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HP after Hogwarts >> The Extra Daughter by LooneySlytherin

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Lily Luna Potter had always felt left out. Sure she was the ten year old daughter of the famous Harry Potter the man who defeated Voldemort, but she wanted some real friends. Usually her friends only wanted to meet her so they could get to see the famous Harry Potter up close. Sure there were the cousins but they never had time for little Lily. Her thoughts began to drift to the two people who had ever had time for her. Her Uncles Fred and George. She spent all her time not at home at their shop she helped out there all the time. Sometimes if she was really bored she talked to their wives Angelina and Katie. Katie wasn't so bad but was always busy she had just had twin daughters who she and Fred had named Avis and Robyn. Angelina wasn't as busy because she worked in a useless department in the Ministry, Department of Magical accidents and Catastrophes as an Obliviator. Basically she sat around all day until they called for an Obliviator, and poor Katie was stuck babysitting Angelina's twin boys, Tim and Tom, along with her girls. Lily's thought came back to the present as someone knocked on her head.

“Hello anybody home.” A voice said.

Lily turned around and her favorite uncles were standing there.

“Aren't you supposed to be..” Fred said

“Leaving through the floo now?” Finished George

“Oh yeah sorry.” Lily said as she grabbed a handful of foo powder. “Marauder Manor.” she said as she stepped into the flames.

A minute later she was flying out of the floo into the enormous living room of her home. Her father had named it Marauder Manor in honor of his father and his father's friends.

“I'm home!” she called

“Your father is in his study and said not to bother him. He is making the set up for his next game against the Harpies.” Her mother, Ginny Potter called.

Her father played Seeker for Puddlemere United. He had started playing nationally because his old Quidditch captain from Hogwarts, Oliver Wood, got him a contract. His other old teammate Alicia Spinnet also played for Puddlemere. His other old teammates were her uncles the twins and their wives. Her uncles were to busy managing the store so they couldn't play and their wives were to busy, with their kids and all.

Lily was thinking about Hogwarts now. She would be going there next year. To join her stupid brothers James and Albus. Lily was excited the school year ended in two months, then in five months her first year at Hogwarts started.

Two months later Lily was helping Katie babysit at Marauder Manor when there was the 'ding dong' of the post arriving.

“Be right back!” she called to Katie as she ran to see if her letter finally came.

She got to the box that the owls left the letters in and looked through it.

“Yes!” could be heard through the entire house. “It finally came!”

She ripped it open and quickly read through it. Ignoring the no brooms and only normal pets because she already had a Firebolt 3000 and an eagle for mail. The Firebolt 3000 was the newest model it had come out that year and Lily was so happy when she had gotten one for Christmas.

She was so excited to go to Hogwarts. Her brothers would be coming home soon and then only five months until her first day at Hogwarts. Lily heard the door open.

“We're home!” a boy's voice called.

Lily ran to great her older brothers.

“Hi James! Hi Albus.” she said as she ran into their arms. “How many pranks did you play this year?” she asked she loved to hear about all the funny pranks they played and how they tried to avoid trouble. Which never seemed to work ever. They always seemed to get in trouble with Headmistress McGonagall or Professor Neville Longbottom, but it was funny to hear their stories all the same.

“Rose started this year you know.” James said “And she always seemed suspiciously close to the Slytherin common room. I hope it isn't because of that Scorpius boy. He is only trouble, and not like us I mean.”

“Ha ha.” Lily laughed “She probably likes him after what her father said who can blame her for looking suspicious and trying her best to hide it.”

To tell the truth she had gotten a letter from Rose this school year saying that she did indeed like Scorpious and surprise of surprises he actually liked her back. So they were secretly dating only they knew because Rose didn't want her father to find out and scream at her. Her Uncle Ron was usually a mild mannered person but if he found one of his children hanging around a Malfoy or doing something he told them not to he suddenly turned into a male version of her Grandma Molly. Just thinking about that gave her the shivers.

“Wucha shivering about Lils?” asked James

“Oh I was just thinking about Grandma Molly when she is mad.” Lily said. Both boys shivered simultaneously. Lily laughed at them. Suddenly a door slammed in the house.

“I heard my boys were home!” A male voice called through the house.

“Dad!” both boys said.

“Did you finish the plans for your game against the Harpies?” Lily asked

“Yup.” he replied “This year we are going to beat them badly.”

“Still annoyed about last year?” teased Ginny as she walked into the room.

Last season the Holyhead Harpies had beaten Puddlemere so badly because Harry was out with an injury. He had still planned the set up for the game but the substitute Seeker hadn't been up to Kelly Brookes' standards. Brookes was a muggleborn girl who after she had finished Hogwarts she had gone straight to a Quidditch career.

“That wasn't fair.” Harry said “I didn't actually get to play...”

“Yeah yeah and it just wasn't fair that you also got kicked out of the cup for it.” James drawled “We know dad you tell us every time it is brought up.”

The door opened then slammed shut. A couple walked into the room hand in hand. Everyone in the room turned around.

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