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HP stories following Canon but PRE-OotP >> Heartless by ThePrincesFlower

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Severus watched as Lily boarded the train; chatting happily to her best friends: Alice and Mary. She was the perfect human being, no one could even try and compare to her. The way her hair moved in the wind, the way she smiled and the way her face shone like light from the sun.
“Hey Snivellus, how were your holidays?” James Potter asked, shoving Severus in the should. Jolting his vision away from Lily.
“They... I...,” Severus spluttered his words out; unable to form a sentence.
“What? Lost for words? Not surprised. How are you planning on passing your O.W.LS this year if you can’t even make out a sentence?” Sirus Black taunted, the two of them circling Severus.
“Potter! Black! Leave poor Severus alone! What has he ever done to you?” Lily demanded, shoving roughly past Sirus and standing next to Severus; her wand drawn and her red hair blazing.
“Go out with me,” James whispered, stepping towards Lily; his head inches away from hers. KISSING DISTANCE AWAY FROM EACH OTHER! Severus could have sworn that he saw a small smile form in the edges of her lips.
“You are such an ass-,” She didn’t get to finish her sentence because James had grabbed her neck and kissed her square on the lips. She tried to fight but James held on to her tight, eventually Lily gave up struggling against James and soon they were snogging. Anger clouded Severus’ vision and he launched on James, yanking him off Lily.
“Severus! Stop!’” Lily screamed, pulling him off James.
“What the devil is going on here?” Professor Slughorn asked; apparently hearing the commotion.
“Ah, Miss Evans, care to enlighten me? Why are these boys looking like they wanna attack each other throats?” Slughorn turned to his star student for the full story. His gaze lingering on Severus’ bloody lip and James’ broken glasses.
“Nothing important Sir, just hormonal idiotic boys,” Slughorn gave Lily a quizzical look.
“James kissed her and Sev punched him,” She explained. She could still feel where James had planted his lips several seconds ago. As much as she hated to admit; James was a good kisser.
“Ah, boys will be boys Miss Evans don’t forget that,” Slughorn laughed and patted Lily on the head before he left to go to the ‘Slug Club’ compartment.
“Lily, are you okay? Did Snivellus here hurt you?” James asked, placing his hand over Lily’s shoulder; acting as though they were a couple. She slapped James’ chest and maneuvered out of his arm.
“You complete and utter idiot James Potter! What the hell did you think you were doing? You are an arrogant, slimly git who can’t understand the word ‘no’,” Lily screamed, slapping James across the cheek.
“God Dammit Lily! What was that for?” James demanded.
“For kissing me,” She replied and ran onto the train, tears blurring her vision.

Sev searched the train for half an hour before he finally found Lily huddled in a corner of the deserted compartment; crying.
Sev slid the door open and sat down next to Lily; not saying a word.
“What do you want Sev?” She mumbled; not raising her head.
“Well, as your best friend I thought I should see whether you were okay or not. Are you okay?” He asked. Lily raised her head; her make up all smudged and her eyes puffy and red.
“I’ve been better,” Sev laughed.
“I think we all have,” They talked and talked the whole trip; forgetting all about the kiss for the train ride.

I can’t believe that that ASSHOLE kissed MY GIRL! Lily is my best friend! James can’t go around kissing any girl he likes, that idiot had it coming for him, you kiss Lily Evans and you get me...
Although Lily did get her revenge after she slapped him in the face, I haven’t seen Potter or Black since. Mind you, I wasn’t looking for them either, I was too busy searching for Lily and making sure that she was alright. After an hour and a half of looking I found her crying. Knowing that if I made myself known she would tell me to piss off (which she has done on several occasions) so I just opened the compartment door and sat down beside her. Lily’s scent (Strawberries; in case you were wondering) filled my nose and I found it hard to concentrate.
We talked for ages and ages, I saw Lily smile again and I saw her return back to herself.
But that isn’t even the best part. The best part was when Lily drifted off to sleep and her head fell on my shoulder, her lips parted slightly and her red hair falling over her face; making her look more like an Angel than ever.
“I love you Lily Evans,” I whispered and kiss her forehead.

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