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HP after Hogwarts >> Hermoine And Ron's Misfit by ThePeaceGril

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"Have fun at Hogwarts, Baylie!" Said Hermoine Weasley, waving with her husband as Baylie Weasley boarded the Hogwarts Express.
Inside, she found no empty seats in the first car, nor the second. Yet in the third car she spotted a seat next to a lonely girl with bright, shining blue eyes that sparkled, bright blonde hair midway down her back and a face covered in freckles.
"Er-" Said Baylie. "May I- uh, sit here?"
"Sure." The freckle-faced girl shrugged.
"Thanks." Baylie mumbled, jamming her bags above the seat and taking out her recently-bought cat.
"Tabby, cool." Said the girl. "What's it's name?"
"Tiger." Baylie Weasley replied with a smile. "What's his?" She pointed at the fat toad hopping around.
"Oh, Demon's nothing special. Long story about the name... maybe I could tell you at Hogwarts. So what's your name?"
"Baylie Weasley, though I'd prefer Bay."
"Katrina Malfoy, though I'd prefer Trina."
"Didn't you hear? Trina Malfoy."
"Oh, okay, Trina M-Malfoy."
"And you're a Weasley, but I hate my father, don't worry about it."
"Oh." She believed Trina.

After Hagrid took the first years, they were sorted into houses. "Malfoy, Katrina!" Yelled McGonagall, barely being able to speak; she was very old now.
The hat didn't hesitate. "SL- Whoa..." What was happening? Maybe Trina wasn't Slytherin material, though she was a pure-blood. After all, her father and aunts and uncles weren't in Slytherin, though Gryffindor. "SLYTHERIN!"
"Weasley, Baylie!" Bay's face burned red as her hair when she sat down in the hat, feeling stupid as she prayed, 'Gryffindor, please, oh, please, Gryffindor.'
She was surprised once the hat yelled, "HUFFLEPUFF!" It made Baylie's eyes tear. Hufflepuff? Not Gryffindor? Well, she was a coward, and not too smart, and she didn't like Slytherin- but Hufflepuff? The tears poured down her face hysterically as she sat down at the Huffllepuff table seeing everything yellow and black as her future.
'Dad will be furious!' She thought.
'Mum will be upset!'
What would Baylie do? She was a Hufflepuff, and not a Gryffindor. And what she didn't know, was that Trina was laughing with her new Slytherin friends over across the hall.

In the hall of the Hufflepuff girls' dormitories, two of Bay's new roommates were trying very hard to cheer their new friend up.
"It's alright, now, Bay! Cheer up!" Sarah encouraged at her side.
Kyra began to sing the Hufflepuff theme song, hand around Baylie's body as she was so small and her roommate was so tall: " Oh, we are the Hufflepuffs- you may think we can't-"
"Kyra, as much as you do wish to help, hearing about this house makes me feel worse." Said Bay, her arm lowering to wrap around the other first year's shoulders.
When they got into the common room, they all stopped at the fireplace.
"Come on, now, Bay- their reaction can't honestly be that bad!" Said Sarah, handing over the Floo Powder.
They were under supervision while using the Floo Powder, though- so it wasn't against Hogwarts school rules.
Sarah and Kyra stood back as Baylie stepped forward, through the magical powder into the fireplace and whispered her adress/destination.
"Hullo, Mum." She said, trembling nervouusly as she emerged from the fireplace. Her mother (Hermoine Granger Weasley) looked up from her bok and screeched.
"Blimey, Bay, you could have given me a heart attack!"
"Sorry, Mum."
Baylie's father came in the room looking eager.
"Which one?"
"I don't know what you're talking about."
"You know, the house? Gryffindor- I knew it!"
Baylie gulped and looked down at her feet.
"Maybe," She muttered to them.
"Bay, honey, did you get Gryffindor?" There was a trembling in her mother's voice.
"N-n-no." Tears filled Baylie's eyes.
"Well, which one?"
"Hufflepuff!" She wailed.
"Th-that's o-o-o-o-o-okay, honey." Ron held back his anger and went outside.
"HUFFLEPUFF?!?!?!?!" He screamed to the world. Hermoine grabbed a tissue. Tears barely filled her brown eyes. "It's alright, back to HOgwarts you go."
It was after Baylie left that Hermoine filled her book with tear stains. But was it that much of a big deal?

coming soon!!!!

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