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>> >> Ginny's Life! by Ginnyharry15

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Ginny let's go! We have to bring Ron to the Hogwarts Express! It's his first day at Hogwarts! yelled Mrs. Weasley.
Coming Mum! said Ginny. Today was Ronald Weasley's first day at Hogwarts. She wouldn't be going for another year! What was she going to do for a whole other year?! She just couldn't wait! Ginny! Come On! yelled Mrs. Weasley Sorry Mum! apologized Ginny. Come on Ron, Fred,George, we don't want to be late. Of course not Mum. said Fred. Wouldn't even think of it. said George Now boys be good! said Mrs. Weasley. Yes Mum! the twins said together.

~ At Kings Cross~

Excuse me ma'am but how do I get on the Train? asked some boy. Oh are you just starting? It's Ron's first year to. Anyway you just run through the barrier like my twins are about to do. Fred,George, go through to show this young boy how to go through. Yes, mum! they said together. First what is your name? I'm Harry Potter. the boy said. Harry Potter!!! said Ginny. Yes Harry Potter. You too! Oh no! Does everybody know who I am? Pretty much yes. said Fred but if you stick with me and my twin, we'll make sure no one touches you. Thank You! Not to be rude or anything but who are you? asked Harry. Oh I'm Fred and this is George and this is our little sister Ginny. Hello are you already at Hogwarts? Fred and George are but not me. I'll be starting next year said Ginny. Cool! I need somewhere to sit, would you sit with me? Sure! said Ron and the twins! I wish I was Going to Hogwarts this year! You'll go next year. said Mrs. Weasley. Now you four should get on the train. Okay! And thank you Ma'am. Mrs.Weasley please, not ma'am! Okay Mrs. Weasley.

(oh and percy's not in this story)

~At Home~

Was that really Harry Potter? asked Ginny for the tenth time since they left. Yes darling it was! Cool! said Ginny!
Ginny dear there is an owl in the kitchen for you! Seriously! Yes darling, now come open it! said a frustrated Mrs. Weasley. Coming! said Ginny. Wow, who's owl is this? It's beautiful! (can you guess who's it is)

~ In Ginny's Room~
Dear Ginny,

Hello I'm Harry Potter! You met me at the station. Please don't tell anyone about this letter. The reason I sent you this letter is because I like you! I know we don't even know each other but your brother Ron (my new bff) told me about you liking me. I know it's weird but I really like you. Write back if you feel the same.

P.S. The other letter is from Ron to your mum and the rest of the family! By the way, this owl's name is Hedwig. Please send a reply with Hedwig if you feel the same way. If not just send her back!

Ginny was astonished! The boy who she had liked since the age of six, who she met only a few hours ago is telling her he loves her! She gets a piece of paper and pen and starts writing.

Dear Harry,

I like you too! I know I'm kind of young to start dating but I would trust you! I sure hope this isn't a trick or anything! I hope you can come visit me and Ron over the summer! Right mum is calling us for dinner! Hope to see you soon!


So Ends Chapter/Book 1! Please R&R! Thx!;)

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