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HP stories following Canon after Deathly Hallows >> 19 Years later:Unexpected events by GinnyP87

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19 years later..
Chapter 1: Unexpected events.

"he will be alright" murmured ginny.
"I know He will.."replied harry.

"MOM!!i want to go home!! i'm hungry!" said lily.
"lily dear, you won't go home, your coming with us." said hermione
"because your mom and dad have some work to do" replied ron on her question.
"muuum!!" you said that your going to take me to diagon alley!"
"sorry sweetheart, but we really need to go!" said ginny hugging her daughter and kissing her on cheek.
"Uncle kingsley called us and said that we need to go to the minstry." said harry as he was hugging lily.
"see you tomorrow Lils" said Ginny waving her hand to her daughter.
"bye lily, make it another day" said Harry then he and Ginny appeared in the muggle side of the platform.

"what do you think he wants? Kingsley?" asked Ginny after they got into the car.
"I don't know! Why do you think he will call us and tell us to come..it's an emergency I think" said Harry as he drove to their home.
"you don't think that-"
"Ginny please!! For heaven's sake please stop it!!"
"I was only asking!" snapped Ginny "FINE!!as you like!!"

They got to their home, changed to the wizard cloaks and clothes, and stepped into the fireplace.
"Minstry Of Magic!" said Harry then he disappeared in green flames.
Harry stepped out as the minstry was in his sight.
Seconds later Ginny stepped out after him.she passed him without looking at him and walked forward to kingsley's office.
"Ginny!"sighed Harry.

But she ignored him and continued on her way.they reached the minster's office and knocked the door.
"come in!" said kingsley's voice.
They opened the door and went inside the room.
"ah Harry, Ginny..nice to see both." said Kingsley while he shook their hands.

"hello Kingsley" greeted Ginny whose now smiling.
"hi there!" greeted Harry
"How's the kids?"Asked Kingsley
"great!"replied Ginny " as you see albus is off to hogwarts now!" she added
"oh yes they are growing fast.. As for me I still see you both the teenage couple that I cought snogging under a tree in the borrow" laughed Kingsley

Both Harry and Ginny blushed

"so..why did you called us?" said Harry
"and why it's 'US' this time why not Harry, you usually only take him.. Is something wrong ?!" asked Ginny 

"it's your...erm...your daughter" said Kingsley quietly and carefully.
"WHAT?!!Whats wrong with her?!!!!!"snapped Ginny and nowturned pale as a ghost.
Harry held her tight putting an arm around her and the other holding her hand, squeezing it.

"please Ginny, calm down.." whispered Harry in her ear.
Ginny squeezed back but tears were burning her eyes. They were like if they didn't had any argument 10 mintues ago.

"as you see.."started Kingsley "we had 2 past death eaters had escaped from azkaban an-"
"WHAT?!" said Harry and Ginny together.
"WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME?!" added Harry.
"because of this.." he handed them a piece of parchment"we found it in one of the two death eaters cell.." added Kingsley.
Ginny reached it first then opened it with Harry. There inside was the name of their only daughter..

Lily Luna Potter, the daughter of Harry James Potter and Ginevra Molly Potter (neč Weasley)

Ginny gasped and started to cry and Harry went red, he was angry now.

"WHO IS HE?!" hissed Harry angry.
"Fernir Greyback" replied Kingsley quietly.

The couple gasped.

"H-Harry W-W-What does that mean?!" said Ginny between sobs.
"I don't know honey" he hugged her and now was his turn to cry.
"you can leave now if anything happened we will inform you both." said kingsley.
They left the office with every eye in The ministry is on them, the sobbing Ginny potter and the angry and crying Harry potter, pictures for the daily prophet were taken but they didn't care , they continued their way to the fireplaces.
When they arrived home Ginny stepped from the fireplace and threw herself on the couch, sobbing even harder.

"Ginny.." whispered Harry as he was making his way to her.he reached her and hugged her, they sobbed together.
"Harry" whispered Ginny while she pulled away slowly, hands still on Harry
"what are we going to do?!should we tell her?!"
"I don't know" 
"what are we going to do?!oh my god Harry.. who could ever imagne that!"
"I know.. It's horrible.."
"look at us Harry !! Nearly 40!! We have 2 kids at hogwarts and 1 will be going in two years!! W-w-we..we..HARRY I CAN'T HANDLE IT!!!"
She cried harder, stood up, and went to the kitchen to make herself a cup of tea.
Later on when she finished making dinner she went to call Harry who was in their room.she knocked the door.

"dinner is ready"
"I'll be there in a minute"

Harry stood up and went to the bathroom to wash his face.he looked at his reflection then looked down at the sink he washed his face then pulled his face up to see greyback standing behind him, he was wandless.


Ginny was in the kitchen setting the table she was putting some grilled chicken in Harry's plate when she heard him yelling.


she ran there and froze when she saw Greyback grabbing Harry and putting a sharp knife on his neck ready to kill him.

"give me the daughter!" he hissed
But Ginny didn't reply.
"I said give me the DAUGHTER!! Or watch him die"
"NO! please!!! I beg you not Harry please not Harry take me but please not Harry!"

Ginny's reaction reminded Harry of his mother when voldemort tried to kill him 36 years ago..

"Ginny" Harry whispered "go!"
"NO!!" she replied

"STUPFEY!!" yelled ginny
Harry got the chance and kicked greyback aside, he took ginny's hand and pulled her downstairs.
"WHERE ARE WE GOING?!!" she asked 
"POOOOOTTTTTTEEERRR!" screamed greyback.
They reached the garden harry stopped on the spot and apperated to Ron and Hermione's house.once they reached it Ginny lost her balance and collapsed to the ground, Harry kneeled beside her. Ron ,hermione , Hugo and lily came running.

"MUM!!!DAD!!!"said lily smiling.
Ginny saw her daughter and went to hug her tight then Harry came to and hugged them both.
"thanks god!!thanks god your ok." sobbed Ginny.
"what's wrong?"asked Ron.
Harry looked at him and mouthed 'Later'.

"mommy, why are you crying?! What happened?!"
"nothing sweetheart, nothing" 
"lets go inside I will make you something to eat" said hermione
"Ron come with me, we need to contact some aurors from the ministry and Kingsley too" said Harry wiping his tears
"why??!what happened?!" said Ron worried
"I will tell you later!JUST COME!!" snapped Harry
"see you later ,love" he gave Ginny a peck on lips.
"YUCCKKKY" said Lily and Hugo as they covered their eyes..
The four adults laughed at their reaction.seconds later both Harry and Ron disappeared to the ministry. 
"Hermione can I borrow some clothes , please?"Asked Ginny while hermione helped her up.
"are you joking ?of course you can!come with me, hugo take lily and go to your room!"
"yes mum,come on Lils!!"
"So..?!" asked hermione while she was making dinner and Ginny drinking some tea.
"so what?"
"what are you going to do?"
"we have no idea, so we will wait until Kingsley ma-" but Ginny was inturrpted with a pop.

The both wives went to hug their husbands.
"woah... Easy there'young girls'!" said Ron with a smirk. They laughed.
"hello lily"said Harry hugging his daughter.
"Daddy I missed you!"
"stop acting like a baby Lils" said Hugo.
"oh yeah, really?who sleeps with his Teddy?"
"and who don't sleep until they got her her favorite blanket?"
"And wh-"
"STOP IT!!" shouted Ginny"GO TO BED BOTH OF YOU!"
"mum aren't we going home?" asked Lily and Ginny turned pale.
"W-W-We will stay here tonight sweetie"
The three other adults nodded in agreement.
"that's right! We are having parents sleepover!" said Ron putting an arm around his only sister.
'thanks' she mouthed . He kissed her forehead.
"and now.. Both of you wash your hands and come to eat dinner before bed!" said hermione and the two kids vanished.

Harry and Ginny sighed.
"thank you, both" said Harry.
"Com'on Harry!!you don't have to after all these years?"
"always!"he smiled and remembered Proffeser snape.
They ate dinner in silence after that the kids went to sleep and the four adults sat in the living room.

Ginny sat in Harry's lap, and started to cry.
"and now what?" asked Harry holding her tighter.
"I'm scared!" she replied wiping her tears .
"I thought I married the strong woman I used to know!"
"I don't know Harry!I'm just scared and I feel terrible"
"maybe you two should go to bed!"said Ron
"you can have our room if you like" said hermione and Ron nodded
After a long argument,, Harry and Ginny slept in Ron and Hermione's room while the other two slept in camp beds in the same room. They slept in peace.

 Later on Ginny woke up to get herself water.she was in bed trying to get some sleep, she looked at the clock it shows the time is '4:38 a.m.'Ginny sighed but suddenly she saw Harry stirring in his sleep his hand up to his scar. 

"uh..aaah" hissed Harry in pain.
Ginny was scared for the very first time after 19 years his scar was hurting him.
"Harry!!HARRY WAKE UP!!" she shouted, Ron and hermione were up and tried to wake Harry.harry waked and gasped for air. Ron handed him water. Harry drinked it then said two words made hermione scream, Ron turn pale, and Ginny cry.
"He's back!"

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