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HP after Hogwarts >> Our Kids by Helenmarie

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Ginny potter was sitting in the kitchen. She had just come back from St Mungos. She had taken a new job for the profit writing about Quidditch. She had quit the harpies and her last game is Saturday. Today was Harry’s birthday and they would be making their way to the burrow as soon as he gets home and showered.
Harry James potter had just appeared out of know where in front of his house in Godrics hollow. He had a hard day at work well he was head of department. He couldn’t wait til his wife Ginny was home. He waked thought the front door.
“Harry is that you?” a voice came from the kitchen
She ran and jumped into his arms and kissed him full on the mouth
“What you doing home?” he asked
“It’s your birthday and I have some good news. I took the job for the profit and I also quit the harpies my last game is Saturday.”
“Well that is great news. Why did you quit the harpies I thought you said you would next year or the tear after?”
She bit her lip. “Harry I’m pregnant “she looked up at him
“Oh my. How?” He said stupidly
“Harry honestly how is that all you can say.” She looked worried
“I’m going to be a Dad? I’m going to be a Dad. Oh my God Ginny I love you.”
“I love you too” she screamed as Harry picked her up and swung her around.
“How far along are you?”
“Three months.”
“I love you.”
“As I love you”
Harry’s birthday tea
“Hello Mrs Weasley”
“Harry Ginny dears how are you?”
“we are fine thank you”
“Happy birthday Harry”
“Thank you very much”
“Potter long time know see”
“Professor how are?”
“I’m fine thank you” said McGonagall
“ Arry ow are you?”
“Fine thank you Hagrid.”
“Oh look at you. So grown up years ago I got you from them muggles.”
“I know right.”
Ginny was sitting with a fleur with little Victoria and her knee.
“It’s great feeling holding your child. Its hurts but afterwards its amazing.”
“I don’t I would be a very good mother.”
“You do alright with Teddy.”
“Yeah but he loves Harry. He does so well with him.”
“Yes I know. Teddy will grow up to be fine gentleman.”
It was time for the cake Mrs Weasley had out done herself again.
“Mrs Weasley its amazing.”
“It’s nothing dear.”
The cake went down well everyone was asking for more. George set some fireworks off and everyone starting on the fire whiskey. Harry walked over to Ginny and whispered In her ear.
“No but here goes nothing” she said back
They stood up. “I and Ginny have something to tell you.” Said Harry
“I’m Pregnant.”
Mrs Weasley came running over. “Oh my Baby all grown up. Having your own kids now. Harry oh Harry your own family. I’m so happy for you”
George slapped Harry on the back. “Well done mate.”
“ I’m happy for you” said Mr Weasley”
Hermione looked amazed but Ron looked a little sick. “I’m so Happy for you” cried Hermione
“What do you think about being Godparents”
“I don’t know what to say.”
“Yes of course.” Said Ginny
“You to have had you’ve had oh god.”
“Ron what do you think we did on our wedding night? Had a pillow fight.”
“At least I could pretend it didn’t happen.”
“Oh Ron” said Hermione
“I’m happy for you really. Me god farther though.”
“Yes Ron you were my first ever friend”
“Thanks guys”
The party went on into the night. Harry Ginny left at about three in the morning and the party for still going.
“That was nice”
“Yeah went well.”
“I love you.”
“I love you too”

Chosen ones child
Harry and Ginny Potter have told are reporters that there are having their first child.
Harry James Potter head of department said “I couldn’t believe it. I am having my own family something I’ve never had one before.”
Ron Weasley Harry’s brother in law and best friend said this “I’m really happy for them.”
Ginny Potter has been seen buying baby clothes. She said this” It’s going to be hard work but I can’t wait. Harry is over the moon though.”

“That was nice” said Ginny
“Yeah nicest thing I the profit about me and It make me more happy every second”
“I love you Harry”
“I love you too” He grabbed her and took her upstairs.

“Harry, Ginny?”called a voice from the kitchen
“shit” Harry said as he pulled on some shorts.
“Hey Harry.”
“I and Ron were wondering if you and Ginny would like to come for dinner it’s been so long and I doubt it will ever be the four of us ever again.”
“Yeah right. I of course would love to and so would Ginny”
“Okay well I let you get on with what you were doing” laughed Hermione
Harry bushed deep red.

“So do you have any names yet?”
“Well we know it’s a boy and I like the name James and so does Harry.” Said Ginny
“Well Teddy already has Remus so why don’t you call him James Sirius?”
“Ron that’s bloody brilliant.” Said Harry
“I love it” Said Ginny
The weeks and months few by and it was almost winter.
“Harry what do you want to do today then?”
“I want to go see the graves today.”
“Oh well. Harry its Halloween not Christmas.”
“You didn’t know?”
“Didn’t know what?” Asked Ginny
“My parents died Halloween”
“Really I didn’t know that.”
“Neither did Ron or Hermione. Ron used to always tell me it was Halloween nothing bad on Halloween apart from the troll but that was funny. He said it was best day of the year.”
“That sounds like Ron” said Ginny
“What sounds like me?” said Ron as he stepped out of the fire.
“Halloween the best day of the year.”
“It is that why I always told Harry to stop being glum. Nothing bad happens on Halloween.”
He was met by to angry faces.
“Harrys parents died on Halloween.”
“I didn’t know”
“I didn’t till this morning”
“I did when we went there the first time”

Harry Ron Hermione and Ginny made their way to the church.
“It’s been so long” Said Harry with a sniff
“I know 22 years. It’s been 6 since Fred.” With that Ron and Hermione left to see Remus, Tonks and the Dumbledores.
“Hey mum hey dad. You remember Ginny the red head I fell in love with and we got married. Well were having a baby and calling him James Sirius Potter. Tell Sirius for me.”
Little did know far away in a unknown place sat James Potter.
“Oh my God! Sirius, Remus, lily Dumbledore. Harrys having a baby. Hes calling him James Sirius Potter.
Sirius teared up
“Oh this is touching potter having a spawn joy.” said Severus
The months past by and Christmas came. Mrs Weasley held one of her famous partys fleur and bill told everyone she was having another baby.
“Names yet then Potter”
“Yes I and Ginny came up with James and Ron said Sirius so his name will be James Sirius Potter”
“Oh my. You are asking for trouble. I think with George’s new baby being Fred and your will be James and they will be in the same year I might just a few more grey hairs from the Potters and Weasleys.” She smiled. She always loved a troublemaker.
New years went by and Harry found himself off work.
“Bored” said Harry
“I know but you will be wishing ou had the peace soon as we have this little one.”
“Yeah I know Ginny I love you so much”
“I love you too ow”
“Harry I think my waters broke.”
“Oh God. It’s Okay Ginny I will get you there.”
“Get the family.” She said panting
Harry sent his stag to Hermione and Ron.
Hermione was sitting in the kitchen having a nice cup of coffee after a long day at work. Ron was doing something upstairs when Harrys stag came through the window.
“Ginny having baby get the family.”
“Ron RON!”
“What you screaming about I was busy.”
“Ginnys having the baby.”
“I’ll get mum dad and tell Charlie to get George.”
“I will get fleur Bill and Percy”

The Weasleys all Ran into the waiting room.
Mrs Weasley came into see Harry holding Ginny’s hand and telling how much he loved her.
“Ginny I love you so much.”
“I love you too” as she screamed again.
“Ginny were all here outside.”
She walked back out.
The healer told Ginny she was ready and Harry held her hand.

Mr Weasley was waking up and down the Weasley men look helpless hearing their sisters screams
“One more Gin come on you can you.”
“Harry if you ever touch me again I swear” she cut of letting out another scream
“It’s a boy” the healer said and handed him to Harry.
He had a full head of raven hair and big brown eyes. He handed him to Ginny and Ran out of the room
“How long does it take?” Asked Ron
Before any one could hit him Harry came running out.
“Ginny’s had the baby.” The Weasleys all jumped up
“Oh Ginny he’s beautiful.”
“He is going to be a looker when he’s is older.” Said Bill
“He is just like Harry but has Ginny’s eyes but there a bit more hazel”
“There my Dads eyes” said Harry “ I love you James Sirius Potter

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