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Harry Potter Alternate Universe >> Make You Feel My Love by StarkidPotter

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Chapter 1: Your Betrayal


I walked around the park where we met, where we were once innocent children who knew nothing of our lives to come. We lived a life of promise, of happiness. Of being best friends forever. I sat down on the creaky swing and buried my head in my hands. His betrayal stole away my heart, tore it to pieces, burned it and made me watch as he danced on the ashes. A tear escaped my eye and I quickly covered it with my hand.

"I'll never leave," he promised, a smile on his pale face, a sparkle in your grey-black eyes. I believed him. And just like every other person, he lied.

It was just a week ago that we were walking around our neighborhoods, laughing and chatting about people from school. It was a hot summer day but he was in a baggy long-sleeved shirt. When we sat down to talk on the bench near my house and he lifted his arm. I saw it.

"Is that what I think it is?" I whispered, feeling my face go pale and my eyes go wide. Severus Snape glanced down at his arm and that was all the confirmation I needed. Tears flooded my eyes as I stood up in anger. He grabbed my arm, pleading with me to stay as he explained.

"You though for a single moment I would stay? What do you want me to say, Severus? I've forgiven you so many times before, for calling me a mudblood in front of the entire school. I've forgiven you for mocking me in front of Malfoy and Goyle and all the rest of those morons, but this? Severus, you can't explain yourself. Leave me alone." I yanked my arm from his grasp.

"But Lily," my best friend called after me, "I love you. Stay. Listen to me. It's for the best." I hesitated for a moment, tears streaming down my face as I heard him crying. I mustered all my strength to keep my voice level as I answered the shell of my best friend.

"Don't speak to me, ever again. Stay the hell away from me." As I started walking again I could practically feel the anger boiling off of Severus.

"You'll regret this, you filthy mudblood. I should have known better than fall for you. I hate you." I stayed at the same level, calm pace until I turned the corner to my street and I slumped against a wall and bawled, feeling my life crash around me.

I shut my eyes against the memory and sat in silence, listening to the breeze push against the trees and grass. After a few moments, I felt a hand on my shoulder and jumped, turning to see a few friends from Hogwarts, Marlene McKinnon and Emmeline Vance smiling at me.

"Hey Lily. Your dad said you'd be here. We want to take you out for the weekend. We were just stopping by to say 'hi' -"

"-we were on our way to Diagon Alley. We're gonna go shop, blow some steam off before school starts, you know?" Marlene interrupted Emmeline.

"So, as I was saying, we dropped by your house and your dad said that you got in a huge fight with Snape and that you'd been a wreck all week -"

"His words, not ours," Marlene assured me, glancing at my hair in a messy pony tail and the sweat pants and wife beater that I was wearing.

"Can I talk, please? Thank you! Well, anyway, we thought that some retail therapy would be nice for you."

"Want to come?" The two asked with big smiles on their faces. I smiled and nodded my head.

"That's fantastic! Let's head to your house so you can grab some clothes and then we can meet up with everyone else at the Leaky Cauldron and then -"

"Wait, wait everyone else? Who is everyone else?" I asked warily. They both glanced at each other.

"Well Alice Payton and Remus Lupin, of course, Sirius Black, Peter Pettigrew, Frank Longbottom, JamesPotter okay you ready to get your stuff?" I sighed and closed my eyes.

"James Potter? Really? The other's I can handle, but him..." Once I had voiced the last sentance I was bombarded by a tidal wave of "please come!"'s and "he's not that bad. Just give him a chance!"

"Fine! Fine, I'll come! Just warn Potter than I am not in the mood to deal with him and that I'm not beyond cursing into the next millennium." They both looked apprehensive as I stood up and smiled. "Let's go ladies." They dutifully followed behind me, probably wondering what they got themselves into.


When we arrived in the Leaky Cauldron, I was met with smiles, hugs and squeals of how glad they were that I came. I was shoved into a seat and a butter beer was presented to me seconds after. I didn't see Sirius and James, and that made it all the better.

We all chatted for awhile until we turned to see Sirius Black and James Potter walk in. They were holding "The Daily Prophet" and their faces were gaunt.

"What's going on, guys?" Remus asked, placing his arm around Alice. I watched as Franks' eyes' zeroed in and squinted on Remus's arm.

"4 people were murdered by Death Eaters." We felt the atmosphere of the bar changed as it went silence. Everyone listened in.

"Well, read it boy!" Someone called out. James closed his eyes and sighed.

"Marissa and Liam O'Conner were murdered by Death Eaters in their home west of London. Aurors are puzzled at the scene...It goes on to say that Hope Anderson and Marissa Keton were killed on an assignment for the Ministry." A shocked silence filled the air. James and Sirius joined our table.

After a few moments, the atmosphere lightened and chatter ensued. We all were focused on James and Sirius. "What else is wrong?" Remus asked, leaning in. The two looked over their shoulder and, subconsciously, we all leaned in to hear the story.

"We were driving down street to meet you all here on my motorbike and suddenly, some Death Eaters appeared on their brooms and were following us. We freaked and started speeding, to avoid them. But some bloody cops started chasing us. So we pulled into an alley and they followed us. We started joking with them, because we saw the Death Eaters fly by, then they came back, and we had to lift the police car to fend them off." We all sat in stunned silence, looking at the two obviously shaken men.

"They're recruiting...students?" Alice whispered, shocked. Frank, who graduated and is Auror, nodded.

"Yeah, it's...horrible. He promises them power and wealth and eternal glory. People buy it. It's sad to see good people turned to...evil." I looked at the half-empty bottle of butter beer.

"I've heard rumors that Snape joined." Someone said quietly. Immediately, everyone's eyes snapped to me. I looked down at my bottle.

"Lily is that...is that the reason...?" Marley said, I looked up to see everyone's eyes still fixated on me.

"Yes. He joined." Everyone looked away from me but James continued to look at me. Anger coursed through my body. "What Potter? Where's the snide remark about how much you knew it would happen?" James looked at me, confused and slightly hurt.

"No, why would I think that? It would kill me if one of my best friends betrayed me like that. I'm so sorry Lily." Everyone sat silently during this exchange, listening in but pretending they weren't.

My face flushed as I mumbled an apology. He nodded and his eyes said he understood.

Who was this new James Potter?

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