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Harry Potter Alternate Universe >> All You Have to Do is Ask by onlywitchchild

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Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny were all outside having a picnic on Hogwarts’ grounds. They didn’t go to school there anymore but Hermione was a professor and Ginny was the nurse so they could invite their boyfriends there. They were sitting under an apple tree in which Hermione and Ginny had picked fresh apples for their picnic, along with peanut butter and (strawberry) jelly and lemonade that Hermione had made. “I can’t believe it’s almost the end of term.” Hermione said with astonishment. “Yeah and that I’ve made a promotion from school nurse to a healer.” Ginny said as Harry smiled lovingly at her. Ron had noticed this and narrowed his eyebrows glaring at him.

There was no question that he knew that Harry wanted to marry his little sister. It was true that he had preferred it to be Harry, if she was going to get married. He just wasn’t sure about what he had thought of the idea that his best friend and little sister would end up being together and having a family. On one hand that would make Harry a brother in-law to him, but on another hand if Harry and Ginny really loved each other Harry wouldn’t be so nervous about asking her because he thought that she might say no. “Cheers!” Ginny exclaimed as she and Hermione bumped their glasses together and giggled. Just ask her,.. the monster inside Harry roared.

She’ll think I’m just being silly if I do. Harry argued. But you love her. the monster said. So that doesn’t have anything to do with it, she’ll only laugh at me! Harry snapped at himself inside his mind. After the picnic everybody grabbed something to take back to Hogwarts. The girls went into Hogsmead as Ron visited Hagrid and Harry went shopping. Ginny and Hermione grabbed a couple of butter beers down at the three broomsticks. “You understand what’s going on don’t you?” Hermione asked Ginny with a sly grin. “What,” Ginny asked scrunching up her face in confusion. “Harry’s going to propose.” she said as Ginny’s eyes widened with disbelief.

“You really think so??” she asked her with astonishment. “All the signs point to it.” Hermione began. “Ron’s been telling me that he’s been trying to ask you a question, you see the way he looks at you, and not to mention he said he couldn’t come into Hogsmead because he had to go shopping.” she said. “Well if that’s the case, why doesn’t he just ask me he knows I love him.” Ginny said. “Well why don’t you beat him to it then?” Hermione asked him. “Buy an engagement ring.” Ginny said as if the idea was like her joining the navy. “Yeah, why not?” Hermione asked him. “You said it yourself, you love him.” Hermione pointed out. “And you know he loves you.” she added as Ginny breathed a sad little sigh.

“I thought I did, but now I’m not so sure. I mean, I don’t have any trouble of asking him cause I know I love him.” she explained. “Then go, do it!” Hermione cried breaking her words up into syllables. “Just because you’re a woman doesn’t mean you can’t buy the man you love an engagement ring.” she told her rationally. “But what if he says no,” Ginny said with a sad sigh. “Don’t be ridiculous!!” Hermione exclaimed breaking her words into syllables again. “He loves you!” she cried. “Okay, okay don’t get your shorts in a knot! But engagement rings are very expensive and where am I going to get that kind of money,” Ginny moaned anxiously as Hermione grinned again. “From the bank of Hermione Granger.” she said proudly as Ginny’s eyes widened again.

“You have that kind of money??” she asked as Hermione nodded. “How?” Ginny asked. “I’ve been saving up all the money that I get from my job as a professor.” Hermione explained. “I wanted to go to Paris, but I rather give the money to you.” she said. “Really??” Ginny asked. “Sure. You’re my friend and your more important. All you had to do was ask.” she explained as Ginny grinned. “Thanks,” she said. “Don’t mention it, just promise me one thing.” Hermione said. “What?” Ginny asked her and Hermione waited until after a moment to tell her. “Just give me all the juicy details.” she said as Ginny giggled. That evening Ginny was pacing the Gyrffndor common room carrying a little wooden box in her hands.

She had told Harry to meet her at seven o’clock after dinner so that they could talk for awhile before going on a magical moonlit broomstick ride. Suddenly the fat lady’s portrait swung open and Harry walked inside dressed in the most casual dressing for such a special occasion. For he was in a turquoise short sleeved shirt, blue jeans and sneakers while Ginny had black hairclips in her hair and was in a beautiful red sparkly dress, stockings, and black high heels. She even had on eye shadow and lipstick that matched her dress. Ginny stopped pacing as Harry stopped and stared at her. “Ginny??” he asked her with astonishment. “Since when do you wear dresses??” he asked her as she smiled slyly. “I’d thought I’d dress up a little.” she said not pointing out the fact that Harry could of at least tried to dress up.

“Well I’m glad you wanted to see me because there’s a question I want to ask you, and now’s better than ever.” he said as Ginny smiled again. “Yeah well I have to ask you a question too Harry.” she said. “I’ll go first just so I can get this thing off my chest.” Harry said as Ginny continued smiling. “Go ahead,” she said. “Ginny,..” he began loudly. “What kind of flowery shampoo is it that you wear?” he asked as her eyeballs nearly came out of their sockets while her jaw dropped. “What,” she asked loudly. Awkward,.. she thought to herself. “I knew you would think it was a silly question, but I just always wondered he said. “Oh, well, I use lavender.” Ginny said quietly turning her head away as she blushed a little. That Hermione! Now Harry’s going to hate me!! she thought.

“Umm Ginny, you okay?” Harry asked her with concern as Ginny still kept her head turned away from him so he wouldn’t see the tears falling down her cheeks. “Ginny, did you think I was going to purpose to you?” Harry asked her cautiously as he smiled to himself while he lifted her chin with his finger and turned her face towards his. “There’s no need to cry,” he began wiping away her tears with his thumb. “you didn’t let me finish.” he explained as Ginny just simply looked at him. “I wanted to know the answer to the shampoo question because that’s all I ever smell whether I’m around you or not and I wanted to know what it was.” he said with a smile as he brushed strands of hair behind her right ear and kissed her on the lips.

Ginny deepened the kiss then smiled. “Well if that was all, all you had to do was ask.” she said as Harry kissed her once more passionately and aloud his tongue to enter his mouth before he stared at her lovingly in the eyes. “I love you.” he told her meaning it with his entire heart. “I love you too. And I have to ask you a question.” she said back as Harry grinned at her slyly. “Well all you have to do is ask.” he told her. “Fine,” she said as she grinned back and held her wooden box out in front of her and opened it to reveal a silver ring. “Harry James Potter, will you marry me?” she asked him as Harry continued to grin and withdrew a black velvet box from his back pocket and opened it holding it out in front of him as well. “Only if you marry me back Ginevera Molly Weasley.” he said revealing a silver ring that had “I love you” inscribed inside it.

“Deal!” Ginny exclaimed with a giggle as they put their rings on each other’s fingers before going into an embrace and kissing each other madly. They didn’t break apart for what seemed like an hour before they finally decided to go outside and go on their broomstick ride celebrating their engagement. Tomorrow they would tell Ron and Hermione, but for now they were just glad that it was just them on Harry’s Firebolt flying through the night sky and feeling as if they were on top of the world.

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