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Non-HP related Fanfics >> New life by Padfoot4eternity

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I could hear his footsteps as he approached, if my heart had still had a beat it would have raced at his nearing presence. I was sitting in one of four chairs on the raised platform in the room, my chair was to the left of the largest chair here. Upon my awakening I had quickly risen from the lower ranks in our adopted family to the second highest rank. I was the strongest new born vampire that father had ever seen and he very much believed that I would only grow in power as I aged. When he said aged we all new that he meant mentally not physically, it was now imposable for my body to move forward in the ageing proses like a humans. After the birth of my children I had quickly been changed into a vampire, it had been the only way to save my life and my partner did not want me to leave his side. We would be together for eternity, us and the children.

For some reason the footsteps had stopped out in the hall then a new set had started, I released a small growl from deep in my throat. I knew who was keeping him from me I would set her in her place, for once she would know where her position was in this coven. As I started to rise from my chair father sent me a look that told me everything I needed to know. I sat back down quickly I would deal with her later. So not wanting to listen to what she has to say to him I start to play with the edge of my blood red dress. The top half is a tight fitting corset that comes to about my waist then the rest on the dress flows out from there. The colouring makes me look paler then I am and that’s why I love it, it makes me look ghostly. Any human that set eyes on me would no doubt be scared and amazed by my beauty at the same time.

When the door opens my eyes flick to the door way where my love is standing holding our daughter I only recently gave birth to in his arms. Next to him is his sister the piercing look she gives me is greeted by a warning growl from father. After they have both bowed to show their respect for us father speaks.
"It is good that you have returned to us children, I hope that your trip went to plan," he slowly rises from his chair and walks forward and picks up my daughter. With her cradled in his arms he sits back in his seat and waits for the thing that my love and his sister were sent to retrieve. We all sit in silence for a long time when finally the human at the front desk brings him in. There standing before me was the vampire that left me all those years ago never coming back for me… Edward.
"Edward it is lovely to see you again," Placing the small child in my arms he walks forward and rests a hand on Edwards shoulder.
"Aro I would say the same though it would not be true," a soft growl escapes my lips making Edward look at me in shock.
"Well then let’s continue with business then shall we. I have asked Jane and your dear Bella's knew mate Alec to bring you to me today, I would like to once again ask you to join us? You no longer live with the Cullen coven and it is my belief that you are once again drinking from humans. So I'm once again asking you to join us as one of our brothers. If you accept you shall have a great task that many would die to have of course it shall not be the position that you would have had if you had accepted years ago. That position has since been taken up by dear Bella here whose powers are greater than any I have ever seen. It was a great disappointment for us to hear that you had left her so we sent Alec here to comfit her and well one thing lead another and now we have a very happy couple. So what do you say about joining our family?"
"I have changed my ways since being in Forks but I still do not wish to join you," sighing Aro turned and sat in his chair.
"Well I'm sorry to hear that though it is no surprise that this is your answer. Then you leave me with no other choice but this you shall be left in the cell till you have made a choice to one join us or die. Jane take him away," coming back to his seat Aro turns to me.
"Have you nothing to say on the matter child?"
"Father I do not care what happens to Edward my life is here now with Alec and the children not with Edward. If it would please you though I think I may have a way to keep him here."
"Do what you must Bella dear, though I still wish you would drink something if you are planning on leaving the safety of our little home."
"I had something to eat this morning though I'm guessing that isn't what you mean," signing I rise and walk towards the door my daughter resting in my arms.

Walking down the long corridor Alec approaches me from behind wrapping his strong arms around my small waist. Planting kisses along my neck working his way up towards my lips. I pull away slightly and turn to face him kissing him softly once on the lips I head done the hall at a pace the human I would be unable to see. Stopping in front of the small breakable human that father keeps as a slave/ receptionist I watch as she flinches inwardly at my arrival.
“Here take the child to her bed I have things that need attending to,” I kiss my baby on the head once and hand her over to the lady. Turning I walk down the hall and stop in front of Alec.

“Don’t leave I just got back and we haven’t spent any time together recently. I miss you.” He said to me as I walk into his arms.
“I don’t have a choice I need to leave but I will be back very.”
“Where are you even going?”
“To visit some old friends…”


Thanks I hope you like it please message me what you think or comment...if you have any ideas for the future plz let me know I will take good ideas and add them in!!!! Please message me what you think as if no one reads and likes it I will not continue to write the story.

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