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HP after Hogwarts >> Hero by Trungy

Simple Text - To view MORE chapters use the chapter jump box to the right.
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any characters or anything else they are all owned by the famous J.K Rowling who brought them into the world ( S'cuse the pun)

Nice little one-shot. HHr

Hermione P.O.V-

I stared at Harry and he stared at me back " You may kiss the bride" we both leaned in and we had our most passionate kiss ever.

At that very Micro-Second a million flash-backs erupted in my brain.

Would you dance if I asked you to dance?


4TH YEAR. Great Hall

"Hermione?" Harry stuttered,

" Yes Harry?" I replied not taking my eyes off my overly long piece of parchment

" Er- WillYouGoToTheBallWithMe?"

"Really! Ohhh! Yes Harry!" How the heck did I understand that?

And Harry engulfed me in a Hug and ended it with both our first kiss.

End of FlashBack-

Would you run, and never look back?


D.H 7th Year. Fight

Within a wild midst of spells & Curses Harry Potter the lovwe of my life screamed at me

" Run Hermione! Just Run! Get the hell put of here I won't allow you to die!"

I sprinted to the Apparting Point too frightended to look back, And I got the Order for back-up.

End of FlashBack-

Would you cry, if you saw me crying?


O.o.T.P 5th Year Corridor

I peered round the corner and took in the image of a sobbing Harry mourning over Sirius Black.

I started to weep at the emotional state of him and we spent the night just holding eachother not saying


End of FlashBack-

And would you save my soul, tonight?


O.o.T.P. 5th Year M.O.M

I screamed and ran towards the veil, just knowing how much pain this would cause Harry

but a strong pair of arms enveloped me and whispered " No, hes gone don't go through it will bring me too much pain too"

End of FlashBack-

Would you tremble, if I touched your lips?


H.B.P Summer.


"Harr-?" I whispered

I was cut off by a finger pressing against my lips,

I shivered at his touch

"Shhhh, its fine just stay with me tonight?"

I nodded and we stayed there all night watching the moon and stars.

End of FlashBack-

Would you laugh? Oh please tell me this

H.B.P Gryfindor Common Room

I sighed at Ron asking 'Like- How old is Dumbledore Really?'

"Well I reckon about 175 years old because Hagrids is over 50!

And then there was another 50 years from then

And 17 years and teaching and looking after siblings would take atleast

58 years or over so yeah," sighing Harry counted some on his fingers.

I burst out laughing at the child-like expression on his face.

End of FlashBack-

Now would you die, for the one you love?

D.H Fight Clearing (Nagnini Scene)


I took one glance at Harry's mangled body and let out a

Heart-breaking scream. "No! Not Harry! Why you sick bastard!Take me I have no

point in living without him!"

I screamed at Voldemort and tears ran down my face

thick and fast. Not even Voldemorts silencing charms could

hold my love for Harry down.

Not knowing that Harry was actually alive

holding back the tears for me.

End of FlashBack-

Hold me in your arms, tonight

T.G.o.F After the Yule Ball, Gryifndor Common Room (On a Couch)


I collapsed onto Harry, my boyfriend, lap and nuzzled into

his neck "I love you" I whispered

"I love you too 'Mione," He whispered lovingly back and wrapped

his arms around me and together we fell asleep on the couch.

End of FlashBack-

I can be your hero, baby

P.S After the Dungeons, 1st Year Girls Dormitory.

I took out my Diary still filled with fear and love though.

'Dear Diary,

Ronald was being a git today and I stayed in

the Girls Toilet all day but then I smelt something

Revolting! It was a troll.

Harry Potter came in and saved me all Ron did was do what Harry told

him to do, I think we're friends now.

I think I have a bit of a crush on him now :)

Talk to ya later!

Hermione Granger.

I sealed it with a charm and hid it under my matress.

I rolled over onto bed and fell asleep think

'Harry Potter is my Hero'

End of FlashBack-

I can kiss away the pain

O.o.t.P M.O.M


I turned around to face Harry and kissed him passionatley

we stopped for nessacery air and I whispered "I'm so sorry Harry Your in so much pain,"

End of FlashBack-

I will stand by you forever

G.o.F Corridor

"Harry?" I whispered under my breah

"What Hermione? if you going to tell me off it doesnt matter,"

he shrugged my hand off his shoulder

I stopped in the middled of the corridor and the I

felt the boiling tears nearly tipping of my eyelids

"I just wanted to say...I believe you Harry!

I willl stand by you!" I winced at my high voice and my tears ran down my face.

End of FlashBack-

You can take my breath away

D.H Malfoy Manor


"Harry?Dont give her the wands!" I whispered

I felt the blade break the skin and of the blood running down my throat.

out of the corner of my eye I could see GreyBack's nose twitching,

"Hermione! I have to! You will die!" Screamed Harry

He threw the wand s on the ground and Bellatrix threw me back to him

Harry Summoned the wand wandlessly and grabbed all of us With Dobby apparting us

Harry took my breath away and his intelligance and wits for a whole minute

maybe longer if Fluer hadn't shook me back to the real world.

End of FlashBack-

Would you swear, that you'll always be mine?

After the War Down by Hogwarts Lake.


"Hermione?"whispered Harry,

I could feel the nervousness and anxiety in his voice

jsut as well as I could hear it.

I nodded looking at him thoughtfully

"Will you do the Honour of becoming Mrs. Potter?

I gasped and engulfed him in a hug which clearly displayed all my emotions

"Yes Harry Oh yes!" I screamed and gasped at the sight of the Rock that he

slipped on my finger. It was a White-Gold band With a Huge Brown Diamond in the

middle and little Emrealds studded around it. And then Diamonds alond the edge.

End of FlashBack-

I smiled and turned around to our close circle of friends and family clapping, cheering and yelling.

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