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Harry Potter Alternate Universe >> Harry potter and the mAntrik temple by barathi

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Chapter 1
Dumbledore’s Arrangement
Harry woke up in his dorm bed and moved his body a bit. It pained like hell and it took a bit of time to sink in that the reason were the incidents of the last night. He accessed his glasses and looked at his presented watch to note that the time was 9 O Clock in the night. He remembered reaching the dorm at ten in the morning after a tiresome ordeal of answering the order members, students and staff of Hogwarts about Dumbledore’s death.
As he sat up and turned around he saw four people all afloat in a locked legged posture near the offside of his bed. He immediately took out his wand and trained it on the lot as one of them spoke “There would be no need for that Mr. Potter.” At once, Harry felt his wand moving of its own accord and pulling his hand along with it. Once his hand reached his side the wand rested on his bed.
Although his mind willed him to be alert and on the offensive, his body relaxed as the person who spoke first smiled at him. Harry noted the man’s appearance to be very odd. He was wearing a strip of cloth around his waist in a peculiar manner that it was draped around his legs separately till his ankles and a turban on his head; both crimson red and he did not bother to cover his well tanned and muscular body.
Of the other three, two men were similarly attired though with shaven heads and without turbans. The fourth member of the group was wearing a queer attire draped around her body and exhumed some sort of a radiance from the exposed skin that included her forearms and face.
Harry was unable to place the accent of the man neither his appearance. Still the only thought that comforted his was that these people cannot be death eaters as he noticed absolutely no dark aura or looks about them.
“It is rude to stare. Still our curiosity can rule the better of us.” said the man with the turban in a fatherly manner.
Being called rude by a group of strangers who had entered his dorm without permission sounded frustrating to Harry, as the pointed this out through the best offensive look he could manage.
On that cue, the woman spoke.
“Why don’t we be introduced?”
One of the men with shaven head spoke. “Harry Potter! Meet Swami DheerAnandha Bharathi and Ma Ujwala the head priest and priestess of the Sowbarnika Temple.”
Harry was unable to make the head or tail of anything he heard. So he blinked and managed a smile.
The man in turban spoke, “I am an old friend of Dumbledore. He came to our temple a year ago Harry. We offered to help him with the curse of the ring. But he denied our service. Yet there was one request he made that I have come here to fulfill.”
Harry was astonished to hear that Dumbledore knew the strangest people he could imagine. Still he did not understand the details of the man who was speaking to him.
“I am sorry sir. But I am still unable to understand who you are.” said Harry.
“We are from India Harry and Dumbledore has been a long now long lost friend of ours. His demise will remain to be a scar in all our lives. But we have to look ahead and do the things we must to make his sacrifice worth his intentions behind it.” The woman spoke in a voice that revealed controlled emotions and the steel like strength behind her soft demeanor.
“And what was Dumbledore’s request?” Harry asked already knowing it involved him.
“He made us promise that we will take you into our wing and train you in our kind of magic that Voldemort will never dream of. Dumbledore requested us to await his demise before we put our promise to action. He left this envelope with us and told that you will understand the message.” The older man gave a typical Hogwarts envelope with the seal and markings.
Harry opened it and read all the while trying not to think of the last image he had of the man who sealed it. He can see the slanted writing on the piece of parchment inside.
I am sure that I will be no more when you read this. I am really sorry beyond words to have left alone Harry.
Still I am glad that I am leaving you in safe hands. Not of the order or your friends but the man who gave you this envelope.
Trust him and his words for he is one man of truth and unwavering courage I have ever met.
Don’t join me yet. Make sure Tom Riddle does at the earliest as I will be more eager to speak to my old student than to you.
Tears rolled down Harry’s cheeks as he looked up from the parchment. “What do you want me to do?” he asked in a choked voice to the man.
“There are a few things that I need to do before we start your training. I will speak to the order members and inform them that you will be gone with me for awhile and I will meet you in the great hall. Could you please take Ma Ujwala to Dumbledore’s…” he stopped blinked his eyes “to Dumbledore harry?” he finished. Harry nodded and got out of the bed.
He was filled with awe at the emotions and love his mentor was able to gain from even people he knew from afar. As he led the woman out of his dorm, one of the assistants accompanied them. Both of them bowed to the Swami as Harry noticed this was a custom of taking leave from him; he too inclined hid head a bit. The older man gave him an approving look and a smile.
The trio got out of the portrait hole and walked to wards the Great Hall.

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