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Harry Potter Alternate Universe >> Fantasmagoria by ArtemisFlame

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Chapter 1: The Shunting

I was at training when it happened. One minute I was trying the bow and arrow, next I was sitting in a barren desert. There were others there. Cato and Katniss were the only ones I knew but there were two gingers who must have been brother and sister, a girl with bushy brown hair, a boy with glasses and scraggly black hair, a boy in a suit, a massive girl in work out clothes and two girls with topaz eyes, one with brown hair and one with black.

"Where the hell are we?" Cato yelled.

"Why are you yelling?" I yelled at him. Contrary to popular belief, the fact that I could kill people in thousands of ways was not my only attribute. I did have a sense of humour.

"Who are you?" That was the boy in the suit. He had a weird accent. I'd heard about this accent it was called Earish or something.

"I'm Clove." I said not knowing why I'd answer the weed.

"Artemis Fowl." He introduced himeself, putting out his hand. I shook it hesitantly. He was looking curiously at Katniss and Cato.

"Oh this is Cato and Katniss." I said gesturing to each of them. I sneered the last word.

"Ah." Was all he said. I looked pointedly at the big girl behind him.

"This is Juliet." Artemis said. I put out my hand but she was glowering at me or, more specifically, my chest. I looked down and saw what she was glowering at.

Of course. My knives. I'd put on the Knife Suit just to get used to its weight and I was still wearing it.

Artemis didn't appear to notice.

"And who might you two be?" He asked the two girls with the topaz eyes.

"I'm Bella Cullen." The brown haired one said.

"Alice Cullen." The black haired one introduced herself.

"Oh so you're sisters?" Artemis asked.

"Oh no. She's married to my brother." Alice answered. Artemis smiled and turned to the two gingers.

"And you are?"

"Ginny and Ron Weasley." The girl said.

"And this is Hermione Granger and Harry Potter." The boy, Ron, said gesturing to the bushy-haired girl and the bespectacled boy.

"Charming." Artemis said. "So do any of you dear people know where we are?"

"This is nowhere on Earth." Hermione declared.

"Wait you're from Earth? As in Panem?" Katniss asked.

"No. Scotland." Ron answered, "Well, that's where we came from anyway."

"Where's Scotland?" Cato asked. Everyone looked at him in horror except Katniss and I since we didn't know ourselves.

"Are you joking?" Bella asked incredulously.

"Scotland does ring a bell." Katniss said.

"Shut up Katniss." I advised.

"No. I'm pretty sure I read it in one of the Old World books." She continued.

"You read Old World books?!" Cato was incredulous now. Old World books were so illegal in Panem.

Katniss muttered something about her dad and some place called the Hob.

"What year was it where you were?" Artemis asked us.

"3999." I answered. The charming smile fell from his face.

"That's two thousand years ahead of us." Ginny said quietly. I felt the blood drain from my face.

"It's 2010 years ahead of us." Alice said. If possible, I felt more blood leave my cheeks.

"2007 years ahead of us." Juliet put in.

"We've been shunted." Came a voice from the air right next to me.

I nearly had a heart attack and belted out a string of curses. A girl about my age with black hair and black clothes appeared next to me.

"What the -?"

Ginny glared at Cato when he finished that sentence.

The girl next to me smiled.

"My name's Valkyrie. Valkyrie Cain."

Chapter 2: Weirdest Day. Ever.

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