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HP after Hogwarts >> Meeting namestates by Helenmarie

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Chapter three: Meeting name stakes

I dont own Harry potter or whatever you no what I mean :D xx

There weren’t enough hours in the day Albus thought He was playing with his wand and making red and green smoke appear in the air. He thought about the day he got his wand.
“Mmm… another Potter let’s get a look at you.” Said the old man in the wand shop
He checked my size with a tape messager thing.
“ Left hand mmm difficult I think I will try this one. Its like the one your grandma brought when she came here those years ago. Unicorn hair and oak 10 inches good with charms.”
I gave a wav but the power though me bust out and smashed all the windows and the desk. I jumped and handed the wand bak to him he seem surpised.
“Try this 11inches dragon heart string and holy werid but not unheard of.”
I gave the wand a wave and again the shop was in pieces.
“Mr Potter may I surjest the wand you had those many years ago the ne he was after. Your so is very very powerful just like the people he was named after. I think we can expect many great things from this lad but will they be good I can’t tell but they will be great.”
Dad came home the next day and asked to speak to me.
“Albus listen to me what I tell does not go outside this room your ant Hermione ,uncle Ron and your mother no about this but you mustn’t breath a word understand.”
“Yes Dad” What was going on wonder I was so worried I didn’t get a wand so James had been saying I was squib.
“Okay well remember the tale of the three brothers and the story of how I defected Voldermort and how I said that the wand and stone were lost forever. Well the wand wasn’t lost but hidden. Now because all other wands break or almost kill someone every time you use the wand man you remember him well he said I should give you this wand because this wand matches your power.”
“But dad this is the most powerful wand in the world . You should have because you’re the best wizard in the world your or any Hermione”
“Well yes and no your 11 so you don’t even have a clue how good you are let alone what you will be.”
“Thanks Dad your amazing. I wished I was as good as you.”
“Albus you can be anything you wanted to be all you have t is try.”
End of flashback
Albus got up the following morning and dragged his friends along with where they waited in the common room for smith and morgana.
“Well good morning boys your up early.”
“yep good day charms and poisons and well breakfast.”
They walked along the corridor up to the great hall where they met Rose and Scorpius.
“Well good morning.”
“Morning so do want to sit at the Slytherin table or Ravenclaw table or maybe the Gryffindor table to say hi and bug James?”
“Your table will do.”
I soon as they sat down the owls started moving into the great hall.
“Oh great I have like 6 million letters”

Dear Albus,
Well I hope you are having a great first week at school and I hope James hasn’t been too stupid. We Don’t mind your in Slytherin Me your farther ,uncle Ron ,your mother, ant Fleur and well every female familt member but the males in the family aren’t too happy. Your uncle George is finding it funny and said it will be easy t do an inter house prank now. I hope your well and Rose of course.
Love your ant Hermione
Ps Hugo and Uncle Ron give you there love.
“Oh Voldermorts saggy left”
“sorry every male in the family hates me!”
“your mum just told me dad and your dad are okay George thinks it’s great something about pranking”
“Oh well you better read the rest.”
Dear Albus my young Slytherin
Its great you’re in Slytherin really oyu need to send me an owl I spoke with Vicky and James oh and Rose even tho she was a bit you no Hermione on me but oh well inter house prank what a better way to start of your second week anyways give us ol and tell what you need this will be great.
Love your fav uncle
George xx
That’s not bad.
I read through the rest from my ants telling me not to worry. Then it came to th last letter from mum dad and lils

Dear Albus,
Well I am glad that you like your name now more Slytherin?? I am proud of you no matter what you no that and so is your mother. We love you Albus and so does the rest of the family there just in shock. We need to talk face to face meet me at the heads office tonight at 8 o’clock.
Love you very much Dad
Dear Al I love you n matter what love Lily :D xx
At 8 o’clock I made my way to the heads office shit I kept thinking everyone hates me.
I knocked the door.
“Come in, Oh hello Mr Potter.”
“Well will wait here till your father and mother get here.”
“okay “
“Well look isn’t another Potter in trouble on his first week.”
“Now now Severus don’t judge.”
“Severus you mean the Severus Snape?”
“Why yes I do mean him why may I ask oh and what is name.”
“My Name is Albus Severus Potter and well My dad named me after too Hogwarts headmasters and one was a Slytherin and probly the bravest man he ever knew.”
“Really Potter named one of his spawn after me.”
“so Albus tell me I little about yourself.”
“Well I have a brther ans sister James Siruis Potter and Lily Luna potter. I am In my frist year and My best friends are Rose Weasley my ant Hermione and Uncle Ron’s kid shes a Ravenclaw, Lily smith a Slytherin alng with morgana black. Then there Scorpius Malfoy a Ravenclaw.”
“Oh a Malfoy huh really?”
“Yes why?”
“Nothing just your farther never got on with him. A Weasley in Ravenclaw as well.”
“Oh my family are in every house but its only me in Slytherin and I am proud f it!
“Really a Potter in Slytherin?”
“what’s your wand made of?”
“his wand is made of elder.”
“The wand the elder wand?”
“Yes sorry but all the other wands he blew u and ollivander thought this wan would match his power.”
“Hi Dad who are you.”
“Im fine but I did hear something about using no wand in most of lesssons. Charms I heared was amazing.”
“It was nothing.”
“Wandless magic at 11 is amazing” said Dumbledore
“Well I have been able to do since I was 7 but I bet everyone can do it. Its like talking to snake loads of people have done haven’t they I mean I can.”
“I can talk to snakes”
“Albus what why when and how.”
“ I just did when I was in the garden and James left me and this snake came out the bush and said hey and asked me the way to Cornwall.”
“Bloody hell”
“Anyway Albus we needed to talk to you”
“About the whole Slytherin thing your granddad doesn’t want you friends with the Malfoy boy I take he is a Slytherin to.”
“You mean Scorpius He is mine and Roses best mate but he’s in Ravenclaw dad with Rose.”
“Oh, well that’s all they don’t mined anymore they were just shocked a litte everyone is happy for you and Teddy said he loves you.”
“Great tell him I said hi and Lily of course.”
“Okay well we better be off.”
“Bye Dad bye Mum”

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