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HP after Hogwarts >> A Muggle-Born First Year Part 1 by ThePeaceGril

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Rosalina had gotten the letter! She had really, truly gotten it! An invitation to Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. One of her brothers, who was 13 and to be a third year, Joshua, and her father were taking her to DIagon Alley with them the following day. Blake needed things, too.


Dad, Rosalina, and Joshua went to Diagon Alley the following day. Mum, Daniel, who was 14, and Terry, who was 16 stayed home doing their muggle things. Dad was a muggle as well, but far more into the whole wizarding thing than Mum and the other boys were.
"Alright, Josh. Alright, Rose. Firstly, we go to the bookshop. We get whatever's on your lists, no more, okay?"
"But Dad, the pets Josh has told me-"
"I'll think about it."
"Yes!" Said Rosalina and Josh together.
"Now, to the bookshop!"

After buying the first and third year books, Josh and Rose went with Dad to get Rosalina a cauldron. On the way to Ollivander's, Rose and her big brother saw the broomstick of their dreams. They both didn't care for high-priced brooms such as the Firebolt 3000, or the Firebolt, or the NImbus 2001. Not even the Nimbus 2000 much! But they would prefer a Cleansweep rather than a Comet-Two SIxty they did not have. On that cart in the middle of Diagon Alley, they gazed at the beautiful Cleansweep. Rosalina would LOVE to be a first-year Beater. Imagine that! She though that Beaters got to do cool things, you know, batting and hitting people in the heads with big, round Bludgers... defending Seekers, CHasers, and Keepers! The Beaters were so very important! And Hogwarts supplied bats and bludgers, all she would need was a broomstick. And Joshua was trying out for being Keeper on the Gryffindor Team this year.
"Dad," Josh spoke first. "May I get a Cleansweep? I'll need a broomstick if I'm going to be a Keeper this year."
"OH, Josh. Why can''t I just get you a Shooting Star? Or a Comet Two-Sixty?"
"Aw, Dad! At least a Cleansweep Three!"
"Fine. A Cleansweep Three, please." Dad paid.
"What about me?" WOndered ROse aloud.
"You've got at least two years, Rosalina. And you'll probably get Joshua's Cleansweep anyway."
"But I want a Cleansweep Five!"
"You're so spoiled!" Said Dad.

Once we got to Ollivander's, the old man greeted me.
"Hello, young girl. And what may your name be, my first-year witch?"
"Rosalina, sir."
"Ah, very well... very well, Rosalina. Now which is your wand arm?"
"I... I don't know, sir. I write with my right."
"Good, good! Now let us get your measurements correctly."
After the old man had measured her, he moved the big ladder that had been sitting over to the dark corner of the room and climbed to the middle. He picked up a green box.
"Here, Rosalina," He said, taking the wand out of the box. "Holly, nine inches, with a dragon's tail. Try it. See, just swish the wand at that bell to be rung and we shall soon see what happens."
"Yes, sir." The eleven-year old swished. The bell did not do anything. It only cracked.
"Oh, my!" Said the man. "Definitely not the wand."
He moved the ladder and climbed to the top. He picked up a black box and pulled out another wand.
"Oak, eight inches and but a quarter." He gave the wand to Rose. "Point it at the green boxes up up there like so," he demonstrated. "And say Wingardium Leviosa."
"Wingardium Leviosa!" The red boxes fell.
He went down to the bottom boxes in the dark corner.
"Here. Red oak. Phoenix Tail Feather. 9 1/2 inches exactly."
You could tail the red wand was indeed the right one. Dad paid the old man.
"Remember!" Called the man as they were leaving, "That red oak wand is very good for defense and luck!"
"Yes, sir!" Rosalina smiled sweetly as they made their way to get robes.

"Ooh! Dad, may Rose and I get an owl to share?"
"A cat to share?"
"Erm.... No."
"I want a pygmy puff!" Said Rose.
"Fine. One of you two can get a pygmy puff and one of you two can get a rat or toad."
"Rats and toads are boring!" Said Josh. "I'll pay for my own pygmy puff. I'm thirteen. I'll cash my muggle money in for Knuts, Galleons, and Sickles at Gringotts. All my allowance."
"Great." Said Dad. "I'll pay for Rose.
After they went to Gringotts, they came back to the pet shop and bought pygmy puffs. Rosie felt bad for one with a big scar across its face. They said it was rescued. She took her and named her Sprinkles. She was purple. Joshua got a purple one that was a boy and named it Pig, as in PYGmy puff.
"Smart for a Ravenclaw." Said Rosalina sarcastically.

The entire family was now at King's Cross Station. They all leaned against the brick pole casually and fell into Platform 9 3/4. Rose checked to make sure she had all the things she needed and her pygmy puff, Sprinkles. Joshua was especially fancying his Cleansweep Three. They boarded the Hogwarts Express. Rosalina was nicely invited to sit with Josh and his friends. They were Collin, James, Roger, and Benjamin. Then Benjamin let a girl, Belle, sit between Ben and Rose. Belle and Rose became good friends and hoped to see each other at Hogwarts in Gryffindor as First Years.


When Rosalina arrived at Hogwarts, she saw a huge castle and four other towers. Hagrid led them across the big lake and to where they would be sorted.
After the Sorting hat sang its song (this came as no surprise to me because JOsh had told me), we were to be sorted into our houses! There were Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and HUfflepuff.
"Abbas, Russel!" Said Mrs. McGonagall,who was about eighty.
The Sorting Hat sat for three seconds, talking to the boy. "HUFFLEPUFF!"
He raced over to the HUfflepuff table.
"Akou, Neil!"
The sorting hat said right away, before it could even touch his full head, "SLYTHERIN!"
"Amour, Leah!"
The sorting hat this time waited for sixteen seconds, talking to the girl. Then, it finally said, "HUFFLEPUFF!"
"Azul, Berry!"
A girl identical to Belle was sorted into Ravenclaw.
"Azul, Belle!"
I thumbed-up her. SHe got into Ravenclaw, ever so sadly.
"Bat, Jim!"
Directly, it screamed alarmingly, "SLYTHERIN!"
Maybe she'd be the first Gryffindor!
"Berois, Francheska!"
Or not.
"Blunt, Rosalina!"
Here she went.
Rose sat on the stool and put the old, comfortable, sorting hat upon her head. It took somewhere from fourteen-twenty-two seconds.
"Hmm.... Another Blunt, eh? Kimmy's not related.... Josh, he is your brother." It spoke a bit fast. "I hate to separate the two of you, but..."
The Ravenclaws, especially Belle, who made her sister, Berry, cheer cheered.
She walked over to the Ravenclaw table. Rosalina took and empty seat and so Berry and Belle shifted to sit next to her, Belle in the middle, with her identical twin on her left, and upset Rosalina at her right.
"At least we are seeing each other, though... right?"
"Yeah." Rose grunted kind of rudely.
When it came to Albus Severus Potter's turn, everybody, at once, bolted upright.
"GRYFFINDOR!" The hat screamed. All the Gryffindor kids cheered extremely loudly. Both Belle and Rosalina were jealous.


That same exact night, Rosalina was sitting in bed, playing with little Sprinkles. When she pulled out bread, Valerie's pygmy puff came over and ate it with Sprinkles. "What's her name?" Rose asked Valerie from the other side of her.
SO original. And she was supposed to be a Ravenclaw?
But Rose took another close look with her flashlight.
"She's purple."
"I know." Valerie laid facing Rosalina know and winked.
She could now hear Elli snoring over her. Tabby was asleep, but she wasn't snoring. In the single bed, snooty Monique who had lived in New York yelled, "WILL YOU TWO SHUT UP?!"
This made Tabby and Elli hit their heads on the ceiling.
"Us?" Rosalina said.
"Yeah, duh! SOme people are trying to SLEEP!"
"Right back at you!" Said Elli, equally loudly. Rose turned over and tried to block out the sounds of the conversation. She realized at the moment, the pygmy puffs weren't in her bed anymore. She panicked. Then Rosalina found Sprinkles, shivering of fear under her bed, and Pinky shivering in Valerie's arms. Rosalina took Sprinkles and put her in her cage. She then pointed her red wand and said, "Wingardium Leviosa!"
Rose fell asleep.


The next morning, the crew woke up late. Rosalina, Valerie, Tabby, Elli, and Monique all threw their clothes on. Valerie got Tabby's robes, Rose got Valerie's robes, Monique got Rosalina's robes, Elli got MOnique's robes, and Tabby got Elli's robes. They all got their wands, four out of the five fed their pets (Tabby had an owl), brushed their hair and brushed their teeth in three minutes. They hurried to their first class. It was Transfiguration. Mrs. McGonagall, who was retiring soon, said to them:
"You are all eleven minutes late. Explain to me why. Take a seat, ladies, but I expect better from Ravenclaws like you from now on."
Rosalina felt a tear run down her cheek. Her first class- and she had to be late!
"I- I- I- I'm s-s-s-so s-s-sor-rry, P-p-professor!" She stuttered.
"We overslept, Professor. Please forgive us." Said Valerie.
"We won't do it again! I'm sorry! Please forgive us!" Elli was ready to cry too.
"We won't right, girls?" Monique kicked them. "Right." They said.
"Okay, then, girls. Take a seat. Miss Merrison, you wait."
Monique's lip trembled.
"I shall be the only one calling your classmates girls. They are equal to you, as a curtsy or a greeting to an adult would be different from one to a girl like you, Miss Merrison. Do I make myself clear?"
"Yes, Professor McGonagall." Monique said. "Oh!" She pulled out a bright, shiny, red apple. "Here you are, Professor!"
What a suck-up, Thought Rosalina.
"Now, where was I? Oh, right. So, with your objects, you will have to swish, flick, and say, 'Wingardium Leviosa' to make them fly." McGonagall put emphasis on the 'gar' and demonstrated with her bottle.
After Rose took a seat next to Elli and another Ravenclaw first year, though he was a boy, she looked straight at her object. It was a Transfiguration book. So it would be easier, the book wasn't too thick or heavy. She pointed her blood-red wand at it and said, "Wing-GARRRRRRR-dium Leviosa!" The book would not budge.
Maybe it was to much on the r's.
"Wing-GAAAAR-dium Leviosa!"
The book hovered above her desk, level with the top of her head. After a few Ravenclaw helpings, and many HUfflepuff helpings, McGonagall taught them to point their wands at a certain angle down to drop their objects. For the rest of the period, the First-Year Ravenclaws and HUfflepuffs practiced doing that. For Rosie, book up, book down, book up, book down. For the Ravenclaw boy, quilt patch up, quilt patch down. For Elli, vase up, vase down. At the end of the period, almost everyone had mastered it.


Professor Sprout Jr. welcomed all the Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs as they poured into her classroom.
"Hello, students! How are you today?"
"Good." said the class.
"Good, Professor Sprout." Said Rosalina. Then she was embarrassed.
"Thank you. You are the only one that has said it right. And what might your name be?"
"M-m-me?" Rose said. "Rosalina Blunt." She said a tad proudly.
"Ah.... I like you!" She hit Rosalina on the back harder than meant.
"Suck-up!" Screamed the HUfflepuff next to her. She then realized that the Ravenclaw boy from Transfiguration had taken a seat next to her again on the other side.
"Now, now, there's no use for that here! We're in a greenhouse classroom! This is supposedly a peaceful place." Said Professor Sprout Jr.
They worked on magical spices and how to use them for the remaining thirty-nine minutes.


Professor Lesser (strange name, Rose thought) welcome his students into his Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom at exactly nine o'clock. This was third period. However, it had felt like a full day for the first years! Poor kids.
"F.Y.I." No one uses that anymore, thought everyone. "I am extremely sharp and practical. In this class, you will always be on time, and if you are tardy, you shall miss the lesson but still receive the day's homework. Today, as Professor McGonagall, your headmistress has instructed, there shall be no homework for today and tomorrow. Then, I shall give you buckets."
The class was frightened by practical professor Lesser.
"I know a lot more than you scums do, so if you insult me, yell, talk back, call out, or be a know-it-all like Granger, years ago, when I was two grades below her, then you'll wish you never have. I'll either jinx or hex you. Now, sit up straight!"
The class did as told.
"Feet smack together, underneath your desks!"
The class did as told.
"DO WHAT I SAY, THE MOMENT I SAY IT! THAT MEANS YOU, AZUL!" Whether he looked at Berry or Belle, nobody could tell.
Rosalina was so scared, it took her the entire class to find out that the Ravenclaw boy was next to her again. Yet she was extremely eager to get out of that stuffy Defense AGainst the Dark Arts Classroom and get some nice fresh air and freedom.


The first years all took a seat in the Charms Classroom. Old Professor Flitwick, who was somewhat tinier than a normal wizard, welcomed the kids.
After a while, Rose got bored. SHe wish she hadn't sat in front. SHe promised not to do it again in History of Magic because she hated learning about Magical History. She looked in her History Book for Hogwarts and almost tore it apart. Though she was a wise Ravenclaw, she would not last in History of Magic.


At 11:10, Rose and everyone else were released. They saw the Gryffindors and Slytherins come out of Divination down the hall.
Rosalina caught up with Monique, Elli, Tabby, and Valerie as they all headed to lunch.
"I've got to go to the loo. I will be back." Said Rose.
She sighted a whole flock of Gryffindors and Slytherins in their sixth year pouring out of an Astronomy classroom nearby as she walked to the bathroom. Josh had showed her the previous night where it was, and told her that it was haunted. Rosalina wasn't stupid! SHe was in Ravenclaw! There were no bad ghosts in Hogwarts.
After that, she ran to the lunch room. Rose found her friends sitting there, waiting, excluding Berry and Belle, though.


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