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HP stories following Canon after Deathly Hallows >> Love, can it Last? by AlexiaBrynJinx

Simple Text - To view MORE chapters use the chapter jump box to the right.
--This is my first story so please give feedback!!~AlexiaBryn--

Chapter One

Andrea Smith thanked the Orpahnage Owner for taking her to Kings Cross Station, today was the first day of Andreas 4th year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Lifting up her trunk she smiled as she saw Albus and James Potter, her best friends, she placed her trunk onto the trolley and then got her owls cage, which she also put on the trolly.
Albus walked over to Andrea pushing his trolley, "Ready for another year of torment and mysteries?"

"I guess," Andrea replied slightly laughing.

James ran to Andrea's free side pushing his trolley as well," Are you also ready for the best Quidditch season? We'll make sure that those Snakes hear us roar! Since we have the best Seeker since my dad!" James nudged Andrea with his elbow indicating that she's the amazing Gryffindor Seeker.

"I'm not as good as your dad James, everybody knows he's the best Seeker ever!" Andrea replied blushing at his compliment.

Albus narrowed his emerald eyes and glared at James, he despised how his brother always made Andrea feel special when Albus just made her feel like a normal girl. "That's a lie, you beat Dad 3 times last summer!"

Andrea giggled, "Okay I may be a tiny bit better,"

Win, thought Albus smiling.

The three had forgotten about Harry,Ginny, and Lily Luna Potter. They were so far behind the 3 friends that the kids forgot their existence. Andrea, Albus, and James could make out the Platforms 9 and 10 signs.

"I'm going first," James said.

The other two nodded and moved aside so James could run through the brick column. The black haired teenager ran through the barrier like there wasn't a pillar there.

"Shall we go together?" Andrea asked.

Albus nodded and held her trolley handle with his left hand, and Andrea held his trolley handle with her right. They both ran through the barrier. Andrea looked around for Harry and his family wondering if they were behind them or not. Albus looked at Andrea and knew what she was thinking.

"Who cares about my parents lets go find an empty compartment," Albus said.

Andrea laughed and nodded, lifting her trunk and owl cage off of the trolley. Albus did the same and then they both began to find one of the trains doors. They found one that nobody was using and boarded the train. Albus and Andrea easily found an empty compartment. The two sat across from each other and began to discuss Quidditch. Both of the teenagers played for Gryffindors Team.

"I think that the Chasers should stay on the outside of the hoops and they should also stay in a line and the middle player should have the quaffle and the other two would protect him or her from the opposing Beaters and or Chasers," Andrea explained.

"That's a nice strategy , but I think having the Chasers more spread out would be more effective then having them bunched up," Albus replied, Albus was a Chaser so he knew what he was talking about, but Andrea was a Seeker and should think of Seeker tactics.

Andrea shrugged and then began to fix her curly golden hair. Albus stared at her as she combed and played with, her hair. To him Andrea was a godess, the way the sun make her eyes twinkle and made her golden curls shine. Or the way the moonlight hit her face and made it look as if her face was a star. Andreas baby blue eyes flickered upward and met Albus's.

"What are you staring at Ab?" she asked.

"What? Oh nothing just daydreaming," he replied.

Andrea nodded and began to fiddle with her curls again.

Albus soon heard feet run toward their compartment, which was the last one.Then he saw who the person running was. Andreas best friend Scarlett aka Scar.

Andrea looked up and saw Scar outside the compartment, "Is it safe to come in or am I interrupting?" Scar asked winking.

"Come in Scar nothings going on," said Andrea getting up and opening the compartment door.

Albus silently sighed, I wish something was going on between Andrea and I.

Scar strutted in and sat beside Andrea, "So Blondie, we're 14 now thinking about a boyfriend?"

Albus raised an eyebrow and Andrea giggled, "I've been thinking about someone," she said looking at Albus her eyes twinkling like stars.

Albus's heart jumped for joy, could Andrea Smith be in love with Albus Potter?

"I'd love to go with Hugo, he's funny , kind, and kinda cute..." said Scar.

Andrea laughed, "You'd guys would be cute. Who do you think I should be with?"

"I think you should go with Albus," Scar said.

"Oh really?" Albus asked.

"Yes really you guys would be totally adorable, Andreas golden curls and your perfect brown hair would make an adorable baby," Scar replied.

Andrea murmured something that neither Albus nor Scar could make out.

"What do you think Andrea, would you ever date me?" Albus asked.

Andrea didn't reply immediately, so many thoughts were running through her head. She always had a secret love for Albus, the way his hair was always messy, to Andrea that made him look even more sexier. Plus his shining emerald eyes and a six pack. Albus was just pure amazing and hot. 5 minutes passed by as she thought.

"Uh Andrea we're still awaiting yor reply," Scar said.

"Oh er, I don't have an answer yet," said Andrea.

The sun began to set and Scar and Albus refused to talk about anything else until Andrea gave her reply.

"We'll be at Hogwarts soon we should change into our robes," Andrea said breaking the akward silence.

Scar nodded, grabbed her robes and headed out to the nearest bathroom.

"Would you feel more comfortable answering the question now that Scar's left?" asked Albus.

Andrea sighed, she thought for at least one more minute and then nodded.

"Albus Severus Potter, I've always admired you and I would love to date you," said Andrea softly.

Albus smiled widely, "I've felt the same way since day one,"

Andrea smiled to and giggled softly, "I'm gonna go change, Scars taking to long,"

The golden haired girl stood up and looked through her trunk for her robes. Albus also got up and stood behind Andrea, he wrapped his arms around Andreas waist, making her jump. Robes in her hand Andrea turned around to face Albus. He was at least five or six inches taller than she was. She wrapped her arms around his neck and let her robes fall to the ground. Albus leaned down his lips close to hers. Andrea looked up and then pressed her lips against his. The messy haired teenager kissed Andrea back, he had waited for this all of his life.

Andrea felt as if she could fly, finally kissing Albus Severus Potter was a dream come true. Plus it was everything she imagined. He was gentle and sweet. Albus heard the compartment door open.

"WHAT AND THE HELL?" a males voice yelled.

Andrea broke away from the kiss and turned to look at James. Albus did the same.

"Is there a problem?" Albus asked.

"Why were you making out with Andrea? She's your best friend not your girlfriend!" James exclaimed.

"Acctually she kissed me first," Albus simply replied.

Andrea nodded admitting that she had kissed Albus first.

"Andrea I thought you always liked me! Not Ab," James said.

Andrea shook her head, " I've always liked Ab, and you can't change that so you should leave James,"

James narrowed his brown eyes and glarred at his brother and Andrea, then he stormed out of the compartment slamming the door behind him. Andrea picked up her robes from the ground and faced Albus, "I'm going to go change now,"

He nodded and kissed her gently, "I'll be here waiting," Albus said.

And with that Andrea left the compartment.

Chapter Two

Hogwarts was visible through the mist and fog. Andrea, Albus, and Scar were in their Gryffindor robes now, waiting to arrive at Hogwarts. Instead of Andrea sitting across from Albus she was beside him, holding his hand. Scar smiled at her friends, to Scar it had seemed as if Andrea would never find love. Her horrible past had made Andrea miserable, back then if you stood by her you could feel the depressing vibe.
"Scar, I think you should go try to hit it off with Hugo," Andrea said.
Scarlet replied with a shrug, "But what if he found a girl on the train today an-and he doesn't like me?"
"Scar, I know Hugo he would never reject you harshly," Albus said.
Scar nodded, "O-Okay I'll go find him and maybe stutter a few words," said Scar fixing her long black hair.

Albus laughed and watched Scar leave, then he turned his head to see if they were any closer to Hogwarts. They certainly were. The train was actually in the station.

"Ab, do you think James will be, rude now?" Andrea asked.

"Probably, but all I have to do is write to mum and she'll send a howler," Albus replied.

Andrea laughed and stood up, "Time for hell and excitement,"

Albus laughed and took her hand in his. The two had to walk all the way to the front of the train to get off. Hushed whispers floated around as the couple walked to the front.

"Did you see that orphan with Harry Potters son?!"

"How can Albus chose her and not me?"

"She can do SO much better"

"Andrea should at least try to get a pureblood boyfriend!"

Andrea coughed at each whisper. But one comment made rage explode from within her.

"How can that beautiful blond date a bloodtraitor, what disgrace to the Wizarding World,"


"Andrea calm down it's just a snotty Slytherin," Albus whispered squeezing her hand.


Andrea stormed off the train, Albus being dragged along.

"Gryffindors have such tempers," the Slytherin said.

"Andrea you should've been more responsible, going off on the girl could've got you into loads of trouble," said Albus stepping of the train.

"Didn't you hear what she said about you? How could I being your girlfriend, not defend you!" Andrea snapped back.

"Yes I did hear her, but you didn't need to blow your head off," Albus replied calmly.

"Do you not want me to defend you? To let everybody say what they want about you? Maybe that one person was right. I can do better," Andrea said storming away.

Albus just stood there stunned, they had been together for hours only and then they broke up because Andrea was defending her boyfriend. Nothing made sense so Albus just went along with it. He'd allow Andrea to calm down and then he'd talk to her.

On her way up to the castle Andrea noticed Scar and Hugo hand in hand walking up to Hogwarts. Seeing the couple made Andrea realized how much she loved Albus. I should've listened to him, it's my fault we had that stupid argument, She thought. But Albus probably didn't want to talk to Andrea now. So she just ignored him for the time being.

Chapter 3

In the Great Hall Andrea sat alone. Albus and James sat across from her but further down the table. They were in deep conversation and Andrea kept hearing her name repeated. Scar and Hugo sat beside Albus and James. They were holding hands and talking about lessons. I’ve messed everything up, Andrea thought to herself. She placed her chin on her arms and sighed.

Albus heard Andrea sighed and he looked at her, she looked depressed. As if everything she loved was taken away from her. Then he realized he was taken away from her. So was Scar, since she had a new chapter in life with Hugo. Albus coughed and made Andrea look up from her sleeves.

“Would you like to talk Andrea?” he asked.

She simply nodded and stood up, Albus did the same and followed her out of the Hall.

"So," said Albus leaning against a wall.
"I-I was stupid,"Andrea admitted.
Albus's gaze turned into a blank stare, since when did Andrea ever admit that she was wrong?
"No, you did what you thought was right, I shouldn't have let them walk over me like a doormat," whispered Albus.
Andrea shook her head, but said nothing else. She didn't want to argue with Albus. Ever again.
"A-Are you still mad at me?" Albus asked.
Andrea looked up, her sky colored eyes glowed with love.
Albus smiled and pulled her in a tight embrace. Andreas hair tickled his nose, but he didn't say anything.
Andrea hugged Albus back, she was stupid to have let him slip away so quickly before. Now she had to be careful to not let him get away again.
"C'mon the feast is probably over lets just go to the common room," Albus said taking Andreas hand.
The golden haired girl nodded and walked by her boyfriend all the way up to the common room.
"Dragon Liver," Andrea said when they reached the Fat Lady.
She nodded and opened the door. Andrea and Albus stepped into Gryffindors scarlet and gold common room. They headed over to the couch and plopped down into front of the fire.
"Ab, do you think James will ever try to take me from you?"
"He can try, but I'll put up a good fight," replied Albus smiling.
Andrea laughed and lay her head on Albus's chest, "Aren't Scar and Hugo adorable? I knew they'd work out,"
Albus nodded, "I told her,"
Andrea sighed happily and starred into the fire. Albus played with Andreas curls, twisting them with his fingers. With the fire cracking and her boyfriend toying with her hair, she suddenly got tired. Andrea yawned and blinked.
"Tired sweetie?" Albus asked.
Andrea nodded and then smiled at being called sweetie. She got up to go to her dorm but Albus pulled her back down onto the couch.
"You'd be lonely up there, you can stay right here," he said.
Andrea smiled and cuddled beside Albus, placing her head on his chest once more. She yawned again and then fell asleep.
Albus pulled out his wand and conjured up pajamas, then he made the pajamas trade places with Andreas robes. Her robes lay neatly where the PJ's once were.
The door to the common room flew open and Scar and Hugo headed in laughing loudly.
"Shut up, Andreas asleep," Albus hissed.
"Oh," Scar whispered.
"Looks like you've caught yourself a good one Ab," Hugo said.
"Same to you,"Albus replied.
Then the door opened once more and Skye Watson walked in, Skye was Andreas other best friend. She immediatley hugged Scar and then searched for Andrea.
"Where's my blondie?" she asked.
"Asleep," Hugo answered, he pointed over toward Albus who was again playing with Andreas hair.
"Aww!!!" Skye exclaimed.
Albus looked up and smiled then realized they were the only five people in the common room, "Where's everybody else?"
"Party, they have a 'New Term' party now, it was getting a little hectic so we came upstairs," Scar said.
Skye nodded in agreement.
"Well I'm going to go check out the new parts of the tower," Hugo said.
He headed up the 3rd staircase, the one inbetween the other two that would take you to the boys and girls dormitories.
Scar tagged along, also wanting to check out the newest addition to Hogwarts.
"Well I'm off to bed," Skye said, "Night Albus, and tell Andrea that I said hi,"
"Will-do, Night," he replied.
Andrea shifted around so she was on her back not her side. Albus smiled, kissed Andreas forehead. Then drifted off to sleep...
Hugo wrapped his arms around Scars waist, he leaned in and pressed his lips against hers, not being gentle at all. Scar leaned into the kiss by pressing her body against his and wrapping her arms around his neck. What seemed like a few passionate kisses turned into a playful make out session. Scar loved the way Hugo felt, soft and velvety. Hugo felt the same way about Scar, soon he felt as if their kissing was going to far so he sweetly broke away.
Scar knew why he broke away, they were only fourteen! They couldn't play to rough at that age. "I'm going to sleep," she whispered.
"Same as me," Hugo replied, he kissed Scar, gently this time and then headed down the stairs.
Scarlet sighed, "He's perfect,"
Then she walked down the stairs. Once she reached the bottom she looked over at Albus and Andrea, she sighed happily for the lovebirds then walked up the stairs toward the girls dormitory.

Chapter 4
Andrea's eyes snapped open to the sound of yelling and chanting, obviously a party had been going on and the people were coming back to their dorms.
"WHAT THE HELLS GOING ON? CAN'T ANYBODY GET ANY SLEEP AROUND HERE?" she yelled at her fellow Gryffindors.
The people in the front of the crowd stopped but James and Teddy just wouldn't stop.
"BEST PARTY EVER!!!!!!!" James yelled.
"SOO RIGHT!!!" replied Teddy.
These two dumbshits are getting on my last nerve, Andrea thought. "CAN YOU TWO PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP??!!?!?!?!"
Albus awoke to screaming, somebody was obviously very mad. Then he spotted James and Teddy, drunk and screaming. Then he saw Andrea, her face red with anger.
James stopped laughing and looked surprised. Albus had always been the calm one, and he had made his brother explode with unknown anger.
McGonagall had heard the yelling and stormed into the Common Room, "What is going on in here?"
"James, Teddy and the rest of Gryffindor came into the common room yelling and laughing, when I was asleep on the couch by the fire. Then I asked them what the hell was going on. Everybody got quiet except James and Teddy, so I asked to please shut the fuck up, then James taunted me by saying, Whats wrong Toots wanna be alone with your boooooyfriend?" Andrea explained truthfully.
"Then I drifted out of sleep and told James to shut up and to stop taunting Andrea just because he's a lonely piece of shit," Albus told Pro. McGonagall.
"To begin punishment I suggest that you ALL watch your language. Now for Mr.James Potter, taunting another student like that is not tolerated here at Hogwarts, Mr.Albus Potter, cussing out your brother is also not permitted, and lastly to Ms.Smith you must watch what you say to other people for I have also heard about the incident on the train. All three of you will serve detention tomorrow with myself." McGonagall said.
"Okay Professor," Andrea,James,and Albus said in unision.
"Now all of you get to bed, it's two o'clock in the morning and you begin lessons tomorrow." said the Headmistress exiting the Commonm Room
Andrea didn't reply and turned away, she headed up the stairs to her dorm with a goodnight to Albus.
"You ruin everything James! Why do you always want what I have?" Albus hissed.
"A-Ab I was drunk I really didn't-"
"I don't want to hear it. Just leave me and Andrea alone!"
Albus stormed up the steps and slammed his dorm door, once he reached it.
James sighed and slowly walked up the stairs. He got to his room and plopped onto the bed, didn't change out of his robes at all.
Andrea resumed sleeping as soon as she hit the bed.
Albus drifted off after cursing his brother.
James, well James fell asleep, but he had horrible dreams. His brother and Andrea had grown up and were married. They had let James stay at their house for a while until Albus caught James trying to kiss Andrea. Then he was kicked out for good. He went to his little sisters Rose house, who was eight months pregnant. She didn't take James in. So James had to go live with his parents, yet they were mad as well. But they were soft and didn't kick James out.

-So I can't add chapters so i have to do it this way, sorry readers- ~AlexiaBrynJinx

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