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Harry Potter Alternate Universe >> chapter 3 by dobbyisafreelf

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Disclaimer- I don’t own anything
Chapter 2
Sirius’s POV
The next morning in the Great Hall, Talia stalked in, trailed by the Ravenclaw Quidditch Captain, Antony Davis, who was, in Sirius’s opinion, an asshole.
“Come on, Tally darling,” he said arrogantly “I told you, I need some arm candy for Old Sluggy’s party next weekend, you know, someone who will make me look good,”
Talia looked livid. “I told you, I’m not going with you. In fact, I’m not going anywhere with you. Ever.”
Antony blinked. “Did you hear me right? I am asking you on a date. You should be flattered I even considered you.”
Talia stood up. “I’m not going anywhere with you,” she said through tightly clenched teeth. “Now go away, and leave me alone.”
Antony looked bewildered. “But I thought-“
Sirius stood and took out his wand, “she told you to leave her alone, don’t make her tell you again.”
Antony backed off, glaring at Sirius. The rest of their friends were smirking, they loathed Antony as well.
“Thanks,” Talia said, clearly still angry “The prat hasn’t left me alone since I started down for breakfast.”
Sirius nodded, “So what exactly did he want again?” Talia groaned. “He wanted me to be his trophy date for Slughorn’s party.”
Sirius smirked. He never liked Antony; he was a lousy quidditch player, and an idiot. As everyone resumed their breakfast, the owls flew through the window, dropping off parcels and letters. A letter fell in Lily’s lap. She picked it up, and her expression soured as she read it.
“Who is it from?” Gracie asked. “Petunia,” Lily said shortly, “ telling me not to come home for the holidays because she doesn’t want a freak like me associating with her new fiancé.” James rubbed her shoulders comfortingly, trying to keep calm.
“Take it easy Prongs,” Remus cautioned. “Yeah, take a deep breath, you’re going to bend your fork in half.” Sirius said. James breathed in, and exhaled heavily.
After classes finished for the day, they headed up to the Gryffindor common room, groaning good- naturedly about their homework. They spread their books and parchment across two whole tables that they pushed together.
About two hours later, they stuffed their books and papers back in their bags, and spread out in front of the fireplace, talking and laughing. After a while, Sirius dozed off.
His mind started to drift. Images and thoughts started to pop up in his head. There were more unhappy thoughts, like his parents, and then there were happy memories of long days spent at the Potter manor with James and his family.
And then, an image of Talia popped into his mind. He saw her look up from the other side of the room and give him a sunny smile, before walking over and burying her face in his shoulder and kissing his cheek. He could feel his surprise as his dream self wound his arms around her waist and kissed her forehead.
He started awake, confused. He looked around to see his friends staring at him.
“What?” He asked defensively. James smirked. “You might have been um, thrashing and muttering in your sleep. You looked mental.”
“You looked like you were having a seizure.” Talia informed him, trying to hid her grin but failing miserably. Seeing her face confused him even more.
Sirius muttered something about being tired and raced up the stairs to his bed, acutely aware of his friends staring at him.
He threw himself down on his bed and drew the curtains, his mind spinning. Even though the dream confused and surprised him, deep down, he liked it. A lot.

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