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HP after Hogwarts >> Chapter 2- Plans Interrupted by DeeDeeVee

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Chapter 2- Plans Interrupted

Harry stepped from the fireplace into the large, comfortably furnished living room of the cottage he and Ginny purchased several months before. Even though the house was large for a cottage, it was still only a modest size. Harry had told Ginny that with his inheritance, they could afford something bigger. But the moment Ginny saw the place, she knew it was perfect for them and she fell in love with it.

In addition to the living room, the first floor consisted of a large kitchen, a dining room large enough to fit the entire Weasley clan and then some, a full bathroom and an office with its own fireplace that was perfect for Harry when he had to bring work home. A tasteful staircase led from the living room to the second floor where there were three bedrooms, including a master suite, and a third bathroom. Although Ginny was not officially moving in until after their wedding, she had already decorated most of the rooms so that they were bright, airy and afforded a warm sense of home.

Harry glanced out the French doors that led from the living room onto a large patio overlooking a Scottish loch. The view of the setting sun caused him to momentarily pause; Ginny loved the sunset and he smiled thinking about the evenings ahead that he would share the sight with her.

Other than the cottage itself, its remote location and the amount of land that came with it had been another selling point for the couple. It would provide them with a serene haven from the constant throng of reporters and other attention that often surrounded them wherever they went within the Wizarding world.

“Kreacher?” Harry called to the house-elf he inherited from his godfather, Sirius Black.

He heard a crack as the elf immediately appeared before him.

“Master Harry!” he croaked and bowed before Harry. “Kreacher is most pleased to see you, sir, but Kreacher thought you would be dining at the Bill-Weasley’s tonight. Kreacher will see about your dinner right away!”

After the war, Harry offered to free Kreacher from his life of servitude but he immediately discovered the proposal was a mistake. Instead of being happy with the idea of freedom, Kreacher took the gesture as an indication of Harry’s displeasure with his service. The old house elf had hobbled directly into the kitchen of number twelve Grimmauld Place and began beating himself over the head with a large cast-iron frying pan.

It took Harry a half hour to wrestle the pan from Kreacher’s hands and then another hour to calm him down enough to explain that he was in no way unhappy with his work. Thus, Kreacher remained in Harry’s service and split his time between Grimmauld Place and the new house.

“There’s no need, Kreacher,” Harry said quickly. “I only stopped here to shower and change before I head to Bill’s.”

“Yes, master,” Kreacher replied. “Mistress’s trunks arrived today. Kreacher has nearly completed pressing and hanging her garments in her closet.”

“Thank you,” Harry answered. “Ginny will be very happy for one less thing to do after we get back from the honeymoon.”

Harry saw the gleam of happiness in the old elf’s eyes at his comment. Ginny had already won Kreacher over completely.

Harry asked, “How is my wedding present to her coming along?”

If it was possible, Kreacher seemed to brighten even more at the good news he had to tell.

“Kreacher can assure Master Harry that Mistress’s Quidditch pitch will be completed tomorrow.”

“That’s great, Kreacher! Thank you for helping to oversee the work on it,” Harry said sincerely. “There’s been so much going on I never would have had the time to keep up with it myself.”

Ginny had recently commented about how wonderful it would be to have a Quidditch pitch of her own where she could train closer to home and to Harry. Harry smiled to himself when he thought about how surprised she would be when she found out he had had one built for her.

Thanking Kreacher again, Harry headed up to the master bedroom and within twenty minutes he was showered, dressed and off to Bill and Fleur’s.

x x x x x x

Harry arrived outside the garden wall of a small, white-washed cottage perched on the top of a high cliff. A salty breeze greeted him and he could hear the sound of the ocean waves crashing against the rocky shoreline below.

Upon Harry and Ginny’s engagement, Fleur suggested the garden at Shell Cottage as a possible location for their wedding ceremony. Originally, Ginny planned to get married at the Burrow like her brothers, Bill and Ron. However, the more she talked about the idea with Fleur, the more Ginny liked the idea of holding an intimate ceremony just as the sun was setting over the water. It took some doing but she finally convinced her mother that the many flowers in the cottage garden along with the ocean view at sunset made for a beautiful and romantic setting for an early summer wedding.

Bill and Fleur’s house was small, so a long table was set out in the garden to accommodate the family and the wedding party for dinner. There were charmed lanterns floating above the colorful flowerbeds, casting a warm glow as the sun descended.

A young boy of almost three years of age was the first person to see Harry when he stepped through the gate.

“Uncle Hawey!” the boy called excitedly and ran over to him.

Harry scooped his godson up into his arms and ruffled his turquoise-colored hair. The boy had Remus Lupin’s facial features, but the hair was all Tonks.

“Hey, Teddy! How’s my big boy?”

“Good!” Teddy said excitedly. “I’ve been pwacticing, Uncle Hawey! I can walk all the way fwom the house to the gate wiff-out dwopping yours or Aunt Ginny’s wings!”

“That’s great, Teddy!” Harry smiled, remembering Teddy’s excitement when he and Ginny asked him to be the ring bearer in their wedding. “You’re going to do a brilliant job tomorrow.”

Teddy beamed with pride as Harry carried him toward the table. Most of the Weasley clan was already gathered including Ginny’s parents and her brothers, Charlie, and George.

Also present were Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood, with whom Harry and Ginny remained good friends after the war. The couple asked both Neville and Luna to be in their wedding, along with Ron who would stand as Harry’s best man and Hermione, to be Ginny’s matron of honor.

“Aunt Ginny isn’t here yet?” Harry asked frowning.

“Uh-uh,” Teddy replied in the negative and then he began to struggle to get out of Harry’s arms. “Lem-me go! I gotta hide!”

Harry followed Teddy’s fretful gaze toward an even younger blond girl toddling toward them. Bill and Fleur’s daughter looked just like a miniature version of her mother and her blue eyes were fixed directly on Teddy.

“Teh-tee!” She called happily, causing Teddy to struggle all the harder.

“What’s the matter, Teddy?” Harry asked. “Victoire only want’s to play with you.”

“But she’s a baby!” Teddy protested, “She won’t weave me awone!”

“You really should try to be nice to her,” Harry replied, setting the boy down. “There may come a day when you don’t mind having her around.”

Teddy made a face and ran off toward the house with Victoire attempting to follow.

Smiling, Harry watched the children leave as Ron and Hermione came up to him. Neville, holding the hand of a blond-haired girl beside him, and Luna also approached.

“Well it’s about time you got here!” Hermione admonished while giving him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“Rough day at the office,” Harry said, giving her a peck on the cheek in return.

“Hi-ya, Harry,” Neville said extending an enthusiastic hand of greeting.

“Hey, Neville,” Harry replied shaking his hand warmly. Harry greeted the girl beside him warmly, “It’s good to see you again, Hannah.”

He now remembered Ginny telling him that Neville recently started seeing Hannah Abbott. From the happy expressions on their faces, he assumed all was going very well between them.

“It’s really nice to see you, too, Harry,” Hannah replied. “Congratulations, by the way. I’m really happy for you and Ginny.”

“Thanks,” Harry smiled happily. “Hi, Luna.”

“Hello, Harry,” Luna gave him a friendly hug. When she stepped back, she said, “I’ve placed a charm around the entire garden so now they can’t cause you any trouble during the wedding. Although Daddy will be excited when I tell him I found a swarm this far south.”

Harry glanced at Ron, who only shrugged. Luna and her father continued to hunt all forms of mysterious creatures to write about in their paper the Quibbler. Harry found something comforting in knowing that Luna would never change.

“Thanks, Luna,” Harry replied, but he couldn’t help asking, “So ...er… what won’t cause trouble?”

She replied, “Wiggyfingles. I heard them in the flowerbeds. They’re very mischievous, you know. They like to make people forget whatever they were about to do. Something like that could be disastrous on your wedding day. Maybe I should tell Fleur she’s infested.”

Ron tried to stifle a laugh and Hermione gave him a subtle jab in the ribs.

“Thanks for taking care of them for us,” Harry answered, “but I wouldn’t tell Fleur that, if I were you. She has enough to occupy her with the wedding and all…”

“I suppose you’re right,” Luna replied in her dreamy tone as they all continued walking toward the table. “I’ll wait until after the wedding to tell her.”

Harry turned to Ron, “Teddy said Ginny isn’t here yet?”

He was starting to wonder what could be keeping her; according to the message she sent him earlier in the day, she should have arrived by now. It wasn’t like Ginny to be this late and not contact him.

“Not yet,” Ron answered.

“I hope she gets here soon,” Hermione said. “Fleur almost has dinner ready. We figured since it’s getting so late, we’d better eat before the rehearsal.”

She looked pointedly at Ron before she continued, “That way you guys will be able to concentrate on what you’re supposed to do.”

“That’s one of the many reasons I love you!” Ron smiled and put his arm around her lovingly. “You’re always thinking of me.”

“And your stomach,” Hermione added, but she blushed and smiled up at her husband as they reached the table.

“Harry!” Molly exclaimed and wrapped him in a tight, motherly hug. “Well, tomorrow’s the big day!”

She stepped back from him with a wide smile on her face and he saw the start of joyful tears in her eyes. “You don’t know how happy you’ve made Ginny and all of us!”

Harry replied with a wide smile, “I bet not as happy as I was when Ginny said yes.”

Arthur also gave him a hug and said, “You’re sure you’re ready to become an official part of this bunch?”

“Most definitely, sir!” Harry answered with a large grin.

Fleur came out of the cottage with Bill beside her who was carrying Victoire. Harry saw a much-relieved Teddy peeking out from the doorway behind them.

Kissing Harry on each cheek, Fleur asked, “So, where eez your lovely bride?”

He didn’t want to seem worried in front of the Weasley’s, but he answered, “I’m not sure. I guess something must have held her up.”

Picking up on Harry’s concern, Hermione asked, “Do you want to contact the Harpies’ office? Maybe they can give you an idea how of long she’ll be.”

“Yeah, maybe I should,” he replied and started toward the house.

Before he could take more than a few steps, they all heard a pop. Harry turned and he saw Ginny had just appeared outside the garden gate. Her face was flushed and she looked annoyed but when her eyes landed on him, her expression changed to pure happiness.

Ginny ran straight to Harry, threw her arms around his neck, and kissed him passionately. He wrapped his arms around her slim waist, enthusiastically responding and forgetting for the moment that they were surrounded by Ginny’s parents and brothers.

Reluctantly breaking their kiss, Ginny said breathlessly, “Four days is much too long to be away from you.”

“Mmm, way too long,” Harry agreed, kissing her again.

“Oi! That’s enough you two!” Harry heard Ron say. “There are children present, you know.”

Ginny looked around to observe Teddy chasing a moth near one of the lanterns and Victoire starting to doze in her father’s arms.

“It doesn’t look like we’re traumatizing anyone but you, Ronald dear,” Ginny replied.

Then she wriggled the fingers of her left hand where a diamond and emerald engagement ring of sizable proportions glittered in the lantern light.

She grinned wickedly, “I think Harry has earned the right to kiss his fiancé, don’t you agree, darling?”

Harry grinned back but then he looked questioningly at her father, “That all depends…”

Mr. Weasley placed an arm around his wife and smiled broadly, “By all means, don’t let us stop you.”

That was all the encouragement Harry needed and he pulled Ginny back to him for another, but shorter kiss.

Hermione, Molly and Fleur brought the food out to the table and soon everyone took their seats.

George said, “Hey, sis, congratulations on your win today. We were listening to it at the shop. We thought Bulgaria had you there for a bit.”

“Thanks,” Ginny replied, but the annoyance showed on her face again. “That’s the reason I’m late. Gwenog Jones has become such a tyrant since she quit playing and became the team’s manager. Winning isn’t enough. Apparently if she had still been playing, we would have won by more than twenty points. The entire team had to stay after the game to review everything she thought we did wrong, play-by-play.”

“But you won, so what difference does it make?” Mrs. Weasley questioned. “And didn’t she realize you’re getting married tomorrow and the rehearsal is tonight?”

“Oh, she knows but it didn’t matter to her,” Ginny replied huffily. “So after four hours I finally told her I had to leave and if she didn’t like it, she could find herself another Chaser.”

“Good for you!” Charlie said. “You’re one of the best Chasers in the league so I bet that quieted her down.”

“Sort of. As I was leaving she said she expects me to put in extra hours of practice after I get back from the honeymoon and during the season break.” She smiled apologetically to Harry and gave his hand a squeeze.

Then she continued, “But enough about Gwenog. We haven’t been together in one place in so long and I want to hear what everyone else has been up to.”

x x x x x x

After dinner, no one allowed Harry or Ginny to help clear the table so the couple decided to take advantage of the time before the rehearsal started. By the light of the rising moon, they walked hand-in-hand toward the footpath along the cliff where they stopped to share a kiss.

When they parted, Ginny rested her head against Harry’s chest, listening to the steady beat of his heart.

Sighing contentedly, she said, “I can hardly believe that it’s finally coming true tomorrow.”

“Believe it, love,” Harry replied wrapping his arms around her and inhaling her intoxicating scent. He knew he would never get enough of the feel of her in his arms. “This time tomorrow we’ll be married and you’ll be Mrs. Ginny Potter.”

“That certainly does have a wonderful ring to it,” Ginny smiled, stepping back and looking up at him almost shyly. “But that’s not exactly what I meant.”

“No?” Harry raised his eyebrows and asked, “Is something else happening tomorrow that I should know about?”

“Uh-hum,” Ginny nodded.

His eyes locked with hers and the love he saw within their brown depths nearly took his breath away. Ginny reached a hand behind his head and began playing with a lock of his hair between her fingers. The unruly, raven-colored mass had grown quite long during the time he spent in exile searching for Horcruxes with Ron and Hermione and he had discovered Ginny seemed to like it that way. Many times when they shared a private moment or even when they were just sitting close together somewhere she would absentmindedly play with a stray lock just like she was doing now. He loved it when she did that.

She continued, “Tomorrow my childhood fantasy is finally coming true.”

At Harry’s quizzical look she said, “I’ve wanted to marry you since I was about Teddy’s age.”

Harry said in surprise, “But you didn’t even know me then.”

Ginny smiled and said, “Besides Beedle the Bard, Wizarding children, especially young witches, loved the story of Harry Potter. We knew he was special and he would be handsome and brave. Sometimes when my brothers teased me, I’d lock myself in my room and dream that Harry Potter would fly up to my window on his broomstick and take me away to his beautiful castle to marry me. I guess it was my version of the Cinderwhite stories I heard Hermione telling Victoire.”

“I think you mean Cinderella and Snow White,” Harry chuckled, “but I’m glad I didn’t know any of that before. It’s an awful lot to live up to.”

“In my opinion, you’ve more than lived up to it,” she said, closing the gap between them. “The real thing is so much better than my fantasies ever were.”

Harry bent his head down and greedily captured her lips with his and Ginny molded her body against him. The contact made him fervently wish it was the following evening and they were at last on their honeymoon and completely alone because all too soon they were brought back to reality when they heard Teddy calling, “Aunt Gineeeey!”

Harry groaned his frustration causing Ginny to laugh, “You’ll have to get used to interruptions if we plan to have children of our own some day.”

“Hmph,” Harry grumbled, “we’ll probably only get to have one if our first kid has the same talent for interrupting us like Teddy seems to.”

“Harry!” Ginny admonished with a laugh then she called, “We’re over here, Teddy.”

They walked hand-in-hand back toward the garden and met Teddy at the gate.

“What’s up, mate?” Harry asked.

“I almost forgot!” Teddy said looking expectantly at Ginny. ” Did you get it? Like you pwomised?”

“I sure did,” Ginny replied. “I was so happy to see Uncle Harry that I almost forgot, too. Here you go.”

She pulled a small gold ball out of the pocket of her hoodie and handed it to the boy, “Caught and signed by Viktor Krum himself. He even charmed it so it won’t fly away from you.”

The Snitch spread out its wings and began to hover a few inches above Teddy’s hand.

Teddy’s eyes grew round with wonder and he exclaimed, “Thanks, Aunt Ginny!”

He ran off excitedly toward the house releasing and then catching the Snitch again and again.

Ginny sighed, “As much as Ron has tried to influence him otherwise, it seems Teddy is leaning toward supporting Bulgaria. I asked Viktor to bring the Snitch when we met for dinner the other night.”

She looked apologetically at Harry. “One of the girls on the team showed me that article in the Prophet. I’m really sorry…. Viktor was only congratulating us when the photographer snapped that picture. It made a simple dinner look so sordid”

“That wasn’t your fault, love,” Harry said taking her hand and squeezing it reassuringly. “Besides, I think we have bigger things to worry about than Rita Skeeter’s lies.”

“We do?” Ginny asked looking at him in surprise.

“Most definitely,” Harry replied as he started to grin. “Like how to deal with Ron when he finds out my godson idolized Krum.”

They both started to laugh and Ginny said, “I think I’ll let you handle my brother’s reaction to that.”

Ron and Hermione approached them and, still thinking about Teddy and the snitch, Harry and Ginny broke into renewed laughter.

Ron frowned at them, “What’s so funny?”

“Nothing,” Harry answered quickly and winked at Ginny.

“It doesn’t sound like noth—“ but Ron’s retort caught in his throat as he looked past Harry’s shoulder toward the ocean.

Hermione caught sight of something as well and her eyes widened in alarm.

“It can’t be!” she gasped.

Harry and Ginny turned to look behind them for the cause of their reaction but before they saw anything, Ron yelled, “Look out!”

Yanking Hermione with him, Ron launched himself at Harry and Ginny and pushed them backward, knocking them both to the ground. A red light exploded in the exact spot where they had been standing only the moment before.

Harry pulled out his wand and turned toward the ocean; in the fading light he saw dark-robed figures on broomsticks appearing out of nowhere; and they were all headed straight toward them.

Another red light shot directly over their heads and Harry returned fire as he jumped to his feet.

He pulled Ginny up and shouted, “Get to the house!”

Ginny, Ron and Hermione drew their wands and the four of them started running toward the cottage while shooting stunning hexes behind them as they went.

A dozen masked Death Eaters were flying all around, casting hexes and curses at everyone on the ground; ahead of them, Harry saw Neville, Hannah and Luna under the table in the garden firing curses at the Death Eaters at every opportunity.

Bill was providing cover for Fleur and Mrs. Weasley who were running toward the cottage with a frightened and crying Victoire between them. Charlie and Mr. Weasley were firing at the circling Death Eaters from the front porch but Harry lost sight of them when three Death Eaters descended with wands drawn to block their path to the cottage.

Harry quickly shot off a stunning curse that hit one of the Death Eaters squarely in the chest. The Death Eaters slumped on his broom and began to fall but his body and broom disappeared with a loud popping sound before he hit the ground.

A curse coming from the direction of the cottage hit another Death Eater and he, too, disappeared before his body struck the ground.

Seeing the fate of his companions, the remaining Death Eater took to the sky again. Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione took advantage of their attacker’s temporary retreat and ran toward the cottage.

Harry heard a scream ahead of them and he saw Hannah drop to her knees beside Luna who had just been struck by a curse. Without breaking stride, Harry and Ron grabbed each of Luna’s arms and dragged her with them while Neville took a hold of Hannah and pulled her toward the porch. Hermione and Ginny followed and continued to fire curses behind them as they went.

When they reached the porch Bill fired off a round of curses but they all missed their target when a Death Eater swerved his broom just in time to avoid them.

Harry shouted to Bill, “Where are your brooms? We’ll need to get off the ground if we’re to stand a chance of fighting them!”

“George just went to get them,” Bill responded as Harry turned to see three beams of light headed directly toward the cottage.

He and Bill simultaneously shouted, “Protego!” and their shimmering shields merged around the front of the cottage so that the curses were deflected harmlessly away.

“Where is everyone?” Harry asked.

Bill replied, “Mum, Dad and Charlie went to protect the back and sides of the cottage. Fleur will be back after she ensures Victoire is safe in the basement.”

“And Teddy?” Harry asked urgently. “Is he in the house?”

Bill froze, “I assumed he was— I didn’t see him outside.”

Harry’s eyes frantically searched the garden but he saw no sign of Teddy.

George came running back and Bill turned to him, “I thought you went to get the brooms!”

“I did! Someone wrecked them!” George answered and held up the splintered handle of a broken broom. “Every bloody one!”

“What!” Bill replied in bewilderment and then cursed under his breath.

Harry looked back outside; at least ten Death Eaters continued circling and firing curses randomly toward the cottage. Without brooms, they were going to have to find another way to fight back.

“I thought you still had wards protecting the cottage!” Hermione exclaimed in a frightened voice as she sent a volley of hexes at a Death Eater that attempted to move in for a closer shot. “How can they be attacking?”

“I don’t know,” Bill replied, his hex narrowly missing another Death Eater as he swerved away. “But I haven’t brought the wards down.”

Harry said, “We need reinforcements- I’m going to try to contact my team.”

He moved to go into the house when a cry from Ginny made him halt in his tracks.

“Teddy is still out there!”

Harry followed her horrified gaze toward his godson who was crying and cowering out by the garden wall. Before he could stop her, Ginny was already running down the porch steps.

“GINNY! WAIT!” Harry shouted and dashed after her.

Ginny dodged several curses and Harry shot a volley of curses of his own at the Death Eaters in an attempt to protect her.

Before Ginny reached Teddy, the Death Eaters converged on her; but instead of trying to strike her, they were aiming their curses and hexes at her feet.

Harry felt his insides congeal with fear when he realized they were forcing her in the direction of the cliff. Several of Harry’s curses found their mark but enough Death Eaters remained to push Ginny on until she could go no farther; if she took another step, she would plummet to the rocks and churning sea far below.

Then suddenly, every Death Eater came to an abrupt stop and moved away from Ginny.

For the first time, Harry noticed another lone Death Eater hovering on a broom above her, just past the edge of the cliff. He wore the same black robes as the others, but Harry could see his mask was different; unlike all the others, it was a golden color.

The Death Eater was just lowering his arm and Harry assumed it was on his command that the others backed off.

Harry raised his wand but froze when the Death Eater immediately pointed his wand at Ginny.

The other Death Eaters began Disapperating while the lead Death Eater remained, watching Harry intently; he wanted to remember the look on Potter’s face when it happened.

“This is going to kill him,” he said aloud with a cold sneer but Ginny only made out the words, ‘kill him’.

Her eyes locked fearfully with Harry’s and the Death Eater’s next movements happened so quickly that she did not get the chance to call out a warning to him. Ginny watched in horror as the Death Eater hit Harry directly in the chest with a curse that slammed him backward to the ground where he remained motionless. Fearing the worst, she screamed out Harry’s name and moved to run to him, but in the next instant, she screamed again, this time in terror as she felt herself falling into open space.

Having only been struck by an immobilizing curse, Harry looked toward the cliff in time to see the Death Eater’s second curse knock into Ginny and she began to fall.

“NO!” the desperate shout was ripped from Harry’s throat and he struggled in vain against the curse that bound him.

The Death Eater moved to hover triumphantly over him and Harry heard his voice dripping with hatred, “Enjoy your wedding day, Potter!”

And then he was gone.

Suddenly free of the curse, Harry frantically tore to the cliff’s edge and looked down, but in the moonlight, he could see nothing except rocks and the pale foam of the churning sea.

A violent shaking overtook Harry’s body and he dropped numbly to his knees as Ginny’s family and their friends rushed up behind him. His mind could not register the cries and tears of anguish that erupted around him; all he could see was Ginny… falling almost in slow motion, so very much like the way Sirius had fallen into the veil.

Harry brought his balled fists up to his eyes in an effort to stop the image from playing over and over in his mind but it was no use. He tore his hands away from his face and then the night was suddenly rent by Harry’s grief-stricken scream for Ginny mixed with the sound of the crashing ocean waves below.

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