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HP stories following Canon after Deathly Hallows >> Ginny: A Life by Janner

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Josie Ramirez – Ramirez known to all as Dublar stood by the impressive stone pillars that marked the entrance to the Massachusetts Academy of Magical Arts. To any Muggles that passed by she looked like a young girl in a plain blue skirt and white blouse, standing by the gate to an empty field. She looked at her watch. 8am, any minute now….

The American equivalent of the Knight Bus screeched to a halt about ten yards away. The door opened and out came three nervous looking girls of about her own age. Three trunks slid quietly out of the luggage compartment onto the road. The bus vanished as quickly as it had arrived. Josie stepped forward and introduced herself. One of the three girls gave her their names, “I’m Luna Lovegood, this is Angelina Johnson, and this is Ginevra Weasley.” Hands were shaken all round.

“Great to meet you girls. Please listen carefully. I am Josefina Ramirez – Ramirez. The Massachusetts Academy of Magical Arts can be found at 1271 Magenta Road, Boston.” As she finished speaking the empty field was filled with a huge mansion. The stone pillars of the gate appeared. She was obviously a Secret Keeper for the school. The three girls looked at the mansion. It resembled a very large English country manor with several outbuildings. “Very impressive Josefina, if a little on the small side.” said Luna.
“Please call me Dublar. Everybody else does. OK we’ll walk from here, you can leave your trunks here, the Helpers will take them to your rooms. I’m this years Class President for Girls, what you at Hogwarts call Head Girl, I believe.”
“I’m this years Head Girl.” said Ginny, “even though I’m not going to be there for six months.” They talked idly for the short time it took them to walk to the main building. Dublar took time out to berate a student.

“Olsen, how many times have you been told about wearing a black bra under a white shirt. The boys know you have tits, they don’t need reminding. P T tomorrow, four o’clock. Go change it.” She turned to the three guests, “PT is Principles Table. It’s like a punishment parade. She’ll lose some privileges for a week.” They followed Dublar into a large hall and were surprised when the almost two hundred students rose from their seats and applauded. At the end of the centre aisle stood a handsome young man. A shade over six feet, neatly dressed in a white shirt, blue tie and slacks. Clear, sparkling brown eyes under wavy, light brown hair and a light tan completed a very attractive picture.

“Good morning ladies, welcome to MAMA. I’m Tyler Lambert, this years Class President for Boys.” He shook their hands, “Follow me please.” He led them to the long table on the raised platform and showed them their seats. They sat looking out over the whole school. Lambert sat next to Ginny. She cast a sideways glance at him, and for the first time was extremely grateful to Professor McGonagall for sending her on the new Student Exchange Programme. The whole assemblage stood again as the Principle Dr. Artemis entered. He took his place at the centre of the table. He remained standing but motioned the students to sit.

“Good morning to you all. Today we welcome three young ladies from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. They will be here for six months. Make them welcome but do so gently, do not crowd them excessively in the first few days. Be warned! English roses they may be, but these girls are veterans of the Battle of Hogwarts so I strongly advise you not to upset them. They have been tempered in the fire of deadly combat. Keep that in mind.” He looked at Ginny. “Miss Weasley, I wonder if I may prevail upon you to give us a few words.” Ginny swallowed hard and slowly stood.

“Er… Thank you Dr. Artemis for those kind words of welcome. Angie, Luna and I are very happy to be here and are very much looking forward to the next six months. We are sure we will enjoy our time at the world’s second best school of Magical Education.” Led by the Principle, Ginny got the laugh she had been hoping for. “The cultural differences will also be interesting territory. I’m sure you’ll all have a quiet laugh or two at us. That’s OK, because we’ll be doing the same to you. I hope that very quickly we will be laughing with each other and not at each other. Thank you.” Ginny sat down to a generous round of applause. Angelina whispered,
“Nice speech Ginny, I thought you were the shy one.” Said Angelina. Dr Artemis spoke again,
“Finally, these three new students have been granted the status of Invigilators, what I believe they call Prefects, with all the rights and privileges thereof. That is all. Dismissed.”

That evening the Invigilators held a reception in their common room for their guests. Names, faces and handshakes came and went. Ginny was sure she would not remember them all. She never really noticed that Tyler Lambert never left her side, shepherding her through the evening. A tall well built boy, well, young man really, approached,
“Hey, Tyler, how about you stop hogging this beautiful girl and introduce me.”
“I’ll introduce you. Arthur McArthur this is Ginevra Weasley. Ginny, meet Arthur McArthur. He’s our Quidditch Captain.” Ginny never got the chance to offer her hand. McArthur just took it. He kissed the back of her hand, lingering longer than necessary Ginny thought.
“Very happy to meet you Ginny, I can call you Ginny, can’t I?”
“Please do.”
“The Principle was right, a veritable English rose.” He kissed the back of her hand again, “I hope we’ll see a lot of each other while you are here. I’ve never plucked an English rose,” he smiled lasciviously; “you’ll have to teach me how.” ‘I’ve had enough of this creep already.’ she thought. She gave McArthur her sweetest smile,
“Well Mr. McArthur, the first lesson in plucking an English rose is not to act like a complete arsehole, sorry… asshole. I’ll look forward to speaking with you again when you’ve learned it.” McArthur’s face went red, he dropped her hand and as he strode away she could see Tyler struggling to suppress his laughter. “Is that what you guys call a jerk?”
“Got it in one Ginny. I must remember never to piss you off.”

Five months later, on a Friday afternoon, when classes were done for the week, the three English girls entered the common room. Greetings came from everywhere. They were popular these English roses. Ginny saw Tyler sitting with two other boys. The three of them rose together. Ginny had spent a lot of time with Tyler but just lately he seemed to be cooling towards her. She had decided it was because she would be going home soon. It saddened her; she had become quite fond of him.
“Hey girls, we’ve got a surprise for you. The Principle has given the three of us permission to escort you on a tour of Boston tomorrow. How about it?”
“Absolutely, that’ll be great.” said Angelina.

They left the school at eleven o’clock. By half past they were strolling in bright warm sunshine along the Boston harbour front. The couples then went their separate ways. As Ginny and Tyler walked slowly along it seemed perfectly natural for Tyler to hold her hand. When he did something happened that she did not expect. Her stomach churned and her heart pounded. During the past five months Tyler had been the perfect gentleman. They had laughed, danced and generally socialised together, but he had never misbehaved in any way. They had shared one short chaste kiss a couple of months before and neither of them had thought any more about it.

They stopped at a coffee shop. Sitting side by side at an outside table the conversation was struggling. ‘Something’s wrong.’ she thought.
“Tyler, have I done something wrong? You’re very quiet.” He looked into her eyes,
“No, Ginny, you’ve done nothing wrong. It’s just that… I’ve become very fond of you, and you’re leaving soon. I will miss you.”
“I’ll miss you too, Tyler, the fondness is mutual.” Then he really surprised her,
“Do you think I could visit you in the summer? I think I would like England. There must be hotels near where you live.”
“I’d love you to come. You could stay with us at the Burrow, we’ve plenty of room. But it’s a long way to come for someone you’re only fond of.” He sighed heavily as he looked her in the eye.
“You’re right. I’m kidding myself, Ginny, and you. I love you, my English rose. I love you very much.” Her body reacted as it had when he held her hand. ‘That’s what it is, it’s so obvious now. I love him.’ she thought. She looked back at him, what she saw only confirmed her thoughts.
“Tyler, I love you too. I’ve only just this minute realised it, but I do. Do you think the manager here would mind if you kissed me?” He leaned toward her,
“Who cares what he thinks? I don’t.” Their lips met. Ginny had never known a kiss like it. “You had better ask your folks if I can visit. I don’t want to impose.”
“Tyler, I’m the youngest of seven children and I’m the only girl. I haven’t got to this age without knowing how to get what I want at home. Don’t worry, you’ll be welcome.”
“Say it again Ginny.”
“Don’t worry, you’ll be welcome.”
“No, not that. What you said before.”
“I love you, Tyler Lambert, very much indeed.” He put his elbows on the table and rested his chin in his hands; his eyes were wide and looking deep into hers. A silly grin on his face.
“Say it again Ginny.” She gave him a playful slap on the arm,
“Don’t go all soppy on me, Tyler; remember what I did to McArthur.”
“Yeah, he’s still mad about that. Especially as the whole school seemed to know by the next day. That was when I fell for you y’know. If I had realised it at the time I wouldn’t have wasted the last five months. Keep next weekend free, I’ve just had an idea.” he went silent for a while.
“Well,” she said, “are you going to tell me this idea or is it a state secret.”
“On Monday I’m going to ask the Principle… no, I’m going to tell the Principle… that I’m taking you to Washington for the weekend, to meet my folks.”
“What if he doesn’t agree?”
“In that case… screw him, we’ll go anyway.” She giggled,
“I’ll go with you on one condition.” he asked what the condition was, “That you kiss me again, just like last time. He satisfied the condition. “OK I’ll go with you.”

“Mom, Dad, I’d like you to meet Rosie.” Ginny was flummoxed.
“I’m pleased to meet you Mr. and Mrs. Lambert. My real name is Ginevra. Please call me Ginny.” addressing herself to Tyler she said, “Rosie? Who the heck is Rosie?” He put an arm around her shoulders and kissed her cheek.
“You are, my English rose. You are.”

By the end of the weekend the Lambert’s were captivated by the pretty English girl their son had brought home. His Dad was a Muggle and of course he had a car. Tyler had taken her for a spin around the big city. While she enjoyed the sightseeing, she was not really impressed by life in the concrete metropolis. She yearned to see the Burrow again.

The last month at school was a mixture of delight and study. Exams came and went but the evenings were exceptional. On the night before they were to return to Hogwarts, another party was arranged in the common room. The music was loud, the dancing frenetic. Late in the evening the pace had dropped considerably. Tyler and Ginny were dancing, the music, slow and dreamy. “Love you.” he murmured,
“Right back at ya.” she said. A tap on the shoulder made him turn.
“Mind if I cut in?” said Arthur McArthur. Tyler looked at Ginny. She didn’t want to be the cause of a fight so she nodded her assent. She kept a little distance between them as they danced. “So Ginny, have you enjoyed your time here?”
“Absolutely. It’s been… life changing.”
“Really. Well that’s good.” he paused, “You shot me down pretty good you know.”
“I know. I’m sorry but you were asking for it.”
“Don’t apologise. I’m the one who should apologise, you were right, I was acting like a
complete ass…sorry, arse.” That made Ginny laugh.
“See, you can be a nice guy. Stop trying to be someone you’re not. Big Quidditch hero and all round pain in the ass. That’s not you, but it’s how you come across. We’ve only really spoken twice and I’ll remember both times with fondness.
“Me too. There’s one other memory of you. You, young lady, are by far the best seeker I’ve ever flown against. Don’t be offended but on a broom you were a real bitch.”
“I try,” she grinned, “I really do try.” The music ended. Arthur held her hand as they walked back to Tyler. As Arthur walked away Ginny said,
“Perhaps he’s not so bad after all.”
“When I watched you laughing with him, smiling at him as you danced, it confirmed just how much I love you. I just wanted to rip his heart out and stomp on it. Let’s get some air.”

They strolled through the grounds until they came to a big tree. Tyler leaned back against it. Ginny cuddled into him, she looked up at his face,
“Can I ask you something Tyler?” he looked puzzled, “Why have you never tried to… um get into my knickers?” God, she was blushing, beginning to wish she had never asked.
“Don’t imagine that I haven’t thought about it Ginny. Since Boston I’ve thought about little else, but you are a guest here and I have a responsibility toward you in that respect. It wouldn’t have been right to take advantage of that, even if you were willing. The fact that I fell in love with you only made it more difficult.”
“Even though I fell in love with you too?”
“Would you have been willing?”
“Before Boston, no. Now, probably yes.”
“You sound disappointed. Are you?”
“No…yes… I don’t know, Tyler.”
“Look at it this way Ginny. If we ever find ourselves in a situation where it’s the right thing to do, well, we still have that to look forward to. Now can we please talk about something else because… well, just… because.” What followed was what the English would call a good five minute snog.

When they went back inside Tyler led her onto the small stage and silenced the crowd.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, as you all know, tomorrow we lose our English guests. I want to put on the record our appreciation of their visit. They have blended into our school with ease and as Ginny said when they arrived, we laughed at them. She assures me that they laughed at us too. But she got her wish, now we laugh with each other and not at each other.
They can go home safe in the knowledge that they have left a lasting impression on the school and all of us. We wish them a safe journey and send them on their way with the hope that we will meet again.” He raised his glass, “To our English roses, we won’t forget you.” The toast made, Tyler put his glass down and continued, “You will all understand the significance of what I am about to do.” He stood close to Ginny and pulled his class ring off the little finger of his right hand. “Ginny, I want you to wear this. Will you?” Ginny choked,
“Y…Yes Tyler.” He placed it on the third finger of her right hand. It wasn’t a perfect fit but it would do. Cheers, whistles and catcalls came from all areas of the room, along with calls of ‘speech, speech’ Ginny stepped forward, the noise died away. She motioned Angie and Luna to stand with her before beginning, “I…I…I…” Luna took over and Ginny went back to Tyler.

`“You’ll have to forgive Ginny; she seems to have something stuck in her throat. I’m not sure but I think it might be her heart. The three of us were talking last night and we all agreed that a little piece of our hearts will stay with you and this school. In Ginny’s case it looks like it’s all of her heart. We have had a wonderful experience these last six months and we take away enough memories to overload the largest pensieve. You have all treated us as friends and for that we are grateful, and I’m glad to see that many of you are following my advice and clearing the Wrackspurts out of your heads. Thanks for everything and goodbye.”

They were back at the same tree. Tyler was holding a sobbing girl to his chest. “I wish you could tell me I don’t have to go.”
“But you do,” he said, “and there’s nothing we can do about it. Believe me I’m hating this as much as you.” He lifted her head and looked into her eyes. “I love you Ginny.”
“I love you too. Tyler, take me somewhere and…make love to me. Please.”
“Ginny don’t do this. That isn’t the answer tonight. We’d be doing it because we are feeling miserable and we’d just end up back where we are. Sorry Ginny, but much as I want to, I won’t do it.”
“But you just said you loved me.”
“I do, don’t you ever doubt it. If the fact that I won’t do what you want makes you think less of me, then I might think that you don’t really love me.” Ginny was shaken.
“No Tyler, I don’t think less of you. Oh God, I’m so stupid. It’s just that I’m going to miss you so damn much. I don’t know how I’m going to cope with it. Loving someone, I mean really loving someone like I love you, is not like I imagined. It’s so much more…intense. It’s…frightening me.” she started to cry again.
“I’m frightened too, Ginny. I’m scared that you’ll go home, meet a nice English guy and forget all about me.”
“I already know lots of nice English guys. I even thought I was deeply in love with one of them. I felt sure I was destined to marry him but there’s just no comparison with my feelings for you. I love you and I will till the day I die.” more tears flowed.
“Come on now stop the crying please, I don’t want our night to end like this. You’ll thank me in the morning.” She did.

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