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HP stories following Canon after Deathly Hallows >> Marielle and the Mischevious Smiles: Chapter One by emzyx98

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So, a couple of months ago, I got a letter saying I had got into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Parents were chuffed to bits, seeing as my elder brother and sister (twins: Kayden and Racquel) had got in before me. We immediately had to go to Diagon Alley to get my things for school. Got a gorgeous owl and named him Ash, as he has loads of grey specks over him. And I of course got my wand: Cherry and Phoenix feather, 12 ½ inches, flexible. God, I sound like a wand expert! Trust me, complete opposite. Then we had to do the boring bit and get all my books and robes. And right now? I am running headfirst into a brick wall in Kings Cross hoping for the best. Don’t worry, I’m not some psycho. It’s how you get to Platform 9 ¾ where you catch the Hogwarts Express. You run into a wall and somehow you materialize on the other side. Magic, eh?
It’s five to eleven and I just got to the other side. I look around and see people hugging and kissing their parents. Kayden and Racquel had already ran to their friends and are climbing onto the train.
“Ok, well, bye then.” My mother threw her arms around me.
“Mum! I want to see Hogwarts, you’re not killing me now!”
Mum sniffed the loudest sniff EVER!
I gave Dad a hug and dragged my trunk and Ash onto the train. I gave them to a man and he took them away. Ok, I’ll let you into a little secret. I never wanted to come. I didn’t want to leave all my friends from primary school. I just had to say I wanted to go otherwise my Mum and Dad would have disowned me. I wandered along the aisle searching for an empty compartment. There wasn’t one. How fantastic. Next thing I knew, I was looking at the floor, my nose throbbing. I stood up, angrily looking around.
“OI! Who did that?” Just to let you know, I have a quick temper. I apologize in advance.
“You’re welcome,” Came a drawling voice from behind a girl with long, brown hair.
“For what?” I thundered.
“For improving that disgusting Potter face of yours.” The person speaking came to face me. He had white-blonde hair smarmed back and cold grey eyes. And the kind of face that was perfect to punch.
“Potter? I’m Marielle Harrietts, thanks. Get it right if you’re gonna be insulting,” I said.
“Oh, erm, sorry,” said the boy, looking taken aback. He extended his hand. “Scorpius Malfoy,” he said. I took his hand firmly and shook it. “Nice to meet you Scorpius,” I grinned.
“Hey! You there! Come and sit with us,” said a girl poking her head round a compartment door. I walked towards her, and stepped in. Inside were two boys and the girl who had invited me in. The girl had brilliant red hair, that fell past her shoulders, dead straight, bright blue eyes, and a mischievous smile “My name’s Rose Weasley,” said the girl who invited me in. “These two are James and Albus, my cousins,” Rose said. Albus stood up and shook my hand, before I sat next to his brother, James. He had hair exactly like his brothers, messy, but a tad lighter, and he didn’t have glasses. Freckles were pooled around his nose, and his eyes were a warm, chocolatey colour. James looked at me and flicked his hair out of his eyes. “Hey,” he said, his eyes sparkling. I managed to reply, “Hi,” I said.
“So you are…?” He grinned. “Erm, er…” God I couldn’t even get my name right. I get nervous meeting new people, ok?! ”Er, Marielle Harrietts,” I smiled, trying to appear confident. “Good, good,” and he stood up, and recited: “James Sirius potter, son of Harry Potter and Ginny Potter, brother to Lily Luna Potter and Albus Severus Potter, nice to meet you, Miss Harrietts,” and he bowed. My eyes were wide in shock. He sat down as if nothing had happened, and said “Yes, THE Harry Potter,”
I pretended to be confused. “Harry who?” I asked. James did a mock gasp and appeared shocked. “Seriously, who is that guy?” I questioned.
“Should we tell her?” Albus whispered.
“Dunno, we wouldn’t want to scar her,” James grinned. I raised an eyebrow, a smile playing around my lips. “Just joking, everyone knows who Harry Potter is,” I said.
“Well played Harrietts,” James nodded, impressed.
I felt slightly out of place. Rose had ballet pumps, skirts and blouses on, while I was in neon Nike hi tops, ripped skinnies and a “Keep Calm and Carry on” top. I folded my arms insecurely.
The conversation, chopped and changed, until it came to Hogwarts. James is a second year, Albus is a first year, and so is Rose. They expected I was too.
“Actually, I’m a second year.” Everyone looked at me, confused. “Well, my brother and sister, Kayden and Racquel, came to Hogwarts before me.”
“I’ve seen Racquel. A Ravenclaw, and totally hot!” James grinned. I rolled my eyes. That’s what everyone thought of my sister. Her and my brother had inherited my mum’s hair colour, blonde, and had great big brown eyes. All the guys fell head over heels for her. I took after my dad, with thick curly black hair, and green eyes.
“Yeah, well, anyway, they came here two years ago, and when I got my letter for Hogwarts in first year, I didn’t want to come.”
“Why not?” Albus asked inquisitively.
“I knew I’d get overshadowed by my sister. All the guys fall for her, and she’s the smartest which, like, ever.” James looked a bit bad when I said this.
“So, because I didn’t want to come, I went to Beauxbatons for my first year. Turns out I hated it, so I came here for my second year.”
“Well, interesting story, hun, but we gotta go,” winked James.
“But, why?” I pondered.
“We have to get into our robes, we’re nearly at Hogwarts,” Rose said.
“Yes dear, can’t wait to see you again,” said James.
“Right back at you,” I smiled jokingly.
A wonderful friendship was built between the four of us that day.

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