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HP after Hogwarts >> The Old Religion.. Chapter Two Home sweet home by Helenmarie

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I DOnt Harry potter :D

Chapter Two: Home Sweet home

Albus Potter woke with a start. Today this would be his first whole day at hogwarts. He had made friends Morgana, Smith, Scorpius and A boy with shaggy brown hair named Josh and Another boy named Rhys.

"Come on Al we will be late another wise and I am hungry"
"Okay I'm doing my tie if thats okay with you."
"Yes Sir." And then he broke into a fit of laughter.

We made our way to the Great Hall and sat down at the Slytherin table. I sat next to Morgana and Rhys. Smith was talking about wands and Morgana was talkeding about Quidittch to this 3rd year boy who was on the Slytherin Team.
"We need to chasers and a seeker this year and nobody wants to do it. We need a keeper to but a 2nd year filled that. I spoke to our head of house Slughorn and he said try some first years if no one turns up. Well Our captin said he will be a notice up for it within the next few weeks. I don't surppose you No any seekers and to to chasers?"
"Well I love to play chaser and so does Smith and Al Don;t you play seeker like your Dad?"
"Yeah. If you can't find anyone else I would."
"I am going to tell Jude right now." and with that he left just when Scorpius and Rose ame over.
Morgana and I moved up so they could sit down.
"Albus I writing to Mum and Dad some I think you should do the same."
"Yeah alright got and papper?"

Dear Mum, Dad and Lily

Well I have made some great friends since I've been here. Morgana Black ( great friend she is makes me laugh to) Lily smith ( Shes loud and outgoing and funny as. when her and Morgana are togther well I nearly wet my self in the common room). Scorpius Malfoy is great to although hes in Ravenclaw with Rose but we all realy hit it off. I might be in the Quidditch team but don't get your hopes up.
Oh and I'm SLYTHERIN but in the end I wanted to be. I know right but I made friends on the train and I realy wanted to be in the same house so I just let the hat do whater he wanted. I made great friends called Josh and Rhys who are in my dorm.
Lily I miss you very much soon you will be here and you can bug James with me sound good.

All my Love,
Albus Severus xx
Ps I like my name now. Its so slytherin :D

Albus got his time table and the day flew by just like the next. Things really seemed great and for once it felt like more of a home than ever He loved his Dad and mum and Lily but here he just felt free. This was Home.

Well their it wasn't long but I think its just the start untill I think of a plot or something. Not romance yet tho :D I will one day hopefully
Anyway thanks for reading :D

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