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HP after Hogwarts >> Harry's Morning Birthday by MessersMaurader

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Chapter 1 - Waking up

“Ron,” called Hermione, “Ron, get up you sleepyhead.”
Hermione had got permission from her parents to come and stay with Ron and Harry for the summer holidays.
“Huh,” moaned Ron from under his duvet.
“ What time is it Hermione? ” asked Harry.
Harry was staying at the Weasley’s for the summer holidays instead of being at the Dursley’s.
“Oh happy birthday Harry! ” Hermione said as she tidied up around Ron’s bed. “It’s 10 o’clock.”
“Oh, is it Harry’s Birthday?” asked Ron, “Happy birthday then Harry.”
“Thanks,” replied Harry.
“Morning, everyone,” sang Mrs Weasley as she came half skipping into the room, “and Happy Birthday Harry dear.”
Then straight after that Ginny comes in. Her pale beautiful face hidden by a raging veil of anger, her ginger hair swaying in front of her face, her eyes directly on Ron.
“Where’s my essay?” she yelled at Ron.
“What essay?” Ron whimpered.
“The one that you took from my room!”
“W..wh..what essay?”
Harry reached out under Ron’s bed and handed Ginny her essay.
“Thank you Harry, and happy birthday.”
She glared at Ron and then her and Harry walked out of the room.
“What do you want for your birthday Harry,” Ginny asked Harry as she was walking to her room, whilst Harry was going to the bathroom. He was surprised how quickly she’d calmed down.
“Oh, nothing,” replied Harry.
“Well then I’ll just choose for you, because you’re still getting something,” she said with a cheeky grin. Then she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before she walked away.
Harry then went to the bathroom smiling on his way there.
He was washing his face whilst thinking about his parents. There were no more battles, but he still felt upset.
“Harry can you hurry up please?,” called Ron from outside the bathroom door, interrupting Harry's thoughts.
Harry quickly dried his face and unlocked the door. Ron was standing there with a wet face.
“What happened to you,” chuckled Harry when he saw Ron.
“Hermione and Ginny poured water on me because I wasn’t waking up,” replied Ron glumly. Harry chuckled at the thought and then went to go and get changed.

Mrs Weasley was cooking bacon, eggs, sausages and bread for breakfast, whilst Hermione and Ginny were making Harry a birthday cake.
Ron and Harry came down and played a game of chess in the living room. Then Mrs Weasley called them into the dining room to eat. Harry sat down in between Ron and Ginny. They had a lovely breakfast altogether, and then Mrs Weasley announced that she was going shopping for Harry’s birthday present.
“If you’re going to buy Harry’s birthday present, can you buy him something on behalf of me because I need to help Hermione make his cake,” Ginny said whilst winking at Harry.
“Yes I can,” replied Mrs Weasley, “what would you like to get him?”
Ginny went over to her mum and whispered in her ear. Mrs Weasley smiled at Ginny, said goodbye and then walked away.
Ginny and Hermione went back to the kitchen to continue making the cake and Harry and Ron went back to playing chess. Harry won two times in a row and then Ron once.
Then Hermione and Ginny came in with two big boxes of party decorations. Hermione and Ginny then smiled at Harry.
“Really, you didn’t have to,” said Harry.
“Yes we did,” said Ron with a big grin on his face as he dragged out another box from underneath the table, “It’s your birthday.”
“Come on Harry, you can pick the music,” said Ginny whilst she put the box she was carrying down and pulled out a big set of albums.
Harry got up and said “OK, but I'm gonna help you,” he said.
“Fine,” said Ginny hesitantly, “but you can sit down when you want to.”
Hermione put her box down and took her wand out and with just one flick the whole chess set got put away.
“Harry, it’s up to you if you want to help or not,” said Hermione looking down at the box of party decorations disapprovingly.
“I’ll help,” Harry replied.
“Harry do you want to pick your music first?” requested Ginny.
“Umm, yeah.”
Harry went over and picked his album. He picked a non-wizard band – the Beatles.
Hermione and Ron were having a pleasant conversation whilst putting up the decorations so Harry decided to walk over to the other side of the room where Ginny was having trouble with the wall decorations.
Harry helped Ginny untangle them from a big box. Ginny looked up at him and grinned. Harry was so tempted to kiss her but with Ron in the room he thought it would be best if he didn't. It was a beautiful day. The fiery hot sun was shining in through the windows, lighting up the whole kitchen. The flowers were beaming, and there was a slight breeze, making the trees sway lightly from side to side.
Meanwhile Harry and Ginny were done decorating the living room which looked amazing; there was tinsel hung up on the wall and then the table- which was sprinkled with confetti and had lots of small cute chocolates on them. There were balloons in the corners of the rooms and a big star pińata hanging from the ceiling filled with sweets and some small inventions from Fred and Georges Joke Shop.
After they had decorated the rooms Ron and Hermione used their wands to tidy up the house whilst Harry and Ginny went outside to sort out the garden.
"No funny business yeah!," Ron called out from behind them. Ginny looked round and grabbed Harry's hand and stuck her tongue out at Ron. Hermione looked away helplessly from behind Ron as he watched Harry and Ginny walk into the garden.
Ginny looked round at the edges of the garden. There were old garden gnomes and plant roots piled on top of each other. Harry waved his wand and the gardens gnome flew over to their separate parts of the garden. Then Ginny made all the plant roots go into the rubbish bag in the garden. After a few minutes the garden was done and Harry knew that now was one of the only private moments they would get together. He slipped his hand inside hers and as he did so she turned on the spot to face him and he leaned forward to kiss her. Harry enjoyed every second. The seconds he’d been waiting for, for such a long time. He swept Ginny off her feet, his arms around her, kissing her with such enthusiasm. She was kissing him with the same passion too, her hands, one on his chest and the other one gripping onto his soft, black hair-
“Ginny dear, I’m back!,” called Mrs Weasley from inside. Both Ginny and Harry pulled slightly apart, their faces only centimeters away from each other. Harry had put her down, still holding onto her back.
“I’d better get your present put away, happy birthday Harry!” she smiled up at him and Harry gave her a kiss on the forehead just before she walked away from the precious moments they had together. And from the corner of his eye, he saw Ron from an upstairs window looking down at him, with a blank look on his face. Harry went inside to find Ron still looking out of the same window, not turning to face Harry as he entered the room.
“So did you and Ginny do the garden then?” said a voice from the corner of the room. Harry turned to find Hermione sitting on Ron’s bed, beaming up at Harry.
“And a bit more by the looks of it,” said Ron turning from the window.
“Oh come on Ron. Just because she’s your sister doesn’t mean Harry can’t snog her every once in a while,” said Hermione winking at Harry.
Then Harry understood that they had both seen him with Ginny.
Harry left the room returning a smile to Hermione and quietly saying bye to Ron.

*****Authors note: * Sorry I couldnt finish it! please review and maybe i will! you can message me too if you want me to!

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