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Harry Potter Alternate Universe >> Voldemort's Revenge by onlywitchchild

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Chapter One; What Really Happened That Night

Lily Potter just started writting Harry's birthday invitations to all her friends and family. He was a year old already, but she had been so busy being a new mother that she hadn't found the time to write the invitations. Lily and James had already had another child. Her name was April and she had just turned four years old. It was already apparent that both her and her little brother were magical. More than once April had had a temper tantrum, and Harry had turned the cat invisible for scaring him. That day Lily and James would be having a party to invite Harry into the family. However, there was some other people who weren't invited but still knew about the party.

Severus Snape was Lily's childhood friend, and who had fallen in love with her. Although when Lily met James, he had taken her away from him and was very mean to him and pulled pranks on him. Snape hated the fact that James had Lily, and that April and Harry were his children. Yet some part of him cared about the fact that even though they were James' they were also Lily's. He stared out his cabin window into the storm and thought about the woman that could of been his wife, and the children that could of been his. The other person who knew about the newest member to the Potter family, was a man by the name of Thomas Riddle, who had been named after his muggle father.

However he had turned into a completly dark wizard and thereforth changed his name into a name that all witches and wizards feared. Lord Voldemort, as he was now known as had been planning how to kill Harry with his death eaters. "For he, even though he is an infant, has a bigger power than my own. The prophecy says that neither shall live if the other one shall survive. That is why I must kill Harry Potter at a time where he is most helpless and weak." he explained. "As most of you shall know there is also another heir to my throne. My son, Maximus." he said as whispers broke out among the round table. "For I had only married so that I may have someone that could even be powerful than me someday. Now that my wife's presence has no longer been required, I shall need a volunteer to help raise my son. That way if the prophecy comes true, Harry Potter will still not stand a chance. He will of thought that the war had been over, when in reailty my vegeance will be the biggest threat that he has ever seen. Every man, woman, and child alive that are his allies and have hope in their hearts will become as rabid as a death eater. Witches and wizards will turn into horrendus creatures. Don't you see, Harry Potter will die! We are writing our own prophecy!!" he exclaimed.

"Now as I see it, I must be the one to destroy him. For I need the rest of you here if were really going to destroy the wizarding world. Lucius, you are my most trusted henchman, I request for you to help raise and train my son." he told him as Lucius Malfoy nodded. "Yes, my lord." he answered anxiously. "Tonight the Potters are having a get together. I'll kill the boy at midnight, the girl has no use to me. She is merely ordinary. However, she will try and get in the way. That is why I will make sure that she is out of the house." he explained. "I'll leave you all to your work." he said as he stood up and pulled up his cloak. Narcissa hung her head as tears rolled down her cheeks. For she knew that if Voldemort assigned her husband to look after his son, he would hardly be at home with theirs.

Meanwhile, Lily had been levitating Harry's birthday banner with her wand. James had been helping her as Harry sat down on the floor watching them. April was busy feeding her stuffed unicorn a bottle when the door opened and the children's godfather Sirius Black came inside. "Harry Potter, we meet at last." he said with a warm smile while Harry stared blankly up at him. Lily smiled down upon her son as she picked him up and then placed him in his playpen. Harry stood up and held out his hands to Sirius. "You look so much like your father, except you have your mum's eyes." he told him as Fluffy the gray long haired cat rubbed up against his legs. "Ah yes, and I remember you." He said as he stroked down the cat's back. Eventually more guests started arriving; Harry's nana and gramps, his uncle Jesse and his aunt Charlotte, Remus Lupin, Nymphadora Tonks, and even Albus Dumbledore and Minevera McGonagall.

Dumbledore and McGonagall gazed down upon Harry. "He's going to be a very powerful wizard someday." Dumbledore said. "He already is." Lily said as she walked over to them and smiled. "The poor cat has been shrunk and turned invisible more times than I can count." she said as all three of them chuckled. Back in Voldemort's secret hideout, he had taken Peter Pettigrew aside. "Now rumor has it Peter, that you are friends with the Potters and you know exactly where they are." he said as Peter trembled nervously with fright. "That boy of their's is a threat to me, and if I die I can make sure that you will follow!!" he snapped as Peter continued to tremble. "Godric's Hollow, you can find them all there." he answered with a nervous gulp as Voldemort nodded. "Thank you Peter, you have been much helpful." he said. "I hope that you can now live with the fact that you chose your own precious life over your friends." he said as he held up his arms and unleashed dark spirits underneath them that screeched through the night. Then within a second, Voldemort disapperated.

The Potters enjoyed a wonderful feast that had cooked itself, along with Harry's double chocolate birthday cake. Lily was getting ready to put him to bed as her guests left. She was upstairs, and James was asleep on the couch unaware about what had been going on outside. For a thick dark cloud had covered all of Godric's Hollow. "Oh no we've been betrayed!!" Sirius shouted. "He knows where Harry is!!!" he exclaimed as the darkness blew a gust of wind on all the street lamps leaving them in pitch blackness. They couldn't even see their wands to light them. A powerful loud screeching filled the air and a green light shot out and killed Harry's grandparents along with his aunt and uncle. Another blue light had been shooting out at Sirius, Remus and Tonks. Even though it was still pitch black, they now had the power to see.

All three of them glared and snarled at each other. "This is all your fault." Sirius muttered angrily under his breath. "Because you didn't tell me that they were coming the Potters have death ahead of them!!!" he yelled. "Darn it Sirius rot in Azkaban!!!" Remus screamed back as they both drew their wands. "Sectumsempra!!!" Sirius screamed as Remus barely had time to open his mouth before he was knocked to the ground with blood on top of his chest. "You'll pay for that one Sirius!" Tonks snapped through clenched teeth as she shot a snake out of her wand. It was a rather long and heavy one and it's eyes looked dangerous enough to kill. It opened it's mouth and hissed it's fangs out at Tonks while thunder rolled in the background. Tonks stared at the creature, making her and Sirius be scared straight. "Oh no, what have we done,.." she said quietly.

"We have to warn Lily and James, come on." Sirius said, but now that the spell or curse was broken, they could no longer see in the pitch blackness. Suddenly the serpent lept at them and knocked them unconcious. Lily watched outside her upstairs window as she held Harry in her arms. She understood what was happening, someone had told Voldemort about their hiding place, and now they were after her baby boy. She soothingly bounced him up and down before she sat down in the rocking chair and sung him a soft lullaby. Afterwards, she placed him in his crib. "Harry listen to me, you are so loved." she told him in a whisper as she bent down to his level and looked at him through the bars. "Mama loves you, Dada loves you, April loves you. Harry you must be strong and stay together with your sister." she told him as Harry just sat down and looked at her.

Suddenly there was a pounding at the door and Voldemort broke in. "One down, two to go." he said as he slyly smiled at Lilly as she picked up her son and held her tight in her arms. "You may of gotten James, but you are not getting Harry." she said as she covered her son's head. "As a matter of fact I am, and that girl of yours is now going to have to fend for herself." he said as he withdrew his hood and took out his wand before pointing it at her. "Avada kedavra!!" he yelled as Lily fell to the floor dropping Harry on his bottom. Harry cried as he landed back in his crib and saw the vision of his dead mother. He was too young to understand why, but he remembered his mother's words. That he needed to stay together with his sister, and he thought about all the people that his mother said loved him.

As a jet of green light struck him, he heard Voldemort's screams as he vanished inside his hood before exploding into millions of pieces. It grew lighter again outside, the sun was just starting to set. A little while later, Harry saw a dark haired man come into the room holding Lily's body close to him. He heard him say that he wished it had been him instead of her. Harry had survived being killed, but had not avoided a scar on his forehead. He never saw his sister again, even when Hagrid picked him up and left him at the Dursley's. Harry was now left alone, and even though the spell had been broken, it would soon be told that the curse wasn't.

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