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HP after Hogwarts >> Life of a Busy Mother by ThePeaceGril

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Hello! I am Macy Fern White, mother of ten children. Well, not all of them are children. My two eldest, Zachary, who is twenty two, and Trevor, who is nineteen, don't visit Stanley and I often. However, when they do, I have nice, warm sweaters just sitting and waiting for them! Is that not sweet and considerate of me? Oh, excuse me. Anyhow, my eight other children...
Anthony is seventeen, about to be a seventh year.
Mort is sixteen, about to be a sixth year.
Althanasia is fourteen, about to be a fourth year. She is twin to Peter.
Peter is fourteen as well, about to be a fourth year. He is twin to Althanasia.
Joey is twelve, about to be a second year.
Nathan is eleven, about to be a first year! How super-duper exciting, hm?
Primrose is nine.
Benny is six.

So, two of them are grown up, six are in school, and two are with me. I'll be honest; I am forty-five years old. Stan is forty-eight. Every October, I begin to knit sweaters for everyone. Twelve sweaters. One is for me, one for my husband, and all ten for my children. But before I get on with the story, I'll tell you the lay-out of my home. You see, it is very important to me.In the attic is Primrose's bedroom. On the third floor is Nathan and Benny's bedroom, Joey's bedroom, and a bathroom. On the second floor is Anthony and Mort's bedroom, Peter and Althanasia's bedroom, Stanley and mine, and another bathroom. On the first floor is the kitchen, the living room, the pig pen, and the chicken coop. Now that the format of the home we live and breathe and dine and clean and sleep and talk and... in is all cleared up, we are ready for a story!

I took four children with me to Diagon Alley while Stanley took the other four. I had Althanasia, Peter, Nathan, and Primrose. We got all the books and robes and cauldrons... then came Ollivander's. Benny had broken Peter's wand, and so he needed a new one. Nathan needed a wand as well. He simply could not show up at Hogwarts on his very first day without one! Drama, drama, drama! That's all the man is! Drama! We went in, got Pete a new wand, and then..... Nate's. Ollivander said he was the trickiest costumer ever! We had to try at least twenty wands before he was able to get the correct one. Then was the time to go. The horror of.... PASSING THE PET SHOP. Of course, the group would want to go in and take a long look around, and for sure little Prim would point it out. I crossed my fingers as we walked by it. But this time, Prim didn't see it... so Nate pointed it out.
"Mum, please? All the first years there are going to have pets except for me!"
"Why not?"
"We can not afford it, Nathan!"
"No buts!"
"Mum! Can we at least look?" Said surprisingly, the eldest, Althanasia."
"You're about to be a fourth year. Do not embarrass me, my sweet."
"But, so is Peter! And he wants to see the pets, too!"
"Yeah, Mummy!" Joined Primrose.
"Okay, but only looking. And no getting, especially you two because you share a cat!" I glared at the twins.
"Yes, Mum." They all said grudgingly.
Mort also had a toad, and Anthony had gotten a cat for getting to be a prefect.
We looked around and adored the animals. I loved the pygmy puffs. They were my favorite type of animal. Prim loved them just as much as I did. She spent the three minutes only with them and me. Peter and Nathan looked at the owls. Nathan asked for the clearance toad. I would've gotten him it, but then I found out there was none. So why would I buy him anything after that? Althanasia looked around at the cats, rats, and pygmy puffs. She also thought one owl was so extremely lovely.
"Alright, children, time to go."
"Aw!" Prim, Nathan, Peter and Althanasia all groaned and whined as they marched out with me. When we left Diagon Alley, Benny cried because he couldn't get a "kitty" or a "puffy" or a "birdie." We took the flying mini van home. Prim and Benny fit in back, so they sat there unsafely. Joey had been grounded, so he was punished by having to sit on the floor. That way, seats for Anthony, Mort, Althanasia, Peter, Nathan, STan and I were avaliable.

A few weeks later, I was holding Benny's and Primrose's little hands. We watched everyone else go in, the kid's Dad with Nate, and then we went. Into the brick pole between PLatforms 9 and 10, that is. We found ourselves at Platform 9 3/4. After the kids boarded, Prim, Benny, Stanley, and I, Macy, waved to them. The little jokesters. I saw Joey and Nate and two other boys. I also saw Peter and his friends. Then I saw Althanasia and her friends. Then I saw Anothony and Mort with two other boys and Anthony's girlfriend. I was so proud. Stanley and I then took little Primrose and Benny home and we had lots of extra space. Huzzah!

It is Sweater Season for me. Yes, October started. I wrote to Nathan twice after the drop-off. He hasn't written back yet. Perhaps he is busy studying. I always knew Nathan was a good kid! So is Anthony. He's a prefect. Mort isn't so smart, and he's not, but he's good like Nathan. I know for sure that Althanasia is going to be a prefect next year. However, Peter is mischevious, and has taught Joey his ways. I can't judge Nathan yet; he's only been at Hogwarts for a month! Trevor was a prefect at the age of seventeen, too. Ah, I'm so proud! Who knows if Benny and Prim will be prefects as well? What a dreamy thought...
Anyway, I began on Zachary and Trevor's sweaters today. I finished Benny's, which took no time at all, considering he is so small. Prim fits into the one she got last year. Poor little Prim. But time cannot be wasted, and Prim fits into her eight-year sweater. Nathan fits into his last one too, but I want him to feel nice and welcome for Christmas! Last year, Peter and Althanasia didn't get new sweaters just like Primrose. So everybody has their turns.

All this week Primrose has been pouting and shouting and crying. She complains that she has nobody to play with now that Nathan is gone, and Benny too much a baby. I tell her to go see her friends, Jennifer and Kylie who live down the block, but she refuses. "I WANT NATHAN! I WANT JOEY! I WANT MY ONLY SISTER!" She screeches. "Prim," I said today after a fit of not getting three slices of pizza, "If you keep this up, on Thanksgiving, you're not coming with us to Bar Frites."
That sure should her up.
Kids these days...

It's Thanksgiving. Prim has been even worse. She's been yelling and screaming and hurting poor Benny, also telling him he's stupid. She's just upset because she has nobody magical to play with. Benny broke her toy broomstick, and we're not buying her another, so I gave her some slack that time. BUt she's not coming to Bar Frites because of all else. She's staying with Stanley's Mum and Dad who don't do much celebration on Thanksgiving. When a child misbehaves, you have to punish them right. This night, she didn't talk to anyone. She sat in her attic-room, all by herself.

It is December 2nd, and Mort's birthday. He's a Keeper on the Gryffindor team, so we bought him a knew Nimbus TWo Thousand! It was a little expensive, but better than the Comet Two-Sixty, and I bet you Mort will write us saying how he loved it, because Mort is such a dear.

It is December 10th, and surely enough, a school owl came and gave me a letter from my little-big, I meant, big, Mort. It thanked Stanley and I for the wonderful Nimbus Two Thousand.

It is Christmas. Every single child came home, even the men. We all wore our sweaters (some kids didn't seem so happy at first, but then their father told them something in the kitchen, and they were happy. Weird, huh?) and sent postcards. We played in the Britain snow and had a snow fight with three teams. Zachary was captain of Team ONe with Primrose, Nathan, and Althanasia. Stanley was captain of Team Two with Benny, Joey, and Anthony. Trevor was captain of Team Three, with me, Mort, and Peter. It was so much endless fun! After that, we opened our presents from Santa and had hot chocolate. Yum!

It's the New Year. I've written Nathan once every month. I have also written Joey a letter, the twins a letter, and MOrt a letter. Anthony doesn't need one. Why haven't any of them written back? I mean, I'll give MOrt some slack... he's studying for O.W.L.s next year. BUt Althanasia and Peter have no need to study! And JOey.... And Nathan! I wonder.

It's January 14th. That means it's little Benny's birthday! He is seven now. Prim is getting nicer to him, though she is still agressive rarely. She was just going through a phase, that's all. Primrose is a wondrous kid. Benny, Stanley, Prim, and I threw a birthday party. He invited his six muggle friends.

Today is Valentine's Day. Little Prim wrote in her diary that Randall, her crush, sent her a humor card. She sent him one, too. I mean, it's good- nine-year-old should not be sending one another mushy love letters, right?
Meanwhile, Stan and I went to the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade for a romantic lunch as the kids were at muggle school.

Today is the twin's birthday- May 18th. We sent them Books and a BUtterbeer Maker. Nobody has written back yet... when will they?!?

It is June 7th. Anthony's O.W.L.s came in the mail! He got ten! Anthony White is oh, so intellegent! But my mail hasn't come back from any of the children yet.

It is June 22nd, and all my mail came back to me! The kids had been planning this... they had written a lot, and saved it for the end as a surprise! I cried tears of joy. Stanley was so happy.

The kids came back, and we are moving. Yesterday, July 8th, was Prim's tenth birthday. We are probably moving into a big house with a farm. We can afford it! Huzzah!

Good news! Happy ending for this year! We moved into the farmhouse. We didn't need to add as many bedrooms; Mort is older, he doesn't need so much space and Anthony has graduated! He is going to college to become a Defense Against The Dark Arts Teacher. And within a year, we'll be heading to Diagon Alley foir another first year: Primrose! That's if I write another one of these for next year. See you around!

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