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HP stories following Canon after Deathly Hallows >> Meeting old timers. by Helenmarie

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I DON'T OWN HARRY POTTER OR ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT :D Glad we got that one cleared up.

"James, Lily and Albus Potter my office NOW!" Shouted mcgonagall
"Shit this your fault Albus. Dirty Slytherin" Spat James at his younger brother.
"Whatever James. Grow up people don't care what house your in these days" said Albus
"You James need to sort it out. I don't understand just becuase I am a Ravenclaw and Albus is a Slytherin does not mean we are not Potters." Said Lily
"Sorry brains. I don't care to much that your a Ravenclaw. I just hate the new dark lord ver their." Said James
"Miss Potter would you please stop shouting." said mcgonagall
They walked up to the stone gargoyle and Mcgonagall id the password.
"Now go up their and wait I am calling you parents in."
"What no you can't" shouted James
They walked upstairs and opened the door to the heads office.
"Hey James you could show us around how many times you been in here"
"Shut it brains"
"Her name is Lily"
"Oh Slytherin shut up."
"JAMES I HAVE HAD ENOUGH WITH YOU. JUST BECAUSE I AM A SLYTHERIN IT DOES NOT MAKE ME THE NET DARK LORD SO JUST SHUT" shouted Albus to the surpise of James Lily and all the portraits of the former headteachers.
"Okay cool your jets Albus sinverless"
"James don't push him. You never he would never shout at anyone. God even I no that and I am his sister." said Lily
"My dear children what are your names." asked a man with rimed glasses and bright blue eyes.
"Well I am James Sirus Potter I am In seveth Year and I am a Gryffindor. shouted James
"Hi I am Lily Luna Potter and I am fourth Year and I am a Ravenclaw" said Lily
"Hello Sir I am Albus Severus Potter and I am a sixth year Slytherin. Whats your name may I ask I can't see over their"
" You would of thought you could FOUR EYES" shouted James laughing
" Well Albus I am also Albus but I am Albus Dumbledore. What did you say your middle name was."
"Severus Sir"
"severus did you hear that."
"What Albus. Oh Know its that Potter boy. Just like his namestacks. Gryffindor, lazy and good at Quiddtich However stupid and selfcenterd."
" I don't see how our farther is selfcenterd."
"What their are more of you. More Gryffindors who ar o far up their own..."
" I am a Ravencaw" said Lily
"Oh are you. Sorry miss. You look like a weasley but you have you grandmothers traits in you."
"Thank you very much. I by the way do like Quidditch but I love charms" she said
"Oh and my brther isn't a Gryffindor either"
"Oh really. Is he a Ravenclaw to?"
"No I am Not. I am Albus severus Potter and I am in Slytherin house got a problem with that like evryone else."
"No I... You have yor farthers eyes just like your grandmother. You look just like your Dad. I dont have a problem I was a Slytherin and m name is Severus snape."
"Oh Sorry. Hey I am named after you.My Dad said you were the bravest man he new."
"Did he?"
"Oh and I Love Quidditch I play seeker Lily plays chaser along wtth James. We have big family Qudditch games. I play seeker and so does Dad. Uncle George, Teddy Lupin, Dominique and fred play beaters. Uncle Ron and Hugo play keeper and Victoria, Mum, Lily James, Rose and Roxanne play chasers. Molly and lucy sometimes play to but they are boring."
"Big family you have. Do you like anything else"
"I love charms and posions"
"Really I am was a posions teacher"
"Ahh Mr potter and Mr Potter adn Miss potter have we sovled are issue yet as."
"I won't even talk to that death eater"
"I was a deather eater James" Said Snape in his snide voice.
"Yeh well he is voldermort number too."
"I am Not James. Stop it. I have been in slytherin 6 years and know you y whole life Why do you care so much"
"I don't see what I have done wrong being Ravenclaw."
As Lily finshed her word her farther and mother steped in the office
"James enough" said Ginny
"But he is the next Dark lord"
"James Enough" Said Harry. James new he was
in the shit now. His farther never rose his voice.
"Lily tell whats been going on."
"Well James thinks he is everthing. He hates us because we are not Gryffindor.He isn't that bad to me. He just calls me brains but He has been So horrid to Albus. Yesterday I caught Albus look at his arm Mum."
"Probly the dark mark"
"James enough"
Albus rolled up his cloak. He had a big purple bruise where he had been hit by James only the day before.
"He always does it to him mum He is a bully"
"Albus why didnt you say."
"Because he is my brother I dont want him in troble. I love him still even though all this happens"
"Albus do you mean that." said James
"And we have a break though" Shouted Lily
"Lily quite" said Ginny
"Okay boys. I am not Happy James. Summer is going to be so long for you."
"Sorry Lily sorry Mum and Dad"
"Well Jame when you return on monday you will have sometime with me to spend"
"Yes Miss. What Monday when I return"
"We are staying at home for the weekend teach you lot lesson."
"We are coming to Dad." said Lily
"Oh corse you are you are apart of our family aren't you?"
With that she gave her farthher a hug.
"Off you go then" Said mcgonagall
"One sec" said Albus
"What now Al"
"Hahaha Al I like that name." said Dumbledore
"Sir see you again one day." he turn to snape
"see you sir and thanks. slytherin are what you make then to be"
"Yes Albus severus they are. Good day and oh if you or Lily need help with posions just come and see me won't you"
With that the Potters left the office.
"So much like Lily. Both of them together are so like her, Jame on the other hand just like his namestacks.
"Harry, I don't I have seen that guy smile before"
"I haven't either."
"He likes Albus I think its the Eyes"
"brave man he was brave man

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