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Harry Potter Alternate Universe >> Forever On The DanceFloor...Where We belong by GinnyP87

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Forever On The DanceFloor....Where We Belong

A/N : This story takes place in summer 2011 & it doesn't have any connection with magic or any thing in J.K. Rowling story plot, I only used her characters.

Disclaimer: Harry Potter Publishing Rights © J.K.R. Note the opinions in this story are my own and in no way represent the owners of this site. This story subject to copyright law under transformative use. No compensation is made for this work.

Coming Home

"Look mum! She's here!" Ron Weasley pointed to the screen in front of him in the waiting area.

Molly Weasley, his mother, looked up to see that New York's airplane's arrived, which means her fifteen year sold daughter is finally home after all these years.

Ginevra Molly Weasley, Ginny, preferred staying with her eldest brother, William Weasley or Bill in New York -where he works with his fiancée- , she studied Primary and Intermediate school there but decided to study her high school in her hometown. She often comes home in summer, which she usually goes to visit her other brothers which also worked away from Britain. 

Her father, Arthur Weasley stood up and started pacing.

"Oh Arthur, I'm so excited!" Molly hugged her husband.

"Me too, Molly..Me too," he hugged her back.

"there she is!" shouted Ron, pointed to an unmistakable redhead "Ginny! Over here!"

Ginny's head snapped towards her brother's voice and grinned when she spotted her brother. He was now taller and -she noticed- musclier. His hair brighter than ever nd those freckels that matches hers.

She moved her sunglasses of her eyes and placed it on her head. The second minute, she was in her brother's arms. 

"I missed you so much!" she said, wiping the tears of joy that escaped her eyes, then moved to hug her parents.

Ron wheeled her bag on their way to the car while she carried her other bag and her purse.

"So, How's the US?" asked Ron once he and Ginny were settled in the back seat of the car.

"Oh! It's-" she stopped short when her phone's message tone rang from inside her purse.

She took it out and Ron's eyes widened "You've got an iPhone?" 

"Yup," she smiled holding her iPhone up "iPhone 4. I work in a coffee shop at night on weekdays and in the morning and afternoons on weekend."

"oh that's good you know how to handle yourself," said her mother from the front seat "I suppose you didn't cause any distress or anxiety your brother?"

"I don't think so, No." she shrugged. Then she turned her attention back to her iPhone.

Bill :
Hey, Ginger..Home already?

Yup...Do you need anything?

Bill :
Just send my love to everyone

sure.. And send mine to Fleur

Bill :
ok.See You later, Ginger! :)

"Bill sends his love to evreyone," Ginny told them.

"Oh! Good ol' William," said Ron.

"How's Fleur, by the way?!" asked Arthur.

"she's good," said Ginny "she was brilliant when I was there; she took care of me and helped whenever I needed help."

Reaching their house, Arthur and Ron brought her bags as they entered the house "Welcome Home," smiled Ron standing by her side.

Ginny smiled back "I'll go have a shower and change my clothes then come down in half an hour."

"take your time," said her mother "lunch will be ready by the time you come back.


"That's delicious mum," said Ginny as they ate lunch "I don't know how I survived eight years in America without eating your food."

"you're here now," said her father "and that's the most important thing now."

"Thanks Dad," smiled Ginny.

"How's Dean, Ginny?" asked her mother "maybe he can visit, soon -if he can-,"

Ginny barked with laughter, cutting her mother off, she clutched her sides as they gave her strange looks.

"sorry," she said when she recovered, then added glumly "he dumbed me."  


"he's stupid... He said doesn't want me to come back to England. Really it was the stupidest argument I've ever saw." 

"But...But...Ginny, how-- you two've been together for almost three years! How-"

"shut it, Ron!" snapped Ginny "for your own good."

"Alright you two! Stop it!" said Molly "and Ron, it's her life! So it's not your business."

"And speaking of love life... how're you with Hermione?" asked Ginny.

"Brilliant," smiled Ron absentminded.

"And Harry?" asked Molly this time.

"he's good... Yeah and before I forget... It's his birthday this week,you know," said Ron "he invited you too, Ginny."

"Me?" Ginny nearly choked on her water "I don't even know him! I never met him!"

"I don't care! You're coming," said Ron "Besides, I want to introduce you to so many people."

Ginny smiled in reply and continued eating and chatting about her pervious years in The United States Of America.

One hour later, Ginny was lying on the couch in the living room half-asleep.

"hey, Ginny," it was Ron "Do you need anything before you go to sleep?"

She handed him her iPhone "here, charge it... The charger is in my purse."

"ok, Sweet dreams," he told her as her eyes fluttered close.


"So, tell me..What does Harry like?" asked Ginny as she and he brother wandered around the shops to find Harry a perfect present from each of them.

"well... He plays guitar.. So he loves music. how about we go to that music store?" he pointed to one at the corner of the street.

"so you know what, Gin?" said Ron.


"Your birthday is in few days after his and-"

"I'm not having a party Ronald!" she cut him off "Ho can I make a party? I just moved in here! Who am I going to invite?"

"But you said that Colin's father will move in England for work and he's coming, besides it's your sweet sixteen, How come you-"

"Stop it Ron! And focus on what we have to do."

Each of them bought a gift and paid for them.

"oh look at these!" said Ginny as she pointed to a shop window. It was a pet shop, and Ginny's finger was pointed to white-gray kitten "It's adorable! I want one!"

"well, you can't!" he said, dragging her with him.

"But why? I love cats- kittens!"

"we don't have enough Money!" he snapped.

They walked back home and Ginny started picking a perfect dress for the party that was set two days later.

Wait for the upcoming chapters ;)

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