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Harry Potter Alternate Universe >> Chapter One: The Pink Ribbon by GinnyP87

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Chapter One: The Pink Ribbon

Ginny studied her look in her full length mirror, she was wearing a knee-length black dress with elbow-length floral Perforated sleeves and a pink ribbon as a belt around her waist ends wit a bow. Her hair was set free, dancing behind her whenever she walked. She grabbed her strapless pink purse and headed downstairs when Ron called her for the second time. The sound of her high heels echoing in the empty hall on the marble.

"come on!" said Ron.

"okay! okay!" replied Ginny, huffing.

"Harry's house is not that far but we're going on foot,"

 "I see," Ginny quirked an eyebrow.

"Ok! Dad is having a night shift tonight so the car is not here!" Ron huffed out his sudden irritation.

Ginny didn't say anything but grabbed her black coat and got dressed as they bid goodbye to their mother, then walked out the front door. On their way to Harry's house Ron explained to her a little bit about Harry, that he was rich...really, really rich, that his parents are really kind to him and they don't have more children because Harry's birth caused problems to his mum and she wasn't able to bring more children, though they're still happy.

"we're here," whispered Ron.

Ginny tried not to open her mouth wide as the sight of the beautiful house was fulling her eyes. It was a Beautiful sight, the house was built nicely with a victorian edge to it. Under the moon, it gleamed a deep blue, with pale irovy runing along the edges outlining the house. The house in general, gave a feeling of calmness to all who passed by. 

It had three floors total, windows popped out of every direction, but didn't -amazingly- make it looked over-rid with windows. Lastly, indentation's of small figures were carved into a surrounding line outside the attic window. In all truth, the house reminded her of the mansions the south used to have before the civil war. 

They climbed the few steps to the front door and Ron rang the bell, the wild partying could be heard from the outside. The door opened and a guy at the same age of Ron appeared.

He had messy hair, emerald eyes covered with round glasses, he smiled upon seeing Ron and hugged him with one arm. Ron gestured towards Ginny saying "This is my sister."

The guy offered his hand "I'm Harry, Harry Potter."

Ginny who didn't notice that she held her breath, exhaled relaxed a bit, taking his hand, she introduced herself "Ginny Weasley."

"come on in, sure you don't want to stay outside." 

The moment they were inside, they were greater by music, wild shouts and cries. It was a mess.

"sure the parents aren't home," muttered Ginny to herself.

Surprisingly, Harry, over the loud music heard her and laughed at her comment.

Ron handed Harry his wrapped Gift then walked inside, Ginny awkwardly, handed him hers.

"They're not," he said, then he reached out for her "mind taking our coat off?"

She awkwardly, allowed him to take it off and hang it "come on." he said.

Ginny met Hermione Granger, which happened to be Ron's girlfriend and His and Harry's best friend. She also met, Hannah Abott , Neville Longbottom, The twins Padma and Parvati Patil, Justin Finch-Filchy, Terry Boot , katie Bell and Susan Bones, they were all Ron's classmates and they all were kind to her and friendly.

Some guys were flirting with her and she didn't like it. Even a guy was trying to kiss her.

"Stop it!" she nearly shouted.

"what's going on here?" 

It was Harry, she sighed in relief and moved to stand next to him.

"I'm out of here," said Ginny.

"wait! We're bringing the cake! Where are you going?" 

"those guys are driving me nuts! They're flirting with me and that asshole tried to kiss me! I'm not taking it any longer!" 

"you mean Blaise?"

"whatever," she said.

Harry grabbed her by the arm and led her to the back yard "let's take a walk"

Walking Down four steps and onto gravel paths leading to the back yard. Even in the back yard guys and girls were out there with the same wild partying. Towards the house was a heated swimming pool with grecian style cabana fully furnished with shower dressing room. Coming closer between the pool and the house is a large patio with low brick walls leading to the house and to the side garden. On the near side of the patio was a sitting area with table and chairsand covered by a pergola with grape vines woven in between the slates, a few feet further was a raised garden for violetsand lemon verbana right off the eating nook in the kitchen.

"Your house is beautiful." she smiled.

"thank you,"

"Where is Ron?"

"somewhere snogging Hermione."

Her smile widened a bit before they both laughed out loud. 

"That was a good one." she said when they recovered.

"So, are you going to tell me what you brought me?" he asked innocently.

"Now, that is a surprise, Potter," she smirked.


A guy came towards them with a wrapped gift. "sorry I'm late! My mum was busy so... I'm here now!" he said handing Harry his gift.

"no it's ok, we didn't start yet" said Harry.

"Yeah...Just--Blimey! Ginny is that you? How come you're not in America?!" the guy spotted Ginny and started asking her those question which were startling Ginny; she didn't know the guy.

"D-Do I know you?" she asked.

"I'm Seamus! Seamus Finnegan!" 

"Seamus who-" she stopped mid sentence , her eyes widening in shock "You're...You're... Dean's-"

"yeah! Dean's best friend!"

"Dean Who?" Harry questioned, confusion in his eyes.

"Her boyfriend!" chuckled Seamus.

"Ginny, you-"

"you mean, ex boyfriend !" snapped Ginny.

Seamus' grin dropped while Harry's eyes shown something different, she wasn't sure what was it. Seamus' expression changed from disappointment to anger.

"So that's why he didn't call me for a while" he said through his gritted teeth.

"well, he dumped me... He could've been smarter and say 'I will text to you everyday' or 'I will call you everyday', But it seems he has bad 
Luck when it comes to thinking" she replied coldly.

Harry couldn't help he covered his giggles with coughs as he stood watching them awkwardly.

"You-" Seamus started to raise his hand ready to slap her, but Harry grabbed his arm and twisted it.

"Not here or now," he whispered angrily, his laughs from moments ago disappeared "or EVER!"

Seamus glared at Harry then pushed by Ginny with a thick "Happy birthday Harry!" and left the house.

"I-I'm sorry!" said Ginny "it's your birthday That shouldn't have-"

"No, it's ok… I understand" he placed his hand on her arm, sending warmth to her, but he dropped her quickly when Ron called him and said that his cake arrived.

"Come on!" he said.

"You go I'll catch up with you in minutes" he eyed concerned "I just need some fresh air to clear evreything" he nodded and went back to the house,

It was minutes later when everybody outside started going back for the party and she followed them slowly.

She saw a huge guitar-shaped cake which was absolutely Harry's, settled on the table with candles that has the number '17'.

They coursed him a quick "Happy birthday to you!" wish and ate the cake. The next thing she knew, that all the guests were sitting -surprisingly- quiet in the living room, rarely chatting. She was sitting with her head on Hermione's shoulder as they chatted lightly and gossiped. They remained like this until her brother stood up.


He was replied by cheering and clapping as they pushed Harry to the piled of gifts. Ginny stood back watching Harry as emotions played on his face each time he opens a gift.

Ron got him three years Subscription in one of the most popular magazines about music. Hermione got him books about music in the past few centuries. 

"Blimey!" was all Harry said when he opened Ginny's gift, while people around him gasped. Ginny turned a Greta shade of red that matches her hair in embarrassment.

Inside the wrapped box was fifteen latest albums of well known singers. But what surprised Harry was a crystal guitar standing on a crystal stand with his name engraved on it. The crystal glittered in the light of the room.

"W-When did you get that? How did you get that? I was with you all the time!" asked Ron.

"When you were busy enough to notice that I slipped into the other shop!" retorted Ginny, half-laughing with the others.

"it's brilliant Ginny!" said Harry, beaming "Thank You!"

He moved from his chair and hugged her awkwardly,but he let go quickly and continued opening his gifts. 

"Alright you lot!" Ron called, catching everybody's attention "How about some MUSIC?"

They all whooped and shouted their agreement. Ron grabbed a groaning Harry and dropped his guitar in his arms.

"I'm not singing alone!" said Harry. "It's my birthday!"

"I know someone-" started Ron.

"Ron," warned Ginny.

"-Who plays guitar and sings very well!"

Ginny groaned as her grabbed her and pushed her next to Harry. He high-fived with Hermione then snuggled next to her.

Harry whispered several songs for Ginny to choose the one she can know, and she said she can play piano 'cause they needed it in the song. He told her the she can bring the piano keyboard that was settled at the corner. With their microphones set and everything ready and a slow countdown from Harry, they began.

We're too far out we're in too deep
And we've got miles to go before we can sleep
I said, we've been walking a thin line
You've got one hand on the devil baby and one hand in mine
But don't let go no it's not too late you know

The rest of them in the room cheered for them and Ginny was surprised that her voice has survived after her crying over Dean. 

Hold on we're gonna make it if it takes all night
Hearts racing like a rocket at the speed of light
Don't fight it we've been running for far too long
We're going back where we belong
So hold on we got our wings and we're chasing the wind
Farewell to all the places that we have been
And if it takes us all night long
We're going back where we belong

All Ginny was thinking at the moment, that how she settled down quickly in England and how it was so easy for her to sing with Harry, it was a blissful moment.

So we'll build temples in our heads
When we've grown frail and all our bones are of lead
We've been walking a winding road
Let's go, no footsteps to follow baby and no signs to guide us home
Don't let go, no it's not too late you know

Hold on we're gonna make it if it takes all night
Hearts racing like a rocket at the speed of light
Don't fight it we've been running for far too long
We're going back to where we belong
So hold on we got our wings and we're chasing the wind
Farewell to all the places that we have been
And if it takes us all night long
We're going back where we belong

She caught Harry's twinkling eyes and she knew it, she understood what was going to happen, she left the pain keyboard and grabbed the nearest guitar but didn't play, she simply was singing next to Harry.

See I have to believe that there's more than this seems
More than a soul in a boat in a sea of sinking dreams
And I have to be sure that there's gonna be a cure
'cause somewhere down the line, I lost that part of me that's pure.

But don't you let go yet no it's not too late you know
Hold on we're gonna make it if takes all night
Hearts racing like a rocket at the speed of light

With that she knew it was their cue, they jumped when they started playing wildly with the guitars and Ginny's voice was full of faith, hope and self-confidence as she sang her heart out.

Don't fight it we've been running for far too long
We're going back to where we belong
Hold on we got our wings and we're chasing the wind
Farewell to all the places that we have been
And if it takes us all night long
We're going back where we belong

Hold on we're gonna make it if it takes all night
Hearts racing like a rocket at the speed of light
And if it takes us all night long
We're going back where we belong
We're going back where we belong

They finished and their audience broke into applause while Harry hugged Ginny again, yet this time tighter.

"You didn't tell me you could sing," he told her "you're amazing!"

"you didn't tell me you have a dog!" she said, pointing to a large black dog running towards them.

"you mean Padfoot!" he laughed as she crouched and ruffled the dog.

"whatever, I prefer cats and kittens by the way," she smiled up at him "we should hang out more often, you know"

"sounds good,'here take my number!"

They exchanged numbers, and she wasn't surprise to find out that Harry also owned the same phone as hers.

"Hey guys!" said Hermione as she and Ron ran towards them "That was amazing!"


"Language Ron!" scolded Hermione but Ron ignored her.

"Thanks guys, but I think Ron and I should be heading home... Right Ron?"

"Yeah, you go ahead I'll say good-bye to Hermione,"

Chuckling, Ginny made her way to the front door.

"here let me bring your coat" said Harry.

He handed her her coat and bid her good-bye b a kiss on her cheek, making her blush. "I'll see around, Ginny"

"sure… by Harry!"'she waved when she caught up with Ron and started waking down the steps.

maybe that wasn't bad after all, I need to get myself a guitar since mi-

"Ginny," said Ron cutting her thoughts.


"where is your guitar?" he questioned.

"it wasn't mine... I mean... Dean gave it to me on our first Christmas together and I gave it back to him when we broke up and told him that I don't ne-"


Ginnynignored her brother and knocked the door of their house, her mother greeted them warmly before shooing them to bed.


So what's up? Loved the story? Good... :p
I got the idea suddenly... Like a killing curse…So

I'm putting all my stories on hold EXCEPT : Love Me Back

Thank you...


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