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Harry Potter Alternate Universe >> Harry Potter and The Rewind of Time Chapter 1 A Second Chance? by HGfan2008

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The Rewind of Time
Disclaimer: All of the characters you recognized are not mine but belong to the great J.K. Rolling

Chapter 1 A Second Chance?

It was dark and stormy, but hardly anyone noticed. For there was a great battle going on inside the halls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry between the forces of good and evil. In the middle of it all was Harry Potter. He was fighting his way through the death eaters, trying to find Tom Riddle aka Lord Voldemort so that he could finally end this bloody war. Finally Harry spotted him standing in the middle of the Great Hall fighting several of the students and teachers at once. Harry happily noticed that they seemed to be holding the own, but he knew that it wouldn’t last for much longer.

“Tom Riddle, it is time to end this war.” Harry yelled.

“Foolish boy, don’t call me by that name. It means nothing to me now.”

“What’s wrong can’t stand your name Tommy Boy.” Harry taunted.

This seriously ticked Voldemort off. His face turned red and he screamed in rage. Suddenly he fired off the killing curse and the fight was on. They dueled for several hours, send curse back and forth nether one willing to give up. When it seemed that Harry was about to collapse from exhaustion, he finally got the killer blow in. In complete rage, pain and sorrow, Voldemort screamed while his body turned to dust. It was finally over. Regaining his composer he heard the cries of happiness, sorrow and pain. Turning around he noticed all the bodies of the wounded and dead. He franticly searched for his friends and family. After a while he found their bodies. It seemed that everyone had been struck down by the killing curse except for his beloved Ginny. She had been hit by several cutting curses. Harry held her body close and sobbed. He had finally ended the war, but had paid the price.

Several Weeks later Harry was sitting around number 12 Grimmauld Place continuing his now daily habit of drinking. He spent the last few weeks in a daze going between his thoughts and reality. He picked up the bottle of firewhiskey and took a sip. He was just about to go to bed when a thought popped in his head. There really is no reason to go on. I mean what is there left for me to do? So he spent several minutes arguing with himself on whether or not he should just end it. Finally the depressed side of him won and he held up his wand and fired the killing curse. Blackness covered his vision and he was swept away into dream land.

When he woke up his realized that his head was pounding and his vision was blinded by white light. He stood up and started to take in his surroundings and noticed that his whole family was there, laughing and playing. He yelled out for them, but they didn’t seem to hear him.

“What the heck is going on? Am I in heaven or hell?”

“You are in neither my dear boy” a voice answered from behind him.

“Who’s there? Come out so that I can see you”
“All right” the voice answered. And a man cloaked in blinding white clothes stood before him. Even though Harry didn’t know the man he felt both awed and frightened at the sight of him. The man just radiated wisdom and strength.

“Excuse me sir, but may I asked who you are?” Harry asked in a shaky voice.

The man chuckled. “Of course you can. I happen to the great Merlin. I am also your many times great grandfather.

Harry was speechless. The man before him was Merlin and happened to be his relative. He started to wonder if his father was also related to him.

“Excuse me Mr. Merlin. I was wondering if we were related through my father’s side.

“Actually it is not your father’s side but your mother.”

“How can that be possible? My mother was a muggleborn.”

“No she was not. Her family had just produced squibs for so many generations that they forgot that they were magical. It started again with your mum and now you.”

Harry was beyond confused. His mum wasn’t actually a muggleborn, but a halfblood. It just was all too confusing to him.

Suddenly Harry remembered that Merlin had vaguely answered his question from when he arrived were ever he was. “Excuse me again, but what did you mean that I’m not in heaven or hell? If I’m not then where am I?

“You are in between the lands of the living and the dead. You are here because you have been given a great honor. It seems that fate took a liking to you and has decided that you deserve a second chance to set things right.”

“So you mean that I get the chance to go back and do it all over again?”

“Yes you do. But the catch is that you will also be bringing Tom Riddle back also.”

“Can I have a few minutes too think this over?”

“Sure but I warn you, that if you don’t take this it will not be offered again.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that you aren’t technically dead. So you would go back to the land of the living.” After Merlin said this he left to give Harry some time to think. About an hour later he returned and asked Harry if he had decided.

“No I haven’t fully decided. I have a few questions. First will I remember anything that had happen? Second will I still be friends with Ron and Hermione? Lastly will Ginny and I still be in love” asked Harry.

“Well the answer to your first question is that you will remember things, but only certain ones and at certain times. The answer to your second question is that it will be up to you whether you will still be friends with Ron and Hermione. But the answer to your last question is, that yes you and Ginny will still be in love. You two were actually made to be together. She’s your soul mate. So have decided now?”

“Yes I have. I’m going to take this offer. I hope that I will be able to save more people from Voldemort this time around?”

“All right. You will now be going back in time”

Suddenly there was a sound like a bell ringing and Harry found his vision blackening. Merlin was smiling to himself thinking that Harry had made the right choice. “Yes my dear boy, you will save more people this time. In fact more than you will even realize.”

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