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Harry Potter Alternate Universe >> Harry We Shrunk Ourselves by onlywitchchild

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(I hope the word bimbo is alright. Anyway I don't own Harry Potter, the shrinking concept or The Cheetah Girl title. Enjoy the first Chapter. Amber is an African American and Casey is a burnette just to catch people up cause this is my first story that I posted.)

Chapter One; Medrina's Bimbo Spells

Harry and Ginny Weasley, or as Ginny Potter as she was now known as were just getting back from their honeymoon from Ireland. They had actually taken a plane instead of a magical form of transportation. They had written to Ron and Hermione almost every single day, ( JP was happy to deliver them and he hardly ever need a treat to coax him to do so) and told them almost everything that they had been doing. Even though they had been communicating with them, Ron and Hermione still couldn’t wait for them to come home. They had still been living at the Burrow, and had been riding horses and unicorns, swimming in the lake, and just snuggling up to each other under the stars.

Finally the moment they had been waiting for arrived. Harry knocked on the door and Ron opened it as Ginny ran into his arms in an embrace. “Ronniekins,..” she said playfully while Harry and Hermione hugged each other. “Good to see you too Gin.” Ron said with a grin while he and Hermione switched to hug the other person. Harry and Ron patted each other’s shoulders as they embraced a brotherly hug. “So how are my babies?” Ginny asked referring to the five cats that her best friend and brother had been babysitting while they were away. As if on cue Domino raced down the stairs and out the open door in the speed of a cheetah.

“I see Domino hasn’t changed much.” Ginny said as she blinked her eyes a couple times. “Yeah well that cat could escape the Titanic.” Ron said as Harry nodded. “The other three have been doing alright, even though Oliver was sick last week.” Hermione explained. “Really, what was wrong?” Ginny asked him worriedly. “Just standard URI.” Hermione said shaking it off with her hand. “Come on Harry let’s get our bags upstairs.” Ginny said turning to him being that they were staying the night. Harry nodded and followed her upstairs as she rolled her suitcase by the handle and Harry carried his duffle in both arms. “I told JP that we would go back for him.” Harry explained. “Don’t worry I’ll get him Harry.” Hermione promised as she ran out the door. A minute later she walked upstairs holding JP’s cage by the handle.

Harry and Ginny had already been unpacking their things by magic. JP had been asleep until Hermione stumbled a little going up the steps and then he gave an alarming hoot. “Sorry,” Hermione apologized with sincerity. “Wingardium leviosa,..” Ginny said as she levitated her clothes into the top dresser drawer and then plopped down on the bed taking out a wizarding magazine from her suitcase. “What’s that,” Hermione said nervously as she placed the snowy owl’s cage on the nightstand glancing at the cover seeing a picture of Witch’s Brew on the front smiling but at the same time looking tough. “Oh it’s Medrina’s.” Ginny said which was a wizarding magazine company.

Then Ginny started reading aloud as Hermione looked over her shoulder. “Think you got what it takes to be a tough little bimbo? Then read the paragraph on the next page about the modern jinxes for your enemies and afterwards take the quiz. Unlike in school, spell checking quills are aloud.” Ginny read. Harry finally finished putting his things way and he too was intrigued by the article. “Article one, the gluing jinx,..” Ginny continued reading as now he Ron and Hermione read silently along with Ginny. “This jinx can stick anything together, even lips which is very popular for the bad witch (or wizard) who is sick and tired of listening to their professor rambling on and on.

It’s only the strong of heart that use this jinx those because there is no antidote. Aside from major surgery that is. To use this jinx simply say gluicious. Article two is the cloning jinx that can double any item in the wizarding world except for living things. The only glitch is that the jinx doesn’t have a permanent effect and needs recharging every so often. It is also considered a bimbo jinx because it can duplicate money. To use this jinx simply say pairleous. Article three and the last of these bimbo jinxes is the shrinking jinx.” Ginny read as her eyes widened at this. “This jinx is the most popular bimbo jinx next to gluicious because unlike pairleous it works on living things. It doesn’t have an antidote and can take days even weeks to ware off depending on the victim. To use this jinx simply say reductious and make sure not to confuse it with reducto.”

Hermione turned the page to look at the quiz, but Ginny’s mind still seemed to be lost as the jinxes she had just read. Particularly gluicious and reductious. In one jinx it never wore off and in another it would take time to ware off. In both jinxes though there was no official antidote. Ginny just knew she had to learn them considering that she was queen of the jinxes. “Umm,.. hullo earth to Ginny.” Hermione said as she waved her hand in front of her face finally losing her dreamy look and snapping back to reality. “I’m sorry, did you say something Hermione?” she asked as she turned her head quickly over to her.

“Aren’t you going to take the quiz?” Hermione asked her. “Quiz??” Ginny said back as Ron rolled his eyes. “The quiz the magazine article was talking about for crying out loud!!” he cried. “Keep that up and I’ll use the gluicious jinx on you.” Ginny muttered under her breath. “Ginny, you haven’t seen Starlight for awhile.” Harry pointed out attempting to change the subject. “Yeah your right Harry, I’ll go see her.” she said as she stood up and walked out of the room while Harry watched her with a smile. “Hey you guys,” Hermione said suddenly sitting down on the bed as the other two turned to look at her and sit down next to her. “There’s a new voice’s competition this Saturday, an amateurs only contest.”

Hermione said as she pointed to the page of the magazine that was bright purple with yellow letters. “Do the other Cheetah Girls know about this?” Harry asked her. “Well I didn’t and I know Ginny doesn’t, or else she would of said something.” Hermione said excitedly. “Where’s it at?” Ron asked her. “Merlin’s Castle located on Mainstreet.” Hermione answered. “I’ll go tell Ginny.” Harry said with a smile now standing up and walking out of the room. Ginny was now gazing at her wonderful horse that she hadn’t seen in months. “I missed you so much Starlight,” Ginny said as she hugged her horse’s neck and he gave a happy little snort and then Ginny gave her a kiss on the nose.

Harry smiled while he watched her. “I brought some carrots from the fridge.” he said announcing his presence making Ginny gasped and quickly turned her head to see that Harry was smiling lovingly at her holding out a plastic bag with the carrots inside it. “I didn’t mean to startle you,..” Harry began with a pause. “Mrs. Potter.” he finished continuing to smile. “That’s alright Mr. Potter.” Ginny said returning his smile while she took the bag from him and fed her horse a carrot then gazed into his eyes as she stroked his nose. “How about we go for a ride, cause there’s something I need to talk to you about.” Harry said as Ginny turned her head and smiled at him. “I’d love to.” she said. “I’ll go tack up Pixie.” Harry said as one horse snorted and one whinnied while Harry walked away.

Meanwhile Hermione had been talking to Amber on the headphone. “And it’s this Saturday.” Hermione had said just finishing explaining the contest to her friend. “The only thing wrong with it is that Aaron Parker won’t be there.“ Amber said as the skull moved in sync with the words. “Yeah because he’s the member of The Dragons and their not amateurs Hermione said rationally. “Well don’t worry about Sis,” Amber began. “The Cheetah Girls will soon be as famous as The Dragons.” she said. “You stole that from Ginny.” Hermione pointed as they both giggled and Ron rolled his eyes.

Harry and Ginny finally had managed to tack up Starlight the horse and Pixie the unicorn. Usually unicorns didn’t approve of male riders but Pixie had always taken to Harry. They were riding through the woods and both Harry and Pixie knew that they couldn’t fly since that it wouldn’t be fair to Ginny and Starlight. They were riding side by side at a walk also discussing the contest. “This is just too unreal,” Ginny said excitedly with astonishment as Harry smiled. “We just got together as a group at the end of the school year and now were going to get our chance to be a real girl group.”

“So I guess that counts Ron and I out because were not girls.” Harry said. “You know I didn’t mean it that way Harry.” Ginny said. “Yeah I know I was just teasing.” Harry said with a smile as Ginny smiled back while the two of them brought their rides to a stop and looked at each other. Ginny patted Starlight’s neck as they continued smiling lovingly at each other and then leaned in to kiss each other on the lips. Harry even made his tongue enter her mouth and ironically Starlight made a snort and pawed the ground that made Ginny break this kiss and giggle. “I think someone’s getting impatient.” she said as Harry smiled and gave her a quick kiss before he looked straight ahead again.

“Walk on Pixie.” he said and automatically she obeyed cause unlike horses unicorns understood English. Ginny squeezed her heels against Starlight’s sides to get him to walk and then squeezed them a second time as he broke into a trot. Ginny then leaned forward in the saddle getting him to jump over a log while Harry just kept Pixie at a walk enjoying the view from behind and smiling to himself. Later on Ron and Hermione joined their fun as they all went swimming in the lake together. After that they had spaghetti and meatballs for dinner and watched “Miracle” which was a wizard movie about a mare on a farm that gives birth to a unicorn. The family is made up of a wizard with three squib daughters whose mother had passed away and they were very poor.

So the father tries to sell Miracle to get them money the girls being against it. In the end the girls win and the father marries so they set Miracle free with a tearful goodbye. It was more of a witch movie than a wizard movie, but Harry actually enjoyed it and Ron hardly saw any of it although enjoyed the popcorn. Then that night before bed Ginny happened to be wide awake. She was in her long comfortable purple stripped pajamas with matching purple fluffy slippers. “Who wants to play vow or bow!?!” she exclaimed as she walked over and plopped down on the foot of the bed as Harry sat up and looked at her.

The lights were already off so Ginny lit up the room with her wand. “What is that?” Harry asked her as Ron snored and Harry didn’t know if it was genuine or just out of annoyance. Hermione who had been laying next to him gave a groan. “It’s a repulsive game based on the muggle game truth or dare.” she explained sleepily with a yawn as she rubbed her eyes and sat up herself. “You see Harry, somebody picks a category and asks a question to another person and if that person says bow that means they don’t want to do it, but if they say vow they have to take the unbreakable vow.” Ginny explained. “Does that mean they then have to answer the question?” Harry asked her.

“Well the thing is the person isn’t supposed to know if they’re supposed to answer the question truthfully, or actually do something physical.” Ginny explained. “Like for example if I ask Hermione if she never got a bad grade and she says vow, then I could make her do something like pulling a prank on Ron or something like that.” she said. “Yes the only problem with that is though I’m not playing.” Hermione said as Ginny scowled at her. “Your no fun!” she whined as Hermione slyly smiled at her. “Oh I’m not am I?” she asked as she picked up her pillow and whacked it on the top of Ginny’s head. “Hey!!” Ginny exclaimed as Hermione giggled and without warning Ginny raised her wand at the pillow.

“Redcutious!!” she cried as the giant pillow shrunk to the size of a marshmallow in a sparkly blue light. Ginny’s eyes widened in amazement as she had watched it and so did Harry’s and Hermione’s. “I don’t believe it,..” Ginny whispered with astonishment. “Me either, what am I supposed to sleep on now Ginny.” Hermione said curtly putting her hands on her hips. “Here you can use mine Hermione.” Harry told her passing her his pillow seeing that Ginny was still in a daze. “Are you sure Harry?” Hermione asked holding the pillow in her arms. “Yeah, I’ll be fine.” Harry assured her as Hermione smiled. “Thanks Harry,” she said sweetly as she laid back down to curl up and go to sleep while Ginny picked up the tiny pillow and held it in her hand as she looked over at Harry and blinked her eyes a couple times trying to hold back her tears.

“You don’t think she’s made at me do you?” she asked him with a lump in her throat. Harry just placed his hands on top of her head and kissed it. “No I think she’s just tired, she’ll probably feel better in the morning.” he reassured her as they both laid down Ginny placing the miniature pillow on the nightstand before she curled up into Harry’s chest and gave a sleepy yawn before closing her eyes. Harry smiled down upon her and kissed her forehead. “I love you.” he whispered before he laid his own head down and went to sleep to the sounds of crickets chirping and wild owls hooting.

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