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HP after Hogwarts >> Never to be Parted by ArtemisFlame

Simple Text - To view MORE chapters use the chapter jump box to the right.
Chapter 1: After Yesterday

Harry Potter stood on the doorstep of the house, dreading what was to come.

The Battle of Hogwarts had come to a close late yesterday night with the total death toll well into the hundreds on both sides and since then Harry had been running errand after errand for the new Minister of Magic, Kingsley Shacklebolt. Kingsley hadn’t wanted Harry to do this, saying that his efforts would be better spent hunting the remaining rogue Death Eaters, but Harry had to do this; he needed to. Harry wanted to be the one to break the news to Andromeda Tonks. So, with a heavy heart, he raised his hand and knocked on the door. The door flew open to reveal a truly beautiful with chocolate brown hair and heavily-lidded eyes and a striking resemblance to the deceased Death Eater, Bellatrix Lestrange.

“Dora! I’ve been worried si....” She exclaimed and then stopped short at the sight of Harry.

“Harry Potter.” She almost whispered, “Where’s my Dora?” The tears had already began to form in her soft brown eyes. Harry felt a horrible pang of guilt. Andromeda had already lost her husband, Ted, to Voldemort’s and here Harry, the bearer of yet more tragic news. Life was so cruel.

“Mrs Tonks”, he said quietly, “maybe it would be better if I stepped inside.”

She nodded and stepped aside for him to enter. Once he was inside she shut the door quietly behind him and led the way to the sitting room. As he entered, Harry noted the baby, Teddy Lupin, sleeping in the cradle. He was tempted to go and see Teddy, but Harry wasn’t here for his godson. He went and took a seat.

“Mrs Tonks”, He began, “I’m here to inform you of the deaths of Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks.” He hated how formal and scripted it sounded.

“I’m so sorry.” He said gently. Mrs Tonks stared at Harry for a minute, shock etched on her face, and then the tears that had welled up in her eyes spilled over. Harry was shocked. The whole time she was crying she didn’t utter a single noise. She just sat, her shoulders shaking, the tears streaming down her cheeks. It was so eerie. Harry just sat there, completely at a loss as to what he should do. After at least half an hour her sobbing subsided.

“H-how did i-it h-happen?” She hiccoughed. This was the part that Harry had been dreading the most. How did you tell a woman that not only had her only child been killed, she had been killed by the same person who killed her favourite cousin, the same person who had contributed to the death of this woman’s husband; her sister? Mrs Tonks seemed to gather who it was by Harry’s delayed reply.

“Oh Merlin, it was Bella wasn’t it?” She gasped. His impending silence seemed to confirm that for her.

"That -" The words that came from Andromeda Tonks's mouth stunned Harry. And he'd been friends with Ron for seven years.

“What became of Bella?” Harry noted the dramatic change in Mrs Tonks’ voice. It had gone from the grief-stricken voice of a mother who had lost everything to the icy voice of a woman absolutely set on revenge, even as tears continued to trickle down her cheeks.

“Bellatrix is dead.” Harry stated bluntly. Her face went from hatred to shock. Harry could understand why. Bellatrix Lestrange was one of the most accomplished and feared Death Eaters. For her to be dead was not only a blessing, it was remarkable.

“Wh.....H....Who?” She asked, all grief momentarily forgotten.

“Molly Weasley.” He replied, curious to see her reaction. Her face went from shock to complete and utter confusion. Harry was appalled to find himself pleased with her change of emotion; at least she wasn’t sobbing her heart out silently on the couch.

“Molly?! Molly Weasley killed Bellatrix Lestrange?!” She exclaimed the disbelief obvious in her voice. Harry just nodded. She stared at him in utter disbelief.

After a while she seemed to return to reality and relapsed into a fresh fit of grief. She wept for a while longer and then got up silently and led Harry to the door. He stepped outside and she shut the door behind him without another word.

(Back Home)

Harry returned to the Burrow after his meeting with Andromeda Tonks. He hadn’t slept a wink in at least two days and was utterly spent. When he had apparated to the doorstep, however, he hesitated. Their son, Fred, had been another casualty of the Battle of Hogwarts and Harry was not sure whether he should intrude on their mourning period. Her uncertainties were put to rest when the door flew open and George Weasley stepped out and hugged him.

“Harry. You’re here.” He said his voice breaking. George had taken the death of his twin really hard and, although Harry would never say it in front of Mrs Weasley, he thought George would never really get over Fred’s death. The twin released him and led the way inside. When he entered he was greeted by the whole Weasley clan minus Ginny. Ron pulled him into a tight hug, Mr Weasley wrung his hand with tears in his eyes, Bill gave him a quick hug, Charlie slapped him on the back, Fleur kissed him on both cheeks and, much to everyone’s surprise, and Percy pulled him into a hug. Mrs Weasley stood by, watching. Harry turned to her.

“I’m so sorry.” He said and his voice cracked. Mrs Weasley sobbed and pulled him into a watery hug. When she finally let Harry go he asked,

“Where’s Ginny and Hermione?”

Ron answered.

“Hermione’s gone to Australia to lift the memory charm on her parents and Ginny, well....” His voice tailed away.

“Ginny”, Bill continued, “hasn’t come out of her room since we got here.”

His voice was shaky. Harry made to go up the stairs but Mrs Weasley called after him.

“Harry dear”, she said, “She’s locked her door and refuses to unlock it. We’ve tried everything but she won’t come out even for food. All we can do is stand there and listen to her sob.”

But Harry had to try and continued on his way to the second floor. He arrived outside her door and he could, indeed, hear her sobbing. He knocked gently.

“Who is it?” Came her raspy, hiccoughed answer.

“Ginny, it’s me, Harry. Please open the door.” He said a note of pleading in his voice.

“Harry, just leave me bloody well alone!” She yelled and began to sob again. Not knowing what else to do, Harry obeyed.


Dinner that night was a solemn affair. Mrs Weasley had gone upstairs in an attempt to persuade Ginny to come down and eat something only to return an hour later, crying. Now they sat at the table in silence. George’s and Percy’s eyes were bloodshot and both didn’t eat anything; George pushed the food round with his fork and Percy didn’t even try to look like he was eating or was going to. Mrs Weasley had tears falling thick and fast into her potatoes while Ron was eating but without his usual gusto. Mr Weasley had nibbled at his food but hardly eaten anything. Bill, Fleur and Charlie were absent having been summoned by Minister Shacklebolt to help capture some rogue Death Eaters. Harry ate but the food didn’t taste quite as good without Ginny giggling at one thing or another, Fred and George cracking jokes at every word, Tonks’ bubbly chatter and clumsy but well meaning helpfulness.

Finally, the heavy silence got too much for Harry and, with a murmured excuse, he headed upstairs to bed.

(That Night)

Two hours later Harry lay in the bed in Percy’s room, staring at the ceiling (Percy had decided he was going to continue to sleep at the Leaky Cauldron). As tired as he was Harry couldn’t sleep. The day’s events kept playing over in his mind; Andromeda Tonks’ face crumbling, George’s desperate hug, Ginny’s rasping voice telling him to go away.

His thoughts were interrupted by his bedroom door opening. Harry started and looked towards the door but in the darkness he couldn’t see who had entered.

With a click the door closed again. He reached for his wand.

“Lumos.” He muttered and a small light appeared at the end of his wand. He pointed it towards the door to see, Ginny, her face pale, wrapped in her dressing gown. She just stood. Harry got up slowly and walked over to her. She walked up to him as if not really believing he was there.

“Ginny.” He whispered. She put a hand to his face and ran it along his jaw line. He tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and then leant down and kissed her. Harry had so missed the feeling of her lips against his. He felt something wet on his cheek and realised she was crying. He pulled away.

“I’m sorry.” She sobbed and he pulled her into an embrace.

‘It’s not your fault.” He said and they stood there wrapped together for what could have been an eternity. When they finally pulled apart he whispered,

“Stay with me.” She nodded and together they climbed into his bed. Harry extinguished his wand and Ginny lay her head on his shoulder. He wrapped his arms around her.

“I love you, Ginny Weasley.” He said for the first time and for the first time he realised it was

“I love you too.” She said.

“I know.” He replied and they both drifted into a fitful sleep.

(In the Morn)

On the morning of the fourth, Molly Weasley went up to the fourth balcony to wake up Harry Potter. She opened the door of Percy’s old room about to clap her hands and say

‘Breakfast time, Harry dear!’ when she stopped. There, lying wrapped in each other’s arms, were Harry and Ginny. Mrs Weasley smiled quietly to herself and exited the room silently, closing the door behind her with a soft click.


When Harry woke his arm had gone numb from the shoulder down. It honestly felt like the whole thing was going to fall off. Very gently, Harry tried to extract his arm from under Ginny’s head.

“Harry.” She said suddenly and Harry froze. But her eyes remained closed and she moved her head back up onto his shoulder, making little noises all the while. Harry looked across at her and saw how amazingly beautiful she was. The morning sun shone through a crack in the curtains, illuminating her face. The light accentuated her long, blonde eyelashes and the smooth ivory skin on her cheeks. She looked as if she was carved from the finest marble. Harry was overcome by a pang of longing. He lent down and kissed her.


Ginny and Harry sat by the lake’s edge in the Hogwarts grounds. He sat with his back against a tree, his legs open in a v. She sat in that v, her head against his chest, their hands entwined on her stomach.

“Harry....” She turned around to face him, meaning to ask one question or another. Harry was looking at her almost longingly and he lent closer and closer......

Ginny awoke with a start to find Harry kissing her. She closed her eyes, letting his smell and his feel wash over her. She loved his smell, that mixture of the woody scent of a newly polished broom handle, the wild smell of the outdoors and something musky that she couldn’t quite place but loved all the same. And his strong, but lean seeker’s build with his beautifully sculpted lips pressed against her own. She realised that they were standing now, her with her back pressed against the wall, him in front of her. His kissing had become as though he was trying to devour every bit of her. She pulled back and smiled. He grinned back and leaned in to kiss her again but she put a hand to his lips. She put her other hand on his chest and pushed him gently away. Without a word she turned around and exited the room with a warm, content feeling in her stomach.


10 minutes later Harry was dressed and sitting at the Burrow’s kitchen table with a plate piled high with toast, kippers, eggs and bacon.

“Oh Harry dear”, Mrs Weasley said as they ate, “It’s just going to be the four of us today. The others have all left for work.” There was sadness in her voice. Harry felt a wave of guilt. Fred had died because he, Harry, had refused to give himself up to Voldemort. If he was really as brave as everyone said he would have walked into that forest before the fight had even begun. Then Tonks and Remus and Fred and even little Colin Creevey would still be alive. They had been killed all because Harry was too scared to die. Harry’s mind was pulled away from this depressing revelation by Ginny’s arrival to the kitchen.

“Ginny dear”, Mrs Weasley said as though Ginny hadn’t locked herself in her room for the past two days, “How was your sleep?”

“Good, Mum.” Ginny said and paused. Then, “I’m sorry.” She went over and hugged her mum. Mrs Weasley smiled at Harry as though she knew some great secret. Harry wondered at that. Could she possibly-?

“And yours Harry?” Mrs Weasley asked as Ginny and she pulled apart.

“Wha-? Oh great thanks Mrs Weasley.” He answered thoughts of Mrs Weasley’s secret smile interrupted. Mrs Weasley seemed about to say something else when Ron slouched in looking surly and frowning.

“Where’s Dad?” he asked sullenly.

“Your father and brothers have all gone to work.” Mrs Weasley replied as Ron dropped into the chair opposite Harry. Ginny sat down in the chair next to Harry and grabbed his hand off the table. Ron’s frown deepened.

“Ginny whadda you doing?” He demanded, glaring at her.

“Hold Harry’s hand if that’s alright with you.” She replied coolly.

“Actually it’s not bloody well alright!”

“I have every right to do whatever the hell I want, Ron! For Merlin’s sake why do I have to ask your permission to do every effing thing?!” She shouted, standing abruptly and storming upstairs. Harry got up and followed her while Ron glowered at him. It seemed the Weasley household had been put on verge of destruction by the death of one of their own.

Chapter 2


Harry arrived at the second balcony and knocked quietly on Ginny’s door before entering. What he saw when he entered struck him dumb.

Harry Potter had known Ginny Weasley for seven years now. He had seen her shy, embarrassed, overjoyed, angry, sobbing her heart out but in all those seven years Harry had never seen Ginny in a complete, uncontrollable rage. The only time Ginny had been half this angry was when Ron had almost told her she was a slut. Now he saw it. Ginny was beyond livid. But she did seem to have some control and, while she was breaking everything in her room, she wasn’t screaming and she hadn’t tried to go down and curse Ron.

“Ginny, calm down.” He said gently but forcefully. That’s when she lost control.


“I’M FUCKING SICK OF IT!” she screamed and collapsed sobbing into Harry’s arms. “I’m sick of life.” She sobbed and Harry held her while she cried into his chest. After a while Ginny’s breathing slowed and Harry realised she’d fallen asleep. He gently put an arm under her knees and lifted her into her bed.

When Harry arrived downstairs Ron was alone in the kitchen.

“Finally stopped kidding my sister into thinking you love her?” Ron sneered when he saw Harry. Harry’s temper broke.





“So now it all comes out.” Harry said bitterly, “Do you really think for a second that if I could I wouldn’t change places with them? Do you honestly believe that Voldemort would have spared your family just because I was dead? Do you really think Lupin would have been left alive when he was a werewolf? Or that Tonks, an auror loyal to Dumbledore, would have just been allowed to walk away? Are you really so naive that you believe Voldemort would have been merciful to the people who fought against him? I killed Voldemort, Ron, so do not tell me that it would have been better if I hadn’t and that I should have just lain down and died!” Harry’s voice had taken on a deadly tone that was no louder that a whisper but rang through the whole room. Ron just glowered at him.

“Ron, Harry’s right.” Both Harry and Ron jolted at the sound of Hermione’s voice.

“Always side with him don’t you?” Ron sneered and then stormed out. Hermione entered the room and collapsed into a nearby chair looking slightly tearful and utterly exhausted.

“How long had you been listening?” Harry asked quietly.

“A few minutes; I only heard him blaming you for everything that went wrong during the War.” She replied, tensely. There were a few minutes of awkward silence, and then Harry said abruptly,

“How was Australia?” Hermione had gone there to lift the memory charm she had placed on her parents to protect them during the Second Wizarding War.

“I found them if that’s what you’re asking.” She replied tightly and, Harry
thought, bitterly. Harry nodded. More silence. Then,

“Did you go and see Tonks’ mum?” Hermione asked politely.

“Yes.” Harry replied. She waited for a bit to see if he would elaborate. When he didn’t she asked,


“She was heartbroken.” He replied glumly. Hermione’s expression softened.

“Oh Harry.” She said. She got up and hugged him. Harry, taken by surprise, stood stiffly.

“You’re supposed to hug me back, you know.” She muttered. Harry smiled and wrapped his arms around her. When they eventually pulled apart Hermione asked,

“Where’s Ginny?”

Harry recounted Ron and Ginny’s fight and what Ginny had screamed during her rage. When Harry came to Ginny sobbing that she was sick of life, Hermione gasped.

“Oh Harry! Maybe we should leave?” She said anxiously.

“No!” he said forcefully and in answer to her quizzical and hurt look he elaborated, “I’m sorry but I can’t be away from Ginny again.” Hermione smiled at that.

“So what’s happening with you two anyway?” She asked. Harry recounted what had happened last night.

“.......and then I told her I loved her.” He finished. At this Hermione’s mouth fell open in a comical ‘o’.

“And what did she say?” Hermione whispered once she had recovered her voice, anticipation etched on her face.

“I love you too.” At that Hermione smiled wisely.

“She always has you know.” She said and turned to go upstairs. Harry called after her.

“Hermione”, she stopped, “Please don’t tell Ron.” She nodded and continued up the stairs.

(Seven Years Earlier)

Ron and Ginny had never got on very well. Ginny was smart, pretty and independent. Ron was impulsive, grouchy and grudge-holding. Ron loathed Ginny. Ginny didn’t mind Ron. For the first nine years of her life Ginny had dealt with Ron constantly being rude to her. But one day Ginny’s patience broke.

The two red-headed siblings were playing together in the orchard. They had just finished another round of one game or another and Ginny, as usual, had won. Ron, as usual, was being a sore loser.

“You cheated!” He yelled.

“I did not! You just hate losing to a girl!” She threw back.

“I didn’t lose!”

“Did too!”

“Did not!”

“Did too!”

“I DID. NOT. LOSE!” He screamed. As the last word left his mouth an apple from a nearby tree flew off a branch and hit Ginny squarely in the face. Having been brought up surrounded by magic Ginny knew that this wasn’t just some freak accident; Ron had made the apple hit Ginny. Prior to that day, Ginny had never shown any magical tendencies and her parents had started to think the daughter that they had so wanted was a squib.

Mr and Mrs Weasley could not have been more wrong. Ginny had put up with Ron’s constant ribbing, jeering and taunts ever since she could remember and that day in the orchard her temper flared. Suddenly, Ron’s face was covered in flapping bogies that were attacking him. Ron screamed out while Ginny stood in shock. For a minute or so, she just stood there, looking at what she had done. Then she turned and back to the house. From that day forth, Ron and Ginny never really got on and, though they were polite for their parents’ sake, every chance they got they were getting revenge on each other (Ginny usually aided by Fred and George).


Ginny lay awake on her bed, staring at the ceiling. She had woken to the sound of yelling two floors below, with no idea when she had fallen asleep and how long she’d been asleep for. The yelling had continued for a few minutes and then Ron had stomped past, cursing her and Harry and Hermione and everyone. For awhile after that silence had fallen over the Burrow except for the occasional murmur of voices below her. Ginny drifted into a semi-conscious state, the goings on of the house merging with strange and twisted half formed images of her waking dreams.
A manticore came up to her and muttered ‘I love you’ into her ear. Then it morphed into a Harry she tried to reach him but he just shouted curses at her and chucked an apple at her face. The apple changed into the snitch halfway to her and when she threw up her hands to cover her head it went right through her. Then Bellatrix Lestrange was jeering at her.

‘Ginny! Ginny! Ginny!’ she sneered then she said urgently, ‘Ginny wake up!’ Ginny was completely confused and just stared as the green light shot from the end of Bellatrix’s wand, heading straight for Ginny’s chest...... It went right through her again and she turned just in time to see Fred get hit in the stomach by the green jet fall, the ghost of a smile still etched on his face.

As Fred fell his face changed to Mad-Eye’s then Tonks’ then Lupin’s then Colin Creevey’s then it flicked quickly through Hermione’s, Ron’s, Mrs Weasley’s, Mr Weasley’s, George’s, Bill’s, Charlie’s, Fleur’s, Percy’s then it rested for a minute on Harry’s, his beautiful green eyes blank, his sculpted lips grimacing in horror. It began to change again. Harry’s hair grew longer and began to change colour, his eyes changed to brown, his features became more feminine. For a second, Ginny glimpsed her dead self, a silent scream maiming her face and a bloody gash slowly seeping across her chest while blood trickled from the corner of her mouth.

Ginny awoke with a start to find Hermione shaking her awake. The image of herself dead still burned into her mind.

“Ginny! Merlin, will you just wake up!” She yelled her shaking becoming more urgent.

“Immawake ‘ermynee.” Ginny muttered, her mind reeling.

“Oh thank Dumbledore! You were screaming your head off and writhing and.... What were you dreaming about?!”


“Oh come off it Ginny! I lived with Harry for months! He’s a way better liar than you and it was dead (Ginny winced) obvious when he was having a nightmare! What happened?” Hermione pestered. Ginny explained, not stopping until she had completely finished. Hermione sat and listen, not interrupting Ginny. It was only when she’d finished talking that Ginny realised that tears were trickling down her cheeks. For the first time in all the years Ginny had known her, Hermione was speechless. In fact, she seemed incapable of doing anything. Ginny didn’t see why; a nightmare was a nightmare no matter how graphic and close to the truth it may be.

“Hermione it was just a nightmare.” Ginny said tiredly. Hermione didn’t look so sure. “It was just a nightmare Hermione!” Ginny repeated, trying to convince herself as much as Hermione. “My mind playing tricks on me! My brain distorted things I saw and heard during the Battle of Hogwarts and made them more gruesome and horrible! It was just a stupid nightmare!”

“Ok, Ok! Just a nightmare Ginny I get it.” Hermione said quickly. She obviously wasn’t convinced but Ginny honestly couldn’t be bothered trying to convince her; Ginny knew lost cause when she saw one. There were a few minutes of silence, then,

“Harry told me about last night.” Hermione said. Ginny felt herself blush bright red. She was going to kill Harry! He can’t just go around telling people about their love life even if it was one of his best friends! “He said he told you he loved you.” Hermione continued.

“He didn’t tell you about this morning?” Ginny blurted and then, “Oh shit you didn’t know about that!” For it was obvious from the look on Hermione’s face that she knew nothing of that morning’s events.

“Oh my Merlin, did you two.....?” Hermione exclaimed. Ginny nearly fainted from embarrassment.

“Agrippa Hermione no!” She gasped.

“Then what?!”

“Summer lovin’ happened so fast!” Ginny sang and grinned. Hermione whacked her.

“Ow!” Ginny yelped.

“Be serious for God’s sake! I want details!” Hermione demanded.

“We just had like a make out session.” Ginny hesitated and Hermione looked slightly crestfallen. “And we nearly had sex.” Ginny blurted. Hermione face brightened.

“Did he take your clothes off?” She asked curiously.

“No. I wouldn’t let him.” Ginny mumbled.


“Why are you so interested anyway? I thought you were all prim and proper sort. Not ‘Oh my Merlin my friend and my boyfriend’s sister nearly got laid!’”

“Two of my friends.” Hermione corrected. “And wouldn’t you be if it was me and Ron?”

“Actually no. I have absolutely zero interest in my brother’s sex life.” Ginny said. A pause. Then,

“You haven’t, have you?”

“Ha! Not interested, Merlin’s ass!” Hermione said and then she shook her head. “No I only got back today, Ginny.”

“So you’re going to?”

Hermione smiled slyly.


“You dog, Hermione!” Ginny laughed and Hermione laughed too.

“But seriously”, Hermione said after they’d both stopped giggling, “Just kissing? Not even a feel-up or anything?”

“Good God Hermione!” Ginny said, incredulous at her interest, “And no, just kissing. But it was amazing.” Hermione looked at her in awe.

“You’re besotted, Ginny! You are so completely and utterly in love with Harry!” Ginny blushed.

“I have been since I was, like, seven.” Ginny admitted.

“Yes but a crush on the Boy Who Lived is different from being in love with Harry and going out with him.” Hermione pointed out.

“So you’re alright then? I know Ron can be such an arse when he’s in a bad mood.” Hermione asked after a while.

“Mhm. I’m fine. Angry still, but fine. And you do realise that arse is your boyfriend don’t you, dear?”

“He can be so amazing and kind and loving sometimes”, Hermione said earnestly, “But others he’s like ..... I don’t know a different person.”

“He’s always been like that.”

“You know, you’re supposed to be making me feel better about the boy I’m in love with not tell me he will never change and will always go from being so nice to being a dick!”

“Sorry. He’ll come right, dear; your influence will change him into a stunning man.” Ginny said with false conviction.

“Somehow, that made me feel even worse.”

“That’s because sister never compliment their brothers!”

“I wouldn’t know.”

“Hun, you’re an only child. The closest thing you have to a brother is Harry. And you’ve only known him for 7 years.”

“But I compliment Harry all the time.”

“Merlin, Hermione! For such a genius you are exceedingly stupid sometimes.” Hermione looked offended but Ginny continued, “I did not say Harry was your brother! If he was your brother life would suck for both of you! You’d be living in the shadow of his bravery and amazingness and he’d be living in the shadow of your geniusness. And do not tell me those aren’t proper words!” Ginny added as an afterthought when Hermione looked like she was going to correct her grammar.

“All I’m trying to say, dear, is that you compliment him because you are such good friends that you’re like siblings! Get my drift?” Ginny said.

“Yes and don’t call me stupid.” Hermione said. Ginny hugged her and put on a fake baby voice.

“Does pwoor Hermy not wike being cwalled stuwpid?” Hermione grinned at that. They sat in silence for a few minutes then,

“What should I do Hermione?” Ginny asked wearily.


“What should I do about Ron?”

Hermione didn’t answer immediately. At length she replied,

“If it were me I’d just leave him to it. You love Harry and Harry loves you
and there is nothing that should change that.” She paused. “Ron deals with loss very differently to most people”, she continued, “He gets all angry and you seem to be like a vent for his angry. I think getting all tetchy about you holding Harry’s hand was his way of letting out some of his grief over Fred’s death.”

Ginny nodded. “Thanks Hermione.”

Hermione got up to leave. “Well, he’s annoyed with me now because I sided with Harry in the little shouting match they had.”

“What was the shouting match about?”

“You.” Hermione replied simply and left.


“Jeez, Hermione you took your time.” Harry said when Hermione arrived downstairs. Hermione didn’t answer just sat down in the chair opposite him.

“So what did she say?” Harry prompted.

“If you ever hurt her”, Hermione said, at length, “I swear on Dumbledore’s grave I will kill you, Harry Potter!”

“And what prompted this little outburst?” Harry asked.

“Harry, she’s so completely in love with you! You’re the love of her life! And now that you’ve said you love her you’ve committed yourself!” Hermione said. Harry just looked bemused.

“Don’t you see?! If you break up with her she will be hurt so much more than if you hadn’t said you loved her!” Hermione said. “You’re committed!”

“I’m not gonna break up with her.” Harry said.

“You say that now but in a month, a year, a decade you may say something different.”

“Hermione, I meant what I said. I. Love. Her.” Harry said forcefully. “And you still haven’t answered my question. What did she say?”

“That she’s pissed off with Ron.” Hermione stated and did not elaborate. Harry decided to leave it. Whatever Hermione and Ginny had said was obviously between the two of them and was going to stay that way. They sat in silence until Mrs Weasley came in.

“We’re having a family meeting tonight.” She announced. “And the whole family is required to attend. That includes you two. Oh and Harry, dear, Percy’s moving back in so he’s going to need his room back. You could move in with Ron (Harry grimaced) or I’m sure we could put a camp bed in Ginny’s room.”

There was that secret smile again, Harry noted, that meant she knew Harry and Ginny had shared a bed last night.

“Nice to keep that private.” Harry muttered.

“What was that dear?”

“Oh nothing, Mrs Weasley! I’ll share with Ginny if that’s alright.” Harry said.

“Yes, I thought that would be the case. Off you go and move your things then.”


Ginny was lying on her bed, still mulling over what Hermione had said when Harry came in.

“How’s it going?” He asked.

“I’m fine.” She replied.

“Your mum said I’d have to move in here.” He said.

“Really?!” She exclaimed, surprised. Harry nodded.

“I’ll help you move your stuff out of Percy’s room.” She said and got up. Harry opened his mouth to say something but Ginny put a hand over his lips.

“We’ll talk tonight.” She said.

It took Harry and Ginny ten minutes to move all of Harry’s stuff. After they headed downstairs; the family meeting would be starting soon.

When they arrived down there the whole Weasley family plus Hermione was seated around the Burrow’s massive table. There were two empty seats between Hermione and Bill. Harry and Ginny took them.

“Well”, Mrs Weasley began, “I’ve decided that we should start having monthly family meetings. Each person will explain what they’ve been doing over the month or, in this case, two days since the whole family was together. Arthur you can start.”

Mr Weasley explained how he’d been offered the job as Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement by Kingsley and how he’d refused the position wanting to stay in the job he has. Then it was Charlie’s turn and he told the family a bit about the dragon’s he was working with.

“.....And Norberta’s pregnant.” He added to Harry, Ron and Hermione. Harry and Hermione grinned while Ron glared. Next was Bill and he explained how he’d been helping Kingsley capture rogue Death Eaters. He also informed the group, to general applause, that he himself had captured and imprisoned on Dolores Jane Umbridge. Even Ron smiled when he heard that. George’s grin was slightly sad; he was no doubt remembering how he and Fred had chucked fireworks at Umbridge during their seventh year. Percy went after that (he was allowed to keep his job as the Minister’s P.A.), then Fleur (she’d been helping to repair Gringotts). Next Mrs Weasley spoke (not much to tell), after whom went Ginny (again nothing much), then Ron (he’d sent his ghoul back to the attic), then Harry told them about Mrs Tonks (sympathy all around) and then it was Hermione’s turn.

“Did you find your parents, Hermione?” Charlie asked. Hermione nodded.
“And you lifted the spell didn’t you dear?” Mrs Weasley prompted.

“No I didn’t.” Hermione said sadly. “They just seemed so happy and...and....” Her eyes filled with tears. “Mum’s pregnant again. And if I return their memories she won’t want to be pregnant and I can’t do that to her! She always said she only wanted one child.” Hermione started sobbing then. Ron made no move to comfort her so Harry got up and took her into the sitting room. Ginny glowered at Ron. Once she was sure Hermione was out of earshot Ginny’s temper broke.

“I cannot believe you Ron!” She hissed. “She’s your girlfriend and you just sat their feeling sorry for yourself while she cried her eyes out about her parents! She has lost a lot more that you have in the past week!”

“She has not!” Ron retorted not trying to keep his voice down. “Her parents aren’t dead! I’ve lost Fred...”

“You’ve lost Fred?! You’ve lost Fred?! We’ve all lost Fred, you selfish git! And she’s lost both her bloody parents! She’s got nothing left but us and Harry and you just sit there!”

“Oh yeah, I forgot Perfect Potter! Your little boyfriend! He’s just so amazing! You do realise that that so-called saint in the other room is the reason Fred is dead!” Ron sneered. Ginny completely lost it then.

“Don’t you dare blame Fred’s death on Harry!” She shouted while the rest of the family watched. “He was prepared to die to bring down Voldemort and you sit there telling me Fred’s death was his fault?!!”

“Both of you need to calm down.” Mr Weasley said. Ron and Ginny ignored him.

“It was!” He yelled back. “All Harry bloody well had to do was lie down and die like a good little boy! Instead he tries to fight it out! If he’d just gone into that bloody forest earlier and faced You-Know-Who like a man Fred would still be alive! Tonks and Lupin would have been able to see their kid grow up! We’ve all lost someone because of Harry Bloody Potter!”

“Voldemort (Ron flinched) took a lot more from Harry than he has any of us! Yes Fred died, but we’re such a massive family one of us was bound to and
if not Fred who?!” She sent an apologetic look to George.

“Grow up Ron! We’re the biggest family of blood traitors in existence Voldemort wasn’t about to spare us even if Harry was dead! He wouldn’t have spared us even if we killed Hermione –” Ginny didn’t get to finish her rant. Ron had leaped from his seat and jumped right over the table and punched her straight in the eye. Ginny stood stunned for a second and then drew her wand so fast Ron didn’t even have time to look surprised before a full body-binding spell hit him. He fell, rigid, to the floor and Ginny sat on his stomach and punched him so hard in the nose that it exploded.

“I HOPE THAT HURTS!!!” she shrieked as Bill and Charlie tried to drag her
away. Ginny was strong and managed to get a punch in the balls landed before Bill and Charlie finally dragged her to the opposite corner of the room, where she sat panting but still feeling utterly murderous. Somewhere during the fight Hermione and Harry had come running in and, while Hermione stood looking stunned, Harry came over and sat down next to Ginny.

“You shouldn’t–” He began but Ginny interrupted him.

“I don’t want to hear it Harry! Ron deserved ever single bit of pain he got!” She spat.

“I wasn’t going to say that you shouldn’t have punched him. I was going to say that you shouldn’t have said anything about killing Hermione.” With that Harry got up and left leaving Ginny to feel completely horrible and livid by herself. Bill came over and said he’d fix her eye.

“No.” She said calmly “I want to let it heal by itself. Leave it as a reminder to Ron.” Bill looked at her weirdly and left.


Ginny was in her bedroom half an hour after her fight with Ron. Dinner had been a tense and brief affair. The only good thing that had come out of it was that Percy had offered Hermione his room since she had nowhere to sleep. Percy was now sharing with Charlie and George. Harry still hadn’t come up to bed yet. So Ginny just lay there wanting to sleep but no sleep was forthcoming. Harry came in and Ginny sat up in bed.

“Harry I’m –” she began but he interrupted.

“Ron’s right.” He said. “It’s my fault that Fred and Tonks and Lupin and Colin and everyone are dead. It’s my fault.” His voice cracked as he dropped onto her bed and the tears began to flow. Ginny said nothing just wrapped her arms around him and let him cry onto the shoulder of her nightgown. After a while his sobbing subsided.

“Harry –” She began again meaning to apologise but she didn’t get to finish. Suddenly, Harry was kissing her fervently, his lips pressed hard against her own. Ginny let herself get lost in the kiss, her hands knotting in his hair then following the line of his jaw. Down his neck, across his strong shoulders. Her hands came to rest on his chest.

His hands were all over her. One of either cheek, on her back then resting on her waist. His lips left hers then and travelled down her neck. Her hands went under his shirt and they broke apart briefly as she pulled over it his head. Her lips found his again and she kissed him hard. His hands went down further then, down to her knees and then up over her thighs, her hips, pushing her nightgown with them. Still his hands continued up, her waist, her ribs. He broke away to pull it over her head and chuck the nightgown onto the floor. She was left in her bra and underpants. He leant back in for more and she obliged, their lips moulding together. She felt for his belt buckle and undid it quickly, desperately. She slid his pants down leaving him in just his underpants. Again their lips met. His lips left hers again, kissing down her neck and continuing over her chest, her stomach..... She pulled his face back up to hers and pressed her lips against his. The next time they broke apart it was her lips that wandered down his neck, his strong chest, his hard abs, his stomach and then back up again. Their bodies arched against each other. His hands reached for the bra strap at her back. Ginny’s head cleared then. Not really wanting to but knowing she should she put a hand on Harry’s chest and pushed him away.

“Don’t.” He said.

“Harry, we can’t do this in my parents’ house”, She said, “With my whole family here no less.”

“You don’t want to.” He grouched.

“Oh I can assure you I want to”, She replied gently. “But we can’t do it in my parents’ house.” They lay in silence for a bit. Then,

“Harry you’re still.....” She trailed away.

“Yep.” He replied. They lapsed back into silence. After a while Harry’s curiosity go the better of him.

“You’re still one too right?” He asked trying to hide the anxiety he felt.

“Oh yes.” She replied.

“Huh. I thought you and Dean might have....”

“Oh Merlin no!” She giggled, “I have to admit I thought you and Cho did.”

“I didn’t even hold hands with Cho!” He said indignantly. “And that –” He didn’t get to finish because once again Ginny had pressed her lips against his.

“Are you sure?” He asked after they broke apart.

“Yes.” She replied firmly.

“I do love you, you know.” Ginny said after a while, “I always have.”

“I know.” Harry replied, “I love you too.”

“I figured.” She answered, giggling. Then they both drifted into a fitful sleep.

Harry and Ginny woke the next morning in each other’s embrace. Harry leant over and kissed her.

“By the way, I forgot to tell you. You pull that black eye off really well.”

“You don’t think I was stupid to keep it?” She asked.

“On the contrary, I think it was a great idea. Show you’re not afraid of a little rough and tumble.”

“You don’t think I look stupid?”

“Actually, I think it’s sexy. A real turn on.” Harry joked. Ginny grinned.

“About last night”, she said after a while, “I’m sorry.”

“What for?” he queried.

“Saying no.”

“Ginny, it’s fine. I mean I still got a bit of excitement. And I totally get you not wanting your parents and the rest of your family hearing us.... you know.” He said.

“You know? Honestly Harry you’re a grown man! Say the word Harry! Come on say”, She paused for dramatic effect, “dun dun duuuuuun sex!” Ginny collapsed into a fit of giggles.

“I’m perfectly capable of saying the word sex!” Harry replied indignantly after Ginny had regained some control.

“Ha! That’s the first time I’ve ever heard you say it! And I’ve never heard you swear either!”

“Fuck the fucking fuckers!” Harry said and Ginny lapsed back into a fit of laughter. Harry laughed too.

“That”, Ginny gasped, “is the stupidest....sentence I’ve ever heard!” That just set her off again and she cracked up.

“Anyway, we’d best be getting dressed.” Harry said after they’d stopped laughing.

“Huh. I forgot I’m only wearing my bra and undies.”

“Yeah. It’d be kind of awkward if your mum or something walked in.” Just then Hermione yanked the door open.

“Guess-? Oh shit, I’m sorry.” She said and ran out of the room. Harry was blushing.

“You know, that’s the first time I’ve heard her swear too. A morning of firsts it seems.” Ginny said.

“Same here. Hermione swearing; that’s like Hagrid saying ‘Jolly good’.”

Harry grinned at the thought. They got dressed quickly and headed downstairs for breakfast.

“Ginny, be a dear and get Percy, Bill and Charlie up.” Mrs Weasley said when they arrived downstairs. Ginny departed to do so.

“How was your sleep Harry dear?” Mrs Weasley asked as usual.

“Great, thanks Mrs Weasley. How did you sleep?” Harry replied.

“Well thank-you dear.”She replied. Harry nodded. There was a few minutes awkward silence then,

“Harry, Ron is just angry. It’s not your fault Fred is dead.” Mrs Weasley said. Harry looked up to see her eyes swimming with tears.

“Thank-you, Mrs Weasley but I’m not so sure.” He replied.

“You mustn’t think that dear. Ginny is right. If not Fred, who? We’re such a big family one us was bound to get killed or at least hurt. And we thought we’d lost two for a bit.” She said. When Harry looked puzzled she elaborated,

“We thought you were dead too. You’re as good as family to us, dear.” Harry felt emotion well up inside him. He went over and hugged Mrs Weasley. She patted him clumsily on the back. Percy arrived downstairs with Bill, Fleur, Ginny and Charlie in tow.

“George is still asleep so I left him to it. Ron is refusing to come down and Hermione is just getting dressed.” Percy reported.

“Good. Arthur had to go to work early so it will just be us.” Mrs Weasley said.

“Me, Fleur, Charlie and Perce will have to go after breakfast too, Mum.” Bill said. Mrs Weasley nodded.

“I have to go as well.” Harry said and everyone stared at him. “Kingsley is granting anyone who fought in the Battle of Hogwarts auror status and he needs some help rounding up the Death Eaters. I said I’d help.” He explained. Ginny went white.

“Harry, please don’t!” She begged, grabbing the front of his jacket, “You killed Voldemort! Surely you don’t need to do this! Please stay!”

“Ginny, I said I would and Kingsley needs all the help he can get. I’m going.” Harry replied. Sensing the argument was already lost Ginny did not continue to try and persuade him. They ate breakfast in a stony silence.

Ginny, still pale, just poked at her food. Harry didn’t really want to go but he felt useless and pathetic staying holed up in the Burrow. He needed to help.

“Well, I’ll be going then.” Harry said once he’d finished, standing up. Ginny stood up too.

“I’ll see you off.” She said stiffly. Bill, Percy, Fleur and Charlie had the tact to stay seated and wait until Harry had left.

Outside Ginny tried her luck again.

“Harry, you don’t need to help! I’m sure Kingsley will cope perfectly fine without you!” She said.

“I want to Ginny.”

“Please don’t do this! Don’t leave me! If you get hurt I don’t know....” Her voice tailed off. Harry took her face in his hands.

“Listen to me Ginny. I’ll be fine! I’ll be back tonight and everything will be alright. But I need to help! I’ll go crazy if I stay here all the time.”

“You don’t need to!” Ginny replied desperately and Harry was shocked to see her eyes had filled with tears. Harry kissed her gently on the top of her head, then her forehead, then her lips.

“I’ll be back tonight.” He promised and apparated.


Harry had broken his promise. It was 2am on the morning of the 6th of May, the day after he’d left, and Harry still wasn’t back. Ginny was sitting awake on the couch. All attempts at sleep had failed. She sat, fear clawing at her insides, knowing that something had gone terribly wrong. He wasn’t dead, she told herself, she would have felt it if he was dead. But still her stomach churned and she silently prayed that he wasn’t hurt, alone, captured with no hope of escape.

Ginny waited for another three hours before she heard a noise outside. She leaped from her seat and raced into the backyard. Harry stood there, pale but alive, and she raced towards him and wrapped her arms around him.

She felt something wet on her stomach. Something was wrong. As this thought occurred to her Harry went limp in her arms. She laid him on the ground and as she did so she saw the blood trickling from the corner of his mouth and his stomach, a bloodied mess of flesh and entrails, poured out his life’s blood onto the grass surrounding him.

“SOMEBODY HELP ME!” Ginny screamed. She heard a noise inside the house.

“Reducto.” Harry whispered and then blacked out. Mrs Weasley, Ron, Hermione, Mr Weasley, Bill and Fleur all came rushing out at the same time. Hermione screamed when she saw Harry and Ron went white as a sheet. Mr and Mrs Weasley both ran over.

“Ginny, what spell was it? Did he say?” Mr Weasley asked urgently.

“Reducto.” Ginny said faintly. Her body was rattled by a fit of sobbing. Fleur came over and pulled her into the house. Ginny collapsed onto the couch were she had waited only minutes earlier and buried her face in her hands.

All of a sudden, she drew them away and stared at them. Her hands were soaked in blood. She looked down. So was her dressing gown. She stared, horrified, at the blood, Harry’s blood, drenching her clothes. She stood abruptly and ripped off her dressing gown, disgusted at the thought of having her boyfriend’s life saturating her clothes. Fleur had gone back outside and Ginny ran to the kitchen and washed her hands and body vigorously, scrubbing herself raw to get the tainted, murderous feeling off her skin. She found a towel and wrapped herself in it, appreciating the clean, innocent feel the white fabric had on her skin. Then, she raced up to her room and put some clean clothes on. She sprinted back downstairs and

“We’re taking him to St. Mungo’s.” Mrs Weasley said when she arrived outside.

“I’m coming too.”

“No, Ginny. You should stay here, get some sleep.” It was Charlie this time. Ginny didn’t know when he had got there. Ginny gave a mirthless laugh.

“You think I’ll be able to sleep?” She said. “I’m going.”

“I’m going too.” Ron spoke up this time and the whole family stared. “I need to be there when he wakes up.” He said with finality. Everyone then looked at Hermione. The look on her face said she had no intention of staying behind. There was a pop and a Healer apparated next to them.

“I’m Healer Hopkins.” She said businesslike. “Where’s the patient?” Mr Weasley pointed. Healer Hopkins looked over and even she seemed stunned by Harry’s state.

“We need to get him to St Mungo’s now!” She said urgently. “Are you connected to the Floo network?” Mrs Weasley nodded.

“Good. I’ll need four of you to carry him.” Healer Hopkins said. Charlie, Ron, Bill and Percy stepped forward.

“The rest of you can come after we’ve gone through. Boys, pick him up and get to the fireplace quickly. He’s losing a lot of blood and we need to get to more experienced Healers now. Quickly!” She said. The four Weasleys all grab a limb and lifted him gently but quickly inside. Ron grabbed a handful of Floo powder.

“St Mungo’s!” he said and the four of them disappeared in a burst of green flame. Healer Hopkins stepped into the fireplace.

“St Mungo’s!” She said, chucking down her Floo powder and she too disappeared into the green flame. Ginny leaped forward.

“St Mungo’s!” She basically screamed and was lost in the green flames.


Ginny leaped out of the fireplace in St Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies. She raced after her four brothers with Harry, limp, between them. She heard a whoosh in the fireplace behind her but didn’t look to see which of her family had just arrived. She caught up with her brothers.

Harry looked even worse than he had on the Burrow’s lawn. Blood flowed in great waves onto the floor around him soaking everything. Ginny was hysterical but was trying to keep the panic at bay; she needed to stay strong. Healer Hopkins was yelling at nobody in particular,

“I need Healer McDonald! We have a serious injury! I need Healer McDonald!” A grey-haired, serious-faced man broke through the crowd.

“My Merlin, it’s Harry Potter!” he breathed. With a flick of his wand he produced a gurney and the four Weasley brothers placed Harry gently on it.

“What spell was used to cause this damage?” Healer McDonald demanded. Ginny spoke up.


“A blasting spell? Healer Hopkins, go and find Healer Watson. Send him to serious spell damage; the Dilys Derwent Ward. Also collect a Blood-Replenishing Draught from the store cupboard. Get Healers Rickman and Felton over there as well; we’ll need all the hands we can get.” Healer McDonald ordered. Healer Hopkins ran off to fulfil her assigned duties.

“You four”, Healer McDonald said, pointing to the Weasley brothers, “I’m going to need your help too; we’re short-staffed at the moment. Two of you, grab the gurney and get Mr Potter to the Dilys Derwent Ward. Quickly!” Charlie and Ron raced off with the gurney.

“The other two go and find Healer Gambon; she’s tall, frizzy black hair. Tell her to drop whatever she’s doing and get over to the Dilys Derwent Ward! Tell her to assign Healer Phelps to whatever task she’s doing.” Percy and Bill ran off to do so.

“Young lady”, Healer McDonald said, addressing Ginny, “Would you mind getting a mop and cleaning up this mess?” He gestured to the blood pooling on the floor. Ginny nodded. With that Healer McDonald sprinted off the way the gurney had gone.

Ginny, still sick to the stomach with worry, headed towards the help desk. Hermione, George, Fleur, Mr and Mrs Weasley ran up to her.

“Where have they taken him?” Hermione demanded.

“Dilys Derwent Ward.”

Mrs Weasley went pale.

“Mum, what?’ Ginny asked fear, once again, was boiling in her stomach.

“That’s the ward for cases they don’t think are going to make it.” Mrs Weasley practically whispered. It was Ginny’s turn to go pale.

“I-I have t-to m-mop the f-floor.” Ginny managed to stutter, fear impairing her speech.

“I’ll help.” Hermione and Fleur both said quickly. George just stood there, pale as death.

“We’ll go up to the tea room.” Mr Weasley said, “Don’t want to crowd the ward.” With that he, Mrs Weasley and George departed. Fleur, Hermione and Ginny all made their way towards the help desk. Panic was still eating away at Ginny and she wanted more than anything to head up to the Dilys Derwent ward but she knew seeing Harry on death’s door would take away the little bit of self-control she still had. Fleur looked ready to faint and Hermione looked almost as bad as Ginny felt. They reached the witch manning the help desk.

“We need a mop.” Ginny said, “Healer McDonald asked us to mop up the blood on the floor.” Her voice trembled.

“Second Floor, third door on your left, labelled ‘Cleaning’” The witch replied. The three women headed off.

They reached the second floor and found the door. Fleur went inside what appeared to be a massive broom cupboard, leaving Hermione and Ginny outside for a few minutes together.

“Oh my god, Ginny. What happened?” Hermione asked immediately.

“I heard someone arrive in the yard. I went outside and there was Harry. I noticed he was pale but I ran up and hugged him anyway. That’s when I felt something wet against my stomach and he collapsed. I laid him as gently as I could on the ground and saw his stomach.” Ginny paused then, remembering the bloody mess, intestines and liver showing. She felt her gorge rise but forced it down and continued, “Then, I screamed for help. Just before he blacked out he whispered ‘Reducto’. I assumed that was the spell they used on him. You know the rest from there.” Hermione hugged her. Ginny started to cry again.

“What if he dies, Hermione?” She sobbed. Hermione pushed her away so she was at arm’s length.

“Listen to me, Ginny! He is not going to die! He can’t! He’s Harry Fucking Potter! He. Will. Not. Die!” Hermione said with such conviction that Ginny almost believed her. But there was still that scary, horrible possibility that he would die. Fleur came out.

“I ‘ave zee mop.” She said and Hermione realised Ginny.

“He won’t, Ginny.” She reminded the still weeping girl. Ginny nodded, but the tears didn’t stop.

The tears didn’t stop the whole time that the three of them were cleaning the floor or when they went up to the tea room to join George, Mr and Mrs Weasley. It was only when Ginny saw the healer heading towards them that she stopped crying and began to pray instead.

“I’m Healer Gambon.” The tall, frizzy-haired woman said when she reached the Weasleys and Hermione.

“You must be the Weasleys. Healer McDonald sent me to tell you that one Mr Harry Potter”, Ginny held her breath “is now in a stable condition in the Dilys Derwent ward.” Healer Gambon said. Ginny’s breath release and she began to cry again, but not in anguish, in joy knowing that she would be able to see her boyfriend alive again.

“Is he awake?” George asked speaking for the first time since Harry had been injured.

“Yes.” Healer Gambon replied, “I believe he’s waiting for you.” She continued, looking at Ginny.

Ginny leapt up and bolted to the Dilys Derwent ward. Only one bed was occupied when she got there and she raced over and hugged Harry tightly. The other Weasleys had the tact to get up and head outside. For the umpteenth time, that day Ginny began to cry.

“Why are you crying?” Harry rasped wiping the tears away with his thumb.

“Because you’re alive and I thought you were going to die!” Ginny sobbed pulling out of his embrace. Harry smiled.

“I broke my promise.” He said, at length. Ginny gave a watery chuckle.

“You just had your stomach blown up and that’s the first thing that comes to your mind?” She replied. He nodded. Ginny leant down and kissed his cheek.

“Seriously? Don’t I even get a proper kiss?” He joked.

“Not after you scared me like that.” She said, “Again.” She added as an afterthought. But she obliged anyway.

“What time is it?” He asked after they broke apart.

“About 6am. How’s your stomach?” She answered. He winced.

“Getting better.”

“I know you probably don’t want to talk about it but what happened?” She asked worry etched on her face.

“We’ll wait ‘til the rest of them are here.” He replied. Ginny ran out to fetch her family.

“He’s going to tell us what happened.” She said and went back inside with the Weasleys and Hermione in tow. When she got inside Hermione went over and hugged Harry gently. So did Ron.

“Mate, I’m sorry.” He said and Harry nodded.

“Harry, what happened?” Mr Weasley asked once everyone was seated around Harry’s bed.

“We were hunting the Lestrange Brothers.” Harry began, “Rabastan and Rodophlus. We found them hiding out in the Shrieking Shack. It was Me, Williamson, Neville and Alicia Spinnet. We figured we could take them easy. We were wrong.”

“Neville and Willamson went in first. We heard crashes and Alicia and I went in. Greyback was there.” Harry glanced at Bill whose expression had gone stony. “He wasn’t transformed”, Harry continued, “But he was”, Harry shivered, “eating Williamson’s face. Williamson was still alive and was thrashing and stuff but Greyback had pinned him down. Rabastan and Rodophlus were both firing hex after hex at Neville. One of the spells, a severing spell I think, hit Neville and slashed across his face. Neville went down. By now, Williamson had stopped moving and Greyback was still feasting. Alicia and I were putting up a good fight and Rabastan went down, a full body-bind, Alicia’s work. Rodophlus completely lost it then and fired killing curse after killing curse at Alicia. Alicia blocked a fair few of them but eventually one of them hit her in the stomach. She went flying but she was dead before she hit the wall. I got Rabastan with a full body-bind and he went down. I ran over to Neville and healed his face but he was still unconscious.” Harry paused. Ginny looked ready to faint. Hermione had her hand over her mouth and was clutching Ron’s knee. Ron was white as a ghost. George’s eyes looked dead and he didn’t seem to be listening anymore. Fleur and Mrs Weasley were crying silently. Percy, Charlie, Bill and Mr Weasley were all pale but listening intently; Percy was taking notes.

“Greyback got me from behind.” Harry continued at length, “He hit me with the blasting jinx. I didn’t feel it at first and stunned him. Then, I looked down and saw the blood. Neville was still unconscious so I apparated to the Burrow. You guys, know the rest from there.” Harry finished. There was a shocked silence.

“I have to get these notes to the Minister.” Percy said, “Sorry to leave so soon Harry.” He got up and left. Bill, Charlie and Mr Weasley also got up.

“We’ll go and check the Shrieking Shack. See if Neville and stuff are still there.” Charlie explained and, with a nod at Harry, he left, Bill and Mr Weasley behind him. Those left knew what Charlie had meant; he was not only going to collect the Death Eaters but to collect the bodies of Alicia and Williamson. Fleur sat, tears still making tracks down her beautiful cheeks. Ginny almost admired her for that; she was crying and mourning for people she didn’t even know. Ginny had known Alicia sort of; she’d seen the phenomenal Gryffindor chaser around Hogwarts a few times. She knew Jugson too; he’d been at the Ministry after the battle in the Hall of Prophecy. And here Ginny was not even crying at their deaths. If she was going to be honest with herself she was happy it had been them and not Harry. Ginny stood up.

“I’m... I’m gonna head home.” She said. She turned and walked out. Through the hallways to the fireplace she had come through.

“The Burrow.” She said and stepped into the green flames.


Ginny stumbled out of the Burrow’s fireplace and headed straight for her bedroom, a combination of grief, horror, disgust, joy and anxiety threatening to overwhelm her sleep-deprived mind. She just managed to get into her room and shut the door behind her before she broke.

She curled up into a ball on the floor, hands ripping at her hair, sobs racking her body. She wanted to shed her skin, disgusted to be stuck in a body that didn’t feel sorry for the two brave people who had died today, that felt glad they had died for her own selfish reasons. She pulled out her wand and pointed it shakily at her arm.

“Diffindo.” She muttered and felt the stabbing pain as she made a deep cut in her arm, savouring the feeling, glad to put herself through even a quarter of the pain Jugson went through while getting eaten alive.

“Diffindo.” She murmured once more. Another cut appeared in her pale flesh.

Again and again Ginny cut herself and again and again she felt good putting herself through some pain, teaching herself a lesson.

After she had made ten jagged cuts on her arms, Ginny stopped. Then, very calmly, she got up headed to the bathroom and wrapped her arms in some scraps of cloth.

Back in her room she Vanished the blood that had pooled on her floor, knowing that she was still underage but not particularly caring. Then, back to the bathroom. As she past she grabbed a book of the shelf beside the door; ‘Appearance Changing Spells for Beginners’ by Umberto Mikan.
Ginny was a pretty accomplished witch so she was quite confident when she looked in the index and found the page she wanted. Pointing her wand at her flaming red hair, she uttered the spell,

“Ceruleus Capillus!” She looked in the mirror and watched her hair turn a bright, electric blue. She tore the sleeves off her shirt and, using her wand, craved their names into her upper left arm; Alicia Spinnet and Gareth Williamson. She raced back to her room and grabbed an ink pot out of her desk drawer. Ginny smeared the ink into the words etched into her arms.

After that she made her way down to the kitchen and put some ice on her aching arm. She would keep the tattoo, she decided, even if she had to get rid of the hair. She would keep it as a reminder of the day she felt no empathy towards two people who had died to make the world a better place.

Ginny was still the only one at the Burrow when she fell asleep late that night. She’d moped around the house all day, going from admiring her new hair to cursing herself and back again. She didn’t cut herself anymore that day, fearing that if she covered her arms in too many bandages her family, when they returned, would notice that she couldn’t move her arms that well.

That night her dreams were filled with more strange and horrid images from the Battle of Hogwarts now with blood and guts and flesh eating humans weaved in as well. She saw Lupin eating Tonks’ face, Fred lying on the ground with his guts spewing out, Colin Creevey with a horrible gash across his face. She saw Harry screaming ‘Reducto’ again and again and again, wand pointed at what Ginny somehow knew to be Hermione even though she was nothing more than a great bloody splatter on the ground. She saw herself running up, trying to stop Harry. He turned and a green light shot from the end of his wand. As before it went straight through her and hit Fred whose face morphed into the others’, including Williamson and Alicia, but this time when it rested on Harry, his innards lay scattered around his body, his face contorted with not pain, something else. Rage, Ginny realised as the face began to change again the features once more becoming feminine, this time the hair electric blue, cuts all over the pale arms which, to her horror, Ginny realised weren’t attached to the body. For the briefest of moments she saw herself, limbs and head detached from her body, each lying just short of touching the places where they should have met. Once again her face was maimed by and expression of pain and horror.

Ginny awoke sweating but not screaming this time. She waited until her breathing had slowed, until her heart didn’t feel like it was going to leap out of her chest. Then she got up slowly and got dressed.

Downstairs she was met by her whole family.

“Oh my God, Ginny, what did you do to your hair?” Mrs Weasley demanded.

“Changed it.” Ginny answered defiantly.

“Change it back now!” Her mother said.


“Now Ginevra!”

“Don’t’ call me Ginevra!”

“Change it back!”


“You’re not even allowed to use magic yet!”


“The Ministry –” Mrs Weasley began but Ginny interrupted her.

“The Ministry has much better things to worry about than the fact that I used magic, underage, to change the colour of my hair!” She said furiously.

“What will Harry say?” Mrs Weasley said, playing the trump card in her arsenal.

“I DON’T CARE WHAT HARRY SAYS! HE DOES NOT WANT A CRUEL, SELFISH GIRLFRIEND LIKE ME! A GIRLFRIEND WHO FELT GLAD THAT ALICIA AND WILLIAMSON WERE DEAD! HE DOES NOT WANT THIS!” She screamed, ripping the bandages of her arms, exposing the cuts and the jagged tattoo. The whole family gasped.

“Ginny, we can fix those cuts!” Mr Weasley said.


“Calm down!” Bill bellowed and Ginny did, sort of.

“Ginny, we’re going to fix the cuts and change your hair back whether you like it or not.” He declared. Ginny opened her mouth to protest but Bill continued, “You can keep your tattoo though, if you must.” This time Mrs Weasley opened her mouth to protest.

“Mum, think about! She’ll just cut the tattoo back into her arm again and again! There is no point trying to heal it!” Bill said before Mrs Weasley could protest. With a few flicks of his wand, Bill had repaired the cuts on Ginny’s arms and changed her hair back to its usual flaming colour.

Bill was Ginny’s favourite brother so she had no intention of trying to change her hair back and cutting herself again. She would never let them take away her tattoo though. There were a few moments tense silence, in which Mrs Weasley glowered at the tattoo on Ginny’s arm as if it was something poisonous.

“When’s Harry allowed to come home?” Ginny asked once her head had cooled a bit.

“A month.” Ron answered.

“A month?!” Ginny replied shocked. Ron nodded.

“I’m going to stay at St Mungo’s with him then.” She declared.

“Young lady, after that performance you will not be going anywhere!” Mrs Weasley said.

“Molly, let her go. She’ll just sneak over there anyway.” Mr Weasley replied wearily. Ginny grinned and Mrs Weasley frowned.

“Well alright then.” She said at length. “If it stops you slitting your wrists then go.” Ginny ran over and hugged her.

“Thanks Mum.” She said, running over and hugging the still disapproving Mrs Weasley. After releasing Mrs Weasley, Ginny ran over to the fireplace, grabbing a handful of Floo powder as she went.

“St Mungo’s!” She said and was engulfed by the green flames.

(More apologies)

Ginny ran full tilt to the Dilys Derwent ward when she arrived in the St Mungo’s fireplace. Her socks (She’d forgotten shoes) slid on the vinyl and she overshot the door. But that did not deter Ginny Weasley and when she ran into the ward she couldn’t have been happier.

“OhmyMerlinHarryI’msosorryIleftandthatyourhurtandthatI’mselfish!” Ginny gabbled, in one breath, the moment she got to Harry’s bed.

“What?” He asked.

“I said I’m so sorry that I left and that you’re hurt and that I was being selfish.” She repeated deliberately slow. Harry wasn’t even listening; he was staring at her upper arm.

“Ginny, what did you do to your arm?”

“What? Oh that’s just a reminder.” She said, waving it off.

“You actually craved that into your arm?” Harry said incredulously. She nodded.

“Please let your mother heal it.” He said. She shook her head.

“Why not?”

“Because I want of remind myself of the day I felt relieved that two good people were dead. The day I was glad they had died because it wasn’t you in their place.” She said choking on the last word.

“Come here.” Harry said, opening his arms. Ginny went into them gladly.

“Listen”, Harry said chin resting on top of her head, “What you felt was completely normal. You would be glad it was someone you didn’t know so well had died instead of, dare I say, the person you love. I would have felt the same way if it had been you in my place.” Ginny nodded but still tears fell onto his chest.

“You know, ever since the Battle you’ve been crying more.” Harry stated at length.

“Sorry.” Ginny choked out. Harry just rubbed her back.

Ginny kept true to her word and, for a month after that, she scarcely left the Dilys Derwent ward.

On the day Harry was to leave St Mungo’s, Ginny agreed to let her mum heal the tattoo on her arm.

“Oh and your father and I are going to go out for a bit.” Mrs Weasley said, “You two will have the house to yourselves. No funny business!” She added as an afterthought. Ginny and Harry grinned.

“We’ll be away for the rest of the day.” She declared, “See you tonight for dinner.” With that she walked to the exit of St Mungo’s. Harry looped his arm through Ginny’s and they headed into the fireplace together.

“The Burrow!” They both said.

As soon as they had stepped out of the Burrow’s fireplace, Ginny turned around and grabbed Harry’s face in her hands. She pressed her lips against his, kissing him hard. Harry scooped his arm under her knees and carried her up to her bedroom.

“Nothing to stop us this time.” She gasped and he grinned. He ripped open her blouse and buttons went flying. Her hands found their way under his t-shirt and lifted it over his head. Both kicked off their shoes and collapsed, him on top, onto the bed still kissing each other fervently. Her hands fumbled with his belt buckle. His hands fumbled with the button of her jeans. They both slid off each other’s trousers. His hands crept behind her back and found the clasp of her bra.

“You’re sure about this?” He asked between kisses.

“Yes.” She replied and he unclipped her bra casting that aside. Her hands slid down his back, down his boxers, pulling them off. He pulled of her underpants.

“Wait.” He said leaning away. She was about to protest but then she saw the condom.

Once he pulled it on he leant back into her. She gasped as he slipped inside her. And then they both drifted into the world of sex.

Afterwards, they lay in each other’s embrace, her tracing patterns on his bare chest.

“God I love you.” Ginny said, kissing him lightly on the neck.

“Ditto.” He replied. They lay in silence for a few minutes, revelling in what they had just done.

“We should probably get dressed.” Ginny said quietly. Harry groaned. Then he looked at her alarm clock.

“Oh shit!” he said, “It’s ten to six! Your parents will be home any minute!” Ginny leapt out of bed and Harry jumped out after her. Both hurriedly pulled their clothes on. They heard the front door open and close.

“Oh Merlin! If Mum and Dad find out they’ll kill me!” Ginny whispered, “You stay up her for a bit. I’ll go down and say you’re asleep.” With that, she bolted out the door.

“Oh hey Mum and Dad!” She said when she arrived downstairs.

“Ginny, dear.” Mrs Weasley greeted her, “Where’s Harry?”

“I think he’s asleep. I’ll go wake him.” Ginny replied and walked back upstairs.

“You had better look like you’ve been sleeping, Harry!” She hissed when she entered the room.

“Whatever.” He replied ruffling his hair. Ginny hopped up and tip-toes and kissed him.

“Let’s fool my parents.” She said and they both headed out the door.

“How was your sleep Harry, dear?” Mrs Weasley asked, as usual, once Harry and Ginny arrived downstairs.

“Great thanks, Mrs Weasley.” He replied.

“Good. Oh and here is the rest of the family.” Mrs Weasley said as the door opened to admit Bill, Fleur, Charlie, Percy, George, Hermione, Ron and, to Harry and Ginny’s surprise, Angelina Johnson.

“Hi Angelina. What are you doing here?” Harry queried.

“Um... George and I are kinda seeing each other.” She replied awkwardly. Harry nodded and grinned.

“Cool. So Mrs Weasley are we having another family meeting?” Harry asked.
The last one had been hosted in the Dilys Derwent ward so that Harry could still be present.

“No dear. Just a family dinner.” She replied. “Oh and Angelina is going to be staying over. Hermione and Ginny, could you make the spare bed in George’s room please.” To Ginny, it sounded as though her mother deliberately avoided mention Fred’s name, whose bed the ‘Spare’ had been.

Hermione and Ginny both headed upstairs.

“So what did you and Harry spend all your time doing while the rest of us were out?” Hermione asked as they pulled on a cover sheet. To Ginny’s utter dismay, she felt herself blush. Hermione didn’t miss it.

“Come on, dear! Spit it out!” Hermione said. Ginny hesitated.

“Oh. My. God. You had sex didn’t you?” Hermione demanded. Ginny was completely perplexed.

“How did you guess?” She wondered. Hermione ignored her.

“What was it like?”

“So beyond amazing.”

“Honestly Ginny. That is the depth you go into?!” Hermione said and then she giggled,

“Is he big?”

“I don’t exactly have much to go off but he’s pretty big.” Ginny replied, dead serious. Then her self-control broke and she was overcome by a fit of giggles.

“What are you lot talking about?” Harry came barging through the door.

“Speak of the devil!” Ginny choked out and then both she and Hermione completely lost it. Ginny saw Harry trying to wait patiently for them to control themselves, but ever time either of them looked at him they were overcome by another wave of uncontrollable laughter. Finally, Harry lost patience.

“Ginny, what the hell did you tell her?!” Harry demanded. Ginny composed herself, wiping tears from her eyes.

“I didn’t tell her anything! The woman’s a fucking psychic!” Ginny said still fighting to stop herself from laughing. Harry’s manner immediately changed.

“Fuck. Merlin, Hermione, please don’t tell anyone!” Harry begged her. Hermione patted Harry on the cheek.

“Don’t worry. I don’t exactly have anyone to tell.” She said, “And I still haven’t got any bloody details!” Harry got up and left, leaving Hermione and Ginny to continue their discussion.

“So what position were you in?” Hermione asked.

“Why don’t I just give you a blow-by-blow? Saves me having to play twenty questions.” Ginny asked. Hermione nodded eagerly. Ginny explained everything, going into detail.

“What? No foreplay?” Hermione asked once she’d finished.

“You are way more interested in your friends’ sex lives than you should be, dear.” Ginny stated, “Wait, you’re still a virgin right? You and Viktor didn’t do the dirty deed?” It was Hermione’s turn to blush.

“We didn’t quite get there.” She admitted, “But I assure you it came scarily close.”
Ginny grinned.

“We’d best be getting downstairs”, she said, “Mum’ll be having kittens.” They both made for the door and headed downstairs.

Mrs Weasley wasn’t having kittens when they arrived but she was close.

“....you don’t need to act like a caveman, Ronald! And where in Merlin’s name have you two been?” She demanded when she saw Hermione and Ginny.

“It took us ages to find some sheets that fitted.” Ginny lied smoothly.

“Well, that’s just as well. Angelina, dear, I’m sorry you had to see that.” Mrs Weasley said. Angelina had been watching the goings-on with something bordering on awe.

“Oh that’s alright, Mrs Weasley.” She said. George was sitting next to her, grinning, something that he hadn’t done in over a month.
Just then, there was a knock on the door.

“It’s unlocked!” Mrs Weasley called. The door opened to admit Kingsley Shacklebolt.

“Oh Minister!” Mrs Weasley exclaimed.

“Please Molly call me Kingsley. I hope I’m not intruding.” He said in his deep voice.

“We were just about to eat. Would you like to join us?” Mr Weasley asked.

“I must be brief. My apologises. I simply came to check that Mr Potter was fine and to inform you all that Fenrir Greyback, Rodophlus and Rabastan Lestrange have been found guilty by the Wizengamot for the murders of Gareth Jugson, Alicia Spinnet and Fred Weasley respectively. I’m sorry. Rabastan admitted to killing ‘the Blood Traitor Weasley’. My sincerest condolences.” Kingsley said and turned to leave.

“Thank-you, Kingsley.” Mrs Weasley said tearfully, “For putting our minds at rest.” Kingsley nodded and left.


Ginny looked around at her brothers. Bill was looking grim, Charlie was tapping his leg nervously his face twisted so that he looked like he was almost in physical pain, Ron had gone pale as death, and Percy had tears trickling down his cheeks. All eyes were on George, anticipating his reaction. George looked ready to kill someone.

“George”, Angelina began putting a hand on his arm but George shook her off.

“George, Rabastan Lestrange is going to spend the remainder of his miserable, murderous life in Azkaban without a soul.” Angelina said, “There’s nothing you could do to make his life worse.” George sat stiffly for a minute the he nodded slowly.

“You’re right, Angel.” He said and relaxed slightly, “I need to start getting over Fred’s death now.” It was the first time since Fred had died that George had said his name. The whole family seemed to breathe a sigh of relief.

“Dinner time!” Mrs Weasley announced breaking the silence that had fallen over the table. She levitated the food onto the table and everyone helped themselves.

“I’m glad George and Angelina are going out.” Ginny said later when her and Harry lay together. Harry nodded.

“I’m glad I have you.” He said. Ginny grinned.

“Cheesy lines by Harry Potter.” She teased him. He smiled.

“What I meant is that I’m glad I’m going out with you. I’m glad you’re my girlfriend.” He clarified.

“Hun, we’re more like a married couple.” She replied jokingly.

“Hun?” He asked.

“Hun.” She confirmed.

“Does that mean I’m allowed to call you ‘Babe’?” he teased.

“I’d prefer you didn’t. Isn’t it a pig of a muggle movie?”

“Dunno, babe.” He replied, moving in for a kiss.

“No, no, no, no, no.” She said pushing him away and putting on a prim voice, “I shan’t be addressed in such a rude fashion!”

“Shut up.” He breathed.

“Ok.” She whispered back and kissed him passionately. He groaned in pleasure. She felt him go hard against her leg, felt his hands stray downwards to pull off her knickers.

“No, Harry.” She whispered pulling back, “Once again my whole family is in the house.” He groaned again, this time not with pleasure.

“Dam, I hate living in your parents’ house.” He said. She nodded in agreement.

“Are you going to do your last year at Hogwarts?” he asked abruptly. She shook her head.

“We could get a place.” He said, “I have quite a bit money from Sirius and my parents.”

“Yes!” She said excitedly, “I was going to do the trials for the Holyhead Harpies next season! And you’re an Auror! We could!”

“Where would we get a house?” he asked.

“Well you like Godric’s Hollow don’t you? Or we could live in Grimmauld Place?” She replied.

“Not Grimmauld Place. Godric’s Hollow would be good. Little wizarding village. And we could always get a town house if we really wanted to.”

“We’ll go look for a house in Godric’s Hollow tomorrow.” He said. She kissed him lightly.

“‘Night hun.” She said.

“Night babe. Love you.” He replied.

“Don’t call me Babe! I love you too though.” She answered. Both of them drifted to sleep anticipating the day that was to come.

(Godric’s Hollow)

“We’re going out for a bit.” Ginny announced the next morning after breakfast.

“We meaning......” George asked.

“Me and Harry.”

“Harry and I.” Mrs Weasley corrected her, “Where are you going?”

“Diagon Alley.” Harry answered.

“Are you going to get your school books Ginny dear?” Mrs Weasley asked.

“Mum, we talked about this. I’m not going back to Hogwarts next year. Anyway see ya!” Ginny replied and pulled Harry out the door.

“I thought we were going to tell them we’re thinking of moving out.” Harry muttered.

“We’ll tell them once we have a house.” Ginny murmured back. They reached the boundary.

“We have to do Side-Along since you’re still underage.” Harry said offering his hand.

“Not that anyone is going to charge me.” She answered but took his hand anyway.

“You ever apparated before?”


“It feels dead strange.”



Ginny nodded. Suddenly, Ginny felt as though she were being forced through a pipe much too small. Darkness squeezed in around her. Then, just as suddenly as it had started, it stopped and Ginny was looking around at the shop windows of Diagon Alley.

“You alright?” Harry asked. She nodded.

“You’re right; that did feel bloody weird.”

“Like being squeezed through a pipe that you were too big for?”


“Ok. Off to Gringotts.” Harry said and they headed towards the great, white marble building.

The Second Wizarding War, or rather Harry, Ron and Hermione riding a dragon through it, had taken its toll on the once magnificent structure. Bits of marble littered the pavement surrounding the entrance. Ginny and Harry walked through a hole where, once, the massive wooden doors had stood.

They approached one of the goblins.

“We’re here to enter the vault of Harry Potter.” Harry announced. The goblin looked him up and down.

“Do you have your key, Mr Potter?” It (Ginny wasn’t sure if the goblin was male or female) said. Harry produced a small gold key and handed it to the goblin.

“Very well. I shall take you myself. I am Nurtag.” The goblin introduced itself.

It’s a him, Ginny decided as Nurtag led them through the winding corridors to the little cart that carried visitors through the bank’s labyrinth.

“On.” Nurtag said gesturing to the little metal structure. Ginny and Harry obliged. Nurtag jumped on and they zoomed through Gringotts’ tunnels.

“We are here.” Nurtag said when they had finally stopped.

“Key please.” Nurtag demanded. Harry passed it to him. The goblin inserted it into the door and twisted. The door clicked open. Harry and Ginny walked inside.

“Wow.” Ginny breathed as she looked upon the towers of gold, silver and bronze. Harry was scooping handfuls of the money into a bag.

“Ok. Let’s go.” Harry said once he had filled up the little sack. Ginny nodded and they hopped back into the little cart.
They zoomed back to the surface. When she climbed out Ginny’s legs wobbled slightly.

“Ugh. I hate Gringotts carts.” She said once they were outside. Harry grinned.

“Let’s go to that Wizarding Realty shop. See what they have available in Godric’s Hollow.” He said. They headed towards a posh looking building next to Ollivanders.

A bell tinkled as they entered. From somewhere out the back of the counter, came a dumpy man with wild silver hair.

“What do you want?” He said rudely.

“We’re looking for a house in Godric’s Hollow.” Harry answered.

“And who, may I ask, is looking?” The man asked contemptuously.

“Ginny Weasley”, Harry said (the man’s eyebrow rose), “And Harry Potter.” That had an immediate effect. A smile painted itself on the man’s lips and he bowed.

“Mr Potter. I’m Flavius Enoche. It’s my pleasure to serve you.”
Now he’s being polite, Ginny thought.

“Godric’s Hollow you say. Well, we have the Bagshot Mansion for sale.” Flavius said. Harry grimaced. In his time at St Mungo’s, Harry had told Ginny everything that had happened during that time he, Ron and Hermione were abroad. So Ginny knew what the grimace was about; Nagini, Voldemort’s pet snake, had possessed the dead Bathilda Bagshot’s body and then come out of her throat and attacked Harry and Hermione.

“Ah, what are the other options?” Ginny said quickly. Flavius ignored her.

“How does that sound Mr Potter?” He asked.

“Excuse me! Answer my bloody question, Flavius Enoche!” Ginny demanded. Flavius looked taken aback, but again ignored her. Harry noticed.

“Answer her question.” He said coolly to the wizard realtor.

“There is one other house.” Flavius said nervously, “It’s a muggle house but it’s quite big and is right next to your old house, Mr Potter.”

“How much?” Harry asked.

“200 000 Galleons.”

“I’ll give you 100 000.”

“150 000.”

“115 000 that’s my final offer.” Harry said firmly.

“Very well, Mr Potter. 115 000 galleons it is.” Flavius said, “Will you be paying now or....”

“We’ll pay once we’ve seen the house.” Harry declared.

“I shall take you there now then, Mr Potter. It is number 11 Main St. We can go via Floo network.” He stepped into the fireplace.

“11 Main St, Godric’s Hollow!” He said and disappeared in the green flame. Harry stepped in and said the address, then Ginny.

“11 Main St, Godric’s Hollow!” She said and was engulfed in a whoosh of flame.

Ginny stepped out of the fireplace in number 11 Main St, Godric’s Hollow.

She was amazed it had a spacious living room and dining room, four bedrooms, an office, a big kitchen, three bathrooms, a basement and an attic. Harry came up to Ginny.

“What do you think?” He asked.

“I love it.” She whispered. Harry quickly cast a few spells to check the house stability.

“It’s sound.” He said, “We’ll take it, Flavius!”

“Accio 115 000 galleons!” Harry said pointing his wand at the little sack in his hand. A pile of gold coins flew out and landed in the little bag Flavius had produced.

“Thank-you, Mr Potter! Enjoy!” He said and hopped into the fire. “Wizarding Realty!” He exclaimed and disappeared in the flame.

“We have a house!” Ginny squealed excitedly. She wrapped her arms around Harry’s neck and kissed him.

“We’re gonna need some furniture.” He said once they’d broken apart.

“What’s the time?” Ginny asked. Harry checked the watch that had once been Fabian Prewett’s. Now that he knew how to read it he knew that the time was.....

“1:30.” He said.

“Maybe we should go home and break it to the family that we’re moving out. Mum might want to come furniture shopping with us tomorrow.” Ginny said. Harry nodded.

“Ok. But before we go, I think this house needs some warming up don’t you?” He asked.

“Definitely.” She replied. She kissed him and he put a hand under either one of her legs, lifting her up. Still kissing him, she reached down and undid his belt buckle, pushing his trousers and underpants down. He reached up under her skirt and pulled off her underpants. She snatched a condom out of her purse and slipped it on him. Then she wrapped her legs around him. He eased himself inside her and pressed her against the wall.

“I love you Harry.” Ginny gasped. His hands were up her shirt, his lips kissing lightly down her neck. He grabbed her, holding her waist close to his and groaned with pleasure.

Then it was Ginny’s turn to moan with pleasure. Harry sat down on the floor then panting, Ginny sitting on his lap.

“You’re so amazing.” Ginny said once she’d caught her breath.

“Mmhmm.” He said kissing down her stomach. Ginny hadn’t even realised she didn’t have a shirt on. She arched her back, loving the feeling of his lips against her bare skin. She reached under and pulled off his shirt. She
rubbed her hands over his bare chest.

“That feels amazingly good.” He said.

“Really? How about this?” She said and kissed him lightly on the nipples.

“That definitely feels good.” Harry groaned. Ginny grinned and grabbed his wrist.

“It’s 3 o’clock!” She said reading his watch, “We’d better get going home.” Ginny clambered off Harry’s lap. He stood up.

“Don’t worry, once we move in we can do that whenever we like.” Ginny whispered in Harry’s ear, hands on his buttocks. She kissed him hard.

“Get some pants on.” She said once she’d pulled away. He grinned. She pulled her underpants and shirt on and ran her fingers through her hair. Harry came up behind her, still shirtless, and hugged her.

“I actually look like I just had sex.” Ginny said.

“What? You look is sexy.” Harry replied grinning.

“Oh haha.” Ginny said sarcastically, “Get a shirt on. Only take your shirt off if you have something to be proud of.” Harry pretended to look offended.

“I have two things to say to that. Firstly, I do have something to show off.” He flexed his abs. Ginny had to admit he did have a dead gorgeous stomach.

“And secondly I seem to recall some little ginger sex fiend pulling my shirt off.”

“Hun, just get a bloody shirt on.”

“Whatever, babe.”

“Don’t call me babe.”

“Don’t call me Hun.”

“Hun is affectionate. Babe is a pig.” Ginny pointed out.

“Fair point. I’ll have to think of a pet name for you.” Harry replied. The two of them were standing in the middle of what was to become their living room, Ginny’s hands rested on Harry’s chest, Harry’s hands sat on Ginny’s waist.

“You still haven’t got a shirt on, Hun.”

“And?” He asked grinning.

“Well, if you turn up in my parents’ fireplace shirtless, it may just be slightly obvious that we had sex. Or that we were, at least, having some sort of make-out session.”

“Would you like to have some sort of make-out session?” Harry asked cheekily kissing the nape of her neck. Ginny had to admit, it felt really good. But she pushed against his chest.

“You. Are. So. Frustrating!” Ginny said punctuating each word with a light kiss, “Now get a shirt on or do I have to dress you myself?”

(Out With It)

Ginny was coughed out of the fireplace in the Burrow’s kitchen, soon followed by Harry. The Weasleys plus Angelina and Hermione were sitting at the dining room table.

“It’s about time you two got back! It’s nearly 6!” Mrs Weasley exclaimed. Harry and Ginny grinned. They’d got distracted again and by the time they’d pulled themselves back together it had been nearly 6.

“Where have you two been?” Mrs Weasley asked. Harry and Ginny glanced at each other. It was now or never.

“We bought a house.” Harry blurted. All eyes in the room (except Ginny’s) stared at him.

“We’re going to move out and live in Godric’s Hollow.” Ginny explained. Everyone except Mrs Weasley looked shocked.

“When are you going to move in there?” Mrs Weasley asked.

“Hopefully, tomorrow once we’ve got some furniture.” Harry said. Mrs Weasley nodded.

“I’ll come furniture shopping with you tomorrow.” She stated as if it was the most obvious thing to do. Everyone else was still staring.

“Well, you two are just in time for dinner.” Mr Weasley said breaking the trance that seemed to have fallen over the table.

“That went better than I thought it would.” Ginny murmured in Harry’s ear as they sat down. Hermione was looking at the pair of them shrewdly.

“Yes, Hermione?” Ginny said. Hermione blushed.

“Oh nothing.” She said and quickly struck up a conversation with Bill.

“I reckon we should go and sleep in the new house tonight.” Harry whispered to Ginny.

‘Yes just us and a couple of sleeping bags.” She whispered back, grinning, “But you do realise, the whole family will have to go and look through it tonight then.” Harry nodded. Ginny spoke to the rest of her large family then,

“We’re gonna sleep at the new house tonight. You guys should come and have a look around.” They all nodded.

“Hun, I’ll just nip upstairs and grab some stuff.” She said to Harry. He nodded.

“I’ll help you.” Hermione volunteered. Ginny could tell that she wanted to know something. Both girls headed up the stairs.

In her room, Ginny grabbed her school trunk and started chucking clothes into it.

“Is this just for the sex or do you two actually want to move in together?” Hermione asked.

“Don’t ask stupid questions, Hermione.” Ginny replied wearily.

“Is it?” Hermione persisted.

“We want to be able to have sex privately but we also do want to move in together.” Ginny answered at length, “And I honestly don’t know why I tell you all the details of my sex life.” Hermione chewed her lip, obviously deep in thought. Then it occurred to Ginny.

“Oh my Merlin! You and Ron had sex!” She exclaimed. Hermione blushed then nodded.

“How was it? What position? Give me info dear!” Ginny demanded. Hermione briefly explained while Ginny continued to pack.

“Ugh. I can’t believe you had sex with my brother.” Ginny said once Hermione had finished.

“He’s really nice and sweet and loving.” Hermione insisted earnestly.

“Yeah. So I’ve heard. He must just always be in a bad mood when I’m around.” Ginny replied dryly.

“We’d better get going downstairs.” Hermione said quickly, changing the subject. Ginny clipped her trunk shut and hauled it out the door and down the stairs.


The Weasleys and Hermione loved Harry and Ginny’s house. Mr Weasley and Hermione both did a stability spell on it and pronounced it sound and Mrs Weasley checked ever room thoroughly for things that could harm them.

“I’ll meet you at 12 to go furniture shopping.” Mrs Weasley said as she was about to Floo out. Harry nodded. With a ‘The Burrow’ Mrs Weasley spun out of sight. Ginny turned to face Harry.

“And now we’re alone.” She said, grinning. Harry pulled her in close.

“So are we gonna get down to business?” Ginny asked, still grinning.

“Not yet.” Harry said. Ginny was about to object but Harry hoisted her into a fireman’s lift.

“We need to go up to the bedroom.” Harry said.

“What I want to know is how the hell you can lift me?”


“And I could take that completely the wrong way.”

“But you won’t.” Harry said. He kissed her upper thigh.

“No I won’t.” She agreed breathlessly. They arrived outside the bedroom then and Harry kicked open the door.

On the floor lay a mattress, the only thing in the room. Harry laid Ginny on it. He paused, looking out the window. Ginny reached up behind his neck and pulled him down so their lips met. She kissed him hard and he retaliated. Clothes came off like leaves on an autumn tree and then Harry and Ginny once again drifted into the blissful world of sex.


“We’re like a pair of animals.” Harry stated. Ginny just grinned and rubbed his shoulders. They stayed that way for a bit, Ginny sitting on Harry, then Ginny rolled off and lay down next to him, nuzzling into his shoulder. He draped his arm around her.

“Maybe we should try not to touch each other for a day.” Ginny suggested at length. Harry nodded.

“Tomorrow’s the perfect time; we’re going shopping with your mum.” He said.

“It’s an anti-date.” Ginny said and smiled. They lay in silence for a few minutes then Harry said,

“Wait does that mean we can’t kiss or hold hands or anything?”

“I believe that would count as touching Hun.”

“This might be harder than I thought.”

“It won’t be hard for me. I’m not really that attracted to you.” Ginny teased.

“We’ll see about that.” Harry replied, grinning.

“Yes. But no more sex today, Hun; we’ve already done it twice today.”

“Ok.” He replied.

“Do you remember our first kiss, Harry?” Ginny asked after a while.

“I’d been in detention on the night of the Quidditch final. You’d been playing seeker instead. I came back to the Common Room having no idea of the game results. When I walked in everyone was screaming and yelling and Ron was holding the Quidditch Cup. You came running up to me with this hard, blazing look on your face. You hugged me and I kissed you.” Harry said

“And for ages after that all anyone talked about was the fact that we were going out.” Ginny added smiling at the memory.

“I think I’m gonna go to sleep now, Hun. See you in the morning.” Ginny said. She leant over and kissed him lightly on the nose. They both fell asleep a few minutes after that.


It 10 o’clock the next day Ginny was seriously regretting thinking up the anti-date. They still had two hours until they were due to meet Mrs Weasley and Ginny knew that she and Harry could have got a lot done in that time. But, being the stubborn Weasley that she was, she wasn’t about to say to Harry that they should call off the anti-date; he could break first.


It was 10 o’clock the next day and Harry was seriously regretting agreeing to Ginny’s stupid anti-date. They still had a couple of hours left until they were gonna meet Mrs Weasley in Diagon Alley and Harry knew that he and Ginny could have had a lot of fun in that time. But, being the stubborn man that he was, Harry was not about to ask if they could call if the anti-date; she could break first.


At 10: 30 Ginny decided she was going to have to admit defeat and give up first. Merlin, she could already see the smug look and hear the teasing comment he was bound to say.


At 10:30 Harry decided he was going to have to cave and give up first. God, he could already see the smirk and the smug comment that were sure to


“I give up.” Harry and Ginny said at the same time. They stared at each other surprised.

“Wait what?” Ginny asked.

“You give up?” Harry said.

“You give up?” Ginny replied.

“Who really cares?” Harry asked.

“Most definitely not me.” Ginny answered standing and walking over to him.
She straddled his legs and sat on his lap. She leant down and kissed him hungrily. It had only been about 12 hours since she’d last kissed him but, to Ginny, it felt like a lifetime. He kissed her back, pulling her body closer to his.

“We have an hour, fifteen minutes.” Harry said into her lips.

“Plenty of time.” Ginny replied. She felt Harry’s grin against her lips.

They kissed for a while then Harry put his hands up her shirt and began to undress her.

“No, Harry.” She said, pulling away. Harry looked at her for a moment and then exploded.

“Why do you always do this Ginny?! One minute you love me and you want to have sex with me the next you’re all frigid!” He shouted, “Make up your mind! Do you love me or not?!”

“Don’t shout at me Harry!” Ginny replied coolly. Harry opened his mouth to speak.

“Don’t interrupt me either!” She ordered. Harry had the good sense to close his mouth.

“I’m not going to have sex with you just because your hormones get the better of you! And I would prefer it if you didn’t pull the whole you don’t love me thing either because we both know perfectly well that that’s not true!” Ginny voice rang with authority as she said this. She realised this was the first proper fight they’d had in a while.

“If you loved me you’d have sex with me.” Harry grumbled.

“Oh shut up! Don’t you hear yourself?! You sound like a child that didn’t get the toy they wanted for Christmas! It’s pathetic!”

“Do not call me pathetic! I’m the one who killed Voldemort! I’m the one who stopped him! What were you doing Ginny?!” Harry was shouting again.

“I was duelling Bellatrix! I was helping the injured! I was finding bodies! Yes, you killed Voldemort, Harry, but everybody else wasn’t just standing around watching!” Ginny realised she too was shouting.

“You make it sound like you’re a hero!” Harry threw back. Ginny knew he was just in a bad mood and was trying to provoke her but she bit anyway.

“We were all heroes! Anyone who fought is a hero! You just got lucky and have clever friends! Where do you think you would have been without Hermione?! All it took from you Harry was a disarming spell and a walk into the forbidden forest!”

“Do you want to know the last thing I thought of when Voldemort’s killing curse was about to hit me?! I thought I was about to die and the last thing I thought of wasn’t Sirius or Ron or Hermione; it was you! Your beautiful flowery scent, the way I felt when I kissed you, your warmth!” Harry wasn’t yelling anymore; he was begging.

“I thought you’d died. All I wanted was just to die too, so I could be with you.” Ginny realised she was sobbing now. “It felt like part of me had died too.”

“Then Bellatrix’s curse missed you by a hair’s breadth and I thought you were going to die.” Harry whispered. Ginny stood opposite him, tears streaming down her face.

“You had your stomach blown out. I was covered in your blood. I screamed for help but it felt like an eternity before anyone came. I couldn’t do anything to help you. I was useless.” Ginny sobbed, “I can’t handle being your girlfriend. I don’t deserve to be your girlfriend. You need someone who can help you, who’ll fight with you, who’s strong. I’m not that person.” Ginny turned and ran out the front door.

Outside it was pouring with rain. Ginny ran off into the night. She could hear Harry calling her, telling her to come back, but she ran on. She ran blindly through the thick sheets of rain. When she finally slowed to a halt she was outside the gate of the cemetery. Still sobbing she pushed open the gate.

It took her a while to find the grave she wanted. When she did she sat down in front of it. A woman who had had the same fiery, independent personality, the same red-haired beauty. It was said the only difference between them was their eyes; her’s had been green where Ginny’s were brown.

Ginny sat in front of Lily Potter’s grave for what could have been an eternity. She heard someone come up behind her.

“I want you though.” Harry said, “To me, you are that person, Ginny.”
Harry lifted Ginny to her feet. She fell sobbing into his chest, as she had so many times since the Battle of Hogwarts. And Harry held her while she cried, as he had so many times since the Battle.

Once Ginny’s body had stopped being racked by sobs, she realised she was shivering. Harry must have noticed too because he immediately took of his sopping overcoat and wrapped it around her.

“Let’s go home, Gin.” He said. Ginny managed a smile.

“Y-you t-thought of a n-nickname.” She stuttered through chattering teeth. Harry wrapped an arm around her shoulder. She wrapped an arm around his waist and together they walked home.

Once the front door had clicked shut, Ginny stripped off her outer layer of clothing leaving her in her bra and undies.

“Hun, do you know the spell for drying things?” She asked Harry. He shook his head.

“Well, we’ll have to do this the muggle way then; a bath.” She said. She headed upstairs to run the bath.

It was almost full when Harry came up, also in his undies, also shivering.

“Your lips are blue, Gin.” He said. She nodded. With shaking hands, she turned the taps off. Harry and Ginny both stepped gingerly into the bath. They sat in silence for a while, savouring the warmth of the water. Then,

“I’m sorry about the stuff I said.” Harry said to Ginny. He was sitting hugging his knees.

“Me too.” Ginny replied. Harry straightened his legs. Ginny went and sat in the v they formed.

“What’s the time, Hun? We have to meet Mum in Diagon Alley remember.” Ginny asked at length.

“It’s 11:15.” Harry answered, reading the watch that had once been Ginny’s uncle’s. Ginny turned to face Harry.

“Your lips are still blue.” He said.

“I know how to change that.” She replied and kissed him. She’d never kissed Harry like that before. It wasn’t like their first, spontaneous kiss or like the desperate, loving kisses they’d exchanged lately. It wasn’t even like that one amazing kiss on Harry’s 17th birthday; full of emotion and understanding.

This was a needy kiss. Through that kiss Ginny wanted to show Harry how much she needed him. So there they were, shivering in the lukewarm bath, exchanging hot kisses.

Ginny reached behind her back and undid her bra.

“Gin, what are you doing?” Harry asked pulling away.

“I was being stupid before. I want to have sex as much as you do.” She answered. Harry shrugged and began kissing her again. She threw her bra away. The same thing happened to her underpants and then his. She lay back and he came down on top of her, slipping inside her as he did. He moved his hips slowly back and forth. She arched her back, bringing her body even closer to his. His hands were rubbing along her waist and hips. Her hands were clenching and unclenching on his buttocks. He moved and lay on his back, taking her with him, so that she was on top. Her hands moved up so she could feel the muscles of his back and shoulders, tensing and relaxing with each movement. They continued that way for a bit and then he climaxed, grabbing her bum and holding her pelvis tightly against his, moaning and panting. She followed closely, making a little noise of pleasure in the back of her throat. Neither heard the front door open or the footsteps that came up the stairs.

“You two had better hurry –” Mrs Weasley said as she threw the door open.

She stopped abruptly when she saw Harry and Ginny, a tangle of intertwined limbs, in the bath. Harry and Ginny stopped what they were doing and pushed away from each other.

“Mum, I –” Ginny began but Mrs Weasley interrupted her.

“We’ll do the shopping in a couple of days. You two should come round for dinner.” She said, turned quickly and bustling out of the room. All Harry and Ginny could do was watch her go.

“Fuck.” Ginny said after a while, “Fuck. Fuck. What am I gonna do?! My mother just walked in on me having sex with Harry! FUCK!” She was speaking more to herself than Harry, but Harry answered anyway.

“We’ll go there for dinner tonight and apologise. Simple.”

“No it’s not fucking simple Harry! What if she accidently tells one of the boys?! I’ll never ever hear the end of it! And nor will you! All she’s gonna think of when she sees us is us naked and having fucking sex!” To Ginny’s surprise, Harry started laughing.

“I don’t see how this is even remotely funny, Harry!” She said heatedly.

“Because you said fucking sex! Geddit?! Fucking sex!” Harry replied, snorting with laughter.

“Oh haha.” Ginny sneered, icy sarcasm lacing her voice, “You just can’t take anything seriously!” She got out of the bath and stormed out of the room.

It was only when she was in the bedroom that she realised she’d left her robe in the bathroom.

“Shit!” She cursed to herself.

“Looking for this?” Ginny jumped about a foot when she heard Harry’s voice behind her. She turned to find him, garbed in his dressing gown, leaning against the door frame and holding out her robe.

“Agrippa, Harry! Don’t be a bloody git!” She snapped, snatching the robe. Harry looked offended. Ginny softened.

“Sorry. It’s just that my own mother is never going to be able to look me in the eye again.” Ginny said, wearily, pulling the robe on.

“Hey, at least she’s seen you naked before! You’re her daughter. Me? Well let’s just say that if Ron finds out I will never in my life hear the end of it.”

“Speaking of Ron, him and Hermione had sex. Just thought you’d like to know.” Ginny replied.

“What?! When?!” Harry yelped.


“Ugh.” Harry shuddered, “Well at least I have something to hold against him now. We never did it with your parents in the house!”

“What’s the time, Hun?” Ginny said after a few moments silence.

“Ten to one. And on the bright side, at least your mum didn’t walk in a few seconds before. She’d have walked in on us orgasming. Way more awkward.” Harry replied.

“Small comfort. You know, you’re taking this awfully well. Almost as if you planned it. If you planned that I swear to Dumbledore I’ll rip your balls off and get a divorce.” Ginny said seriously.

“I have three things to say. Firstly, why in Godric’s name would I plan that? Secondly, we’re not married so getting a divorce will be a mission. Thirdly, can we please leave my testicles out of this? It’s making them feel uncomfortable.” Harry replied.

Ginny managed to hold her composure through the first two things but the last broke her. She began to giggle.

“You know, this has to be one of the worst days ever.” Ginny said between giggles, “First we fight. Then we make up and have sex which my mum walks into. Next, I say we’re married which I might add is a horrible thought. And finally, your balls get feelings!”

“You don’t want to be married to me?” Harry asked looking genuinely hurt. Ginny immediately stopped laughing.

“Oh, Hun. I didn’t mean it. It was a joke. I’m sorry. Merlin, I can’t say anything right today.” Ginny pleaded with him.

“Gotcha!” Harry said, grinning. Ginny punched him lightly on the arm.

“I really hate you.” She sighed.

“Uh huh.” He replied sceptically, “That would be why you want to have sex with me almost all the time.”

“Yup. It’s a love-hate relationship. Anyway I think maybe we should get dressed and head over to Mum and Dad’s early so we can stop the rumour mongering and apologise.”

Harry nodded. He grabbed a pair of undies and jeans and pulled them on. Meanwhile, Ginny pulled on underpants, a bra and some jeans. She stopped Harry before he pulled a shirt on.

“Wait; let me see your stomach.” She said and he obliged hesitantly. There was a web of white lines in the middle of his stomach were the healers hadn’t been able to heal all the damage. She ran her hand across the area, feeling the raised welts on his skin. Harry looked at her as if trying to read her.

“It disgusts you doesn’t it?” He asked. Ginny frowned at him.

“No. It saddens me, Hun. But it also adds character.” She said. Harry walked over to the mirror.

“That’s what Greyback does isn’t it? Ruins people’s bodies, maims them. He maimed Bill and me. I guess I should just count myself lucky that he wasn’t transformed, then I might be a werewolf. But I still hate him for it. When it was just done I wasn’t concentrating on what it looked like, but now that the pain’s gone I can’t help but concentrate on what it looks like and it disgusts me.”

Ginny went up behind him and wrapped her arms around him, hands knotted over the scar, head resting on his shoulder.

“You never let your other scar get you down, Hun. Why let this one?” She whispered.

“Because this one I could have prevented. If I’d just thought it through better Alicia and Williamson might still be alive. I was in charge of planning the attack you know? Kingsley trusted me to get everyone through. And look what happened.”

“Harry you need to stop blaming yourself for every death that happened in the War.” Ginny said pulling him around to face her, “People were always going to die.”

“But just knowing I could have stopped some of them.....”

Ginny grabbed his face in her hands them.

“Listen to me.” She said. Harry averted his eyes.

“Listen to me, Harry! Nobody, nobody, blames you for what happened. You need to stop looking back and kicking yourself for what you did wrong. Everyone makes mistakes. Your mistakes just look bigger because everyone puts them under the microscope. You need to start concentrating on the future.” Ginny said firmly. She saw something ignite in Harry’s eyes but had no clue what it was. She decided to leave it; no use asking. She stroked his jaw then kissed him lightly on the lips.

“Get dressed. We’ll head over to Mum and Dad’s.” She said. Harry nodded and grabbed his shirt, pulling it over his head. Ginny did the same. They both headed downstairs.

“Floo or apparate?” Harry said.

“Definitely Floo.” Ginny said still uncomfortable about apparating.

“Ladies first.” He said, with a little bow. Ginny gave him a withering look but went ahead and grabbed some powder, stepped into the fire and said ‘The Burrow’.

The green flames engulfed her and next thing she knew she was stepping out onto the mat in her parent’s house. What she saw made her gape. Angelina and George were sitting on the couch having a passionate little session. They stopped when they heard the fire. George went bright red and Ginny was pretty sure that Angelina went a little darker too.

“Sorry.” Ginny mumbled. The fire whooshed behind her and Harry stepped out into her. He looked between George, Angelina and Ginny and then back again. He must have gathered what had happened.

“Merlin, it’s been a day of walk-ins.” Harry said. Ginny, despite the awkwardness of the moment, grinned. Angelina and George looked confused.

“Don’t ask.” Ginny said, going beetroot. Angelina seemed to get what had happened from that. George continued to look confused.

“Wait, how long have you two been seeing each other?” Ginny asked.

“A couple of weeks.” George replied, shrugging.

“Moving quite fast aren’t you?” Ginny teased.

“Says you.” George shot back.

“I’ll have you know that Harry and I have been seeing each other for nearly two years.”

“You weren’t a couple for half of that.” George said, and then murmured under his breath, “Didn’t stop you groping each other at every opportunity.”

“Speaking of groping, Ron and Hermione had sex. Yesterday night. With all of you in the house.” Ginny piped up.

“See, George! I told you I heard thumping!” Angelina exclaimed.

“Ew. Way too much information there.” Ginny replied then grimaced, “See now I’m getting visuals.”

“Anyway, is Mrs Weasley about? We need to – er – talk to her.” Harry said loudly in an obvious attempt to change the subject.

“Oh that’s what you meant by walked in.” George said, “Well, she’s in the kitchen. She looked like she’d been hit ‘round the head with a mallet when she came back though. And she’s been in a foul mood since. So be warned.”
Harry and Ginny glanced at each other then nodded. Ginny was steeling herself for the storm that was to come. She marched off to the kitchen. Harry followed.

They arrived in the kitchen to find Mrs Weasley bustling around, already preparing that night's meal.

"Mum." Ginny said tentatively and Mrs Weasley turned to face them.

"Oh. It's you two. I thought you'd be too ashamed to show." She stated.

"Mum, we are old enough." Ginny replied. Mrs Weasley lost her cool and collected attitude then.

"Just because you're old enough does NOT mean you have to grope each other at every opportunity you get!" She cried. Ginny fought a grin. She was reminded of that moment that felt like eons ago when Fred and George apparated into the kitchen much to Mrs Weasley's annoyance.

"How long have you been sleeping together?" Mrs Weasley asked after a few moments silence.

"Only a couple of days." It was Harry who answered. Mrs Weasley nodded.

"Well I suppose you've been together longer than Ron and Hermione." She replied wearily and then muttered under her breath, "And they did it with most of the family in the house. The nerve of them!"

She continued to mutter under her breath and chop up potatoes while Harry and Ginny stood in silence.

"But Ginny, if you get pregnant, I swear I'll-" Mrs Weasley warned. Ginny interrupted.

"Mum, we're not stupid."

"Yes, yes. I know dear but if-"

"Not gonna happen." Ginny said headed for the door with Harry following. She walked through the doorway.

"Oh, alright! Just try and be human tonight! We have a lot of guests coming for dinner!" Mrs Weasley called after them as Ginny and Harry headed back towards the lounge.

“Well that went a lot better than expected.” Harry stated once they were back in the lounge with George and Angelina.
“Yes. I was waiting for yelling.” Ginny replied.
“But you know what’s funny, Gin? The whole house knows about Ron and Hermione ‘cause they all heard it. Ha! They’ll never be left alone again!” Harry said.
“Everybody heard it? And here I was thinking Angel was imagining things.” George said, incredulously.
“Well, I’m betting Mrs Weasley will give them an earful at dinner.” Angelina put in.
“Nah it’ll be Dad I reckon.” George argued.
They continued to bicker while Harry and Ginny got ready to floo back to their house.
“Bye guys!” They said and hopped into the green flames.

Quick Author’s note: I apologize for that last chapter it went on way longer than I meant it to. And also, if I’ve got the numbering wrong, sorry! Oh and sorry about the formatting too though that’s not my fault. My Hogwarts cafe doesn’t have great facilities yet. Love all you readers! Do review this and say what you reckon should happen next! Love from, Artemis :).

Chapter 3

(The Birthday)

Ginny and Harry decided not to go around for dinner that night and didn’t see much of the rest the
family for the rest of June and most of July. I was on the 31th of July that Ron appeared in the fire.

“Agrippa! Have you lot ever heard of sending a message ahead!” Ginny shrieked. Ron just waved her off, saying,

“Oh come off it Ginny! Scared someone I’ll walk in on you and Harry?”

“Too late for that.” Ginny muttered and Harry who stood next to her grinned. Ron didn’t notice.

“Anyway Mum says you have to come around for dinner tonight since it’s Harry’s birthday. She’s
invited people and if you don’t turn up she’ll kill you.” Ron said.

“Yeah yeah we’ll be there. What time?” Ginny asked.


“But it’s only three!”

“She says now.”


“I’ve just gotta grab a coat from upstairs.” Harry said and hurried off leaving the two siblings alone

“So have you given Harry your present yet?” Ron asked awkwardly.

“No. I said I wouldn’t get him a present if he didn’t get me one. He agreed. But I’m still working on
something to give him.” Ginny answered.

“Oh yeah your birthday’s coming up isn’t it?”

“Yeah. 11 days time.”

They stood in silence for a few moments then,
“Ron, I really wish we could get on better.” Ginny said earnestly. Ron just grunted.

“I’m going out with your best friend. Don’t you think it would be better if we could just get along?”

“Ginny, you have no idea what it’s like constantly being reminded that you weren’t wanted. Constantly hearing your mother doting over her little girl and being almost completely ignored because you were the sixth boy. You don’t know what that’s like.”

“I can’t help that Ron.”

“I know. But I can’t hate my own parents. Hating you was just easier.”

“I tried to be nice to you. For the first nine years I was nice to you!” Ginny exclaimed beginning to get annoyed with Ron.

“And then you bloody well made a bunch of flying bits of snot attack my face!” Ron shot back.

“Only because you made an apple whack me in the face!”

“Oh so that makes it fine then!” Ron sneered. Ginny was about to say something nasty back when Harry came down. He looked between them, saw them glowering at each other and stepped quickly between them.

“No wands this time.” He said obviously thinking about when he and Ron came across Ginny and Dean snogging in a secret passage and Ron and Ginny nearly cursing each other. Ron marched towards the fire and angrily grabbed some floo powder.

“The Burrow.” He spat and was engulfed by the green flames. Ginny glowered at the fireplace.

“What did you do?” Harry asked.

“What did I do? I tried to make things up with him so we weren’t at each other’s throats all the time! But no Ron blames me for the fact that he’s the youngest of six sons! He blames me for the fact the Mum and Dad always wanted a daughter and dote over me! I can’t help any of that! So do not make out that it’s my fault that my brother and your best friend is an utter git!” Ginny snapped back furiously.

“Jeez, Gin. Calm down.” Harry said.

“Don’t you bloody well ‘Gin’ me, Harry!” She sneered and then softened, “No. We won’t do this today. It’s your birthday. Sorry, Hun.”

Harry was obviously relieved.

“It’s fine. I shouldn’t have made out it was your fault.” He said. She kissed him lightly.

“Come on let’s head over to Mum and Dad’s.” She said.

“Oh yeah did you send that owl to Neville for his birthday yesterday?” He asked.

“Uh huh. He hasn’t sent anything back yet.” Ginny answered. He grabbed a handful of floo powder.

“The Burrow!” Harry said. The green flames leapt up around him. Ginny went over to the fire and also grabbed some floo powder.

“The Burrow!” She declared, throwing the powder down. The next thing she knew she was standing on the hearth rug in the Burrow. Harry was waiting for her. Ginny’s hand went to her stomach. She saw Harry frown with concern.

“Go on ahead, Hun. I’ll be there in a sec.” She said, feeling utterly sick. Harry went into the kitchen. Ginny raced up to the bathroom. She threw the door open and vomited in the toilet.

“Oh shit.” She groaned. Then something clicked in her brain.

“Oh no, no, no!” She moaned and grabbed her wand. Pointing it at her stomach she said,

“Homoneum Revelio.” She said, dreading the result that might come. It did. For a brief moment she saw the silhouette of a small human. Ginny Weasley was pregnant. She curled up on the floor and began to cry. Hermione knocked on the door and came in.

“Hey, Ginny. How are you-” She said and then stopped when she saw Ginny crying on the floor.

“What’s wrong dear?” Hermione asked kindly. Ginny wiped the tears from her eyes.

“You have to promise not to tell anyone, Hermione.” Ginny whispered. Reluctantly, Hermione nodded. Ginny felt her eyes well with tears.

"I'm pregnant, Hermione." She sobbed. Hermione went pale.

"Oh my Godric. How long?" She whispered.

"Nearly two months." Ginny choked out.

“You need to tell Harry.” Hermione said firmly, coming over to Ginny and crouching down next to her.

“I know but what if.....” Ginny replied her lip trembling.

“What if he leaves you, you mean?” Hermione asked. Ginny nodded.

“Dear, Harry’s not like that. If anything you getting pregnant will make him want to stay with you more.” Hermione said knowingly.

“I’ll tell him after my birthday.” Ginny said, still fighting back tears. Hermione obviously thought she should tell him earlier but had the good sense not to say so.

“Come on. Let’s clean you up and then we’ll head downstairs.” She said, instead. She helped Ginny to her feet.

“Please don’t tell anyone Hermione.” Ginny said again. Hermione nodded.

"Oh and Ginny? Do try and look happy otherwise he'll guess." Hermione said as she headed out the door.

Ginny spent the best part of ten minutes getting herself to stop looking like she’d just been crying. When she was done she forced a smile on her face and headed downstairs.

“You alright?” Harry said when she dropped into the seat next to him. Concern was etched on his face.

“Yeah I’m fine Hun. Come on. Open your presents.” Ginny replied, putting a hand on his knee underneath the table. Harry obviously wasn’t convinced but, seeing that Ginny didn’t want to tell him, he left it.

With much oohing, ahhing and thanking Harry opened his presents. He got a book on Quidditch from Hermione, a box of Honeydukes sweets from Ron, Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes merchandise from George and Angelina, a picture of Norberta’s baby from Charlie, a set of travelling robes from Bill and Fleur (“Figured you’d need them now that you’re an Auror”) and a book on Aurors from Percy. It was the last two presents that made the most impact though.

Mr and Mrs Weasley gave him a hand on their family clock, which pointed to home when they showed it to him. Harry gave Mrs Weasley a hug and shook Mr Weasley’s hand thanking them both profusely.

Ginny bought out her present last.

“I’m sorry it’s not finished. It takes quite a while to get the information.” She said as she handed it to him.
It was a book with an elaborately designed cover. When Harry opened it he discovered pictures of the people who had died during the two Wizarding Wars. Opposite each page of pictures there was a page of beautifully written facts about that person; their name, birthday, greatest achievement etc.

“I’ve only managed to do three people sorry.” Ginny mumbled, but Harry didn’t seem to hear. He was staring at a picture of his mother. Suddenly, he pulled Ginny to him and kissed her on the lips.

“It’s amazing.” He said once Ginny’s brothers had stopped wolf whistling. Ginny smiled, trying not to make the smile look sad. She obviously didn’t do well as Harry’s brow creased for a moment.

“Are you sure you’re alright?” He whispered as Mrs Weasley bustled around. Ginny was about to answer when Mrs Weasley said,

“Oh here come the others.”

The whole family turned to look out the window to see figures appearing in the backyard. Harry and Ginny stood up and rushed outside. As the figures got closer they realised who it was. Neville with a girl Ginny thought looked vaguely familiar, Luna with her father, Katie Bell holding hands with of all people Cormac McLaggen, Hagrid, Oliver Wood, Professor McGonagall, Kingsley, Mundungus Fletcher, Dean Thomas, Seamus Finnigan, the Patil twins, Viktor Krumm, Demelza Robins with a boy Ginny didn’t know and, to Ginny and Harry’s utter amazement, Dudley Dursley.

“I thought we’d have a big get-together.” Mrs Weasley said from behind Harry and Ginny.

“Thank-you Mrs Weasley.” Harry said grinning. He took Ginny by the hand and they headed off too meet everyone.

“Harry! Ginny!” Neville exclaimed when they walked up to him, hugging them both, “Happy Birthday, Harry!
“Same to you for yesterday, Neville.” Harry replied
“This is Hannah, you know Hannah Abbott in our year. Hannah, well you know these two.” Neville said introducing the girl with him.

“Nice to finally meet you and happy birthday.” Hannah said, putting out her hand to both Harry and Ginny in turn.
“I was in Dumbledore’s Army but I don’t think we ever talked.” She explained.

“Nice to meet you Hannah.” Ginny replied. Just then, Luna came up with her father in tow.

“Happy birthday Harry. Hello Ginny.” She said in her dreamy voice.

“Hi Luna.” Harry and Ginny chorused. Ginny hugged her.

“How are you?” Ginny asked.

“Oh fine. We’ve been trying to repair the house after Harry and Ron and Hermione came around.” Luna replied matter-of-factly.

“Mr Potter I just want to apologize about my behaviour then.” Mr Lovegood said suddenly.

“Oh it’s quite fine, Mr Lovegood. I think good parent would have done that.” Harry replied sticking out his hand. Mr Lovegood took it and shook it earnestly.

“Thank-you Mr Potter. You truly are a fine man.” Mr Lovegood said.

“Dad let’s go. Harry and Ginny obviously want to talk to other people.” Luna said as if it was completely fine. She and Mr Lovegood drifted off. Hagrid came up to them.

“’Appy birthday, ‘Arry.” He said giving Harry a massive bear hug, “Alrigh’ ‘here Ginny?”
“Fine thanks Hagrid.” Ginny replied.

“I got ye something.” Hagrid said addressing Harry again. He pulled out a small ferret, “I figured ‘cause ye didn’ ‘ave Hedwig no more you’d be in need of another pet so I got you Malfoy here.”

“You called the ferret Malfoy?” Harry asked grinning.

“Yep. I figured ‘cause he was white he should be named after the boy.” Hagrid replied his eyes crinkling as he smiled. Harry took the little white ferret in his hands.

“Oh and I got ye this to put ‘im in.” Hagrid continued pulling out a little feather shoulder bag, “Made it meself outta Buckbeak’s feathers.” He said proudly. Harry took the bag and dropped Malfoy in it.

“Thanks Hagrid.” Harry said earnestly. Hagrid smiled and lumbered off to talk to someone else.

“Happy birthday, Mr Potter.” Professor McGonagall said walking up to Harry and Ginny.

“And good to see you, Miss Weasley.” She added to Ginny, “I trust you’ll be coming back to Hogwarts this year?”

Ginny winced. “Ah no, Professor. I’m going to trial for the Holyhead Harpies.” She said, looking at the ground.

“Very good, so long as you’re sure. And what of you Mr Potter? Will you come back and finish your education?” Professor McGonagall said now directing her attention at Harry.

“No Professor. Kingsley, I mean the Minister, has offered me a job as an Auror because I fought in that Battle of Hogwarts. I accepted.” Harry replied.

“I thought that might be the case. And I heard of your recent injury and the death of two of Hogwarts’ students.”
“Yes. Alicia and Williamson. I didn’t know Williamson was at Hogwarts.” Harry answered.

“He was. A Ravenclaw I believe. Very saddening their deaths. You have my condolences.” McGonagall said.

“Thank-you Professor.” Harry replied. McGonagall drifted off to talk to someone else. Katie Bell and Cormac McLaggen arrived in her place.

“Happy birthday Harry!” Katie said, pulling him into a hug.

“Thanks, Katie.” Harry said awkwardly.

“Yes happy birthday Harry.” Cormac said patting him on the shoulder. Harry nodded to him in thanks.

“Oh my Godric, Ginny! Hi!” Katie exclaimed also hugging her.

“Hi Katie. How’s Quidditch going?” Ginny replied hugging her back.

“Oh good. I’m thinking of trying out for the Holyhead Harpies next season. Chaser you know?”

“Really? Me too. Thought I may as well give it a shot.” Ginny replied shrugging. She glanced at Harry. He was talking to Cormac about one thing or another.

“So how did that happen?” Ginny asked gesturing to Cormac.

“Oh well we’d chatted a few times during meetings for the D.A. I never really thought much of him. But then in the Battle we were covering the same area and he saved my ass more times than I can count. I saved his too. So we meet up afterwards, one thing led to another and here we are.” Katie explained.
“I always thought he was a bit of git.” Ginny replied honestly.

“Before the Battle he was. But then he helped collect some of the bodies and that really changed him.” Katie admitted.

“All of the D.A. girls could do to have a catch-up you know?” Ginny said, “So much has happened, we really should meet up.”

“Yeah, that would be great.” Katie replied then added, “You know, before the Battle, I never would have talked to any of you, outside of Quidditch, but now I get on really well with all the D.A. members. I mean, just the other day I was sending an owl Hannah Abbott of all people. Weird eh?”

“Come on Katie. We’ll go talk to some other people. Don’t want to hog the Harry.” Cormac said, coming over and grinning. “Hi. It’s Ginny isn’t it?” He added. Ginny nodded.

“I’m Cormac. You were in the D.A. right?” He said.

“Yeah.” Ginny replied.

“Oh cool. Anyway.” He said and he and Katie headed off.

“Katie said he was changed. Was he?” Ginny asked Harry.

“Oh hell yeah. He was quite nice actually.” Harry replied.

“Huh. Weird how war changes people eh?” She said and Harry nodded.

Viktor came up to them then.

"So you are zee big jealous boyfriend zat Barny was talking about?" He said to Harry.

"Ah yes Barny told me about that." Harry replied. Ginny was utterly confused.

"Vell, 'appy birthday, 'Arry Potter." Viktor said bowing.


"Now who es your girlfriend?" Viktor asked now looking at Ginny.

"Viktor, Ginny. Ginny, Viktor." Harry said gesturing.

"A pleasure." Viktor purred taking Ginny's hand in his own and kissing it.

"Lovely to meet you too Viktor. Now if you'll excuse us." Ginny said and pulled Harry by the elbow inside.

"What the hell was the whole jealous boyfriend thing about?!" Ginny demanded once they were inside.

"At Bill and Fleur's wedding I may or may not have told Viktor you had a big, jealous boyfriend to stop him asking you to dance with him." Harry said quickly, wincing. Ginny softened.

"You were jealous?" She asked, wrapping her arms around his neck.

"Maybe." He replied.

“That’s so cute.” Ginny said and stood on her tiptoes to kiss him. Harry kissed her back passionately.

Eventually she had to pull away though.

“Come on, Hun. We’d better go mingle.” She said reluctantly.

Once outside Oliver Wood walked up to them.

“Harry! The man of the hour! Happy birthday, mate!” He exclaimed taking Harry’s hand and shaking it vigorously.

“Thanks, Wood.” Harry replied.

“And you must be Ginny! Angelina was sending me owls before the war and mentioned how amazing you were at Chasing and Seeking!” Wood said now addressing Ginny. She blushed.

“Yes. Well, I’m thinking of trying out for the Holyhead Harpies next season.” She replied.

“Oh good! I get to beat you and Katie!” He replied, grinning, “But really it’ll be great to have some of the old faces around even if they are on the opposition’s team.”

“Oh yes! You’re Puddlemere United aren’t you?” Ginny asked.

“Yep. And Harry will you be returning to the Quidditch pitch?” Wood said once again returning his attention to Harry.

“No. I’ve accepted a job as an Auror.” Harry replied.

“Yes. I heard about Alicia. Dam shame. She was a bloody good player and a close friend.” Wood said solemnly. Harry nodded.

“Anyway, I’ll be off! Leave you to mingle with some of the others here!” Wood said and departed with a cheery wave.

Harry and Ginny walked over to Dean and Seamus.

“Hi Dean, Seamus.” Harry said nodding at each of them.

“Hi Seamus. Hi Dean.” Ginny greeted them, with a little wave.

“Hey Harry and Ginny.” Seamus replied immediately, “Happy birthday, eh, mate?” He addressed Harry.

“Yeah, happy birthday, Harry.” Dean said deliberately ignoring Ginny.

“Thanks guys.” Harry replied. Seamus gave him a quick man hug and Dean stuck out his hand. Harry took it. Ginny got sick of Dean ignoring her then.

“Excuse me, Dean. If you’ve got a problem just spit it out.” She said hotly. Dean turned to look at her then.

“Yeah. I’ve got a problem you break up with me and then you start snogging Harry at every opportunity.” Dean shot back.

“Well I’m sorry if I actually get another boyfriend and don’t become a bitter, single woman just because my EX doesn’t want me to date anyone else.” Ginny replied angrily, emphasising the word ex. Seamus quickly stepped between them then as both were looking like they might duel.

“Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! This ain’t the time nor the place to be gettin’ all pissed with each other! This is ‘Arry’s birthday, eh? And you two can’t be arguing on ‘is birthday! So just get over it, eh?” He said.

“Yes, you’re right Seamus. Sorry, Harry.” Ginny said at length once she’d stopped glowering at Dean. She put out her hand for Dean to shake. Dean didn’t take it.

“Well, Harry we’d best go and talk to someone else. It seems one person doesn’t want us here.” She said after she’d withdrawn her hand. With that she turned on her heel and marched off. As she went she distinctly heard Seamus scold Dean (“Jeez, mate! You couldn’t just get over it could ya?”). She felt Harry grab her arm and steer her towards Dudley, who was being talked to by Mr Weasley.

“Ah Harry. I was just talking to young Dudley here about muggles! Fascinating, fascinating! Anyway I’ll leave you to it.” He said and wandered off.

“How’s it going, Big D?” Harry asked.

“Alright, Harry. Happy birthday.” He replied. Ginny was surprised to find his voice was quite soft, not at all what she would have imagined for such a tall man.

“Thanks. Oh by the way, Ginny this is my cousin, Dudley, Dudley this is my girlfriend Ginny.” Harry said introducing them to each other.

“You have a girlfriend?” Dudley said, gaping.

“Yes.” Harry replied smiling slightly.

“Oh nice to meet you Ginny.” Dudley said sticking out a hand. Ginny took it and shook.

“You too Dudley.” She replied.

“So Dudley, I see you’ve lost a lot of weight.” Harry said once Dudley had realised Ginny’s hand.

“Yeah. Moved out of Mum and Dad’s. Started flatting. Still going with the boxing. And my coach said if I wanted to go anywhere I’d have to lose some weight. So....” Dudley answered. Ginny studied him closely. She noticed that he had quite a long neck and he was really heavily-built, with massive biceps and huge thighs. He had a mop of blonde hair and a thin stomach but he was still a massive human being. She cringed to think what he must have looked like fat.

“So got a girlfriend Dud?” Harry asked, grinning at the thought.

“Yeah, that’s kinda why I’m here. See turns out she’s a witch. I mentioned that you were my cousin and that’s when she admitted it. Dad’s pissed about it but she’s nice so.... Oh here she is.” Dudley said and, to Ginny’s utter astonishment, Padma Patil came up next to him and planted a kiss on his cheek. She glanced at Harry. He was dumb-struck. His mouth was hanging open in disbelief.

“Hi Harry. Hey Ginny.” Padma said hugging them both.

“Hi Padma.” Ginny replied politely. Harry was still gaping. Ginny kicked him in the shin.

“Wha-? Oh hey Padma.” He said. They stood in silence for a minute then Ginny said,

“I don’t mean to be rude but how in hell this happen?” She gestured to Dudley and Padma. They glanced at each other then Padma spoke.

“Well, I was heading to the Leaky Cauldron to go to Diagon Alley and I tripped over and landed flat on my face in a gutter. I was completely saturated because it’d been raining the day before and I was really embarrassed. Dudley must have seen me trip because he came over and helped me up and asked if I would like him to escort me home. I said yes and we meet up again after that. And again. Then he mentioned you, Harry, and I told him I was a witch and that I was coming to this and he asked if he could come too.” Padma explained. “Oh and happy birthday, Harry.” She added as an afterthought.

“Thanks.” He replied automatically.

“So are you flatting together?” Ginny asked curiously.

“Yeah.” Dudley replied, “In Wiltshire.” Ginny nodded in approval.

“Great. Well, we’ll see you guys around.” She said and she and Harry walked off.

Harry still looked like he’d been punched in the face.

“Good God. I thought Cormac and Katie was a weird combination but that was just downright strange.” He whispered to Ginny.

“You’ve been saying for years what a stupid oaf your cousin is but he’s not!” Ginny hissed back.

“Well, he bloody well was up until the day he and my aunt and uncle left Privet Drive. He told me I wasn’t a waste of space then.” Harry replied in an undertone. Ginny didn’t see the significance of this but decided not to ask.

“Kingsley!” Harry exclaimed as the approached the black man. Kingsley turned.

“Happy birthday, Potter.” He said politely.

“Thanks.” Harry replied.

“Ah, hello Miss Weasley.” Kingsley said now speaking to Ginny.

“Hello, Minister.” She answered inclining her head slightly.

“Kingsley.” He corrected her. He glanced at the watch on his wrist, “Well, I had better be going. Happy birthday again, Potter.” He said and, with a nod, departed.

Mundungus Fletcher swaggered up to the pair next.

“’Appy burphday, eh, ‘Arry.” He slurred obviously drunk.

“Dung, piss off, you’re plastered.” Harry replied.

“Wha’eva. Was just tryna be nice.” Mundungus said and wandered off.

“Don’t drink and apparate! You’ll just splinch yourself!” Ginny called after him. Mundungus waved a hand over his shoulder, signalling he didn’t really care. He staggered a bit further and then turned on the spot and disappeared with a small pop.

Harry and Ginny walked over to Parvati who was chatting with Demelza and a boy Ginny didn’t know.

“Happy birthday, Harry.” Demelza and Parvati chorused when Harry and Ginny approached them.

“Hi Ginny.” The two girls said and in turn hugged her.

“Thanks.” Harry replied while Ginny hugged them both. Ginny looked pointedly at the boy she didn’t know. He was quite good-looking with dark skin, blonde hair and a thickly built body. Demelza seemed to understand the look because she introduced him.

“Oh, this is my boyfriend, Rolf Scamander. Rolf, this is Ginny Weasley and, of course, Harry Potter.” She said. Rolf nodded to Ginny and shook hands with Harry.

“Pleasure to meet both of you.” He said in a deep, baritone voice that had a trace of an accent.

“Same to you.” Ginny replied politely. Harry nodded in agreement.

“So, Demelza, why are you here?” Ginny asked trying not to sound accusing.

“Ron sent me an owl actually. I was really surprised but decided I’d come anyway.” She replied shrugging.

“Harry, I see you saw Padma and Dudley.” Parvati said to Harry a hint of distaste in her tone.

“Yes, I’ve seen a lot of bloody weird things but I think that just about tops them all.” Harry answered, frowning.

“He such a......muggle? You know what I mean? And his parents, ohmigod, they are the muggles of all muggles.” Parvati said.

“Yeah, trust me I know. But he’s changed a lot. I mean, for one thing, he’s lost a helluva lot of weight and he’s actually being nice to me.” Harry replied.

“Yes. Anyway, I’m going to try and get Padma to come shopping with me now. Enjoy your birthday, Harry.” She said and headed off with a little wave.

“Yeah, we’d better get going too, Demi.” Rolf said to Demelza, “Thank you for your time.” He said to Harry and Ginny and Rolf and Demelza walked off to the boundary and disapparated.

“He was cute.” Ginny stated as soon as they were gone.

“But I’m cuter aren’t I?” Harry asked cheekily with a grin.

“You know you are.” Ginny replied smiling and for a minute she almost forgot the burdening secret she was keeping from him. Then it came back to her.

“Harry, I’m...” Ginny began but Harry didn’t hear her. He was having a very animated discussion with Bill. Ginny looked at his broad grin and just couldn’t bring herself to ruin that happiness with a bombshell like the one she had stored. She decided she’d tell him later. Hermione came up to her and pulled her away to talk to some of the girls.

“Katie said you suggested we should have a big get together, just us girls.” Hermione said, “So I’ve got everyone except Demelza here because she left. We were thinking we should do it tomorrow. What do you think?” Everyone in the small circle of girls looked at Ginny.

“Yeah, tomorrow sounds great.” She answered, smiling the best fake smile she could. It fooled everyone except Hermione. She frowned slightly.

“Meet in Diagon Alley at 10?” Ginny suggested and the group nodded. Everyone except Hermione departed chatting happily about the next day’s event. Once they were all gone, Ginny let her face fall back into lines of misery.

“You need to keep the act up.” Hermione said gently, “Or you have to tell him.”

“I can’t tell him. Look how happy he is. How can I ruin that?” Ginny replied feeling the tears well up in her eyes. Hermione took her hand and lead her inside. Once the door was closed behind them, Ginny let the tears fall. Hermione put her arms around Ginny.

“Mum’s gonna throw a fit as well you know. In the kitchen last month she was going on about how if I got pregnant she’d..... And I wouldn’t let her finish. I said it was impossible and now I am and I don’t know what she’ll do.” Ginny sobbed helplessly.

“I know, dear. It’s going to come as a shock to everyone.” Hermione said soothingly stroking Ginny’s hair.

Harry came in the door.

“Ginny, what’s wrong? And don’t say nothing.” Harry said. Hermione released Ginny. Ginny looked at her and she gave a tiny nod.

“Harry, I’m pregnant.” Ginny said. Harry stared at her, dumb-struck. Then he smiled.

“This is a joke isn’t it? You two are pulling a birthday prank.” He said and laughed.

“No we’re not Harry. I’m pregnant.” Ginny sobbed. Hermione stepped forward.

“Homenum Revelio.” She said pointing her wand at Ginny’s stomach. Once again, the silhouette of a small human flashed on Ginny’s belly. Harry went white. He fell into the nearest chair. Ginny continued to sob.

“How long?” He said after a while.

“Two months on the ninth.” Ginny answered, tears still streaming down her face.

“Oh God, it was the bath wasn’t it?” He asked. Ginny nodded. He stood up.

“When did you find out?” He said.

“When we arrived.” Ginny replied.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He sounded almost as if he were pleading.

“I didn’t want to ruin your birthday.” Ginny said and began to sob again. Hermione walked outside.

“I’ll stop people from coming in.” She mumbled.

“Are you going to leave me?” Ginny whispered knowing it sounded stupid. Harry looked at her, surprised. He crossed the distance between them and wrapped his arms around her.

“Of course not, Gin. I love you.” He said. He crouched down in front of her and ran a hand over her stomach.

“There’s a bump.” He stated in wonder. Ginny wiped the tears from her eyes.

“I love you too.” She whispered. He kissed her stomach lightly.

“Our baby. How are we going to tell everyone else?” He said. Ginny looked out the window.

“Everyone except the family has left now I think. We’ll tell them over dinner I guess.” She replied. Harry nodded.

He stood up. Ron walked in the door.

“Dean’s gonna stay for dinner.” He said and the rest of the family plus Dean and Angelina came inside. Everyone sat down around the table. Mrs Weasley began dishing out the food. Ginny glanced at Harry. He nodded. They both stood up.

“We have something to say.” Harry said. Everyone looked at them.

“I’m pregnant.” Ginny said in a small voice. Everything happened at once. Angelina cried out in joy, Mr Weasley fell out his chair, George, Bill and Fleur all smiled and clapped their hands, Ron stared stupidly, Hermione sighed with relief, Charlie yelped in shock, Mrs Weasley dropped what she was holding and went deathly pale and Dean launched himself over the table and attacked Harry.

“No! Stop!” Ginny cried, trying to get between the two men. Fist flew and one of Dean’s punches missed Harry and hit Ginny instead. Ginny flew backwards with the force of the punch. She felt the are leave her lungs in one big rush. Everything seemed to stop. Then Dean ran from the house. Ginny felt something slipping inside her.
“Oh God no.” She gasped and lay down on the floor, clutching her stomach. Distantly, Ginny heard Hermione shriek.

“She is having a miscarriage!” Someone far off cried and then Ginny’s world went black.


Ginny woke up to find herself in a hospital bed. Harry and Hermione were sitting on either side of her bed. Harry was asleep. Hermione’s eyes were red-rimmed.

“Please tell me it was a dream.” Ginny rasped begging. Hermione shook her head, eyes sparkling. Tears ran from Ginny’s eyes but she wasn’t sobbing. The tears just flowed.

“I’m so sorry, Ginny.” Hermione said. Harry woke with a start then. Hermione got up and ran from the room sobbing.

“Was it a boy or a girl?” Ginny whispered to Harry, whose eyes were also red-rimmed.

“A girl.” Harry choked out. Ginny opened her arms and Harry laid his head on her chest. She continued to cry silently, stroking Harry’s hair, while he sobbed into her gown. Harry’s sobbing eventually subsided and the tears stopped running from Ginny’s eyes.

“How long have I been here?” Ginny whispered. Her voice wouldn’t go any louder.

“Three days.” Harry said.

“Where’s everyone else?” Ginny rasped.

“Outside. I’ll go get them.” Harry replied and headed for the door. He stuck his head out and the rest of Ginny’s family came in.

Mrs Weasley immediately hugged her daughter. She said nothing just hugged her only girl. Then Mr Weasley. Then Bill, Charlie, George, Percy and Ron all hugged their sister briefly. Angelina, Fleur and Hermione all hugged Ginny for a long time.

“I’m sorry.” Was the thing everyone whispered in her ear.

“How long do I have to stay in here?” Ginny croaked once everyone had finished hugging her.

“Just another night, dear.” Mrs Weasley answered tearfully.

“Where’s Dean?” Ginny asked quietly. Everyone hesitated.

“Where’s Dean?” Ginny said raising her voice as loud as she could.

“We’re not sure.” Bill said finally.

“I’m gonna kill him.” Ron growled to Ginny’s surprise. Harry was still sitting beside her bed, staring glumly into the distance.

“No, Ron. It was an accident.” Ginny heard herself saying.

“It was not an accident, Gin.” Harry spoke up heatedly.

“Yes it was. He was trying to punch you. He missed. He hit me. How was he to know that would happen? And that it would hit me straight in the stomach? And that he punched so hard he caused a miscarriage? I was an accident.” Ginny said, amazed at how understanding she was being. But she felt no anger at Dean; only sadness at the baby she’d lost.

“We’re going to go home now, dear.” Mrs Weasley said hugging her daughter again.

“Ok. See you all tomorrow.” Ginny replied, hugging all of her family in turn.

“I’m staying.” Harry stated. Ginny nodded. The family filed one by one out of the room. Harry waited until they were gone and then spoke again.

“I don’t know how you can forgive him Ginny.” He said.

“Harry, I’m too sad to be angry.” Ginny replied.

“But he just ran. Didn’t even make sure you were alright or apologize or anything! Just ran.” Harry said.

Ginny cocked an eyebrow at him. “If he’d stayed you would have hexed him or cursed him or just bet the shit out of him, Hun. So would have George and Ron and Charlie and Bill and maybe even Angelina and Hermione. It was better that he left.” Ginny answered wisely. Harry stood up.

“Move over.” He said. Ginny wriggled over to one side of her bed. Harry lay down on the covers next to her and wrapped an arm around her shoulders.

“Are you sore?” He asked.

“No. I just feel......empty.” Ginny answered. They lay in silence for a bit then,

“I think it’s better this way Harry. It wouldn’t have worked having a baby now.” Ginny said abruptly. Harry opened his mouth to protest.

“No. I don’t mean I’m happy that the baby died. I would have kept the baby of course, but this happening means were not parents really young.” Ginny continued. Harry looked at her for a while then nodded slowly.

“You’re right, Gin. It’s better this way. Hey, do you want to go and meet some of the girls in Diagon Alley tomorrow? I’ll hang out with the boys and you with the girls? I think we need a break from each other.” Harry replied. Ginny was quite worried about that. Did he think she was insensitive for saying what she’d said? Was he going to break up with her?

“Sure.” She answered trying to conceal the worry she felt. Harry looked relieved.

“Good. I’ll get Hermione to contact them.” He said. Once again they lapsed into silence. After a while Ginny drifted into a restless sleep.


Early the next morning Ginny was back in the Burrow’s kitchen. She had been unceremoniously banished from the lounge by Harry and Hermione who wanted to talk privately. So she was leaning against the bench, chatting to Fleur and Mrs Weasley.

“What time are you going out again, dear?” Mrs Weasley asked for the umpteenth time.

“Threeish. With Katie, Angelina, Demelza and the Patil twins.” Ginny answered automatically.

“Ok. Just remember, Ginny dear, you can’t stay out too late. Not in your condition.” Mrs Weasley reminded Ginny again.

“Mum! Good Godric! I lost a baby! I’m not dying of cancer or something! I will be fine! And besides I need something to take my mind of the fact that my ex-boyfriend accidently punching me caused a miscarriage.” Ginny said. Harry and Hermione walked in. Hermione looked extremely happy about something and Ginny looked at her curiously. As soon as Hermione noticed Ginny’s inquisitive look, however, she masked her happiness.

“Hey, Ginny, how about we go now? Can have a look around the shops before the others get there.” Hermione said.

“Ok.” Ginny said, shrugging.

“Great!” Hermione exclaimed and snatched her handbag. She took Ginny’s elbow and they left the house.

“We still have to do Side-Along don’t we?” Ginny asked nervously. Hermione nodded. Ginny braced herself. The two girls turned on the spot and once again Ginny felt she was being squeezed into an impossibly small space. Then it was over and they were standing outside Flourish and Blotts.

“Hermione, has Harry said anything about breaking up with me?” Ginny asked abruptly. Hermione hesitated.

“Oh Godric! He has hasn’t he?” Ginny groaned.

“No! He hasn’t honestly! He just thinks you two should see someone else for a change.” Hermione explained then, seeing the look on Ginny’s face, “Oh God, not like that! Just that you shouldn’t spend all your time together that’s all.” Ginny wasn’t convinced.

“Oh look, there’s Padma and Parvati.” Hermione exclaimed, pointing, in an obvious attempt to change the subject. The twins walked up to them.

“We heard. We’re sorry for your lose Ginny.” Padma said gravely while Parvati nodded solemnly.

“Thanks.” Ginny replied.

“Are you alright?” Parvati asked.

“I’m fine.” Ginny answered tightly; the sympathy was irritating her. Padma nodded.

“That’s good.”

They exchanged a bit more small talk before Katie, Angelina and Demelza walked up. Once again, there was a lot of ‘I’m sorry about what happened’ and ‘Are you alright?’ directed at Ginny.

“I’m completely and utterly fine!” Ginny cried in exasperation as Demelza asked for the umpteenth time if she was alright. Demelza looked taken aback.

“Sorry.” Ginny said to her, “I’m just sick of all the bloody sympathy. I know people are just trying to be nice but it is getting extremely irritating.”

The conversation paused for a bit after that and then commenced again at a comment from someone. The girls chatted away happily for a while and then somehow the topic got onto virginity.

“Well, we all know Ginny hasn’t got hers.” Katie stated and everyone giggled.

“Yes but I’m not the only one am I Hermione?” Ginny asked cheekily. Hermione went scarlet.

“Ohmigawd! You and Ron?” Parvati said. Hermione nodded reluctantly. The Patil twins giggled.

“What about you and George, Angelina?” Padma asked.

“Let me tell you ‘bout the birds and the bees.” Angelina started grinning and then the rest of the group began to sing along.

Once the singing had stopped Ginny asked,

“So you have then, Angelina?” then, “Actually no don’t answer-” Ginny began too late.

“Yes we have.” Angelina said.

“Ew! Yuck! Vomit! Spew!” Ginny squealed, “I don’t want to know about my brothers’ sex lives!”

“What about you and the cutey, Demelza?” Katie asked.

“What about you and McLaggen?” Demelza shot back.

“Ooooo, someone’s getting defensive!” Parvati sang and giggled.

“Have you Demelza?” Ginny persisted.

“Katie can go first.”

“No I have not had sex with McLaggen.” Katie declared loudly, “But I’ve seen him naked.” She added and collapsed into giggles.

“I bet he was big?” Hermione gasped once she’d regained some form of composure.

“No. It was like”, Katie said gesturing with her fingers, “I was like ‘Oh my God it’s a worm!” Everyone started giggling then.

“That’s disgusting, Katie!” Padma choked out between giggles. The group continued to giggle amongst themselves.

“So what about the Boy Who Lived? Is he also the Boy Who’s Big?” Katie asked trying to keep a straight face. Needless to say, she failed. Once everyone had finished laughing Ginny answered.

“Pretty big.” She admitted, grinning.

“I bet he has a hot body too.” Angelina said.

“Are you lusting after my boyfriend, Angelina?” Ginny asked jokingly.

“I have a perfectly hot boyfriend myself thank you.” She shot back, “But is he?”

“Hell yes. He’s Harry Potter for Godric’s sake! All famous people are hot!” Ginny answered, “And he has abs.” She added. That set them off again.

Once they’d stopped again Ginny said,

“Well, Hermione and I had better be going.” She wiped a tear from her eye. She and Hermione stood to leave. Ginny grabbed Hermione’s arm.

“Don’t be strangers!” Ginny called as they turned on the spot. Then once again, Ginny was being forced into a space much too small.

They arrived in the backyard of the Burrow. Ginny released Hermione’s arm and walked up to the door. She opened it and walked inside.

To her utter dismay, Cho Chang was sitting in the lounge with Harry. When Cho saw Ginny, she grabbed Harry’s face in her hands and kissed him. Ginny felt tears spring into her eyes.

“So this is why you wanted me to go out for a day? So you could have a private little chat with your ex-girlfriend.” She said icily. She whirled around and faced Hermione, “And you helped him do it.” Ginny grabbed out her wand and pointed it at the three of them.

By now, Harry had managed to get Cho to stop kissing him.

“Gin, this is not-” He began but Ginny interrupted.

“DO NOT GIN ME, HARRY POTTER! NOW ALL THREE OF YOU GET OUT OF MY HOUSE BEFORE I HEX YOU! GET OUT!” She screamed. Cho bolted from the room. Hermione grabbed Harry by the arm and pulled him out of the house.

Ginny collapsed sobbing onto the floor. The only boy she had ever truly loved had cheated on her.


Ginny mostly stayed in her room for the next week. She knew that Harry and Hermione were back in the house but she didn’t even want to see a hair of them so she stayed out of sight.

It was only on her birthday that she decided she should be the one allowed to walk around. She headed downstairs.

When she arrived everyone wished her a happy birthday. Mrs Weasley hugged as did all her brothers and Angelina. Ginny looked around the table and was furious to find Hermione and Harry also seated there. She opened her mouth ready to shriek at them but Bill stopped her.

“Hear them out, Ginny.” Was all he said.

Ginny sat angrily in a seat across from Ron. Hermione started.

“Ginny, neither of us knew or invited Cho around last week. Harry wanted to talk to the rest of your family without you there and he asked me to help him.” She explained in a small voice. Harry nodded.

“We’re sorry if it looked any different.” He said quietly. “Ginny could I talk to you in private please?”

Ginny glared at him then nodded. She walked into the lounge with him following. He shut the door behind them.

“Why did you want to talk to my parents?” She demanded, “And why were you kissing Cho?”

“I wasn’t kissing Cho; she was kissing me. She just turned up at the house and demanded to see me so I agreed to talk with her. Then when you came in she grabbed me and kissed me.” He explained. Ginny wasn’t convinced.

“And the reason I wanted to talk to your family was to check something with them.” Harry said. He pulled something from his pocket and then came and stood in front of her.

That’s when he got down on one knee. Ginny let out a sob, all doubt gone from her mind. Harry opened what Ginny now saw to be a small box. Inside it was a beautiful emerald the size of thumb tack encased in a gold ring.

“Ginevra Molly Weasley.” Harry said, “I love you and I want to be able to spend the rest of my life with you. Gin, will you marry me?” The last part was almost a whisper. Ginny crouched down in front of him.

“I’m so sorry Harry.” She began. Harry looked so upset.

“But you’re gonna have to pay for the dress!” She squealed and threw her arms around him. Harry wrapped his arms around her and lifted her up. He took the ring out of the box and put it on her finger. They kissed each other, long and hard.

“Does the whole family know?” Ginny asked. Harry shook his head.

“Just Hermione and your dad.” He answered.

“Let’s go tell them then!” She said.

They walked into the kitchen.

“I have some bad news.” Ginny said trying to really upset. Hermione put a hand over her mouth.

“You guys are all gonna have to fork out on clothes and wedding presents because we’re engaged!” Ginny exclaimed holding out her hand with the ring on it.

The noise was deafening and the reactions priceless. Hermione came up to them, hugged them both and began to cry.

“I hate you!” She sobbed into Ginny’s ear. Ginny smiled and patted her hair. Fleur kissed them both on the cheeks. Angelina whacked Harry on the back and hugged Ginny. Mr Weasley congratulated them with a wink at Harry and kiss for Ginny. Bill shook Harry’s hand and hugged his little sister. Charlie patted Harry’s shoulder and kissed Ginny on the forehead. George ran up to them and hugged them both tightly. Ron hugged Harry and, after some hesitation, hugged Ginny and congratulated her. Percy shook Harry’s hand and kissed his sister’s cheek. Mrs Weasley burst into tears, whacked Mr Weasley with a tea towel (“You knew and you didn’t tell me!”) and then kissed and hugged them both.

“We won’t stay for dinner.” Ginny said after the congratulations had ceased. She glanced at Harry. He winked at her.

“In fact, I think we’d better be off now.” Harry said. They headed towards the fireplace. Harry grabbed a handful of floo powder and went first. Ginny followed.

When she stepped out of the fire, Harry was waiting for her. She threw herself on him, kissing him, trying to get a close to him as possible.

“I missed you.” Ginny said into his lips. Harry must have taken that as a queue because his hands strayed downwards until they rested on her bum. Ginny didn’t protest.

“Bedroom?” Harry asked in between kisses. Ginny pulled away and thought about it.

“Why bother?” She said after a while and he pulled her back towards him. Once again their lips locked. Harry’s hands wandered again, this time up her shirt. They stroked across her stomach and then went up even further. Ginny’s hands found his belt buckle and undid it allowing his jeans to fall to the ground. Her hands strayed downwards and she felt him go hard against her stomach.

“Getting excited are you?” She teased. He ripped open her shirt and pulled it off, discarding it on the floor. She pulled his T-shirt over his head and his hands dragged her trousers down.

“Definitely getting excited now.” He said. Ginny pushed away from him then.

“Catch me if you can!” She sang. He ran at her. She dodged behind the couch. He ran to the left and she evaded him. He ran right and she once again escaped. Then he leapt over the couch and caught her. They lay on the ground, laughing, her lying on him. She began kissing him again all over, gently, teasingly biting his ear, his lower lip, his nipples. He got impatient and pulled her face back up to his, hungrily mashing his face against her. Off came his underpants, her bra, her underpants. She slid the condom onto him, then gently brought herself down on top of him.

And, once again, Harry and Ginny made love.


“Oh my Godric, we’re engaged!” Ginny squealed afterwards.

“I’ m gonna get married!” Harry yelled. He stood up and took Ginny in his arms, kissing her.

“Come on. Let’s get some clothes on. Then we can have a bit more fun.” Ginny said pulling away. Harry, grudgingly, obliged. Ginny pulled on her clothes. Harry took longer and was about to pull a T-shirt over his head when Ginny stopped him.

“No point. I like your chest; I’ll end up pulling it off anyway.” She explained when he looked at her quizzically.

“Does that mean more sex?” Harry asked eagerly moving in for a kiss, sounding like a child before Christmas.

“No.” Ginny replied bluntly taking a step back. Harry looked slightly crest-fallen.

“Hun, it’s better than nothing.” Ginny said. She kissed Harry lightly on the nose, then not so lightly on the lips. He kissed her back eagerly.

Ginny allowed him to kiss her for a bit but then she pulled away.

"Hun, I don't feel like it. Sorry." She said. Harry looked slightly irritated but then he shrugged.

"Ok, Gin, but you owe me." He replied grinning.

"I always owe you." She shot back wanting to get the last word in. Harry let her.

"So what's the time?" She asked after she'd busied herself in the kitchen. Harry glanced at his battered watch.


"Ok. I'll whip up something for dinner then. What do you want?" Ginny asked looking through the cupboards.

"What's on the menu?"

"We have burgers, chicken noodle soup, battered fish or two minute noodles."

"Such a gourmet selection." Harry said sarcastically, "But I'll have to go for the chicken noodle soup please."

"But of course sir." Ginny replied bowing. Harry grinned.

Ginny began rifling through the cupboards, pulling out different ingredients. She pulled out her wand, tapped the various ingredients and muttered a spell. Two bowls of steaming chicken noodle soup appeared in front of her where the ingredients had been.

She levitated one over to Harry.

"Thanks, Gin." He said, picking up the spoon and taking a sip. Ginny looked at him expectantly; she was still mastering household spells. Harry nodded.

"It's good." He said and continued to spoon it into his mouth. Ginny cocked an eyebrow at him.

"What?" He said through a mouthful.

"You're sure you're not just saying that?"

"No it's good!" Harry insisted. Ginny took a tentative sip of her own soup. She was pleasantly surprised.

"Huh. It actually is good." She said. She wandered over and dropped on to the couch next to Harry.

They ate in silence for a bit.

"She's still in love with you, Harry." Ginny said, breaking the silence. She meant Cho Chang. Harry must have understood because he replied,

"I know."

"So does that bother you or.....?"

"Ginny, a lot of people have thought they're in love with me but they were really just in love with my fame. I've got used to it."

"A lot of people eh?" Ginny asked, smirking, eyebrow raised.

"You know what I mean." Harry replied wearily.

"You a bit tired hun?" She asked.

"Yeah a bit."

"We could just relax and watch one of those muggles things, what do you call them?" Ginny suggested.

"Movies?" Harry supplied.

"Yeah movies. Do you have work tomorrow?"

"No Kingsley gave me the day off after the engagement." He said. Harry had been doing a lot down at the auror's office lately as the head of department, Dawlish, had gone missing.

Ginny wandered over to where their TV sat. She plonked herself down in front of it and started searching through their DVDs.

"What sort of movie d'ya want to watch, hun?" She asked absently.

"We only have like three movies, Gin. You choose."

"Aw, I hate deciding. Come on Harry. Walk to Remember, Grease or The Birds?"

"Walk to Remember I guess. Grease'll just annoy me and The Birds is to......weird." He answered with a sigh. Ginny silently celebrated; she hated Grease and The Birds.

They sat silently taking in the movie for a while. Ginny had started crying somewhere around the part where Jamie had admitted to Landon that she was dying. It frustrated Ginny that she had started crying a lot more frequently; she'd always prided herself on being tough.

Landon and Jamie were just getting married when Ginny remembered something.

"Agrippa, Harry! You still don't have a bloody shirt on!" She exclaimed suddenly sitting up.

"Merlin, Ginny! How is that even important?" He said jumping out of his skin in fright.

"Well it isn't really." She admitted.

"Ok so let's relax again and watch the bloody movie!" He said exasperately. Ginny continued to sit up.

"Whatever. If you're not going to lie down, Gin...." He said and sprawled himself across the couch his head in Ginny's lap. He began to snore almost straight away.

Ginny continued to watch the movie but just when Landon was talking to Jamie's father after her death, Ginny's eyes began to droop and she fell into an uncomfortable but deep sleep.

Chapter 4

Author's Note: (another one I know) Well if you are reading this you are one of my devoted readers and thank you! I'll try to make the rest of the story as juicy as possible! Please review! Love from, Artemis :)


"Harry I think I should come clean about something." Ginny said to Harry the next day at lunch. Harry stopped chewing.

"Is it bad?" he asked. I grimaced.


"Ok just get it over with."

Ginny took a deep breath.

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