had white blonde hair like me, so my cousins would call me Marilyn. Being that my cousins were so much older than me, I was allowed, er, didn’t get caught doing certain things. Months before my parents divorced, I got my first tattoo with my cousin Etta, who is the youngest of the cousins being 21. For her birthday present we all decided to get tattoos to signify our relationship. We knew my parents’ relationship was falling apart but was sure that we’d be close after it ended. I was the bravest one of my cousins and got an elaborate half arm sleeve of a painting my mom had put in my room since I was born. I never knew what it was about, until I was about 11. It was a painting done in Greece. My mum had made when she first moved away from England after Grandpa had died. I was less than a year old then.
“Aurora, are you almost packed?” I finally was wrenched from my day dreams and stopped staring at the mirror and quickly packed the last of my belongings into my trunk.
“Yes Mum,” as I levitated my trunk to the living room. The house was so empty now. All the pictures and furniture were packed into trunks. Dad had moved out only 3 months prior. Our little house didn’t seem so big when he left, why now does it seem so much bigger? I had accepted that Dad wanted to move on. I knew that three years of him asking and my mum persistent arguments of not wanting another child had finally wore him out. Mum and I are vagabonds, witches and naturalists in a way, we were never meant to be tied down.
Floo to England into a small home outside Hogsmeade
“Luna! My have you changed! Your hair it’s shorter than the last time I saw you! Is this lil Aurora? Whoa, she looks like you when were her age except she is in better shape than we were.”A voice chuckled. “How silly of me, you don’t remember me! Welcome Aurora, I’m Neville Longbottom, you can call me Neville, if you wish. This is my daughter Emeralda. Welcome!”
We had used the Floo network to get to England. It was a long time even by magically means. We had entered a cozy house with plants and books everywhere. Mum had told me Mr. Longbottom was a professor at their school Hogwarts. I had never gone to formal school. Mum had always taught me. We had landed, I with a small thud. I had not used the Floo Network in a long while; my landing was a little rusty. As I looked up, hair in my face, I saw a man who looked familiar, like I had seen him before. Then I saw a girl who looked like him, but small and nervous. She had brown chestnut hair and big hazel eyes, a potted plant in her hand and a magnifying glass in the other. Mum and Mr. Longbottom helped me up from the floor.
“Neville! How are you, love? Eme, I have not seen you in a long time, do you remember me?” The small girl gave a smile and gave my mum a hug. Wait how has mum met Emeralda and I had not?
“Hi,” I put out my hand to shake Mr. Longbottom’s hand but was pulled into a giant hug. Something was weird about this, and I know weird. My mother is Luna Lovegood.
“Luna, what a lovely girl she has grown to be! Come in come in, have some tea before I show you to your rooms,” Mr. Longbottom excitedly said leading us to the small dining area surrounded by plants. I had spotted a magnificent flower that was in the painting I had in my room and now was tattooed onto my arm. Pieces of my life were being thrown around everywhere.
“Neville, Rora and I must meet Harry and the others soon at King’s Cross. Tea will have to be when we get back. Eme are you friends with Rose Potter? She is the same year I believe as you, maybe a little older.” My mum looked at the clock. “Neville we must run. We’ll be back before dinner.”
“Nice to meet you,” I whispered as I grabbed my mum’s hand to disaparate to King’s Cross.
“Mum, have I met Mr. Longbottom before? He seems very familiar,” I tried to ask as we landed in a empty parking lot a bit off from King’s Cross.
“Rora, you have known Neville for a long time. He was there when you were born. He is one of my closest friends from Hogwarts. I believe he has visited us many times. I’m surprised you don’t remember. Now we are meeting a few more of my good friends from Hogwarts. They all have children around your ages. Ah, here we are,” we walked through Platform 9 ¾.
“LUNA!” a beautiful red haired woman and a curly hair brunette woman shouted as we entered the train platform.
“Ginny, Hermione! So good to see you! It’s been years, ladies. This is my daughter Aurora Belle. Rora, these are the two ladies I have always talked about. So where are Harry and Ron? I see Teddy, waiting for Victorie I bet. “
“Luna? Whoa what a blast from the past,” a dark haired man hugged my mum and gave her a kiss on the check. He was gorgeous for even being my mum’s age. He then held the red haired woman’s hands. This must be the Potters. My mum had mentioned them throughout my life. When I had learned how to make a patronus, mum had mentioned how strong mine was much like Mr. Potter’s. Mrs. Potter was always mentioned when I did something brave. I am glad I was compared to them. As I was lifted from my day dream I saw a young shaggy haired boy wearing a Hogwarts robe heading over with a clan of red haired people. His eyes were green and he was pale, he carried a small case with him. He pushed a large trolley carrying what looked like to be at least 4 trunks.
“Hello Aurora,” said a dreamy voice snapping me out of my daydream.
“Oh hello,” I stuck out my hand to shake the voice’s hands then I saw his eyes up close. I melted. He was gorgeous. His voice was like music.
“Hi Aurora I’m Rose! This is my brothers James and Albus. These are my cousins Victorie, Hugo and Lily! Welcome to the family,” the spunky girl in front of me squeaked.
“Now now Rose, don’t scare Rora too quickly, she’s not use to an annoying little twelve year old I bet. Sorry I’m Hugo, Rose’s brother. She’s a handful, better when she’s contained,” another red haired boy with the same shaggy hair and Hogwarts robe.
“Let’s go to The Burrow’s for old time sake. I bet Mum wouldn’t mind having Aurora and you over,” Mr. Weasley said to my mum. I was still looking at James. I was quite smitten by those eyes.
“Oh Ron, I’d love to but we promised Neville we’d be back for dinner. Another time, I will write when to get together. I just wanted to see everyone since I hadn’t seen them since they were just starting Hogwarts and even smaller,” smiling at Rose. “Plus …” My mum whispered to Hermione. Mrs. Weasley’s face dropped a small bit. Why are there secrets! My mum had never kept any before but since we had arrived in England, things have not been adding up as they seem to have before.

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