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HP after Hogwarts >> Harry Potter and the First Mission by StarFeather

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Harry, Ron and Hermione got back to Gryffindor Tower. The room that has the four-poster bed had no harm in spite of such a terrible war. His bed was still waiting for him. He was too exhausted to stand up again so he lay down on the mattress. But his stomach churned so he sat up on the mattress and he called Kreacher to bring him a sandwich. Kreacher apparated with the usual loud crack. And he bowed low and croaked,

" Master, Harry." in his bull frog's voice,

" What can I do for you?"

"Will you do me a favor? I'd like to eat some sandwiches, if possible, with hams or chickens, please?", Harry asked modestly.

" Sure, master. I will bring them for you. Anything else you want? "

" Well, are there any clean clothes for me in Grimmauld Place?" , Harry asked.

" Master Harry left his old clothes at Grimmauld Place. So I can deliver them, too.", Kreacher answered.

" Thank you. And towels and something to drink, if it wouldn't be too much trouble?", Harry asked.

"Of course, master." Then Kreacher vanished with a loud crack.

In a second, Kreacher apparated back to the dormitory with a lot of pieces of sandwiches on the plate, a pitcher of pumpkin juice, mugs and Harry's old jeans, gray T-shirt , a pair of trunks , socks and towels. Harry thanked Kreacher and picked up a piece of sandwich and had a bite. Inside of the sandwich his teeth found a ham.And he poured pumpkin juice into a mug. Just then Ron and Hermione came in the boy's dorm.

" Did Kreacher deliver them? ", Ron asked.

"Yeah, want some?"

"Thanks. I was so hungry. " , said Ron.

He sank down on his own mattress and Hermione did likewise. Ron handed a piece of sandwich to her and he took another.

" Did you see Kingsley or McGonagall?", Harry asked.

" No, why?", Ron answered stuffing a second sandwich into his mouth.

" Well, I need to get this wand back to, you know?" , Harry pointed the Elder Wand on the side table.

" To Dumbledore's tomb , Harry ?" , Hermione completed instead.

" Yeah."

"Let's find them after we finished eating these. Gee. I need a shower. Hermione, do you have my extra clothes in your magical beaded bag? " , Ron asked.

"Well, I'm not sure. Wait a second."

She rummaged in her beaded bag for while and said, gingerly,

" Sorry, Ron. I can't find any."

" O.K. I'll ask mum. ", Ron said.

After they finished eating, Ron and Hermione left boy's dormitory to find Mrs. Weasley. Harry took a step to the Gryffindor boy's bathroom. He tapped the faucet with his original phoenix feather wand. The facility functioned as usual in spite of enormous demolition caused by the war at Hogwarts castle. While waiting for hot water began spraying, he was astound to find many brusies across his body probably caused by dark magic during the war. Perhaps he got some of them while his being tortured by Cruciatus Curse. And among them he found a big bolt-shaped one like his forehead's scar on his left side of his chest. And below his Adam's apple, there was also a heart-shaped mark cursed by Slytherin's Horcrux locket. When he stepped out of the shower wrapping a towel around his waist, Ron came in. Ron gaped at his new scar on his chest and said,

" Merlin's beard, you have a bigger one on your chest ! "

" Yeah, and another here. " , Harry pointed his mark on his throat.

" Oh, I got the same one, here.", Ron took off his dirty shirt and showed his mark.

There was the same heart-shaped mark on his throat.

" Hermione's got one, too. We are all members of heart-shaped mark club. But how did you get the bigger bolt-shaped one?" , Ron asked,

at the same time he was stunned to hit the clue and said,

" You got the scar in the forbidden forest after you left us in the castle, before Hagrid brought you back here?"

" Yeah. Tom Riddle casted the Killing Curse in the Forbidden forest."

" Oh, Merlin, you duelled twice."

" Well, I didn't duel first, exactly. Ron, don't you remember? I told you about it yesterday. Please don't tell anyone, do you promise? ", Harry grimaced.

" I won't tell anyone except Hermione, mate. "

" Well, I was the last Hocrux."

" Bloody hell." , Ron gasped.

" You were.., really? Oh, Harry , let me hug you mate."

Ron hugged him tight, and said ,

" Welcome back to us, Harry. " , his voice was hoarse.

" Thank you, Ron. " , Harry choked

and barely stopped tears to come down and said,

" So we are all members of heart-shaped mark club, right?"

" Yeah, we are privileged to take an honorable position. " , Ron grinned.

Harry grinned and asked, " Could you find McGonagall or Kingsley?"

" No, but dad said Kingsley has talked about you. He has a lot to ask you, I suppose. When dad could find him, he will let you know. He told me Kingsley is a temporary Minister of Magic. "

" Really? Wow, it's brilliant. He really deserves the position."

" Yeah, I think so. But dad told me he was very reluctant t be a Minister. He would rather like to be back to Auror Headquarters."

The word "Auror" reminded Harry of Death Eaters on the run.

" How many Death Eaters on the run ?", Harry asked.

Ron shrugged, " Only Aurors know."

" Yeah, maybe.." , Harry pulled his pair of faded jeans.

" Harry, what would you want to be after his chaos?" Will you want to be an Auror still ?"

" Well, it's only job I'm good at, so yeah, I want to be."

" How about quidditch?"

" You mean professional teams?"

" Yeah, you'll be able to play a seeker in a professional team."

" Ron, you can also play a keeper in a professional team."

" No, I won't play. You know, I lack confidence. Ginny wants to be a professional chaser, you know. She is full of confidence at the games."

" Yeah, she's a really good player. She has a strong passion and energy during the games." Harry thought of her and said,

" Well, I will go down to find Ginny to tell things a lot, you know."

Ron nodded, " Yeah,O.K. I 'll take a shower, see you then."

Harry went out of the boy's bathroom to the common room. Ginny was not there. He wondered she was in the girl's dormitory but boys couldn't go up to the girls' dorm so he went out of the common room to the Great Hall. When he moved through the Great Hall to spot Ginney two tables away, he was talked by Mr. Weasley.

" Good morning ,Harry. Did you have a good sleep last night?"

" Good morning, Mr. Wealsey. Yes, I had a good sleep. "

" Good. Please meet Kingsley at the Headmistress's office now. Will you join them?"

" Yes, I will , but before I' ll talk with them, I would like to talk with Ginny. May I ?", Harry said modestly.

" Sure. You have a lot to talk with her, I suppose. Ginny ,come here. " , Mr. Weasley called her.

Ginny looked up and her eyes met Harry's. She murmured,


She took a step toward him.Mr. Weasley nodded and left the Great Hall. Suddenly Harry felt nervous and he stuttered,

" Gin, Ginny. I ,eh, well."

Ginny looked up into Harry's face steadily, her eyes had a light as brilliant as the day he left her a year ago. She took a step closer to him and said,

" I've never forgotten about you. There was still the silver lining I had been looking for. Whenever I heard about you, when three of you broke into Gringotts , even when I tried to thieve the sword of Gryffindor from Snape, even at the worst time when Carrows tortured us, I've never given up to see you alive again. But the worst scene I've ever seen was, oh Harry, when Hagrid carried you in his arm. Your limp arms and legs lifeless body. I thought you were dead ! " , she whispered.

Her eyes were filled with tears. Harry choked and hugged her tight in his arm and said,

"Sorry , Ginny. I'm verry sorry to let you alone like that. But I came back. I'll never leave you again."

"I know.", she answered in huskey voice.

She was kissing him like the first time as she kissed him, and Harry was kissing her back passionately. Harry took her hand and they left the Great Hall together up to the Head Mistress's office. On their way up the stair case, Ginny asked.

" Where did you sleep last night?"

" In the Room of Requirement. We thought the room was destroyed, but it wasn't. It worked. So we slept there. Where did you sleep?", Harry asked.

"In the girl's dorm at Gryffindor Tower. I think you can sleep at the boy's dorm."

" Yeah, I know. I was back there this morning.",

Harry stepped in front of the statue of the gargoyle.

" Can we still go up without passwords?", he asked.

" Free", groaned the statue.

They moved slowly upwards.Harry pushed open the door at the top and entered. There were McGonagall and Kingsley. McGanagall looked very tired but talked in her vigorous voice,

" Good morning, Potter. Welcome back to us. I'm very glad to see you again.", she smiled.

" Thank you , Professor. I'm also very glad to see you again.", Harry said.

Kingsley took a step to Harry and hugged him and said,

" Welcome back, Harry. I'm very happy to see you again.", in his baritone voice.

" Me, too. Kingsley.", he said.

They lost a lot of friends, Moody , Lupin ,Tonks and Fred during the war. They survived through the battle of Hogwarts. Harry wanted to cry out loudly .

" I know how you feel, Harry. Please don't hesitate to spill out your emotion . You are only seventeen. You don't need to hang on crying out loud.", Kingsley stared Harry.

" Thank you, Kingsley." , Harry barely kept smiling and asked,

"Well, eh, do you want to ask me something?"

" Yes, I would like to talk about your future plan. Do you still want to be an Auror?"

Harry stared Kingsley and said,

" Yes, I would like to be an Auror. That's my wish. I would like to be a professional one."

" I'm really glad to hear that. We've lost a lot of Aurors during the war. And we need to clean up. We desperately need to recruit younger people. You can join us from this fall."

" But Kingsley, I haven't passed the N.E.W.T.s enough to be an Auror, yet. ", Harry inquired.

" Well , I had talked over with Minerva about your education. You can start as a trainee Auror from this fall at Hogwarts. I wish your friend,Ronald Weasley will join you. Two of you will be assigned to keep guard this school."

Ginny squeezed his hand and whispered,

" I'm glad to hear you'll come back to Hogwarts. We can study together ."

McGanagall nodded and said,

" You and Ronald Weasley will be able to take subjects for your career. We have a plan.We will talk about it later."

" Oh, that's brilliant. But I'm not sure Ron wants to be an Auror.", Harry said.

" Two years ago, I heard Weasley wanted to be an Auror. If he didn't change his mind, two of you can start training from this fall.", McGonagall beamed.

"Wow, it's brilliant, really. Thank you , Professor. Well," , Harry fingered with the Elder Wand in his pouch hung around his neck.

" I need your help, two of you. ",

Harry glanced the portrait of Dumbledore and pulled the Elder Wand from his pouch.

"May I get it back to Professor Dumbledore's tomb? The wand was stolen by Tom Riddle. "

McGonagall gasped and paused for while. She asked,

" Is it the real wand, you defeated with You Know Who, oh I mean Tom Riddle?"

Harry nodded and said,

" Yes, it is. This wand should be back to Professor Dumbledore's. But I'm not sure how to seal it forever. So I need your help .", Harry glanced the portrait again.

Dumbledore's eyes were open and he was smiling. Kingsley put his hand on Harry's shoulder and said,

" I understand. We'll help you. When will you do it ?"

" From now, as soon as possible. This wand should be buried in the safest place forever. If someone, dark wizard like Death Eaters , find the existence, there'll be another war.", Harry said firmly.

Dumbledore of the portrait beamed at Harry and said,

" Ah, well done, my boy! I'll tell Minerva how to seal my tomb forever. I also need your help, Kingsley. "

" Sure. We also need the curse breaker, Bill Weasley.",

Kingsley summoned his patronus and his silver Lynx leapt and left to the place where Bill was working.

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