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HP after Hogwarts >> Beautiful Butterfly's and Evil Wasps by Helenmarie

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would like to point out that I don't own Harry Potter and all that and this is just my way of having fun Sad huh??

Chapter one: Why me of all people??

"Why did that stupid sorting hat say that? I don't understand em"
“You will understand Al one day”
***Flashback*** First year ***
I got on to the train. My father’s last word before I got the train rang in my head. I walked along until I walked into something soft. I looked up. “I am so sorry.” I really did feel bad. I looked at her she had a bruise on her face like she had got punched very hard in the face.
“That’s fine. I am Emily Butterfly what’s your name.” she asked so shyly.
“Oh I’m Albus Potter.” I waited for her to say oh my god your Harry Potter’s son but it never came. “But you can call me Al.” I smiled at her and she returned it.
“What house do you want to be in” I asked her
“I don’t really mind. My dad was a Hufflepuff but I didn’t know much about him until I was 10 when my mum died.” She looked so sad.
“Oh I am so sorry to hear that.”
“Don’t be.”
“Okay, well I want to be a Gryffindor. My dad, his dad and mum, my mum, her mum and dad yeah it goes on. They were all in Gryffindor oh and my brother. I just want to make them happy. My uncle said he would disown me and Rose, my cousin, if we didn’t get into Gryffindor.”
“Oh I don’t really mind. I least I made a friend.”
Hagrid walked all of the first years to the front of the great hall. Tie moved so slowly.
(James Alan) “HUFFLEPUFF” The sorting Hat cried
(Emily Butterfly) “Oh yes I see it all before me. You can see it before. You have the qualities of a Gryffindor but we both know otherwise. You have seen little buts of what will happen you understand don’t you? That leaves me Know choice SLYTHERIN”
(Courtney Freeborn) “RAVENCLAW”
(Helen Goode) “GRYFFINDOR”
(Demi Graham) “HUFFLEPUFF”
(Alex Kurt) “RAVENCLAW”
(Bradley Kurt) “HUFFLEPUFF”
(Star line) “SLYTHERIN”
(Scorpius Malfoy) “SLYTHERIN”
(Albus potter) the hall went silent. I knew why I wasn’t stupid.
“Young Albus Severus, You don’t like your middle name. You fear it will put you in Slytherin. Your father was almost a Slytherin you know. Well let’s see very loyal just like a true Hufflepuff however you are very wise the right qualities for a Ravenclaw. Brave and strong but you have a great mind. I see you can talk t snakes like your father but where to put you. Oh I see now it has all become clear you will thank me one day and so will your family. It will have to be……
Mum, Dad and Hugo
I am so sorry I will never come back home again. I am sorry Dad I am a Ravenclaw. I know you won’t be as angry with me as everyone will be with Albus. He got into Slytherin. The sorting hat said it was fate that I should be in Ravenclaw, Fred in Gryffindor, Dominique in Hufflepuff and Albus in Slytherin. He said that dark forces are going to be back something about old magic I will look it up.
Sorry for not making Gryffindor
All my love

Mum, Dad and Lily
James had left me alone for once. He is angry at me because I didn’t make Gryffindor neither did Rose. She got into Ravenclaw though I didn’t. I didn’t even get in Hufflepuff I made Slytherin I never want to come home. I hate the sorting hat he told the school my middle name and I can talk to snakes he said. Only Fred made Gryffindor.
Really sorry love
Albus xx
“so you can talk to snakes then”
“I don’t know never tried.”
“Wow you know nobody heard him say that right.”
“He shouted it out Emily.”
“No he didn’t. No one heard it. I feel that I can trust I need to tell you something. I am a seer”

Thank you my first chapter but I don’t know how to do another one so I might just add it to this one. Thank you for reading :D x

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