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HP stories following Canon after Deathly Hallows >> Muggles,Magic,Weasleys and Potters by niclovegood

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Chapter 1:
Maybe it was all the wax in my ears but he didn’t really just say that, “Sorry what did you say… uh… Professor Longbottom?”
The professor laughed, “I know, I know, this is a shock I am sure, but you are a witch Hannah! You are invited to study and Hogwarts of witchcraft and wizardry.”
I chocked on my tea “How do I know this isn’t a trick or a joke?” I challenged, this would be very cruel if it was. But if it was true... WOW... that would be like sunshine!
“ Ah… well… hmm… like this I suppose.” Professor Longbottom pulled out a stick with fancy patterns on it and tapped his teacup, the teacup squeaked and stated to shrink and transform until a small brown mouse was sitting exactly where the teacup use to be. My parents gasped. So did I. I had nothing to say I thing the evidence was enough.
“This is a wand you use it for spells, well I will be seeing you at Hogwarts.” He smiled and got up and handed dad a letter. My dads face was shocked looking but at the same time pleased. A little cough came from the other side of the room; it was my mum “Uh professor sir um… could you maybe um…” she pointed at the small brown mouse on the table. Professor Longbottom chuckled "Oh yes, cant forget that..." and tapped the mouse with his ‘wand’ the mouse turned back into a teacup. He then turned to me “ah yes and in the envelope there will be a map to show you how to get to Diagon Alley and where you can buy your school supplies and you will need to take money with you and get it changed at the wizard bank… oh and don’t be afraid of the goblins they don’t bite! Any questions?” The room was silent “No… ok then I will go.” Professor Longbottom smiled and waved and then there was a loud POP and the professor was gone! “How odd…” muttered dad
“How lovely!” Squealed mum “We can get the ferry over to England sweetie and get your things for school! Oh a witch in the family we are so proud of you!” I felt like jumping up and down! Where did he go though?

The next week went by so slowly I was too excited I would be leaving Northern Ireland for a boarding school where I would learn new witchy things! I even was going to be taught how to use a cauldron (It was on the school supplies list). Eventually we where on the ferry on the was to England, the journey took a good few hours and i had to endure my parents asking me millions of questions about how i felt and what i might learn at Hogwarts but I know it should be worth it - I hope… Once we where off the boat we got a bus and two taxies to the street the map told us the passage to Diagon Alley should be on. We walked through an odd pub the letter with the map said to talk to the bartender and ask him to open the arch for me so: “umm… sorry sir but I am suppose to be getting school supplies-”
“Say no more young lady! Come this way please!” he had a kind smile on his face and walked slowly with a slight limp, he lead my mum, dad and me outside into a small courtyard and produced a wand from his jacket and started tapping the bricks. Suddenly an arch began to grow as the bricks began to move away and soon a 7 foot archway into a extremely busy street full of odd people wearing cloak and some pointy hats and there where still a lot of people in normal clothes too, the shops that I could see, had odd thing hanging outside or on display one had books the size of my hand and one the size of a medium bolder, I was so entranced by the whole street that I hadn’t even noticed the old man leaving or me taking two steps forward!
First we went to the bank luckily there was a human there to help exchange our as the man said “muggle money” and gave me 27 fat gold coins and 50 little silver coins wow was all I thought! My dad I think was scared of the goblins because he didn’t speak the whole time I understand they where all pale and had big long noses and large heads and they where only up to my waist in height. Soon there was a large pile of things I bought from school robes to shoes and my school books, I had also gotten ‘Potions starter kit’ which had the ingredients I needed for potions class and a cauldron. By the time I had gone around some shops we stopped at an ice-cream parlour to get lunch. I had a strawberry and nuts with cream ice cream and my mum had an orange and banana ice cream and my dad had a butterbeer sorbet, which he said was like happiness! After that we just had a look around and stopped at a massive joke shop, it was awesome they had magical pranks and even a love potion and lots of cool thing I bought tons of stuff (I don’t pull pranks a lot but the odd one doesn’t hurt anybody!) But now my money was running low so I gave the remainder of my pocket money (£28) to my dad, who ran off to change it at the bank, me and mum walked on we stopped and looked at the list encase we forgot something. My mum looked up at me unhappily “It says here you can bring a pet.” My mum hated animals but I knew I could make a good case “well…” I started slowly “you know I will be away most of the year so my animal would barely be in our house” My mum smiled at me a little understanding and said “well… I suppose you could” she sighed “go and have a look in one of the pet shops.” Mum pointed to a shop a few doors down. Had I really waked past it? As I approached it I saw owls of every colour from black to one even pink! Must have had a spell on it I thought. When I entered the shop it smelled dusty and also of animals. I walked over to one of the walls of the shop and peered into a few tank. I had my head so close to one that I pulled back so quickly when I saw hundreds of tarantulas that I accidentally hit some one “Oh I am so sorry!” I spun around to see a large woman in a cloak and one of the pointed hats. “Oh its ok dear, I am fine.” The woman smiled reassuringly but was rubbing her chin,” Would you like some help?” I hadn’t realised she worked in the shop.
“I was thinking of getting a pet for going away to school.” I said slowly.
“Ah…” said the witch “No spiders then I assume?” I blushed violently
“Uh. No thanks... Sorry.” I felt bad I guess I just insulted her pets in a way.
”Ah well what about a rat then?”
“ They look really umm well…”
”Hm…” said the witch “ok what about a nice owl? Or a cat?
“A cat sounds good!”
“Well then come over here…” The witch showed me to a small litter of kittens in a large plastic crate with a blanket and a water bowl inside.
“Take your pick they are ready to leave and we will give you two bowls a collar and well of course the kitten for… say… 6?”
There where 6 small kittens in the litter each one different colours but one very odd one had almost fur with a blue tip, I picked him up and he was so lovely and he purred gently in my arms. “Ah that is a female kitted she is metamorphic! A great gift!”
“Umm… sorry what is metta-?”
“It is a rare gift where the animal can change its looks and hair colour as you can see although unlike humans, animals cant change the creature they are!”
“He is perfect” I cooed, “Can I buy him?”

10 minutes letter I joined my mum with the kitten, which I named ‘Belle’ “it means beautiful in French!” I was soon explaining to my parents. Dad had returned with some more money. “The only thing left is your wand…” dad was searching the map of Diagon Alley and suddenly exclaimed “ah! Olivanders!”
We made our way down the street further down we soon saw the sign “Olivanders. No finer a wandmaker.” I snorted at the sight of the sign and whispered to my dad “Bit full of himself ay?” Through the window I could see an old frail man behind the counter with lots of small long boxes beside him and masses of shelves covering the walls. I entered through the shop door and a bell tinkled to let the man know I was coming in. My parents waited outside. I slowly approached the counter and the old man looked up; he really was old, he had only small tufts of white hair on his head and he wore thin rectangular glasses. “Ah muggle born I see… well this might be tricky…” The old man seemed to be talking to himself he walker around the counter with a walking stick in his hand. He reached into his pocket and drew a measuring tape and began to measure my arm how long my fingers were and the length between wrist and elbow, he stopped and turned to walk back to the counter but he stopped suddenly at a shelf and slipped out a box at the middle of a pile of other boxes, “Try this one…” He opened the box and handed me a wand it was lovely it had a print on it but I couldn’t make it out. The wand grew warm in my hand and gold sparks erupted from it! The warmth began to grow threw my whole body I completely forgot about Mr.Olivander until he coughed heavily, he was not very well I thought.
“Sir are you ok?”
“I have never been ok since you-know-who kidnapped me.” Mr.Ollivander say down on a stool behind the counter. “You-know-who sir… I don’t?” This was confusing me even though I got 100% in all my tests in primary school.
“Before your time,” he sighed, “I was captured and tortured for my knowledge on wands you see…” he spoke slowly and peacefully but he soon erupted in a chain of coughs
“Oh.” I didn’t know exactly what to say to the man he was so old and small it was as though if I asked him more, his lungs would fail.
“The wand is 10 inches and phoenix tale a great pride for you to have… your wand is powerful… that will be 9 galleons.”
I handed him my money and smiled, he looked up at me and stared into my eyes,
“Do you know the story of Harry Potter?” He choked out before he let out another heavy cough. “No sir, should I?”
“I assume you got a history or magic book, it should be there. Read it.”
“Ok sir… but I don’t mean to be rude but why should I read it?”
“You may find it… interesting and I think his children go to Hogwarts now...”
With that I left… quite quickly at that too…

Xx...Review please,please,please, please... and sorry about my crappy punctuation...xX

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