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HP after Hogwarts >> The Diaries of Albus Severus Potter - Year One by mblanco59

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Chapter One:

July 29, 2017

It finally arrived! My letter to Hogwarts! James kept on telling me that it wouldn’t and I would have to be sent to Durmstrang where all the bad bairns go. Thank God!
Dear Albus Severus Potter,
We are pleased to inform thou that thou have been accepted in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! Please arrive at King’s Cross Station on Sunday, September 3, 2017 at Platform 9 3/4. The train will depart promptly at 11:00 AM.
Headmaster McGonagall

“Congratulations Al! Your father and I are so proud! You will make a fine wizard!” James ran in, taunting by saying, “ You’re gonna to get sorted into Slytherin! You’re gonna get sorted into SLYTHERIN!”. NO WAY will I go into Slytherin! I REFUSE! But what if I do? I’d be dishonored from my family, exiled to Bulgaria... or sent to graft for Uncle Charlie with the dragons in Romania... that’s what all of the Weasley family threatens when we are bad.

September 3, 2017

I arrived at Platform 9 3/4 along with my older brother James, my younger sister, Lily and my parents. As I pushed my trolley into the platform I saw my cousin Rose who was also entering her first year at Hogwarts. We greeted em, but I couldn’t help but wonder, would I be sorted into Slytherin? James has been teasing me the entire car ride... I hate when he does that. My pop reassured my that both Gryffindor and Slytherin are the both good houses and if I want to, I can choose. After my reassurance, I saw my pater and my Uncle Ron look over in dismay. It was the Malfoy’s with Scorpius, another first year and his older brother Blake who was a year older than James. The trains final whistle blew, as Rose and I scurried to find a seat together. James was sitting with his mates, his closest being Frankie Longbottom a fellow Gryffindor, who also had a twin named Allie who was in Hufflepuff. We passed cabin after cabin and finally we found one with space. Scorpius Malfoy was sitting there alone. This should be interesting... We all introduced ourselves even though we knew who each other were. Immediately we started yakking about what was on all of our minds... The Sorting Hat. Scorpius wanted to be sorted into Slytherin. Rose and I wanted to be sorted into Gryffindor. We eventually moved on to quidditch. Scorpius really wants to be a beater. He says it looks fun. I am more of an individualist, so I’d probably be better at seeker. Rose could care less about quidditch, though she fancies quidditch players.

Chapter 2

September 3, 2017

As we arrived at Hogwarts, I was in awe. The castle was huge and so magical! I can’t wait to use my wand. James ran off with his Gryffindor mates to the dining hall. Headmaster McGonnagall herded all of us first years before having us mosey into the dining hall. The bewitched ceiling was prettier than I imagined. After seeing all four tables lined up, I realized... maybe Slytherin wouldn’t be so bad. Or any house come to that. After a few students were sorted it was Scorpius’ turn. “Slytherin!” the Sorting Hat immediately exclaimed. Rose’s turn. “Gryffindor!”. Headmaster McGonnagall then called my name “Albus Potter.” I walked up to the chair. The Sorting Hat was placed on my head. It pondered for a bit. “Slytherin!”. James laughed. Everyone else cheered. I walked over to the Slytherin dining table and sat next to Scorpius. As we were all leaving to our bedrooms, James ran up to me and said “Mum and pop will be so pissed!”. Ian Flint, a seventh year prefect led us to Slytherin tower. He was a beater on the quidditch team as well. He was tall had dark hair and amber colored eyes. I took the bed next to Scorpius’ where my clothes were laid out. I was fine about being in Slytherin at this point, but I also felt left out because everyone I knew was in Gryffindor.

September 4, 2017

I walked into my first class with Scorpius and we both took a seat next to Rose who was unsurprisingly sitting in the front. It was charms class, taught by Professor Johnson, a bubbly woman who wore a lot of yellow. Of course Rose knew everything, as Scorpius and I, with the rest of the class failed miserably at our wingardium leviosas. Ryan Finnigan, a Gryffindor, almost blew the gaff up he was so terrible!

September 9, 2017

Well, I made it past the first week. I think I like the whole Slytherin thing now. I guess I should probably write to my parents...

Dear Mum and pop,
I was sorted into Slytherin. Don’t worry, I’m happy with it. I don’t have James nagging at me all the time and bossing me around. You won’t believe who I’ve become mates with... Scorpius Malfoy! He is really cool. We are both trying out for quidditch next week. He wants to be a beater and I want to be a seeker. James is trying out for the Gryffindor team, he decided he’s going out for chaser. Slytherin isn’t what it used to be. They are not evil like they used to be. According to Malfoy most of Death Eaters that survived fled to Bulgaria and sent their kids to Durmstrang. I guess we’ll see how that goes in the end of the year International Wizarding Schools Tournament. Apparently Vincent Goyle goes there. The Malfoy’s don’t speak to em anymore.

Love, Albus

P.S. If I make quidditch can I get a Firebolt 1500?

Chapter 3

September 10, 2017

Dear Albus,
I’m glad you are pleased about Slytherin. It is a great house and many the best wizards come out of Slytherin, and you will be one of em. Good luck with quidditch, but keep in mind not many first years make it. I was only the first on 100 years to be a first year seeker, so don’t worry if you have to wait until next year. As for the Firebolt, how about thou start out with a Nimbus and wait until you are a little more experienced for the Firebolt.

Love, pop

Scorpius and I decided to play some quidditch before our looming tryouts. We had just had our first flying lesson and it went pretty smoothly so we felt we were ready to try it out. We had both played without broomsticks in our backyard so we were pretty confident in our skills. We invited a few other mates along with us, Mark Kirkridge and Emily Thomas. Mark wanted to play keeper and Emily wanted to play chaser. We also got Ian Flint to help us out so  we could learn the ins and outs.  The flying felt pretty natural, though getting the snitch took awhile. Ian told me though that I have a good chance. He said Scorpius would make a fine beater as well.

  September 13, 2017

Quidditch tryouts were today and I made seeker! Scorpius made the team as well and James made chaser for Gryffindor! Our first match is against Ravenclaw in two and a half weeks. Ian says they are awful. He says Gryffindor is our only competition this year.

September 16, 2017

Dear Mum and pop,
I made seeker for Slytherin and Scorpius made beater! James made chaser for Gryffindor. We play em in four weeks, I really hope we beat em! I finally mastered levitation! Herbology isn’t the most exciting class, but Professor Longbottom makes it entertaining, especially when he faints!


Chapter 4

September 21, 2017

I am really glad I was sorted into Slytherin at this point, but all people think of when they see me is Harry Potter’s son. When they learn my name they think of two of the best wizards of the 20th century. I just want to be myself. I’m just Al.
September 30, 2017

Today is the day! My first quidditch game! Mum and pop sent an owl to let me know they will be watching me! I stood on the platform overlooking the quidditch pitch. Will Jordan, a third year was the announcer for the game. First they announced the away team, Ravenclaw. Their seeker is quick! He is a fourth year named Luke Stein. Apparently he has memorized every spell in every chapter of every book he has ever read! He can recite the History of Magic without blinking as well! “Now for the home team!” exclaimed Will enthusiastically. “At beater, a seventh year prefect and the captain of Slytherin, Ian Flint!”. “At beater, a first year, Scorpius Malfoy!” I saw Scorpius show a huge grin as he spotted his pop, Draco in the parents and professors box for Slytherin. He was sitting next to my pop, my Mum on the other side of my pop. “At chaser, a fifth year, Jason Kirkridge! At chaser, a sixth year, Regina Black! At chaser, a 3rd year, Blake Malfoy! At keeper, a third year, Salazar Blishwick!” “And finally, at seeker, a first year, Albus Potter!” I dashed onto the pitch, and did my lap around. I gave huge smile and a friendly wave. Professor Hodge set out the snitch and bludgers and threw the quaffle. And we begin. The snitch dashed way out of sight, probably halfway to Hogsmeade! “Slytherin gets first posession of the quaffle, Kirkridge to Black to Blake Malfoy and SCORE! 10 points for Slytherin!” Ravenclaw gets possesion of the quaffle, their chasers quickly passed one after another and their beaters hitting away all bludgers nearby. They shoot the quaffle.. “ stopped by Blishwick!” A bludger nearly hit him but Ian saved him. “And another 10 points for Slytherin, this time scored by Black!”. I scanned the pitch, looked at Stein, he seemed to be looking also, but no snitch in sight yet. “10 points for Ravenclaw!” Bullocks! Blishwick let one by him. “Black to Kirkridge, he’s dashing down the pitch! Malfoy hits away a bludger! and score! another 10 points for Slytherin!” Then I saw it. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the snitch! I was coming in through the side of the pitch, but it was closer to Stein. A bludger was coming towards me, I’ll pretend just to be dodging it then go off to the races! “And the snitch is in sight, both seekers are off to the races!” We both raced around the pitch, it left the court, but we both followed, we were heading towards the Forbidden Forest! Thankfully it turned right in time, back towards the pitch, I had a slight lead over Stein. I flew into the pitch, nearly hitting my pop! It took a conk dive and I followed and right before I plummeted to the ground “And he’s done it! Albus Potter caught the snitch! Slytherin wins!” As I walked back to the Slytherin Common Room everyone cheered my name! We all celebrated with butter beer. I invited James in with me. He was a tad skeptical to go into Slytherin territory but he came along. Rose came too, but she was more focused on Scorpius. Later in the night Scorpius’s shy cousin, Ashley Zabini, another first year came up to me and congratulated me. Her ma is Daphne Zabini, his ma ’s sister. Ashley has an older blud named Nick who is a third year.

Chapter 5
October 7, 2017

Scorpius and I were exploring the Forbidden Forest when we came across something interesting. It was a dark red stone. It was beautiful. I picked it up and something curious happened... I saw Grandma and Grandpa Potter! I said Hi. I asked em what this was and they said it was a special stone. They said they are proud of me and pop. They both smiled and Grandma’s eyes looked just like mine! I let Scorpius give it a try and he didn’t see anything, but said he believed me. He said it is probably because he has never lost anyone. We immediately ran to show James so he could meet pop ’s parents. He smiled, then we gave it to Rose. She exclaimed “ you look just like Uncle George! You must be Uncle Fred!” I didn’t meet Uncle Fred and neither did James so we all touched the stone together. He seemed goofy, apparently George used to be a bleedin' clever goofball but he wasn’t the same after Uncle Fred died in The Battle of Hogwarts. He still makes the occasional joke and gadget, but it seems like he is always missing something. I wish he were here to see his twin! “Should we tell Mum and pop?” “No way!” James yelled. “They would probably take it from us and tell us it was dangerous.” He said. Later that night I safely hid the stone in my trunk. We didn’t really know what it was yet, but we wanted to be careful. It could be valuable and dangerous.

October 12, 2017

My mind had been so focused on the stone we found for days that I completely forgot, we play Gryffindor in quidditch this Saturday! James clearly hadn’t forgotten... he came up to me at supper and said “ thou ready to lose little bro?”. Scorpius joined in on the trash talk and said “Not if I can help it! Be careful what thou say or I might just send a bludger to yer head!”. Ian Flint walked up and authoritatively said, “Speaking with the enemy I see?” Then let off a big grin and sent us over to our table. As we walked over Rose waved and blinked a few times at Scorpius.... ewww.

October 14, 2017

Gryffindor was the home team this match so Thomas Bell was announcing today. He announced our names and we all did our laps and waves. Then he called out Gryffindor. The balls were released and the game began! The snitch flew off, no where to be seen. We traded possessions a few times before Kirkridge finally scored one on Jack O’Brien, a fifth year keeper from Dublin. After a few more back and forth stealing going on, James got ahold of the quaffle he zipped through the pitch a he was fast! I didn’t know James could fly like that! It seemed effortless when he scored on Blishwick. Black scored 10 points and James got another goal so it was tied 20-20. whilst Blake was flying through the pitch to try to take the lead, a bludger flew towards him, I thought for sure he was headed for the infirmary but amazingly Scorpius managed to hit the bludger away just in time. Kirkridge scored. 30-20. James got another 10 points! That’s three for him now! Finally, the snitch! Now it’s my turn. This time I had the advantage. I zipped through the pitch desperately chasing the snitch. Bobby Wood was on my tail. He was a clever sixth year and was the captain for Gryffindor, his pop was the quidditch captain when my pop first started playing. We raced. Black scored, and then Creevey scored for Gryffindor, followed by James. We were down 50-40. I was chasing the snitch and desperately avoiding the bludger. Thankfully Scorpius came to my rescue. Wood and I continued to race to the snitch. Then I decided to use a move my pop taught me. I stood up on my brush stick, riding it like a muggle skateboard. A bludger was headed my way, but Flint stopped it. I reached out and grabbed it! Slytherin wins! After the game James and I walked up to each other, shook hands and smiled. We both played the amazing games. He walked up and said, “Well you guys got us this time but just wait until our next match!”. “I’m never going to let a snitch get away from me!” Mum and pop walked over to congratulate us before they apparated back to Godric’s Hollow. I was tempted to tell em, but James stopped me up before I spilled the beans. I saw Draco, Astoria, Narcissa and Lucius all mosey over to Scorpius. It looked as if Draco and Lucius had just been arguing and Narcissa looked worried. They all congratulated Scorpius. I decided to introduce my parents to Scorpius. I waved him over. I introduced em, then his family came over. James glanced at me giving me the “This should be interesting” look. We all tried to act normal and pretend his grandad didn’t support the man that tried to kill my pop, twice. We all told em we were going to go talk to Rose, who we saw down the hall. Of course we eavesdropped with an ear thingamijig that Uncle George created in his Hogwarts years. “So looks like my son Scorpius and your son Albus have become pretty good mates.” “Who would have ever guessed.” “I still can’t believe your boy is a Slytherin! And of course I love it because he’s obviously doing well for Slytherin in quidditch. James was good as well.” “Yes, we’re proud of them, and of course Al would have never gotten the snitch without Scorpius.” There was some silence, then Harry asked Draco if he could speak to him. In private. They walked down the corridor into a corner. What could he be asking him? It must be work related. They came back, both silent. Clearly whatever they spoke about was important.. I hope they didn’t know about the stone! Draco left with his family and Mum and pop apparated back home.

Chapter 6:

October 19, 2017

James decided we needed to have a meeting between the four of us that knew about the stone. We should figure out what to do with it. James walked in, the last to arrive. I was sitting in a chair, with Scorpius and Rose sitting on the couch in the Slytherin common room. James took a seat and said, “We need to figure out what to do with it.”. Rose then responded by saying, “Shouldn’t we figure out what it is first?”. James then said, “Probably. Maybe Victoire would know. She’s a seventh year so she would have the best chance.” Of course our parents probably knew what is was, and all of the professors, but they would probably confiscate it.

October 24, 2017

We spoke to Victoire today. She is a seventh year prefect for Ravenclaw. When we showed her the stone her eyes widened. Her jaw practically fell to the ground when we showed her what happened when thou used it. She had an idea, but wasn’t positive what it was. She didn’t want to tell us what is was unless she was sure about it. We made her swear she wouldn’t tell anyone and she agreed, but she told us we should tell an adult about it.

October 31, 2017

Today was the big halloween banquet. I don’t think I’ve ever had so much food, butterbeer and pumpkin juice. I also got a chocolate frog and my pop was on the card it came with! We didn’t have any classes today because it is an official holiday for the wizarding world. I also got a letter from my pop.

Dear Albus,
I hope thou are enjoying your first halloween at Hogwarts. It truly is an experience. Just don’t have too much butterbeer. I made it official, Christmas will be at Godric’s Hollow this year! There was a mishap at Grandma and Grandpa Weasley’s house so I offered to have it at our house. Teddy Lupin is also joining us! He says he has something to tell us all! Your ma couldn’t write this time, she is away at a quidditch tournament writing for the Daily Prophet. Also I will not be able to make it to your game against Hufflepuff, but I’m sure you will do the well!


November 4, 2017

We had our game against Hufflepuff today! It was a complete blowout! We were up 90-10, and then I got the snitch. Their seeker didn’t stand a chance against me. The real star this game was Kirkridge though, he scored 6 of our 9 goals!

Chapter 7:

November 12, 2017

Today was this semesters trip to Hogsmeade. We visited Uncle George’s shop, Scorpius and I are planning on pranking Professor Barton, he teaches potions and is absolutely miserable as a teacher. My cousin Fred, who is a 4th year at Hogwarts was also there to see his pop. Next we went to the Shrieking Shack for some butterbeer. I went with Rose, Scorpius, James and his best mate Frankie Longbottom. On our way back we saw Victoire, she used the day to be with Teddy Lupin. Teddy Lupin graduated a couple of years ago and met Victoire at Hogwarts. He was a prefect for Gryffindor, head boy and was a seeker as well. We waved and Teddy gave a big, friendly hello as he changed his hair colour from brown to pink and back to brown. Teddy has always been like another brother to us. He’s been at our house for every holiday, and stayed with us for a few summers after his Grandma, Andromeda Tonks died during his 4th year at Hogwarts. He taught James and I how to play quidditch in our backyards.

November 17, 2017

We organized a huge wizards chess competition today. Each competitor has to put down two Galleons. We didn’t tell the professors because we aren’t aloud to bet money. We were so surprised to see how many people came out! There were 128 competitors! Apparently one person told another and before thou knew it we were looking at an all day event. In the end I had to go against Dominique and I beat her! She let out a bloody loud “Zeut!” when I finished off her bishop that she had left. I won over 250 Galleons! Not quite enough for a Firebolt though!

December 17, 2017

Tomorrow I go back to Godric’s Hollow! We are still not telling our parents about the stone, though we all agreed it would be okay to tell Teddy.

Chapter 8:

December 21, 2017

Teddy got here today, he was at Uncle Bill’s with Victoire. He works at St. Mungo’s on the floor for creature induced injuries. James and I told him about the stone. We showed him and he got to see his parents. He was shaken up by it, but he said he had no idea what it was but would tell us if he found out. After him, James and I played quidditch in the backyard. Lily was playing with her dollhouse.

December 22, 2017

Uncle Ron, Aunt Hermoine, Rose and Hugo arrived today. James and I told Rose that Teddy knows. After we all watched the quidditch match between the Holyhead Harpies and the Wimbourne Wasps. My family are all Harpies fans because my ma was their chaser before we were born. Teddy, Uncle Ron, Aunt Hermoine, Rose and Hugo all root for the Wasps. The Wasps ended up winning. My ma was not pleased and she had to do a write up for the Daily Prophet about the game. Uncle Ron and my pop were talking about ministry stuff, he brought up the conversation he had with Mr. Malfoy. I hope it isn’t Scorpius’s family. There are many former Voldemort supporters in his family. His Granddad got let off, but people start to whisper when he is around. Many think he still is a dark wizard. He was one of the top Death Eaters and even let his house be used for meetings. Draco is widely respected in the wizarding world. He wasn’t at first, but he has proven to be a respectable man. He became an auror in 2003.

December 23, 2017

Grandma and Grandpa Weasley arrived today. They gave us all hugs and arrived as always with food on hand. Grandma can’t help herself, between raising 7 lads she hardly ever left the kitchen! Grandpa gave us all a rubber duck. He finds them interesting. It is his favourite muggle artifact.

December 24, 2017

The rest of the family arrived today. First Uncle Bill and Aunt Fleur arrived with Victoire, Dominique and Louis who hasn’t started out at Hogwarts yet. Victoire immediately ran up and gave Teddy a big smooch. Next Uncle George and Aunt Angelina arrived with Fred and Roxanne. Roxanne is the same age as Lily. After dinner, which Grandma made, Uncle Charlie arrived with Aunt Alexandra from Romania with Adriana and Michael. Adriana is in her 5th year and Michael is in his 3rd year in Gryffindor. Finally Uncle Percy and Aunt Audrey arrived with Molly, Lucy and John. Uncle Percy is the Minister of Magic for Britain, so he only gets today and tomorrow off from work. Christmas is the only time all of us are together, so every year there are always some surprises. Tonight we found out that Teddy and Victoire got engaged! Apparently they got engaged that day in Hogsmeade. Their wedding will be in June, 1 month after Victoire graduates. We also found out that both my ma and Aunt Hermoine are going to have a baby! My ma will have hers in mid July and Aunt Hermoine will have hers in late June. Finally, Grandma gave us all our Christmas sweaters. They are hideous but I still love em. After gifts, everyone went leave except for Teddy.

December 25, 2017

I don’t believe it! My parents got me and James Firebolt 1500’s for Christmas! They also gave James a cloak that makes him look invisible. It’s been passed on to the oldest male in our family for centuries. James said he will share it with me. Teddy gave me and James a map of Hogwarts that lets you see where everyone is, and all of the secret passage ways! There is so much to Hogwarts that I don’t even know about! I can’t wait to show Scorpius it!

December 30, 2018

We leave for Hogwarts tomorrow. It has been an interesting few days. My pop had to leave for the United States for a meeting of the head aurors of each region to discuss the situation in each region. My pop is the head auror of the entire wizarding world and my Uncle Ron is the head auror for The UK and Ireland. Since London is the birthplace of magic, we have the most witches and wizards. Whenever there is a major crisis in a region my pop has to go there. It has only happened twice though since he became the top auror. We don’t know much about what goes on in his work. The Auror Headquarters is completely unknown, even to us and we are only told about dark wizardry on a need to know basis. My Mum is worried every time he travels. She fears that one day some of Voldemort’s followers will rebel once again.

Chapter 9:

December 31, 2018

I’m back at Hogwarts and told Scorpius everything that went on over break. After he told me about his break. Apparently he overheard his pop and his grandfather talking and he thinks the problems going on might be from Eastern Europe. His pop went there and he heard him bring up the Goyle’s, a man his pop was mates with at Hogwarts. It seems all of the lads of the Death Eaters fled to Bulgaria. All of their kids now go to Durmstrang Academy. Their Minister of Magic, Viktor Krum was one of the greatest seekers of all time and won 3 Quidditch World Cups with Bulgaria. His son, Josef is a 5th year at Durmstrang and is said to be a bloody good seeker. He also has a daughter named Alexa who is a 4th year.

January 1, 2018

Scorpius and I told James and Rose about the Bulgaria thing today. To think we are going to have to compete against them in the International Wizarding Schools Tournament in May!

January 6, 2018

Today Scorpius, Rose, James and I went into the forbidden forest to investigate the area that Scorpius and I found the stone in. I didn’t realize it but the area looked damaged, which means part of the Battle of Hogwarts in 1998 probably went on here. Much of Hogwarts had to be rebuilt after that day. They had to completely rethink their security. “Only faculty, students and certain members of The Ministry of Magic of the United Kingdom and Ireland may use magic on school grounds.” They have a special spell inside Hogwarts to prevent anyone else from using magic.

January 12, 2018

Today the Headmaster announced that Professors are now assessing students for consideration in representing Hogwarts in the IWST. There are eight schools that participate in the IWST: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, Durmstrang Institute, The Salem School of Magic, Escola Magico de Amazonia, The Nairobi Institute of Magic, The Witches and Wizards Academy of Shanghai and The New Delhi School of Magic. The competition consists of four events. The first competition is an academic quiz on several subjects. In the quiz each school chooses four students. The second is dueling in which two students represent each school. The third is the maze. Each school selects two students to go into a maze to find the flag. The final competition is quidditch. There used to be a tournament where only one wizard would represent each school but the last one was in 1994 which my pop won, only to watch a fellow competitor, Cedric Diggory get killed by Voldemort.

January 20, 2018

Today we had our second game against Ravenclaw. We beat em again! This time Blake Malfoy scored 3 times, Jason Kirkridge scored twice and Regina Black scored twice. Salazar Blishwick did a the great job, not letting a single quaffle past him! I got the snitch making a sharp turn into it to catch it. It was so cushy with the firebolt! I saw Professor Wood who is one of the flying instructors, watching the game and taking notes. He must be watching for the IWST.

January 23, 2018

Today in potions thou wouldn’t believe what Scorpius, Mark and I did! Professor Barton was being miserable as always and we set out portable swamp! Barton didn’t even know it was us and he had to let us out of class for it to be cleaned up!

February 3, 2018

We had another game against Hufflepuff today! It wasn’t even close! We beat em 280-20! People think I have a real chance at being seeker in the IWST. We hear they are going to invite players to try-out once the house team season is over.

February 14, 2018

My last game is in 3 days! We are playing our last game against Gryffindor. Everyone will be playing their hardest because we all want to get on the team for the IWST. On another note, today is Valentine’s day. It seems that love is in the air everywhere. Except for me. I just don’t know how to talk to girls! I’m just so awkward with them! James on the other hand has girls at his fingertips. His valentine this year was Allie Longbottom. I don’t know how Frankie felt about it. Scorpius and Rose were each other's valentine. They gave each other chocolate frogs. Teddy Lupin sent Victoire a huge bouquet of flowers and a beautiful diamond necklace that was his grandmothers.

February 17, 2018

Today was our last game against Gryffindor. Will Jordan called our names. First he called out the visiting team. “For the Gryffindor, their captain, a sixth year at seeker, Bobby Wood! At keeper, a fifth year, Jack O’Brien! At chaser, a third year, Colin Creevey! At chaser, a second year, James Potter! At chaser, a seventh year, Timothy Callaway! At beater a fifth year Joseph Spinnet! And at beater, a fourth year, Katie McLaggen! Now for the home team! At beater, a seventh year prefect and the captain of Slytherin, Ian Flint! At beater, a first year, Scorpius Malfoy! At chaser, a fifth year, Jason Kirkridge! At chaser, a sixth year, Regina Black! At chaser, a 3rd year, Blake Malfoy! At keeper, a third year, Salazar Blishwick! And finally, at seeker, a first year, Albus Potter!” James immediately got the quaffle and scored for Gryffindor. We traded possessions a few times before James got the quaffle again and scored! The next goals were scored by Blake and Kirkridge so we were tied. Before I knew it the game was 60-40 and Gryffindor was winning. Then I saw it. The snitch! Bobby Wood saw it before me, but then I caught up to him! I was going so fast! I was going up and down and then the snitch started to go really high! We both were going far above the pitch. We were about 30 stories high when the snitch began to nose dive. We both chased it. Luckily I was slightly faster and caught the snitch about 10 m. above the ground. Slytherin wins! With our quidditch we have to be a lock for the house cup!

February 19, 2018

Dear Albus Severus Potter,
We are pleased to inform thou that thou have been invited to try out to represent Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in quidditch in the International Wizarding Schools Tournament. Tryouts are on February 24 at 9 AM promptly.

Headmaster McGonagall

I can’t believe it! And James was invited too! I can’t wait!

Chapter 10:

February 24, 2018

We had IWST tryouts today! It went really well! My toughest competition was Bobby Wood, but I think I was better. James did really well as well. He scored a lot of goals!

February 26, 2018

Today the results for IWST were posted. They went as follows:

Wizarding Knowledge Bowl:

Victoire Weasley (Ravenclaw), Dominique Weasley (Gryffindor), Luke Stein (Ravenclaw), Andrew Gregory (Hufflepuff)


Ian Flint (Slytherin), Bobby Wood (Gryffindor)

The Maze:

Thomas Bell (Gryffindor), Adriana Weasley (Ravenclaw)


Chaser: Jason Kirkridge (Slytherin), Chaser: Albus Potter (Gryffindor), Chaser: Ashley Flicker (Ravenclaw), Beater: Ian Flint (Slytherin), Beater: Jeffrey Green (Hufflepuff), Keeper: Salazar Blishwick (Slytherin), Seeker: Albus Potter (Slytherin).

We both made it! Though I am afraid of going against Josef Krum! He plays on the junior national team for Bulgaria in the summers!

March 3, 2018

Today I was with Rose and Scorpius in the library when Rose remembered a children’s story she was read to when she was young. It was about 3 brothers who avoided death and so death gave them all a prize. One chose a very powerful wand. The next chose a stone that could resurrect people from the dead! The third was an invisibility cloak. Could we possibly be in possession of 2 of 3 of the Deathly Hallows? I told James and he gasped when he heard the story! I wonder who has the wand.

March 6, 2018

Today was the first official practice for the IWST. I heard from Victoire and Dom that they were given 10 huge textbooks to memorize for the wizarding knowledge bowl. Dom says she’s not even worried about O.W.Ls at this point. My cousin Adriana said that for the maze they have been focusing a lot on herbology and have been spending a lot of time with Professor Longbottom. Ian hasn’t even had time to study for his N.E.W.Ts because he’s in both dueling and quidditch. For quidditch today we didn’t even touch a ball. We spent the entire time doing various flying drills. Headmaster McGonagall bought Firebolts for the rest of the team to give us the upper hand over Durmstrang, who seems to be ridiculously strong this year. Of course we are all worried that they will cast dark spells against us so we can’t win.

Chapter 11:

March 12, 2018

We are starting our final chapters in most of our classes this week. We start reviewing in a couple of weeks and our finals are in the second half of April until the beginning of May. After that it is the IWST which is taking place in the Amazon this year where the Brazilian wizarding school is. We hear that they are extremely talented in herbology and the study of magical creatures. If their quidditch team is anything like the Brazilian national team, then they will be fun to watch. They tend to always be dancing around on their broomsticks and they have quite interesting cheers, always playing Samba music.

March 18, 2018

Today Scorpius and I overheard Headmaster McGonagall and Professor Longbottom talking. They are both worried about Durmstrang in the IWST. They say that they will have to pay special attention to the muggle born students and that they will make sure the other schools do the same. Durmstrang only recently began accepting muggleborn students and most say it was only to put a good face on for the other schools. Some say that the muggleborns are in different classes, sleep in separate dormitories and eat separately. McGonagall told Longbottom that she saw their rosters for the IWST and not a single muggleborn was representing their school. Their headmaster, Luther Carrow is the cousin of Amycus Carrow, who was one of the worst Death Eaters during the second war.

March 23, 2018

I am most worried at this point about my Astronomy exam. Britain is often cloudy so I can rarely see the night sky. Herbology will be difficult as well, but Professor Longbottom is a really nice teacher and he said he will make sure we all pass. My favourite class this year has been care of magical creatures, but that is mainly because Professor Hagrid is so awesome! He always invites James and I over for hot cocoa and tells us stories about our pop when he was at Hogwarts. My favourite story is the one where Harry, Ron and Hermione got to see his old pet dragon Norbert be born. Hagrid visits during the summers as well. He’s like family. He once joined us for a vacation to the Galapagos Islands, where he showed us all these creatures we have never seen. My favourite was the Equatorial Hippocampus. It was a yellowish orange water horse that had a red mane. It was the most vibrant creature I have ever seen! He even got it to let us ride it!

April 1, 2018

Today is April Fools day! It is also my cousin Fred’s birthday along with my Uncle George. Every year on April Fools Fred plays some huge prank on Hogwarts. This year his prank was making it rain in the dining hall! Although Headmaster McGonagall was furious and had to take 10 pts. from Gryffindor for it, she was impressed and laughed also. She says he is just like his father. Rose of course was furious because her red hair immediately got all frizzy and poofy.

April 12, 2018

Practices for IWSTs are getting bloody' intense now. Today they taught me to ride upside down to catch the snitch! The knowledge bowl team hasn’t slept in day they’ve been studying so much! Not to mention exams start next week!

April 16, 2018

Today was my first exam, Charms. It was actually fairly simple. We had to make a pineapple dance.

April 19, 2018

My potions exam was today. We had to make the forgetfulness potions. It was bloody tense in the classroom.

April 24, 2018

We had to turn a weasel into a watch for transfiguration today. It was to hardest so far but I think I did well, though there was still a bit of fur on the band.

April 27, 2018

They asked about my pop in my History of Magic exam. I had a bit of an unfair advantage since I live with him. I will almost certainly get an Outstanding on my exam.

May 2, 2018

There were no exams today because it is a holiday in the wizarding world. It is 20th anniversary of my pop defeating Lord Voldemort. We always have a memorial service for the lives that were lost, which is held in the exact location that my pop and Voldemort had that final duel. Many witches and Wizards came to the service, all of my family was there and Teddy Lupin, who’s parents died during the fight. Dennis Creevey was there, who’s brother Colin Creevey died in the battle and named his son after him. First my Uncle Percy said some words because he is the Minister of Magic and then my pop, because he defeated Voldemort. Everyone cheered when my pop stepped in front of the castle. He named all the witches and wizards that died in the battle and then we honored others that died in the war, such as Alastor Moody, Dobby the Elf and his owl Hedwig that prevented the killing curse from hitting him. I saw Teddy crying when his parents were named. It makes me really thankful for growing up now, when we are mostly safe. It was a dark time before. Scorpius looked ashamed. His family was on the other side of the war at the time. Although his pop never really did want to be apart of it, he ended up on that side because he didn’t want his family to pay.

May 4, 2018

The last of the exams were today. We get our results in the summer. I think I did well. I will get mostly Exceeds Expectations and Outstanding, though with the way Professor Baron breathed down my neck during my potions final, I’m a tad worried. We leave for the IWST tomorrow.

May 5, 2018

I am currently taking the Hogwarts Express to Manaus, Brazil. All of the students representing Hogwarts get to sit in a special cabin of the train, right behind the Prefect’s Cabin and the Professor’s Cabin. This section is so much nicer than the one we sit in normally. The train ride is 10 hours long! There are hundreds of magical railways underneath the ocean. Much like how the muggles have the chunnel, only ours are enchanted. We left around 7 AM our time, which is about 2 AM their time, so we will arrive in Manaus at 12 PM, and we will spend too nights there before we go to Escola Magico de Amazonia.

May 6, 2018

Yesterday afternoon we spent in the muggle part of Manaus. We went to several muggle attractions like the rainforest and a muggle market. After we went to Rua Bruxas, which is their version of Diagon Alley. We spent the night in Whipping Wand, the biggest wizarding hotel chain in the world. We went on a tour of their Ministry of Magic where I saw a painting of my pop defeating Voldemort. Next we saw a quidditch game between the Brazilian national team and the British national team. We won 200-30.

May 7, 2018

We arrived at the school at 3 PM. They gave us a tour of the grounds and it looked magnificent! It was right along the Amazon River, but of course it is unseeable by muggles. We arrived in the school by a boat from Manaus. Their school is in the canopies of trees with bridges from tree to tree. They appear as little tree houses from the outside, but inside they are enormous! They use the inside of the tree as well! They too are broken into houses, but instead of naming em after witches and wizards they are named after magical creatures. One house is named “centauro” which means centaur, the next is “fenix” which means phoenix, the next is “hipogrifo” which means hippogriff and the last is “dragao” which means dragon. At around 4 PM, everyone took their seats in their dining hall, except for those competing. We had a meeting about playing fair, respecting others, blah, blah, blah. Then they had us all enter the dining hall. First they had the competitors from Nairobi enter. They wore light weight orange and white cloaks. As they entered, their classmates were playing on African drums. Next the Salem witches and Wizards walked in, they were wearing navy blue cloaks with red ties on. They were followed by Shanghai, who appeared to be ninjas. Their uniforms were mainly red, with gold accenting. They were followed by Beauxbatons who wore light blue cloaks. We were next, we had a special uniform designed for the occasion. Ours were black and silver with the Hogwarts crest instead of our house crests. Next entered Durmstrang. They were wearing red robes with black and were in the most rigid formation possible. Next was New Delhi. They wore canary yellow robes with blue accents. Finally, the hosts, Amazonia walked in, who were wearing yellow, green and blue robes, like the Brazilian national colors. After we were all seated, the headmaster of Escola Magico de Amazonia gave some opening words. His name was Joao Ribeiro. He was average height, slender and had dark brown brown and dark eyes. He was probably around 50 or 60 years old.

May 8, 2018

Today was Round 1 for dueling followed by knowledge bowl, then quidditch. First it was dueling. Bobby Wood had to go against Pierre Beaumont from Beauxbatons. Pierre went with an expelliarmus and Bobby went with a stupefy. Pierre almost had him at one point, but Bobby fought back for the win. Next Ian Flint was against Tabansi Takuma from Nairobi and won with ease. In knowledge bowl we were against New Delhi. New Delhi dominated in the questions on divination, but otherwise we annihilated them. Next was quidditch. For our quarterfinal we were against Nairobi. They have one of the best chasers in the world in Djembe Dodo. They announced our names and we flew out. They got possession first and Dodo scored, next we got possession and James scored one, followed by Dodo again and then Kirkridge. It was 20-20, and then Dodo got a breakaway and scored another goal. After that goal all hell broke loose, James scored too more goals, Kirkridge scored another and then Ashley Flicker added on too more. We were up 80-30, and then I spotted the snitch! I chased after it and ended up using the upside down move I learnt to grab it! We were on to the semifinals!

May 9, 2018

Today was the quarter final round for dueling and the semifinal round for knowledge bowl. Bobby was against Yul Chiang from Shanghai and Ian was against Amy Carrow from Durmstrang. Bobby and Yul were in a deadlock for almost a minute before Yul’s stupefy beat his. Ian had the pride and joy of going against Amy Carrow. This match up was highly emotional A. because Durmstrang is our rival and B. Amy Carrow is the daughter of Amycus Carrow’s cousin, whom she is named after. Amy used the full body bind curse, whilst Ian, for his own pleasure used the slug vomiting charm on her. Ian got to Amy first, then used expelliarmus on her. We all got some laughs out of it. In knowledge bowl we were up against Amazonia. They are known for being brilliant at herbology and almost beat us with that alone, but in the final question, we were asked “Who invented the deluminator”. Victoire Weasley knew immediately, because we’ve all heard the story about how Uncle Ron heard Aunt Hermoine’s voice through the deluminator Dumbledore invented himself and gave to Uncle Ron... anyways she answered with “Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore” and got it right.

May 10, 2010

We had our semifinal for quidditch today followed by the semifinal for dueling. We were up against Salem for our quidditch match. After we were all introduced, we started the match. Ashley Flicker went and scored straight away, followed by James and Kirkridge. With us up 30-0 we were looking good, but of course it all doesn’t matter if I can’t get the snitch. After James and Kirkridge each scored for a second time we were up 50-0. That’s when I saw the snitch. Amanda Callaway, Salem’s seeker was right on my tail. She also had a Firebolt and she probably would have won it for Salem last year if it weren’t for Josef Krum being a Krum. By now we were neck and neck. At that point the snitch began going up. It went up and up... I didn’t know if it would stop. We were both soaring really high. It was difficult to see at this point, but I heard the snitch. I followed the buzzing sound, it began to descend but only slightly. I had no idea where Amanda was. I heard the goals to continue to pour in. We were up 80-20 at this point. I caught a glimpse of the snitch again. and it began it’s descend. I was flying down, Amanda still no where to be found. I was catching up to the snitch and then it took a quick turn, I followed. It continued to descend, then I finally caught it! We were on to the finals... to play Durmstrang. During the dueling match, Ian Flint was up against Colton Baker from Salem, Baker was first to the spell but he misfired and Flint was able to stun him.

May 11, 2018.

Finals day. Our first event of the day is the maze, which is Adriana and Thomas Bell. We couldn’t see much, but they finished in 3d place. With that finish we just needed to win one of our next championships to win the entire tournament. For the knowledge bowl, we were up against Shanghai, which is essentially a school full of Ravenclaws. It was down to the last question, when they asked something about dragons. Shanghai got it right. We still had two championships to go. First it would be Ian Flint against Bjorn Petterson from Durmstrang. It was an all out battle, when finally Ian gave him the full body bind curse to finish him off. Now it was time for the grand finale, quidditch. After our player introductions we began the match. James scored the first goal, getting it past the Durmstrang keeper Vladimir Kozlov. After a few more possessions, James broke through and scored two more goals. In the middle of a Durmstrang possession I spotted the snitch, Krum of course did as well. We were in an all out sprint, both of us using our Firebolt 1500’s. I was using every technique possible to try to get that snitch. Finally, I decided to make a move. I stood up on my brush, shuffled to the very front of it.... this was risky, it was all or nothing right now. Then I leaped off for a dive, I was completely horizontal and grabbed it with the tips of my fingers, then flipping before I hit the ground. We won the quidditch championship and Hogwarts was the overall winner of the tournament! After the game, Josef Krum came up to me and shook my hand and in a thick Bulgarian accent he said “Well played.” It was the perfect ending to a perfect year.

May 23, 2018

Today I told my pop about the stone. He wasn’t pleased when he found out I’ve had it for so long, but took it and said if I want to use it to see my grandparents or anyone else I must do so under his supervision.

June 12, 2018

An owl from Hogwarts arrived today! It was our exam scores! I got an outstanding in DADA, history of magic and charms and I got exceeds expectations in potions and transfiguration. James also did well, and we heard that Rose got all outstanding. But of course she did...

June 17, 2018

Today was Teddy and Victoire’s wedding! It was beautiful! They had it at the beach by Uncle Bill’s house. After we had a party. A lot of the wizards in Britain were there, including Scorpius! Scorpius and Rose danced... I really don’t get them sometimes. They seem like logical wizards, but then they go and start smooching. It is so gross.

June 23, 2018

Aunt Hermione had her baby today! It was a girl and they named her Jean Minerva Weasley, after Aunt Hermione’s mum and Headmaster McGonagall. She was born with a full head of hair! I can’t wait until my mum has her baby! I hope it’s another boy!

June 29, 2018

We are on vacation in New York City. We saw a lot of muggle attractions like the Statue of Liberty, The Empire State Building and Ground Zero. After we went to a McDonald’s because apparently American muggles really like eating quadruple cheeseburgers. I prefer a single. After we went to Oak Wand Avenue, where most of the witches and wizards live and work. My Dad had to go to the American Ministry of Magic and speak to their Minister of Magic, Parker Callahan and their Head Auror, Rachel Grimace. I have no idea what it was, he may have just been checking up on them. He does that periodically with the different regions.

June 30, 2018

Today we went to Philadelphia. We saw the Statue of Liberty, and saw the original American capital. After we went to a Philadelphia Phillies game against the Washington Nationals. Vance Worley pitched what is called a no-hitter against Washington’s Stephen Strasburg. The only “run” came when Dominic Brown hit a “home run”. Mum is very pregnant at this point. She ate a 12 in. cheesesteak by herself!

July 14, 2018

Mum had her baby today and it was a boy! They named him Rubeus Arthur Potter, after Professor Hagrid and Grandpa. Hagrid stopped by to see him and Rubeus looked so little in Hagrid’s arms!

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