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>> >> True Love:Chapter 1:It all starts when the battle ended by GinnyP87

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Chapter 1 It all starts when the battle ended….
Many people died that night. Fighting the evil dark lord "Voldemort". Many , Many people.

But for Harry Potter, It didn’t end.
A battle is still running in his mind, heart and soul. Fighting to reach her. To kiss her. To hug her.


His only true Love. He never felt that way with Cho Chang! Ginny is different she's always different.

They left Dumbledore's office or McGonagall's office as it is now. Hermione and Ron were following Harry to the great hall but then when they reached the door both of them stopped.

"harry, I think ron and I are going to the common room to get some rest!"said Hermione. "or maybe sleep."

"yeah,well,ok as you like. It's up to you both."said harry.

"aren't you coming, mate."said ron with a puzzled face.

"no, I don’t think so."said harry

"as you like."said Hermione. "just remember, when you need anything just come to us."
She hugged him a sister hug then went with ron upstairs.

Harry looked at his target. Ginny! He thought. she was still there her head on her mother's shoulder. She wasn’t crying, not even a one single tear.harry went to Mrs.Weasley.but before he reach her she stood up and ran to him to give the bone-crushing hug. she cried on his shoulder.

"Mrs.Weasley I'm sorry! It's all because of me I'm sorry! I'm sorry for fred! I didn't mean to I…."said harry but Mrs.Weasley interrupted him.

"harry dear, it's not because of you! Fred, not only fred all of us I should say, when we came here we knew what we were doing! We know that we could die fighting against him! You don't have to be sorry"said molly hugging one more time

"thank you, Mrs.Weasley" said harry as she smiled at him.

Harry turned his face and looked at her. she looked at him back staring at him in the eye, stood up then walked quickly towards the door.
"Ginny!" said harry quietly

But ginny continued her way to the outside world. She went to the tree beside the black lake and sat there on a small rock. She started to cry.

I can't cry. Not in front of him!!. As tears started to run on her cheeks like a small stream she felt a very familiar hands on her shoulders she couldn’t dare to look at him. Not in his beautiful emerald eyes. she stood up looking at her feet than slowly at his beautiful eyes.

"ginny, it's ok…"

"NO IT'S NOT!!" she screamed in his face. "IT'S NOT!!...it's..it's…." than she broke down into sobs.

Before harry could do anything suddenly everything went black! When romilda vane stepped to hug him. As she was hugging him she looked at ginny and winked to her with a arrogance look smiling evilly.

"Congratulations Harry!" said romilda.
Harry nodded to her without saying any word. As

she went harry give ginny a hand to get up from the floor because she fell when romilda knocked her. harry hugged her.

"shhhh..shhh..it's ok sweetheart it's over, no need to cry!" said harry.

"it's horrible harry. You don't know. It's…….." ginny pulled back and looked at harry with surprised look on her face. "what did you just say????!"

"Erm..it's over?..no need to cry?!"

"you..you..you said 'sweetheart', what does that mean?!" she said quitely.

"Ginny.." he replied in her same quite tone. "when I broke up with you at Dumbledore's funeral, I broke with you to protect you, but now it's over there is nothing can stop us..unless you don’t want me back…I mean it's up to you, you know" he said looking at his trainers.

She lifted his chin up with her finger so she can look to his amazing eyes and said. "harry..there is nothing in the world can stop me from loving you…not even Voldemort!" harry was surprised that she said Voldemort's name "also..when you broke up with me, I was sure that the day we make up again will come, I knew that you can defeat him harry, you're my hero, even if you can't defeat him, you are my hero, my love story's hero..yes, you are!"

Harry felt the tears trying to escape his eyes. He couldn't hold it back, so he let them roll down on his cheeks freely. He pulled her in the biggest and tightest hug he could ever give it to someone, for her..just her. They both cried on each other's shoulders. They began to cry and cry but never stop.

They sat watching the sunset together after many hours of talking and talking about the things that happened to each other during the year. Harry told Ginny about everything: the horcruxes, the story of snape and many other things, actually everything he explained every single word he says. She told him about her year at Hogwarts and how she missed him all the time. She told him about the carrows and what they did.
Harry leaned his back to the tree while Ginny sat beside him her head on his chest, she felt that there's nothing that can let her be away from him or him away from her. Harry turned his face to tell Ginny that it's time to go, but he found her asleep her head still on his own chest. He smiled to himself and chuckled at her look sleeping and smiling peacefully. He carried her inside. He saw molly and aruther they smiled at him and he nodded back. Many people especially girls were whispering at the sight of them. Harry didn’t care but smiled, he was happy not because the war ended and they – the good people- won, because now he can be alone with nothing to fear with his only true love..Ginny
Harry woke up the next morning at the scream of Mrs.Weasley, he ran downstairs to the common room and saw molly, Hermione and fleur crying, and the rest of the weasleys looking sad and frightened.

"WHAT HAPPENED ?????!" he asked shouting at them.

"oh…harry..G…G..Ginny is missing!!my little baby girl!" said molly between sobs.


as he felt the world around spinning fast he couldn't see anything anymore. All was black.
A\N: this is my first story i hope you like it, please review, if you want to share ideas or anything you want just tell me it's ok i like when my readers ay their opinions.thank you..

best wishes..

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