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HP stories following Canon but PRE-OotP >> Dip by Squeak_the_soprano

Simple Text - To view MORE chapters use the chapter jump box to the right.
This is my first Lily James fic, I love reading them so much and I’ve started playing on multiple MWPP era rp sites, so I decided it was high time to write one!

~`~`~`~`for the purposes of this story, animagi need to be naked before they can transform, or they transform inside of their clothing. This rule helps the flow of the story, you’ll see why.`~`~`~`~

By squeak the soprano
Pairings, Lily/James
Rating, weak R for descriptive language and some minor sexual content

Just a short fluffy fic,
I may make another fic that has the plot of this as a part of it, but that depends on the reaction I get from this one.

Summary: ever wonder what happened? How Lily and James ended up together? What event acted as the catalyst to start the relationship? It all started with a dip in the lake…

Prongs was outside, taking a night time stroll… frustrated about something, a certain auburn haired, emerald eyed something, a girl something, Lily Evans. The woman he lived to love, but could not help but torment. Things were so much simpler as a stag, he could wander freely without a care in the world. But though his body was a stag, his mind was human, and his heart… well it was not his heart anymore, it was Lily’s… it belonged to her and it had since first year.
He had just started walking along the lake when he saw ripples in the water. Expecting to see tentacles, he looked out to see if he should be wary of the squid. But instead of tentacles, he saw a head slip slowly under the water.
He looked around him and saw that a few feet away, there was a small bundle of robes. He decided to check them out to see if he could get some idea of who this swimmer was.
After nosing his way through the clothes (literally) He looked at what lay before him, a set of gryffindor robes with the mandatory Hogwarts uniform skirt… a skirt? That meant that the swimmer was a girl… a gryffindor girl. Prong’s heart started racing as he examined the robes more thoroughly, just as he had hoped, there was a head girl badge pinned on them. These robes belonged to Lily… so the skinny dipper was… if he were human he would have been blushing redder than Arthur Weasley! (head boy from his third year) He decided to enjoy this seeing as it was basically impossible for him to get caught… who in their right mind would accuse a stag of peeping?
She was in water that went just above her breasts. The half-moonlight shining behind her , so her shadow was cast across the water, covering up anything too private.
Lily was thoroughly enjoying her swim. She always did, it was her way of getting rid of her stress. Stress over a certain raven haired marauder, no, not Sirius, he belonged to her friend Lindsay (A/N: HAH! I wish), She meant James. Despite his torments, she wished that he would just be serious for once. Maybe then she would accept his offer to go out, but she could never be sure when she was being sincere or not. Then there was Peter, he had told Lily that he liked her, she liked Peter well enough, but not as anything more then a friend. How could she explain that she was crushing hopelessly on one of his best friends? Suddenly, a glimmer of light caught her eye and she turned around and looked to shore. A magnificent stag stood there, his coat gleaming in the moonlight. Lily started to move closer, into shallower water, she could feel the depths of the water peel their way off her skin.
Prongs noticed the falling water level, and his conscience got the better of him. He bolted behind a tree.
Lily was intrigued by the stag and went into even shallower water. By this time, her entire top half was visible. The water trickling off her body, reflecting the moonlight. “Don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you…” she called out to the stag, his horns plainly visible behind the tree.
Prongs gathered up his courage, and walked out to her. He was awe struck by her beauty, suddenly he could not think so straight, (damn hormones) and he slowly stepped into the water.
Lily was surprised he had come out of his hiding place, but decided to go along with it. She was bored and wanted someone to talk to… this stag would do. “Maybe you can help me Mr. Stag.” Lily said playfully. The stag looked at her and tilted his head to the side, as if trying to tell her to talk.
“You see I have this problem, My friend, Peter, He really likes me… but I don’t feel the same way.”
Prongs was outraged! How dare Peter try to snake Lily out from under his nose! He let none of this show though.
She continued “this leads me to my other problem, I think I really love his friend, James, but if only James would be a little more serious with me, I might actually accept his offer to go out, but if only I did not think he was always joking.
Prongs was overjoyed! She loved him! YAHOO!!!
“I just wish I could tell him how I felt, but he’d probably just laugh or say something like “Evans, you actually though I was serious?” and laugh.”
Prongs was kind of hurt, she never believed that he loved her? After all the times he’d tried to get her to go out with him, she till did not believe he was sincere? ‘I wonder what she would do if she knew who she was talking to’ he thought, ‘well lets find out.’
Then suddenly, prongs leapt away into deeper water, he submersed himself and transformed. She watched as he materialized from within the water, only a few feet away. They were in shoulder deep water, so all was covered by the blackness of the water, but nonetheless, they were both naked. He swam up to her. Their eyes met and Lily held her breath, she had just confessed everything to him, what was he going to do? What was she going to do?
James could hear his heart pounding in his ears. She loved him, so he had to show her, he took her into his arms, and without a word he captured her lips in a fiery passionate kiss. He could feel her arms moving their way up to around his neck as she kissed him back… SHE WAS KISSING HIM BACK! This thought struck him and he was over joyous. Her lips tasted sweet, just like he’d imagined.
She pressed her body closer to his, and both were suddenly reminded of their nakedness. This caused them to part slightly.
Lily started to say something, but James put a finger to her lips, “No more words, you’ve talked enough, let me say something.” he said half jokingly. Taking her hands in his, he looked deeply into the emerald pools of her eyes. “Lily, I love you. Please, never doubt that. I’ve always loved you, way back when I ran you over with my trolley at the platform in 1st year I loved you. I loved you every time you turned me down for a date, every time you yelled at me when I defended you from snivellus or one of his cronies. I loved the fire you would get in your eyes every time I pissed you off somehow. I love how you are passionate about everything I’ve ever seen you do. I love everything about you, will you please do me the honour of being my girlfriend?”
Lily was ecstatic, he actually did love her! She threw her arms around his neck, no longer caring about the full body contact, she kissed him deeply.
He pulled away for a second “So is that a yes?” he asked, raising his eyebrow quizzically.
Lily knew the sincerity was too good to be true, but after all this was James… her James…

SO! What did you think? This is a preview of what could come, it depends on what you guys think.
If I write an extended version of this story, it will cover their seventh year, as well as these other points
Peter’s fall into evil (to exact revenge on Lily and James)
Remus coming into his own (and discovering chocolate!)
Sirius getting his heart broken (for once)
A small SI bit, I will be the one to eventually leave him! MWAHAHA! (don’t worry I’m not perfect, and neither will my character be!)
The story will probably end up being R rated because I am planning on having the characters shagging. I cut this scene before it got that far… until I write the next bit, you can envision that yourselves!

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