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HP stories following Canon after Deathly Hallows >> Chapter 2: Teddy, Fawkes, and The Order of The Pheonix by catkid25

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Disclaimer: Still not her.

After many winding turns we finally made our way into the great hall. I rolled my eyes as Lily ran over to the Griffindor table and Rose ran over to the Ravenclaw table both devouring Dotty's breakfast. I ran over to the staff table yelling, ”Morning mum!” Mum rolled her eyes at me as I sat down beside her and hugged her tightly, “Morning Mel. Neon green hair? You remind me of Teddy's mom, Tonks!”

I stuck my tongue out at her, “Well, you remind me of Rose.” I was able to sit at the staff table with mum because I took over as the Transfiguration teacher right after I left my seventh year at Hogwarts. The students had a different teacher every year until I was hired. I had learned earlier in my life that mum had become headmistress after rebuilding the school and left her old teaching job.

“What's The Griffindor and Ravenclaw's schedules,” I asked shaking the thoughts of The Battle of Hogwarts She handed both to me smiling. I took one look at the schedule and immediately stared down the table in happiness then smiling when I saw a flash of blue, “Teddy and Uncle Harry are here!” I looked down at the Ravenclaw and Griffindor tables to see if anyone saw who was here, but everyone was too busy eating to notice anything except food.

I sighed and called out softly, ”Fawkes,” I watched in amazement as Fawkes appeared from a fireball in front of me. I've been Fawkes' owner since, (I've been told) I was born almost a year after my dad died. I let out a hand to stroke the top of Fawkes' head as I took out the Elder wand that Uncle Harry gave me upon hearing of my existence from Aunt Hermione and copied the schedule,

“Fawkes, could you take these schedules over to James, Lily, Albus, and all the Weasleys for me, please?” Fawkes nodded, took the schedules from my out stretched hand in his beak, and flew over to the Griffindor table first. Poor Uncle Harry just put a spoon in his cereal when Lily rushed at him to hug him, closely followed by Albus, James, Roxie, and Fred. Poor Teddy got the same treatment by Rose, Hugo, Lucy, Dominique, and Louis.

Teddy was in my year while he was at Hogwarts. We were best friends and I was the one to finally convince him that Victorie wouldn't start laughing at him if he asked her out. Some years he would come to substitute for Uncle Filius to be with the rest of his 'adoptive' family here at Hogwarts.

After everyone had hugged both Teddy and Uncle Harry, Teddy and I decided to entertain everyone. Teddy screwed up his face in pained concentration, while I did the same. I opened my eyes shortly afterward and laughed at Teddy, who looked like a mirror image of a younger Uncle Harry. He in turn laughed as I looked like a mirror image of a younger Aunt Ginny. Even mum was laughing as she got a good look at us. We continued like this until about five minutes later when Teddy's stomach growled.

I screwed up my face in pained concentration turning my hair to its original neon green coloring and my eyes to the original deep purple. When I opened my eyes, I saw my Uncle Aberforth's owl sitting patiently in front of me. Wondering what he could possibly want, I untied the letter from the owl's leg and read silently.

Dear Melody,

Would you be able to have lunch with me? I only ask because I have important information concerning The Order of the Pheonix. Meet me at the Hog's Head at noon.

Sincerly, Uncle Aberforth

I looked over at mum in confusion and saw her eyes widen as I asked her, "What's The Order of the Pheonix?"

A/U: I know I left it at a cliffhanger it was intentional. I've had it written and typed for weeks but the queue closed before I could send it. Please Review!!!!!!!!!

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