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Harry Potter Alternate Universe >> Love Me Back: A Story Of A Cursed Girl Fighting For Love. by GinnyP87

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Love Me Back 
A Story Of A Cursed Girl, Fighting For Love

Prologue: Equals At The Lot

"Arthur!" Molly Weasley called her Husband excited "ARTHUR!!" 

"what??!" he came running down the stairs, jumping the last three steps "Are you ok?? Ginny is good?" 

"She's smiling!" announced Molly.



Arthur looked at the bundle in his wife's arms, 1 day old Ginny Weasley , eyes half closed, was smiling, her pink cheeks were puffy. He smiled at his daughter, his only princess.

"Molly, What about-"

"oh Arthur! She's got lots of time! Sure she will find him!" 


"James!" called Queen Lily excited "JAMES!!"



"his first steps?" echoed James


Young prince Harry James Potter was standing in his place, seemed to be lost.  Has father , King James Potter, arrived running to his son's nursery, which was parted from their Master Bedroom with a door, once he saw his son he broke into a grin. But little Harry decided to sit down again.

"walked? Maybe you should learn what does walked and stood mean" teased James his wife.

Lily huffed, folded her arms across her chest "I swear he did!"

"ok, ok. He did," he walked and kissed her cheek "Love you, and I know you love me too"

"says who?" snorted Lily.


"mommy" almost ten years old Ginny peered her head from the kitchen door "mommy, have you seen the papers?"

"what's wrong with them?"

"they've got picture for the Royal Family for Prince Harry's eleventh Birthday, you know their pictures at rare," when her mother stared at her waiting for her to continue "oh mommy Queen Lily's tiara is so beautiful! Can I have one?" Ginny squeaked.

"oh Ginger-Pony," she hugged her daughter "sorry dear, we can't let you have one, we don't have much money, and my little ginger-pony will understand..right?"

"yes mother," said Ginny "but Prince Harry is cute too, can I meet him? His eyes are Beautiful, just like a fresh pickled toad"

"Ginny," her mother lowered herself to her daughter's height "you can't have prince Harry, you differ in everything." her mother told her firmly.

"But, why? Aren't we-"

"no buts Ginny!" her mother scolded this time "you can't have him. you're poor, village Girl and you're not a princess or anything! You're nothing compared to them, him! Now, go and play with your toys!

Ginny turned herself in a hurry to hide her tears.

"Ginny?" she turned to her mother again, looking down and trying to hide her disappointment "you will find your prince charming one day, it's just he doesn't have to be a prince, just him, like me and your father"

Though she didn't believe her mother, something in that statement gave her hope


"Mommy?" Prince Harry peered his head into his parents Bedroom, suite probably "mommy, can I come in?" he saw her choosing her dress for the traditional ball on each Birthday of his.

"sure, dear," his mother smiled "Happy Birthday Big Boy!"

"thanks mom, can I tell you something?"


"can I go out to the village market to choose a birthday Present?" he blurted

"absolutely NOT!" he never really understood why his parents always kept him at the castle "it's dangerous outside dear! You can order whatever you want and I can tell one of the maids to go and bring it"

"but, why can't I -"

"No Buts Harry" his mother told him "I don't want you -well probably your father don't want you- to mix up with 'un-Royal' people, well, people who aren't like your fath- us"

"mom, but if I grow up, how can I be able to choose my princess? If I can't go outside the castle?"

"that's long time until then and believe me, the girls will come crawling for you" 

Harry turned pale and shocked.

Seeing the look on her only son she added "but you will be able to find her from the first look dear" she winked.


"Mom?" fifteen years old Ginny was helping her mother washing dinner dishes.

"yes, Ginger-Pony?" 

"oh stop using that name!" Huffed Ginny "anyway, can I get an invitation to Prince Harry's seventeen Birthday Ball?"

"no" her mother replied firmly.

"why not?"

"because they don't give people like us, invitations like that to those Balls!"

"people like 'us'? What do you mean?" asked Ginny angrily.

"I think you do know what I mean," her mother seemed to be serious in a moment "there are many guys outside, not only prince Harry!"

She knew her daughter had and still has a crush on the Prince, and she knew that's not good news for the curse thing, since her daughter doesn't know that she's cursed too.

"Honestly Mother!" Ginny Shouted "why do you think we differ? WE ARE ALL THE SAME! Nothing is wrong! Nothing makes you different if you're a village Girl or a princess"

She turned to make her way to her room, but turned to make her dramatic exit line "for your informations mother, Queen Lily was nothing more than us before King James met her, so I don't think that there is something wrong if prince Harry ever fell in love with me "

Molly knew this is really not good for her daughter's curse. "hope he will"


"find her already Harry?" his godfather Sirius was enjoying himself every birthday ball, waiting For Harry to choose a girl.

"I don't know, padfoot!" Harry sighed "I just can't find the right Girl, as if she's not here actually, somehow I think she is really not here!"

"go dance Harry, you will find her, maybe!" though Harry had tried this more than once, he tried it again and went on dancing with different girls.

By the end of the night, and no girl still chosen , Harry went to his godfather babbling things about the girls he met tonight.

"she said her father is a Minister of thingy, I actually didn't pay attention, and then her mother owns a dress shop at the end of the village mostly she  has requests from other princesses, after that we danced and I don't think she talked about her personal life, which was pretty annoying somehow and I really didn't find her that much attractive-"

"HARRY!" his godfather shouted "shut the hell up, boy!"

Harry felt the heat rise in his cheeks and ears "sorry!"

"found her or not?"

"not, probably! And never will!" he moved to his room balcony and stared outside the walls of the castle, followed by his godfather "I just know that somehow, one day, I will find her outside those walls,"

Sirius smiled, his godson, is really growing up, he patted Harry's back "at least for now you should go to bed! Goodnight, potter" he winked.

"goodnight, black"

Still, and never will change his mind, I will find her.. Tomorrow, One day..

A/N: I do not own anything, all character you remember belongs to J.K. Rowling and I'm just playing with them ;)

Hope you like this me, but the chapters of this story will be hard or will take long time uploading because I write them in my notebook a really small notebook, so until a copy them on the computer and edit the and upload them.. That will take time..

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